Zoku to Ai Kyodai vol 01 [uncompleted]

*updated to Track 14. The Drama CD ends here, and there is only one more track left, the 15th one, which is a cast talk by the two seiyuus. I’ll add that one eventually. The story ended with the 14th track!

Well, because I was told that someone else also started translating this Drama CD, I was thinking to leave it as it is and post it. The truth is, the only tracks available are the first 4, the ones I also got to translate. Maybe we started translating it at the same time, but they got to post it first. I actually liked to translate this because there were almost no words I had to look up.

There are four characters including you in this CD, with three boys. Higashido Natsuki(the younger brother)(Terashima Takuma), Higashido Shyuya(the older brother)(Tachibana Shinnosuke). and Natsuki’s friend Daisuke. Actually I don’t know who voices Daisuke and he’s not written anywhere either (on info sites and such, or I haven’t found it yet). I’m also not extremely familiar with either Terashima Takuma or Tachibana Shinnosuke so I can’t guess if it’s one of them. Please tell me if you know 😀 Because I want to know too.
Well, the ones you get to choose is one of the brothers, though.

There is a total of 15 tracks on this CD. You can guess that the dark haired one is Shyuya and the brown haired one is Natsuki.

-The lines written in blue are spoken by Syuya (the older brother)
-The lines written in black are spoken by Natsuki (The younger brother)
-The lines written in green are spoken by Daisuke (Natsukițs friend)
-The lines written in italics are thoughts.
-Senpai means upperclasman.
-He says Aniki which means older brother, and I translated it as Bro (because itțs a less respectful, boyish way of saying it, instead of Onii-chan, Onii-san, Nii-san, Nii-chan
, Onii-sama and all the others that mean older brother and are a more affectionate way of saying it, I guess-though there are others too which may mean something else etc)

Track 01

-Huh…? Where is Senpai…? She’s not here… Could she be at the usual place…?
-Natsuki! Good job today! You were cool in the main role today!
-Oh! Good job to you too, Daisuke! You were also good in the horse role.
-Uh…don’t say that… But our cultural festival performance today was a success! The script was also really good! The main character was also perfectly fit for you!
-Uh, yeah…
-Huh? Why are you so restless?
-Eh? No, just a bit…I’m searching for Senpai…
Don’t tell me…Natsuki! Are you finally going to confess to Senpai—
-Oh! Sorry!
You finally decided, right?

-Yeah…I want to properly convey my feelings today.
-Is that so? In that case, do your best! If it’s no good, I’ll console you, ok?
-I don’t need that!
Then, I’ll be going.

Today for sure, I’m going to covey these feelings to Senpai !
-Senpai! Just as I thought, you were here!
Huh? Yeah. I knew immediately where you were. You’re retiring from the drama club today, right? I thought that at those kinds of times you’d want to go to the place with the most number of memories accumulated. You know, when you were thinking about a script you often used to come to the rooftop?
Ah! The book you’re holding! It’s a story previously used for a play by the drama club, right? I like this one very much! Let me see it for a bit!
Uh…there are so many characters/letters…I’m not very good at reading books other than scripts and manga…Ehh, thanks, Senpai. My older brother also likes books, you see…
Huh? Didn’t I tell you? I have an older brother.  Right. He’s called Higashido Shuuya and he’s in your class. –wait, why am I talking about Bro?
Aa, I came here because I had something to tell you.
Senpai, good job in your activity in the drama club! And…I’m sorry for today. I made a mistake in my acting. Today was your last performance, so… I was really hyped up wanting to make it the best performance! In spite of that, I failed…
Um…thanks for consoling me. You’re nice, Senpai.  And that’s why, Senpai, I…
What was that sound just now?

Um…I there anybody there…? Wait, Bro?!
-Hm..? Natsuki? And…if I’m not mistaken, you’re in the same class as me…
-A…Bro, why are you in this kind of place?
-Why, you ask…? Because this place is just right for taking an afternoon nap.
-Ah…Senpai, I think that you get it even if I don’t say it, but this is my older brother…
-A, nice to meet you. Come to think of it, this is the first time we talked, right?
-The first time? It’s already September!
-Why are the two of you together? Do you know each other?
-We’re in the same club! The drama club!
Senpai, let’s go home. Being here is tiring…
-Hey, Natsuki!
 Hey, the book you’re holding…can you lend me for a bit?
 That’s right…this is it. I saw the play based on this book.
 If I’m right…it was at last year’s Cultural Festival.
-What, Bro, did you see that play? The one who wrote the script for it is Senpai.
-Is that so…?
 That play was interesting.
-It’s rare that you remember it.
-Hey, could you let me read the scripts you wrote until now next time?
 Yeah, thank-
-Aah! It’s ok, Senpai! I’ll show Bro my copies of the scripts!
-I don’t mind, but…what’s wrong, Natsuki? You’re agitated all of a sudden.
-Aaa, more importantly! We should get going! Senpai, it’s already dark outside so I’ll walk you home!
-I’ll stay at school a bit longer.
Ah… can I borrow this book?
Thanks. I’ll give it back when I’m finished reading it. Bye!
-Uh…Bro’s really at his own pace…
Then, should we also go home?
 What we were talking about just now? Aaa, that’s… you see….
“Senpai, you did a good job! Take care of me even after you retire from the club”. That’s what I wanted to say… heheh
Look, Senpai. Don’t worry about that, let’s hurry and go home! I’ll take responsibility and see you home safely!

Track 02

Hmm? Ah, it’s you.
 You want to sit next to me? I don’t mind.
I like it; the library. There aren’t many people  so it’s nice because it’s quiet.
 Did you come to read a book?
 Studying for exams, huh? You’re so diligent.
Ah, which reminds me – I’m almost done reading the book I borrowed from you. When I finish it, let me tell you my impressions on it.

Hm…? What’s wrong?
You don’t know how to solve that problem? Show me.
Hm… This one, huh? Probably you can solve it by using that formula. Like this… and if you do this, it’s going to be easier to understand.
Did you do it? Good.
Are you perhaps not good at math? I see.

You want me to teach you? Hm … I got it. But I have conditions. First is – I’ll be teaching you here, in the library. The classroom is noisy so I don’t really like it. And I want you to tell me one book that you like each day.
Heh, is that so? You have a lot of recommendations? I’m looking forward to hearing them.

*doors opens and closes*
-Huh? Bro, what are you doing here with Senpai?
-Natsuki, huh? What about you? It’s rare for you to come to the library.
-Yeah…So…what are you doing?
 Huh? Senpai, Bro will help you with your studies?
-We decided just now.
-I-is that so…? Hey, Senpai, could I also study next to you?
-The three of us studying happily together, huh? Though I’ll only be reading a book.
-Then we’ll leave it at me and Senpai studying happily together!
-Yeah. Do your best, Natsuki!
-It’s a kinda complex feeling to be encouraged by Bro… And he’s already concentrating on his book!
 Guess I’ll also study. Senpai, let’s do our best!

-I’ll really go back ahead with Senpai. Is it all right, Bro?
 Aa, hey. Tomorrow after school we’ll study again together at the library, ok? Also, don’t forget our promise.
-Promise? What, Bro? What promise did you make with Senpai?
-In exchange for helping her study, she’ll tell me some book recommendations.
Bro, when did you get closer to Senpai?
-Then I’ll see Senpai home every day because she stays so late studying. It’s decided!
  SAA, Senpai, let’s go home!
  Bro, come home by dinner!

Natsuki was somewhat strange. Oh,well.

Track 03

-Hey! Senpai! Where are you going? “To the library”…?
Studying with Bro for exam, huh..?
Me? I’m going to club activities now. Well, even though I say that, today we won’t be practicing, but cleaning. You know, from now on it’ll become busier because of our performance. That’s why we all talked decided to have a big cleaning day.
Yeah. I’m giving my best in practice. That’s why you should also do your best with studying. Bro’s usually spacing out but he’s actually pretty smart, so I think he can be of help to you…(mumbling)though it’s frustrating I can’t be helpful…
Rather, Senpai, it’s difficult to know who you’re talking about if you call both of us “Higashido-kun”, right? That’s why, from now on… would you call me “Natsuki”, by my first name…?
Aa, but! If you don’t want to, you can continue calling me just like before…
Really? Whoa! I’m so happy!
Heh…it has a such nice ring to it…! “Natsuki-kun” Natsuki-kun”! Heheh !

Huh ? Bro ?
-What ? Oh, it’s you two.
-“What” is what I’d want to say.
-By the way, about the mystery novel you lent me the other day…I didn’t really understand the motive of that criminal. I’ll read it again today while you’re studying. When I’m done, I’d like to hear your opinion.
I’ll be going to the cleaning…
Heh? No, it’s ok! It’s ok! You should firstly think of what you need to do, Senpai! You’re studying again together with Bro, right? Go and do your best!
Then…see you!

-Is there something wrong? You look anxious.
“Natsuki is strange?”
That guy will be ok even if you leave him alone. He’s always been like that.
Well, let’s go to the library.

Track 04

*knock knock*
Senpai?! You came to see how I’m doing?
Don’t you have a study meeting with Bro today?
Is that so? Then…you can take your time, right?

-Huh? Isn’t that Senpai? Did you come to hang out?
-That’s right!
-Why are you answering, Natsuki?
Ah! Natsuki! We’ll be starting reading the script soon!
-Eh? Aaa, ok.
-Will you be staying to watch, Senpai?
You’ll be buying us refreshments? Yay!
-Then, Senpai, I’ll be coming with-
-Natsuki! Unfortunately, you’ll be reading the script!
-Right… sigh..I got it.
Senpai, be careful, ok?

 You…you got too surprised.
 Weren’t you going to visit the drama club today?
 You’re going to buy something? Refreshments for Natsuki and the others? I’ll come with you.
Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.

We bought a lot of tasty looking snacks.
Let me carry it until we get to school.
It’s ok, you don’t have to thank me.
Hey, let’s go this way. It’s a shortcut if we pass by this shrine.
You didn’t know? I see. I used to often play here with Natsuki when we were small.
I read books in the shade of a tree and he climbed trees. I used to fall asleep in the middle of it and he woke me up when it got dark. And we’d go home holding hands like this.
Ah…sorry.  I did it unconsciously…
Couldn’t I keep holding your hand? It reminds me of the past. Thank you.
When we’d go home holding hands, there would be a warm meal prepared for us and we’d eat together with our family. I thought I also wanted to create such a home one day.
Hmm? Is it unexpected that I say something like this? Even I want to fall in love, and sometimes think it would be nice to get married one day…It’s just that I don’t really understand love and all that. Even if I read a lot of books and even if I imagine meeting somebody… I have never had my heart beat fast or that sort of feeling.
But…I wonder if it’s my imagination but…I feel like my heart is pounding a bit right now… Surely it’s because your hand is warm…maybe?

-We’re at school. It took a blink of time because we took a shortcut, right?
 The bags? They’re not heavy. Plus, it was like a walk and it was fun.
 Huh? Your hand? Ah..yeah..I think I should let go of it already…
 Let’s go to the clubroom.

*knock knock*
-Ah, Senpai!
  Why is Bro with you?
-We met by chance and I carried her bags.
 Natsuki, here. Refreshments from her.
-Ah…thank you.
 Senpai, thanks.  Bro,too.
-You’re welcome.
  Do your best at practice.
– Yeah…
-See you.
-Ah, sorry! Thanks for the refreshments, Senpai! Then, should we go?

Track 05

*phone rings*
-Hello! Senpai? You know, now I’m going to light fireworks with the club members. Won’t you come with us? Daisuke brought a lot of fireworks from his house.
Really? Then I’ll be coming to get you right now!

Ooorya orya orya! Hahaha *1*
– Daisuke, stop it! That’s dangerous! Hey, Senpai, stop laughing and warn him too!
Ah, my firework went out.
  Hehe, next one, next one!

-*Sigh*… The noisy guy went away. He’s too childish.
  Eh? You’re saying that I’m also childish? Senpai, that’s cruel!
  Well, it’s true that I’m younger and more childish than you… (mumbling:) Urgh, I should stop this!
-Senpai, what about resting a bit over there? Wait for me. I’m going to buy us some drinks.

-Senpai! Sorry for the wait. This one is good, right?
 Thanks for coming today. I was really happy.
 Come to think of it, we also lit fireworks like this last year, right?
 The Senpai from that time was really pretty.
 Wait…what am I saying?
 A! Um…If it’s ok with you, let’s light fireworks together next year too! Though you’ll have graduated by then…
 Ah? A, yeah! That’s right. Let’s invite Bro too… But…if possible, I’d want to light fireworks alone with Senpai…
 Ah, well… it’s nothing!
 Then it’s a promise! You’ll light fireworks again with me next year. Then…I have no choice so I’ll also call Bro.

 Then…let’s make pinky swear to seal the promise.
♪ Pinky promise …♪
…uh…I guess I can’t complain that I’m being called childish if I do this…
But!  ♪If you lie you have to drink a thousand nee…♪… that’s pitiful, so…♪I’ll have you listen to one thing I say! ♪ *2*
Now’s ok! We made the promise and we had a break, so let’s light sparkler fireworks at the end!
I took some when I went to buy juice. It’s dangerous, so I’ll be the one lighting the fire, ok?
*fire lights*
Oh! They caught on fire!
Hehe! They’re small and pretty!

Ah! It’s gone!
Ok! One more time!
Hey, Senpai, why don’t we compete who can keep their sparkler firework lit longer next time?
If I win…I want you to listen to something I have to tell you. You’ll find out what it’s about when you lose.
 What about you? “Another can of juice”? Heh, got it!
 I won’t lose!
 I’ll light the fire, ok?
*fire lights*

Please…Last longer than Senpai’s!
Ah…it’s gone! Ah,ah…I lost…
Ah! Yours went out too.
Ok! I lost so I’ll buy you a juice.
I’ll tell you what I wanted to some next time…
Now…maybe’s not the time…
So, Senpai, should we go to everyone else?

Track 06

N: – Well, then! I guess I’ll do my best again today at practice!
D: – Yeah!
Hey! Isn’t that girl walking there your dear Senpai?
N: – Eh? What? Where?
D: – Got youu!
N: – Hey! I got happy! Give me back my joy!
D: – Whoa! Sory! Ah! Senpai!
N: – You’re lying again! Reflect a bit on your actions!
D: – I’m telling the truth this time!
N: – What is it? I’m busy punishing this guy right now—Eh? Whoa! Senpai?
Tell me sooner it’s real if it is!
D: – You’re not making any sense!
N: – Senpai, are you going to study with Bro in the library now?
I see…
Huh? Us? We’re going to club activities now, of course. It’s already December and Christmas is close and all.
That’s right! Senpai, you’re coming to watch our Christmas performance, aren’t you?
You have to come! I hope we can continue our talk from the day we lit fireworks then…
D: – The talk from the day we lit fireworks?
N: – It doesn’t concern you, Daisuke!
Okay! Senpai also said she’ll come watch us, so I’m going to practice eagerly!
D: – Yeah!
N: – Then I’ll be coming to pick you up from the library around the time you finish studying, so I’ll see you later!

S: – Are you done? Then, it’s over. I’m sorry for being late today. The truth is that I was called by the teacher to talk about my future plans…He said I should decide what college I want to go to. What are you going to do? I see. Then I’ll choose the same college as you. I want to be by your side like this, even when we go to college.
Hmm? Why are you making a sad face? What’s wrong? I thought you would be happy. Did I say something wrong? Don’t suddenly start getting ready to go home…Wait!
Won’t you tell me the reason?
You want me to go on my own road without being influenced by you…? I see… I didn’t think about it properly. No, I didn’t even try to think about it. I just ended up thinking that would be a good choice because I enjoy being with you. But… that’s not good, is it? I’m sorry for making you have such a sad expression.
N: – Senpai! I came to… get you….
S: – Natsuki?
N: – What are you two doing?
S: – Ah…
N: – I didn’t know… When did you start being in this kind of relationship? I wish you’d have told me without being so reserved… Heh…heheh…
S: – Natsuki, it’s a misunderstanding!
N: – What’s a misunderstanding? It’s ll right, you don’t have to lie. Senpai too, you actually wanted to go home with Bro, didn’t you? I’m sorry for making you hang out with me until now.
I’m going home first.
S:  – Hey, Natsuki!
Ah…can I leave Natsuki to you? Um…he misunderstood us just now… Well, please!
Why did I…do that to her? I hugged her…

N: – I’m so pathetic I can’t even cry. I should have told her then…
Eh? Senpai? Where’s Bro? “I need to talk to you”…you say? Huh? Senpai? Wai–? Where are you going, pulling me like this? Huh? The park? Why? “You misunderstood”? Okay, I’ll listen to you, so…
…in exchange…keep holding my hand like this until we get to the park…

N: – What? So that was it…
Well, when I went to get you, Bro and you were hugging so I thought that for sure… But Bros really bold, isn’t he? Its true that I was late and there weren’t many people around, but to do that in that place… You must’ve been really on his mind…Just as I thought, Bro…*3*
Huh? Senpai, are you that worried about Bro? If it were me, I would never say something that made you anxious…Ah, it’s nothing! Bro will be all right! I’m sure you opened up his eyes. He’ll probably think about his future plans how he’s supposed to. That’s why…you don’ need to worry about him anymore. Don’t just look at him…look at me. You always talk only about him, saying he’s lonely.
I…I’ll do my best with the Christmas performance! If I perform well, this time….
S: – Did you clear up the misunderstanding?
N: – Bro!
S: – I just happened to see you here.
N: – Sorry about earlier. I heard everything from Senpai.
S: – Is that so? Then I’m glad.
N: – Well then, Senpai, Bro also came here, so let’s all go home together!

Track 07 – December 17
S: – Good work today! You’re going to the library today as well, right?
You want to go somewhere before our study meeting, you say?
Oh, the clubroom? Can I go with you? I’ve been interested in it for a while now. I didn’t really ever see Natsuki at his club activities, so it’s a good chance.
Yeah, let’s go.
N: – Senpai! You came visit! Huh, did you come here too, Bro?
S: – Yeah… You seem busy with the preparing.
N: – Well, yeah. The Christmas Performance is for our Drama Club a great event that brings one year to a finish.
S: – It sounds like so much fun.
N: – I’m having fun! But your study meetings seem more fun to me.
Bro, did you think properly about your future plans after that?
S: – Ah…yeah…
N: – What a vague answer. You haven’t thought about it at all, did you?
Bro, do you realize you’re causing Senpai to worry?
S: – Yeah, I do. But what do I have to hear that from you?
N: – I’m your younger brother so I think I have the right to say it, though…
Senpai, I’m sorry. But it’s a good chance, so I want to tell him properly. You know, Bro, you’re cunning.
S: – Cunning?
N: – You don’t try to seriously think about your future plans that will decide your whole life. You actually like Senpai, but you don’t try to realize that.
S: – What are you saying?
N: – Don’t try to pretend. You always run away from a lot of things like that. But you know, you can’t stay like that forever! There’s no way someone who is so irresponsible with what concerns himself can care about someone else! That’s why realize it already, stupid Bro!
S: – Natsuki…
N: – I said a bit too much… I’m no good today. Even though Senpai also came visit, I’m sorry for showing you something unpleasant.
I was in the middle of getting ready, so I’ll go back to the others. Bye!
S: – Natsuki…You…and Natsuki too…recently get angry about things I don’t really understand.
Ah…no…I just don’t try to understand, huh?
Sorry, but let’s go home today. I’m sorry. See you tomorrow.

Track 08 – December 20
S: – Hmm? Ah, it’s you…huh?
What I’m doing? I was sleeping. I was thinking about things and it seems I ended up falling asleep. I’ve been thinking about what Natsuki said the other time. About my future plans, about Natsuki, and… about you. Natsuki always gets angry at me, since we were small. Because I’m a bit different from others. But it was the first time he got angry like that. That’s why I thought about it properly. But as expected, I still can’t see the answer. Regarding what I want to do after school, I’m getting closer step by step to an answer. But…only about you…
N: – Bro…
S: – Natsuki.
N: – Ehehe. Long time no see, Senpai. I see you’re with Bro today as well.
S: – What about you, Natsuki? Why are you here?
N: – I didn’t apologize to Senpai properly that time. But it seems I’m in the way so I’ going to my club activities.
S:- Wait! If you have something to say, what about saying it clearly? She’ll also worry.
N: – *igh* I’m sorry, Senpai. I…didn’t know how to face you… I’m a really detestable guy. Even now I’m annoyed at Bro pretty much
S: – At me?
N: – Yeah, that’s right. Senpai is my aspiration! When I was a first year and watched a performance for welcoming new students I thought it was really fun and I was drawn in right away. After enrolling in the club with that tide and later finding out that that had been Senpai’s first script I was surprised. She’s only a year older than me but you can create this kind of world! In the time I continued studying acting by her side, I learned a lot about the fun of acting. I want to keep having so much fun, so I seriously want to become an actor in the future.
S: – An actor?
N: – The fact that I can have this future dream now is thanks to Senpai’s script that gave me a motive. That’s why I really respect Senpai and I look up to her. I definitely don’t want Senpai to be taken by Bro who just live his live however everyday!
S: – Ah… Natsuki…
N: – Ah…I said everything. But these are my hones feelings. I like you, Senpai. The truth is that I wanted to tell you everything after the Christmas Performance… I wanted to confess to you then… These are my feeling that I’ve been wanting to covey to you since after the Culture Festival. And then, how about you, Bro?
S: – Me?
N: – Do you mean you didn’t think of anything after hearing what I said?
S: – I…It’s enough for me to live peacefully every day. But… I can’t say it well but…I want to spend a lot     more time with you. I had fun and I was happy when you wholeheartedly listened to me talking, laughing with me. That’s why I want to be with you more. Even if the road we take will be different, I don’t want to lose my connection to you.
Natsuki…I’m sorry. I made you worry.
N: – I didn’t really worry about you.
S: – Thanks to you, Natsuki, I found an answer to what I’ve been thinking of the whole time. Thanks.
N: – You don’t have to thank me. Now it’s your turn, Senpai, but… Although not that much*4*, it may be hard for you to give an answer right now, right?
I want you to think too, Senpai. Whether you accept my feelings…or Bro’s…or maybe neither’s…? And then, please let me hear the answer on the day of the Christmas Performance. I’ll meet you backstage and Bro will wait for you in the library. It’s okay even if you don’t choose either of us. Is that okay for you, Bro?
S: – Yeah…no problem. No matter what answer you come to, my feelings won’t change.
N: – Aaa! Bro, that’s not fair! I wanted to say the same!
S: – Heh.Who says it first wins.
N: – Kuuh! Bro!!
Heh, why are we having so much fan although we just confessed our feelings?
S: – Isn’t it because we conveyed our feelings?
N: – That’s right. I was finally able to tell Senpai how I always felt.
Then…on the day of the Christmas Performance…Before the Performance is good; come see me or Bro. Or…maybe you won’t go to meet either of us, huh?
Natsuki & Syuya: – I want to hear your answer.
N: – Okay! I said everything, so I’m going to club activities. Ah, Bro, see Senpai home. I don’t like it but I’ll bear with it. Bye!
S:- That guy’s so noisy.
…it’s getting cold. Should we also leave?

Track 09 – December 24 Side Syuya
Syuya: – Oh…
You came…for me… Ah…um, what…This is my first time experiencing this kind of thing, but… it’s something that makes you this happy…huh?
Hey…is it all right to hug you?
Ah…you don’t want to? Thinking about it now, there was a time I hugged you out of the blue. Sorry—
Oh…o…Heh… I never thought you’d hug me yourself.
After you two told me, I thought a lot; about me, about my own feelings. About what I want to do…a lot… I still haven’t reached a conclusion but I did come to a decision about my future plans. I’ll take the exams for a national university. The truth is that I want to go to the same university as you because I want to spend more time with you, but you don’t want something like that and it’s probably not a good thing for me either. That’s why I’ll take the exams for a different university than you. Plus, now you’re here in my arms, so…it doesn’t seem like I need to worry about being separated from you. Until now, I’ve never been interested in what’s around me.  I also didn’t know how you can be in a deep relationship with another person. But…I’ll stop using the words “I don’t know” for giving up easily. Because I realized I also have things I want to hold dear.
Hmm? You don’t know what that is? Heh. Thickhead. What I want to treasure, what I never want to let go of… that is…you. I want to increase my memories with you from now on as well.
Heh…your face is so red.
It’s my fault, Huh? Heh. Is that so? So? Is it all right for me to take you? *5*
I promise I’ll always treasure you. Don’t let go of me either.

Track 10 – after that with Syuya
Welcome. Come in.

It’s the first time you’re coming here after I moved. I’ve cleaned most of it, see?
Ah, you can sit on that sofa. I’ll go make coffee.

It’s hot so be careful. Did you get used to the life in university?
Me? I…think I’m getting used to it bit by bit. So? What about you? I see, it’s fun. I’m glad.
But…don’t forget about me.
When I hug you I feel so calm. I always wanted to see you.
I like your expression after we kiss.
It makes me want to…
…do it a lot more.
I have no intention to let you go home today. Not until you show me your everything…I won’t let you leave.

Track 11

Natsuki: – Eh! Senpai! Um…
No, you’re not a bother! You aren’t at all! I’m just too surprised…It’s because I didn’t ever imagine you’d answer to my feelings…
(What should I do…I’m so happy right now…I feel a bit like crying…)
Sepai, please come over here.

No one will pass by here, so I thought we could talk at ease. Our performance will start soon, but it’s okay. If it’s just for a bit, there’s no problem if I’m away from the stage. Plus, it would be embarrassing if anyone came while we had an important conversation.

Senpai! Let me tell you again! You were always my aspiration!
The me right now exists thanks to you. That’s why I’m very thankful.
I…love you, Senpai. Would you become my girlfriend?

Yeah…I knew your answer, but I wanted to do this properly. I really want to hug you now…
Senpai…come over here. Senpai…thank you…really…I really have always loved you.
I want to keep on hugging you, but I have to get ready for the performance soon. Ah…I don’t want to leave… Eh? Did you just kiss my cheek?
A…e…Your face is bright red…
Hey, can I do it too? Close your eyes…
I love you, Senpai. *kiss*
I feel as if I can do anything now! I’ll definitely make today’s performance a success, so…look at me.

Track 12

-Please excuse me…

Hm? If I’m nervous? Of course I’d be! I’m in the room of the girl I like.

Ah…I brought this for you. I was thinking we could eat them together. It was today’s special cake at the shop…
Oh…can I sit here?

It’d would be bad if I sit next to you…
Why, you’re asking? Eh, for no reason. I’ll go there if it’s okay to sit close to you…Senpai, you’re too careless. But if you say it’s okay, then… Now we’re close.
S-Senpai…can I hold your hand?
Even though we always hold hands, my heart’s beating so fast and I’m nervous. You too? I see…I’m happy! Then…let’s stay like this for a while. Hey…can I hug you? Thanks. Then, Senpai, come here in my arms. Heh, I caught you.
You know, I’m so glad I told you my feelings. I tried once to confess to you but I couldn’t, and while I was depressed you and Bro got close to each other…I was actually really panicked. I thought that maybe Bro would take you from me one day.
Thanks for choosing me and for becoming my girlfriend. I’m really happy when I can be with you.
I will really do my best for you, who gives me this happiness. I’ll do my best, become a cool actor and become an adult worthy of you. That’s why, look forward to it.
You don’t like when I kiss you?
Heh, then, I’m glad. Then…let me kiss you again. Really…You’re so cute…
Sorry…you’re so cute and I was so happy, so I can’t stop at just one. I want to do it again, but…is that okay? I’ll still do it if you say no, though.
I decided I wouldn’t hold back anymore. *kiss*
Please only think of me today. Okay?

Track 13

Syuya: – We’re graduating today, huh? It hasn’t sunk in yet though. I feel as if there’s school tomorrow as usual. This last year of high school with you was fun.
It’s not like we will never meet again if we go to different school. When will you have some free time?
Natsuki: – What, are you making plans to hang out? Let me in too!
S: – Natsuki?
N: – Congratulations on your graduation, Senpai, Bro!
S: – You came all the way here to the third years’s classroom?
N: – Bro…you were just trying to get ahead of me, weren’t you? I won’t let you do that so easily! I’m still holding a grudge for the fact that you interrupted my confession, you know!
S: – I got in your way? Sorry but I don’t remember that.
N: – You did! We were on the roof after the culture festival…But I guess it’s useless to tell you that. Drop it if you didn’t notice! Rather, Bro, you both graduated and are leaving me behind here,but don’t you think you won with just that! I’m thinking of a plan to steal Senpai’s heart in my own way, just so you know!
S: – You’ll steal her heart? Can you do it, Natsuki?
N: – I can! You also seem to have realized your feelings, so I decided I wouldn’t hold back anymore!
S: – Is that so? Then, I don’t plan on losing to you either.
N: – I know! Senpai, wouldn’t you give me your second button from your blazer as a commemoration of your graduation? It’s usual for guys to give girls their, but I can’t give you mine yet. *6* I want it as a memory. You don’t want to? Eh? Really, it okay? Yay, thanks! I’ll make it my good luck charm and do my best one more year!
S: – If that’s so, I’ll give you my second button.
N: – Eh? Eeh? That’s not fair, Bro! Don’t copy me!
S: – You can give her your button next year when you graduate.
N: – That’s not the problem here!
S: – Hey…who do you like more between me and Natsuki after all?
You can’t choose…? Hey…?
N: – It’s fine if you can’t choose just yet. But…
S: – I believe that you’ll choose me someday.
N: – I won’t let that happen so easily. I can’t lose either, so…
Syuya & Natsuki: – I’ll be waiting for that moment!

Track 14
Natsuki: – Hey…Bro! Bro!! Jeez, you’re helpless. Come on, wake up!
Syuya: – Uh…Natsuki…
N: – Jeez, how long are you gonna sleep like a log? You were also spacing out like that in front of Senpai, weren’t you?
S: – How was I supposed to behave…?
N: – Huh? Ah…how, you’re asking? Eh…like, show a more reliable side, or something.
S: – Did you do that, Natsuki?
N: – Me? I…
S: – Ah, so you can’t? You don’t even have any reliable sides.
N: – Don’t sound like you’re so certain of that! I actually think I’ve become a better man, though…
S: – But you couldn’t do that.
N: Ah, you piss me off! Well, it’s true she didn’t really listen to me because I’m like a little brother to her…But that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely dumped!
S: – You didn’t give up yet?
N: – Of course! Do you have any complaints?
S: – Well…do your best.
N: – Ah, thanks…
S: – I won’t give up either though…
N: – Huh? Did you say anything just now, Bro?
S: – Let’s go back now.
N: – Hey, wait!
S: – Oh…
N: – Senpai? Why are you here? Rather, did you hear our conversation? No, it’s nothing! You don’t have to worry about that!
S: – If you’re going home now, let’s go together.
N: – Huh? Hey, why are you inviting her so casually? Wait, I’m coming too! I can’t let you look good by yourself!


*1* He’s just screaming.
*2*The text of the song is actually like this : “Yubikiri genman /Uso tsuitara hari senbon nomasu/Yubi kitta” which means “Pinky promise/If you lie you have to drink 1000 needles/Promise made!(-litteraly  “Finger cut off” which may mean that in the past, breaking a promise led to having you finger cut, or it may also mean the same thing as when you bet and someone cuts the bet so it’s official)
*3* The continuation would be “really likes you”
*4* He friggin says it’s not that hard, or maybe it’s just an expression or something. I hope I got it right. Or is he saying it’s not her turn that much? Hahaha, I don’t think so. Anyway, with the risk of using some strange English I always try to translate as accurately as I can because the only way you can understand the character is through his lines in Drama CDs so I want you to know exactly what they’re saying.
*5* He says “omae wo moratte ii no ka” which means “Can I/is it all right for me to take you?” The verb “morau” also implies the fact that someone gives you something and you accept it. It’s also used when talking about accepting/welcoming/taking a bride “oyome ni morau”. Well it’s nothing important but it was kind of a doki doki line and I wanted you to know.
*6* Girls in Japan ask for they guys’s second button of their uniform when they(the guys) graduate. They usually do that because they like the guy and want a memory. It’s the second button because that one’s closest to the heart. I found one explanation here if you want to read more.

What do you say? Should I continue translating this Drama CD even though there will be another translation. Though I think that I’ll eventually translate it all one day, slowly, because I usually don’t like letting anything unfinished – manga, anime or anything. What is your opinion?
I’m sorry, you’ll have to stand the letters in front of text for now.I’ll add colours eventually. But actually I wonder which method is better. I thought it would be easier to follow if the colour changes when another character is speaking than to stay and remember which letter was who (in case you can’t tell them apart) but actually because I can’t paste well from word there were times when I didn’t even get the same colour for the same character, but another similar nuance.

By the way, I’d like to ask whoever cares: do you prefer to have some words untranslated or do you think it’s better that everything and anything is in English? I’m referring to words like “Aniki” which I translated here as “Bro”. Actually, for me it started to become irritating “Bro” this, “Bro” that, so I’m wondering if it’s annoying. Because if it is, I can change it. Though I think that from now on, I’ll keep this kin of thing in Japanese, because there are many ways to say “older brother” there but I can’t really think of more than two in English for example.



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  1. Thank you so much for the translations – I adore this volume! ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪ Or maybe that’s just my bias towards one of the seiyuus. (´・ω・`;;) Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you continue translating it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*~✧』Thank you so much for your hard work.

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