O.TO.NA Gentei Kanbyou Karte II (B) – Kamiya Hiroshi

The first translation I’ll post is the second part of the Otona Gentei Kanbyou Karte II CD which is part of the Karte series. The second part of this CD, from tracks 06 to 10 features Kamiya Hiroshi, while the first part features Tomokazu Seki (which I intend to do next o3o). This collection is a talk/monologue CD type which has seiyuus enact characters who take care of you when you are sick/ have problems (kanbyou=nursing). I split it in two parts because

This is intended as an anniversary post for the opening of the blog and Gareki’s birth date, 21 May ♥ whose seiyuu in the drama CDs is Kamiya Hiroshi.

Actually, while reading the manga I could only hear Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice for him, but it seems he had another seiyuu (and Nakamura Yuuichi is actually another character in the manga, who I also like very much but didn’t even imagine something close to him for his voice. Well,huh, what do you know. Though actually one time when reading a manga I actually guessed the right seiyuu for the character!)

O.TO.NA GENTEI KANBYOU CD KARTE II (B) – Shinonome Yuuya (Kamiya Hiroshi) side

6 風邪 (屋上庭園) 神谷浩史 – Kaze (Okujou Teien)
Cold (Rooftop Garden) Kamiya Hiroshi
7 腹痛 (あなたの家) 神谷浩史 – Fukuu (Anata no Uchi)
Stomachache (Your House) Kamiya Hiroshi
8 気持ちが落ち込む (カフェ) 神谷浩史 – Kimochi ga Ochikomu (Café)
Feeling down (Café) Kamiya Hiroshi
9 過労 (帰宅途中) 神谷浩史 – Karou (Kitakutochuu)
Overwork (On the way home) Kamiya Hiroshi
10.歯痛 (公園) – Shitsuu (Kouen)
Toothache (The Park) Kamiya Hiroshi

Track 06 (07:35) – Kaze (Okujou Teien)
                   Cold (Rooftop garden)

A! It’s good you came! I thought lunch break would end just waiting for you.
There’s no way it would take so much time only to come to the rooftop,right?
By any chance…did you forget about our arrangement..?
Hm? “That’s not it”? Really?
Well, if you deny it so frantically, I guess I can believe you.

But- that’s too bad. If you had really forgotten about it, I could have punished you…
Heh? What (kind of thing) did you imagine, I wonder…?
Why are you getting so flustered?
The more you become so agitated like that it’s like admitting that it’s true.

Look . Come over here! There’s already little time so even the time we have for eating lunch will be gone!
What’s wrong? Sitting down like that? Or…

Hey, isn’t your face a bit too red? Do you possibly have a feve–
Why do you run away? Even though I’m worried for you…
How is your forehead? hmm…it’s a bit hot…
What about the nape of your neck? Your a.r.m. …?
If you ask me in that way, I can’t stop. Your “no” is a lie anyway.


Ouch! That’s so awful! Sexually harassing me.
Even though I’m just purely worried about you.

E-e.. wait! What’s wrong? Hey?


Ah! Are you awake?
Here? It’s my room.
Hahahaha! It’s a joke, a joke! Look closely.It’s the doctor’s office/ infirmary.

Well,well…You’re such a troublesome princess. If you really feel sick you can just say so. You pushed yourself so hard even though your temperature is so high.

Hmm? Yeah, that’s right. Who do you say could have carried you besides me?
You were so heavy that I thought about abandoning you many times on the way.

What? Did you hear me by any chance? Heh! That was only a joke!
Here… don’t sit up! Lie down.
Well…I think that you should diet at least little…
Oh, don’t make that teary face! It makes me want to tease you more.
Hm! That expression of yours is the best after all.

What’s wrong? Are you searching for someone by any chance? If it’s the doctor, he’s not here. He said he had some business and went out just now. I remember he said he won’t be back for a while…
That’s why – there’s only the two of us. I’ll take the responsibility to nurse you.

Are you relieved? Hmm..? Why are you so cautious? It’s ok, you can relax. Not even I wouldn’t do anything bad to you when you’re weakened.
Ah, geez. why are you struggling so much?

In other words, does that mean that you’re so healthy like this so I don’t need to hold back…?
Hm? You calmed down. Good girl,good girl!
It’s good that you’re energetic, but it’s best to rest when you’re sick.

Huh? What? Why are you looking at me like you want to say something? To be doubted so much… am I that untrustworthy?

Really? Do you really trust me? Is that so. Then there’s no problem,right!
Heh? No way… to deceive you… That’s unthinkable!
I really won’t tease you anymore, so it’s ok.
We’ll continue when you get better.
For that, we’ll have to make you healthy fast. Right?
Here. Good night!
That’s right. Close your eyes…

Track 07 (08:15) – Fukuu (Anata no Uchi)
                   Stomachache (Your House) Kamiya Hiroshi

Whoo is it? Hint. A senpai who reaaly likes to tease you.
That’s right! It’s me.

It’s all right to lie down!
It was worth coming all the way to your house if you’re so surprised!
Ah! Here. This is your key. I’m giving it back.
But, you know, isn’t it too clichéd to hide your keys under the flowerpot nowadays? I found it too fast that I became a bit worried!
You get angry like that, but I was also surprised, you know.
They said you were absent because of a stomachache?

I didn’t imagine that it would take so much time for it to show effect.
Huh? What is it? Making that strange face?
By the way…you didn’t figure it out?
Do you remember? I gave you sweets the day before yesterday, right?
That’s right. That’s it.
You know, it those sweets, there was a little bit…

Hey! You have to lie down! A sick person shouldn’t struggle so much! Because you know, everything just now was a lie.
That’s right. A lie. A joke. That’s why – calm down!

No… Sorry, sorry. I didn’t think you’d take it seriously.
It had too much effect, right?

You have a face that says you don’t get it.
That can’t be the case, can it? See! Think carefully.
You didn’t tell me that you would be absent today, right?
I would’ve wanted you to tell me first those kinds of things…

Noo! Even if you apologize like that I won’t forgive you! You made me worry so much, so you’ll have to pay me back equally.
That’s right. Pay-me-back!

Haha! That’s no use! There’s nowhere to run! Hehehe!
You don’t have to be so tensed up. I won’t ask for what you can’t do.
Well… though it means I won’t let you say you can’t do it.

Right… Firstly… I think I’ll have you eat the rice porridge I make.

Did it surprise you? Ah! Or…you were hoping I’d have said something else?
No matter which it is, it was a bit too soon to feel relieved.
I said I’ll have you eat it…but I didn’t say how.
Hm… that’s right… It’s hard to give up the “Here, say aa!” method, but…the best one would be…

Heh? Your face became bright red! By any chance, you’ve even started having a fever?
That’s not good! Then, after you eat the rice porridge, next..how about changing clothes?

If you feel bad you can tell me without reserve, ok? I came here to take care of you after all!
You just need to stay quietly like  princess without doing anything.

You’re the one in the wrong. Didn’t I say so before already? This is your punishment. You don’t have the right to refuse.

Ah, jeez! Why don’t you understand that it’s useless to struggle?
I plan to stay and take care of you all the time until you get better.
So learn from this that the next time you don’t feel well, contact me immediately!
If you do, next time I’ll properly take care of you normally.
If you got it, you should give up today and accept my loving nursing!

Yeah! Like that. It’s best to stay calm.
Well… first was the rice porridge, right?
I’ll go get it ready so wait for a bit.

Oh! Hm… Even if you don’t restrain here like this, I’ll come back soon.
You’re a lonesome person, aren’t you?

And- If your plan is to gain time, I think it would be better to stop!
Because there’s still a plenty of time left! Right?
Ah! Or are you really lonely?
Then, say, what will you do?
Let go of my hand right now?
Or… do you want me to give you attention that much?
I’m all right with any of them…


Track 08 (08:42) – Kimochi ga  Ochikomu (Café)
                   Feeling down (Café) Kamiya Hiroshi

What’s wrong? Sighing like that?
Ah, it’s ok. Sit down. You don’t need to empty your seat for me.

So? What’s the reason for your sigh?
You seem to be living more only by your appetite than seductiveness, so what’s the reason why you didn’t touch at all that tasty looking bagel? It’s a surprise!
Tell me about it. I’m interested.

What kind of pointless worry could be stuck in that simple head of yours?
Well, it’s not like I’ll do something for you even if I heard about it.
Hm…? What’s that face?
You’re not possibly thinking that I’d do something for you? Do you think you have that much value? What an amusing joke!
Oh! Waa…That’s amazing. Your negative aura is overflowing.

Hm…? What? You’re pouting?

At any rate, you immediately feel down from really trifling things….
I can’t say I’m impressed…

But, you know, I like that no good side of yours…

Well! If I stay too much close to you, your negative aura will spread, so I’m going back, ok?
What? You want me to stay with you?
You’re really naive. Do you think I’ll do something for you if you make that face?
Do you think that I’ll hold you like this and tell you gentle words?
What is it? What happened? Tell me! I’ll comfort you.

Hmm…? Is that so… Something like that happened…? It must have been hard on you. But it’s all right now. You don’t need to endure it anymore.
Here. You can cry.

…Or not! There’s no way I would say that, is there? Hahaha
You’re really simple!
Did you really want me to be gentle with you?
Then you have to stand on your own feet. I won’t lend you a hand.

Oops! Is it already this late? It’s time I should go home.
Then see you tomorrow!

Huh? What? No way, you want to go home with me?
It’s a joke,right? I don’t want to stay with a girl with such a melancholic expression even for a second.
Do you think you have the right to walk next to me right now ?
You do know what it means to walk next to me, right?
Do you can do that with your dark depressed face? If you can’t, it’s a bother even if you stay with me.
Well, should I trust you? If it’s no good, I can just leave you behind anyway.

Ah, that’s right. There’s a place I have to stop by before going home.

We’ve arrived. Look here. Isn’t it amazing?
This viewing platform is my favourite.
If you look from here, the whole city looks like a miniature.
In that miniature city, there live a lot of people. Laughing, crying, getting angry everyday. They each have their own life, but when you look at it from the sky like this, doesn’t it seem very tiny? The world is so vast and the sky so high and infinite, but people look like ants crawling around on the ground. They’re a helpless existence, aren’t they?
That’s why, I don’t know what you’re so worried about, but when I see people so hesitant like that, I always think: “aren’t you stupid?”
Compared to the entire size of this world, the troubles of someone from a miniature city is truly trivial.  
If you have time to be worried about such absurd things, you should think more about the wide world. If it were me…

Hm..? What? Is there something on my face?
Huh? Me? I’m worried about you? There’s no way I am!
Didn’t I tell you? This is my favourite place. I just happened to be with you today.
You’re conceited, aren’t you?

Well, should we leave soon? Somehow, I’ve gotten hungry.
What are you spacing out for? let’s go!


Track 09 (05: 38) – Karou (Kitakutochuu)
                    Overwork/Straining (On the way home) Kamiya Hiroshi

Hey! Are you going home right now? You…That’s an awful face! You look completely exhausted. What happened?

Eh? Are you that busy? Then of course fatigue would accumulate.
Well, for people like you that can’t accommodate, when you get busy your resting time will disappear, huh?
Even so, I guess it’s a good point that you didn’t give up. I’ll praise you for that.

Wait a bit! Why are you leaving? For you to ignore me, that’s not like you at all…
I thought that I could give you a massage, though…
Huh? Are you turning down my invitation? Even though I’ll show you an extraordinary way to  heal your fatigue.
You just need to obediently listen to what I say.
I won’t let you say no. Well, even if you say no, I won’t let go of your hand.
It’s all right. Trust me.

You don’t need to feel any constraint here. You can make yourself at home.
Huh? What’s wrong? Tensing up like that?
Aa. Come to think of it, this is the first time you came into my room.
You don’t need to be reserved.

What,what? Are you running away after coming here already? No way!
Look. Sit here. No, would you prefer sitting on my lap than there?

Hey, hey! If you struggle, you’ll be even more tired.
Hm… is that so? So your ears are sensitive? Then…
It’s a joke!
Here, I’ll massage you. relax.

This is bad. Why did you leave it alone until it became like this?
I was thinking of being a bit mean and make it hurt, but I’ll stop it today.

Then next, look this way.
You have to stay healthy!
If I can’t tease you, it’s not interesting. That’s why , tell me anything, no matter what it is.
You’re my lover, aren’t you?
It’s worth teasing you. Right?

You can stay the night.
Huh? No? Well, even if you don’t want to, I won’t let you say no.
There are plenty of ways to prevent you from talking.

I’ll ask again. Wanna sleep over?
You’re cuter when you’re honest after all.
I’ll stay by your side until you get better. You can sleep. I’ll always hold you tight.


Track 10 (09:52) – Shitsuu (Kouen)
Toothache (The Park) Kamiya Hiroshi

Look… don’t cry anymore. I’ll be troubled if you cry so much.
Here, take this handkerchief. Hm…? Ok. I’ll wipe yor face for you.

Poor thing. You even have traces of tears on your cheeks.
It’s all right, it’s all right.

Did it hurt? It touched your cavity, right?
Your face just now was incredible! It looked like a weakling monster that turns up in a game writhing around. It’s really amusing! Hahaha

Huh? What’s wrong? Oh, be more cheerful!
If you don’t, I’ll rub your cheeks.
Look! *Rub,rub*

I wish you wouldn’t get so mad! Anyway, it’s your own fault for crying because of a toothache.
I advised you many times. “Brush your teeth immediately after eating”, or “You need to brush your teeth in less than fifteen minutes after eating”. Aren’t you the one who didn’t listen to me?

So? Have you decided to go to the dentist already?
Now I can still laugh looking at your unshapely appearance, but if you weaken more than this, it’ll be boring.

Heh? You don’t want to go to the dentist that much? That medical treatment’s not such a big deal! I think it’s a piece of cake, though…

Then, let’s do some image training in order for your fear of dentists to disappear.
Leave it to me.

Now close your eyes and imagine.
The dentist is, of course, me. And you are the patient.
You sit on the examination table. Looking around, you see many suspicious utensils shining in a silver light lined up. And when they hit each other… *clank* *clank* They make a cold resounding sound. You can also feel a sharp smell that stings your nose, right? This medicine is filled into your tooth. It’s very bitter, but it’s for disinfecting it, so you have to endure it.

Oh, that’s right! I was about to forget something important. Before the treatment, we need to anaesthetize you.
Well, there’s also the option of having purposely forgotten to anaesthetize you.
Look here. It’s on the metal tray, right? A big syringe. The sharp pointed needle is glittering. It’s pretty, right?
Then… open wide your mouth.
Hehe. No,no. Even if you’re against it isn’t no use. You won’t disobey me.
Hm…? Is that so? You’re a good girl. Say “aa”
Aa – this is a terrible cavity! A hole opened up to the interior of the tooth. It’s not good. We should treat it at once.
Then… let’s anaesthetize you. I’ll sting the sharp needle in your teethridge.

Oops! I stung it by accident in a different place. One more time. *sting*
Look, it’s gradually becoming numb. Now you won’t even know what’s happening in your mouth.
Well then, let’s scrape off the cavity at last.

What an unpleasant sound. You know, that drill is going to pierce into your tooth.
By the way, if the anaesthetic wars off midway, I’m sorry.

Ooh! Ouch! You didn’t have to thrust me away! It was just image training. It’s not like I was really scraping it off.
Or rather, you can’t push the dentist away in reality! There’d be a great disaster inside of your mouth!

Huh? Why are you going back? What about the dentist? Hey! You have to go! You won’t be able to sleep because of the pain tonight too. That would be bad, right?
Plus, try putting yourself in my shoes too. Like this, I won’t ever be able to kiss you!
That’s right! That’s a good girl. I knew you’d understand my feelings. It’s not like I’m saying this because I want to torment you.
Come now. Let’s properly go to the dentist.
Of course, I’ll come with you.
Until your treatment ends, I’ll stay by your side, and I’ll watch over you all the time.
Don’t worry, I don’t look forward at all to seeing your expression of anguish when you’ll get an injection in your mouth, have silver filled in or have your tooth scraped off with the drill.

Aa! It’s a joke, I said! You really believe anything, don’t you?
Spare me and let’s go together to the dentist. Ok?
Argh, it can’t be helped! Once your treatment is done, I’ll kiss you a lot as a reward. Like this. Ok?
You can do your best that way, right?
Come, let’s go!


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