Enren Danshi vol 01

Enren Danshi vol 01

I decided that since this is a two part CD I can split it into two (but only make one post) so you’ll get the translations faster. Because they don’t have any connection between them aside from the setting, I think it’s ok if you want to hear the first part and wait for the second.

This CD has 32 tracks.
The first one is an introduction, from the second one to the 16th included it’s the first part (Seiyuu: Yusa Kouji), until the 31st track(included) is the second part (Seiyuu: Kondo Takashi), and the last track features both of them.

Saotome Shun -> Yusa Kouji
Manaka Mei -> Kondo Takashi

Track 01 (0:34)

Manaka Mei:
    – Long Distance Relationship Experience CD
Saotome Shun:
    – Only here – Honeybee CD Collection
   “Enren Danshi” (a short form for Long Distance Relationship Boys)

Track 02 (0:55)

Hello! It’s me. Saotome Shun.
I’m sorry our relationship had to become a long-distance one because I have to go overseas for my job.
We’ve been together for quite a long time, but this is the first time we’ll be separated for so long,right?
I think I’m going to be lonely, and uneasy. But I have no intention to let go of you, so please wait for me one year until I’m back.
Then…for our long-distance relationship that will continue for one year from now on let’s find our own way of keeping it and let’s get on well.

Track 03 (4:41)

Your beloved boyfriend is going to go overseas now but you seem unexpectedly all right.
“I guess so”, you say? Wouldn’t you normally make a sad face in this kind of setting?
Well, that’s also one of your good points, though.

Come here for a bit!
Did you think that I wouldn’t notice that you’re forcing yourself to act like this?
You’ve been forcing yourself to smile all the time since we got to the airport, right?

Of course I’d notice! No matter how much you hide, I know. Plus…I’m also lonely.
Hey…we won’t lose to the distance, right?
Yeah. If it’s us, we’ll definitely be all right. That obvious, huh? I’ll believe in your words.
I..no matter how far we are from each other, I have the confidence that I’ll keep loving you. Though I don’t have much confidence in English! What should I do if I make a big failure?
Hey, don’t laugh so much!
Well, it relieves me seeing you laugh like that.

Let’s both do our best – I there, and you here in Japan.
But…don’t force yourself and tell me if you get lonely. I’m not the kind of small minded man who can’t accept your loneliness, and it would make me happy if you’d say honestly that you’re lonely.

I love you. I’ll be thinking of you even if we’re far away from each other.
“It’s embarassing in public”? Heheh, don’t mind it.

I’ll also give this to you. It’s an engagement ring.

Oh…hey,hey. I understand that you’re happy, but don’t cry. Even though we decided to do our best separated, it’s going to make me want to take you with me, won’t it?

I swear on this ring that I’m going to come back home in a year. At that time I will hug you again here. And then… please marry me.

Haha, don’t nod your head with all your might like that!
Come on! If you cry, your cute face will be ruind. Simle, ok?
Yeah! That’s a good smile.
Really…thank you. I love you.

Oh! It’s almost time for the plane to depart! Then I’ll be going, ok?
Eh? “Bye-bye!”
You…! Byebye is a farewell greeting, right? What I’m saying is…

Come here…
You should kiss me and say to take care.*1*
Then, I’ll be back!
In a year when I’ll be back I’ll be hoping for a “welcome back” kiss, ok?

Track 04 (2:03)

Hello! It’s me!
Hey, are you sleeping in late, by any chance? Because you’re sometimes neglectful in strange things.
You were up properly?
Heheh I’m sorry.

Then, let me say it again: “Good morning!”. Though here it’s not the time for “good morning”. The time difference between Japan and New York, where I am, is
of fourteen (14) hours. On short, I was just abaut to prepare to go to sleep.

Eh? “Why did you know what the hour is Japan?”, you ask?
Well, I always keep my wrist watch on Japan’s time. If I do that, I feel like I can spend the same time as you.

Hm…? What? You’re also doing the same thing?
We really think similarly!
For eample – even if we’re apart, we want to share the same time, and the strenght of our feelings for each other.

I love you. No matter how far apart we are, I’m always thinking only about you.

Were you about to go out now?I see. Then I’ll hang up soon.

Because I recieved love from you, I think I’ll be able to have good dreams.

Then, good night!

Track 05 (2:29)

Hello! Are you still awake?
Huh? You picked up the phone faster than usual – did anything happen?
Were you waiting for my call, by any chance?

Heh – What, so it was like that? Saying “I was lonely” – you really are cute!
But, you know, didn’t I tell you to call me immediately if you’re lonely?

You’re probably thinking of me and you try not not say your own feeling, but you’re too easy to read!
If you hide it, then at least hide it better!

No! I’m not angry. I know well that different from before, we think of each other too much to make up for the distance…
That’s why you should be a little more selfish.
I don’t want you hide your feelings and suffer where I can’t see you.
Can you do it?

Okay. You said it well. Good girl!

Ah! Come to think of it, what time is it now?
No, not the time in Japan…
Whoa, is it already this time? This is bad! Where did I leave the papers for the conference?There’s no time-

Ah? You say it’s rare for me to be in a hurry? I’m not always like this, so you know! In reality, I’m cool, you know?
Heheh. if you can laugh like that then I think you’re all right now.

You should always laugh like that. Because you’re definitely cuter when you’re smiling.

Hey,hey. Don’t get embarrassed just from this! If you get so shy, I won’t know what do do, right?

Come on! It’s late in Japan, so go to sleep fast!
I’ll be going to work.
Then, we’ll talk next time!

Track 06 (03:01)

I love you, my honey!
Eh? You’re asking what’s wrong all of a sudden?
It can’t be that you forgot, right?
Do you have a calendar close to you?
Today is the anniversary of the day when we started dating, remember? That’s why I called you thinking we need to confirm our love for each other.
That’s why… I want to hear your words of love for me.
Come on, say it already!
“It’s embarrassing”? Don’t be shy! I want to feel your voice… That’s why, say it. Say that you like me.

Heheh. Well done. Good job, good job!
Today, you know, may be an ordinary day for other people but for us it’s a special day. I won’t forget that no matter how far apart we are.
That’s why, just for today, please only think of me!Because I’ll also be only thinking of you!
Though that’s what I always do.

Hey, we only got to talk on the phone this year, but let’s spend next year’s anniversary together.
That’s right… We’ll buy a cake together and maybe light some candles on it. And after we finish eating the cake, we could watch a DVD that you like.
If you fall asleep first, I’ll let you sleep on my arm.

But we’ll keep that on hold until next year.
That’s why please bear it with this this year.

I love you.

Next year I’ll kiss you more, so I’ll be looking forward to it!
Then, talk to you later!

I love you!

Track 07 (2:21)

Um…what did you say just now?
I didn’t hear. Sorry.
“Are you tired”? Ah…lately I’ve been a little tired. How should I say it, I’m not used to the way of living here.
Ah, don’t apologize! You didn’t do anything wrong!
If you apologize like that… stop it already…
I’m going to take a bath*2* in New York, so…
What’s with that dry laugh?
And it was best joke…
Ah, I regret saying it!

Heh…I’m tired so my jokes are boring too. But my real skill is nothing compared to this!
It’s not like I said something interesting purposefully because I had consideration for you or something!
Thanks for worrying about me.

I…just because I’m tired, I didn’t pay attention to you who are the most precious to me. Sorry…

That’s why I want you to let me prove you how much I love you. Please listen to me.
I like you the most in the whole world. Because you are with me, I can do my best in this far away place. Of course, there are times when I’m lonely because I want to meet you, but when I imagine the future, this loneliness becomes bearable.
If I can overcome this moment, you’ll be mine.
I love you.
When I get back to Japan, I’ll whisper these words again close to your ear. Then I’ll definitely not let go of you. Prepare yourself.

Track 08 (02:59)

In a long time since I last did it, but today I tried cooking.
It didn’t go well. Cooking is pretty hard.
When I was with you you always cooked for me. I thought that it’s natural then, but it was actually really special, right? Now that we’re apart, I understand that very well.
Although I say it after such a log time, thanks. Now I really want to eat your home cooking.

Hmm? You…are you crying? what’s wrong?
Eh? you’re lonely?
I’m also lonely. The truth is that I really want to hug you right now I want to wipe your tears. But, you know, as I am right now can’t hug you who are lonely. I’m sorry. That’s why, until you stop crying, I definitely won’t end this call. You know, I want to enjoy our relationship from now on forever.
I won’t tell you to become stronger, so when you feel like you’re about to lose to anxiety, only think about your future with me.
Anything is fine, so please tell me everything you think of. Because I’ll listen to everything. Ok?

But, you know, when you told me that you were lonely, I was a bit happy. Because if you get uneasy or lonely without me it means that you need me, right? I’m happy to be your boyfriend. Because the one who can see you smile, being lonely, and various expressions of yours is a privilege only a boyfriend has, right? That’s why please stay honest in front of me from now on too. Got it?

Hm..? Now you’re embarrassed? You’re really… cute…

Track 09 (02:30)

Hey, hey, how much do you like me?
Huh? “What’s wrong all of a sudden, you’re asking?
I don’t need a reason, do I?
I just want to hear it now.
Say, about how much do you like me?
You’re embarrassed…? Then you won’t say it?
Even though I love you more than you imagine I do…

How is it? Did you get a bit more courage?
You’re saying you’re still embarrassed?

It’s kind of strange to do this, When I was in Japan, I took this kind of conversation like normal.

Back then I didn’t notice it, but I feel that having your important person by your side and being able to tell them a lot that you like them is something really happy.
That’s why, I wish to hear your words of love for me…

Heeh? If you get shy like that, then I will say it first.

Even if we’re  apart, I like you. I like you a lot. I love you.
Hmm? You say you want to hear more? There’s no helping it…
Are you satisfied now?
Eh? It’s still not enough?
But no. You’ll have to cope with it with this for now. Well, though that spoiled part of you is also cute.
You’ll have to wait for the continuation when we meet again. Ok?

Track 10 (02:55)

Hmm… So?
“You sound sleepy”?
It’s ok, I’m not sleepy. That’s why don’t hung up. I want to hear you voice more.
I like the most the moments we spend talking about unimportant things like this. And it calms me. I feel relieved.
To tell you the truth, lately I have been tired and my feelings were all over the place. But after I heard your voice, I felt really suave. It’s mysterious…
Even though we’re so far away, I’m so happy just by hearing your voice.
I like you…I love you.

What is it? are you getting shy?
I won’t be able to tell on the phone, you know.
Heheh, you’re so cute.

Hey…I want to kiss you…right now. i want to stroke your cheek, look in your eyes and tell you I love you, and gently…
…though it’s impossible now, huh?
This is the toughest part of a long distance relationship. But now I think that a long distance relationship is not all that bad. I understood just how important you are to me in all this time apart from you.

Let’s continue doing our best together, ok?
Maybe from now on it will be more difficult, but we’ll definitely be all right. Let’s believe in each other, because there’s a happy future for us.

I’ll go to sleep now, ok?
It’s through the phone, but here’s my good night kiss.
Now I feel like I can have good dreams.
Good night.

Track 11 (02:50)

Eh? “Do you really love me”, you said?
What is it, so suddenly?
But, isn’t it obvious?
what’s wrong? Did something happen?
You became worried because I don’t really say that I’m lonely or that I want to see you?

A…hah… in truth, I also really want to see you.
I want to see you and hug you with all my heart.
I thought about that a lot of times.

But when I think about you I’m ok because I think “Let’s do our best!” and “Don’t give up”. Ah, it’s not something like I’m trying to seem strong!
Huh? You want me to tell you if I think I wish to meet you?
Listen here, you know that if I said I’m lonely and I want to meet you I won’t be able to stop. You’re the one who’d be troubled if that happened! Is it still all right?
Eh? “It’s ok”?
Ah… if you say that, I’ll start wanting to meet you right now. Don’t say such cute things! I’ll like you even more.

Eh? I also have cute sides?
That’s…uh…you know – those are my good points.
Hey! Is it really that funny?

But if you say it’s ok, I’ll say it without restraint.
I’m lonely…I want to see you soon.
But now I’ll endure it.
In exchange for that, I won’t let go of you when I get back to Japan. Even if you tell me to let go, I won’t.

I’m so happy that you are my girlfriend.

Track 12 (01:58)

Huh? Isn’t it kind of noisy there?
Eh? “It’s not like that”?
No, I heard a man’s voice…
Ahaha…a gathering with your classmates?
Well, obviously there’d be guys too…
I’m not angry or anything.
It’s just…You seem to be having fun…
Hm…? I wouldn’t want to bother you, so you can hung up.
Ah!Let me say something before hunging up.
You should only think about me. Only look at me.
Even I get jealous, you know! Think about me a bit!
We only talk…

What! Don’t start laughing strangely so suddenly!
Damn, it’s frustrating to hear you laugh like that. Or rather, it makes me want to make you jealous!

Huh… Long distance relationships are hard because I can’t go steal you at times like this.

Eh? “What would you do after stealing me?”
You want to know? Ok, I’ll tell you.

You’re already mine. Don’t do everything as you please!

I’d show it to you with a lot of kisses.

Track 13 (02:36)

I’m so tired…I did part of the work I took home, so should I drink some coffee and take a break?

Ah? Now that I think of it, I haven’t been looking at the picture I took together with her lately…

It’s so nostalgic…By that time I didn’t think we’d turn out havnig a long distance relationship.
Now I started wanting to hear her voice too.
Maybe I should give her a call?
Ah, no. Now’s the time she should be sleeping.
Today I’ll tolerate it with just a mail.

My mails are always short, so she’s probably also worries about that.
I’ll write long e-mails sometimes too.

Huuh…I cant do it. I can’t think of anything after all! Like this it’s the same as every time – a short e-mail.

Hey…wait… I had my digital camera before with me, right…?
Here it is!
I’ll use this to take pictures with me…
I might as well make a funny face!
I don’t usually do things like this, so she’ll probably be surprised.

The text of the e-mail will be…”The face of your boyfriend who wants to see you.
I’ll go with this.
Now I’ll attach this picture and…send!

I hope that when she’s feeling down she’ll look at this picture and laugh…

Well, should we continue our work?

Track 14 (02:12)

Oh! An e-mail from her.
Let’s see…what?

She went shopping with her friends today, huh? I hope she didn’t shop until her wallet became empty again.
Haha, geez. That happens if I’m not with her.

Ok, I’ll scold her on a mail.
First let’s get angry for her pointless waste of money.
I’ll also ask her if she’s not lonely…
And… I’ll write … I want to meet you … I’m lonely. I love you.
Wait, what am I writing? I intended to scold her!
Was I always this weak? My true feelings show through!

This is no good! It’s not like me to think about such dark things!
I have to become mentally stronger more now than any other time! Or she’ll become anxious!
Get a grip of yourself, me!

Ok, should I rewrite it?

Maybe I’ll tell her about her pointless spending of money next time when I call her, and…

I think that you already love me a lot, but be prepared from when I come back home! I’ll make you love me even more than you already do.

I wonder what she’ll think when she sees this e-mail.

Track 15 (02:37)

My job overseas is finally over!
Now I can be with her forever!
I wonder if she came to welcome me as we promised…

Ah, there she is!
Hey! You came to greet me! Thanks!

I’m back.
I wanted to see you a lot.
You aren’t going to give me a welcome home kiss?
You..are you crying?
Come on, don’t cry so much…There are people around.
Those tears are mine. Don’t show them to others so easily.

What? If you feel like that, hug me with more strength!
Ah, jeez. you’re such a…

I always wanted to hug you like this.
Even when we were apart, we sometimes kept thinking about this.

In this one year time I grew to love you even more.
If it’s with you, I can live like this forever. No, I want to.
That’s why, from now on, please wait for me to come back home in the same house as me. I’ll say “I’m home” everyday.

Let’s get married. I’ll definitely never let go of you again. That’s why, don’t you let go of me either!

Track 16 (00:46)

Hello. It’s me. Our long lasting long distance relationship is over now.

It was lonely…and difficult.. the distance from you was frustrating and I ware times about to lose to it, but passing this long distance relationship, I felt again the importance I hold for you.
I’ll only love you from now on as well!

I only wanted to tell you that.
Then I’ll call you again.


Track 17Hello? It’s me. Manaka Mei.
I’m sorry we turned out to have a long distance relationship because of my dream.Am I making you feel lonely? Am I making you feel uneasy? Are yu ok?
You always force yourself, so I’m always worried.
That’s why if you’re lonely I want you to call me. I’ll do the same.Then our long distance relationship is about to start now.
take care of me for four years!

Track 18

I wonder why the scenery seen from the Ferris Wheel is so beautiful.
Especially at night, the entire city sparkles and changes like it’s under a spell. Don’t you think so too?

Hehehe. I’m a romanticist? Is that so? But if it’s like that, maybe you thought that because we’re alone together.
I mean, for me you are special.
When we’re like this, I can’t believe that I’ll have to part from tomorrow on because I’ll be entering a higher level university…

Eh? “Do your best and become a professional football/soccer player”?
Of course! It’s obvious that I’ll do my best!

Oh! there’s a rumour that if lovers kiss when riding this Ferris wheel they’ll be together forever. It seems that it’s called “the Ferris Wheel magic” among lovers.
Let’s kiss so the magic will also work on us…
Hey…it’s all right, isn’t it?

It’s no good. I don’t want to let go of you after all. It’s lonely that I won’t be able to hear your voice or see your expression up close.

I shouldn’t say this to make you troubled, right? Even though we’re going to have a long distance relationship because of my dream to become a professional football player… If I complain from something like ths, I won’t be able to protect you, right?

I…I’ll definitely become a professional football player and come and get you in four years.
I’ll become manlier than now by many times so I’ll be able to protect you from any hard or sad things.
Then…would you please marry me?

Eh? “Please”, you say? Is it ok?

Thank you.
I was really anxious about what I was going to do if you turned me down, so I’m happy.

I think there will be sad and hard times while we will be apart. At those times, let’s talk a lot and solve everything in our own way.
I think I can do that if it’s with you.
Because…we’re both a single person.

Even if we’re to be far apart, that will not change.
Plus, I just tried the Ferris Wheel magic with you, right?
If it’s us, it will be all right.

Track 19

Good morning!
Are you going to school now?
I have morning practice after this…wait…
Heey! Are you awake? Your voice sound really sleepy.
Did I wake you up with my call by any chance?
Huh, it seems that way.

Hey, you went to sleep late yesterday as well, right?
I knew it…
*sigh* You’re no good with mornings as it is – don’t do that!
You’re always hard working, so you were probably pushing yourself too far, right?
I like you when you do your best but you won’t be able to wake up in the mornings. I’m worried.
It would be good if I could do something for you.

Ah! I know! I’ll call you every morning when you have to get up.
If I do that, no matter how late you stay up there’s no worry becausde I’ll wake you up.

Huh? You can’t ask me to do that?
Heh, why? There’s no need to be reserved around me, you know! I’m always up early because I have morning practice with my club, and if I get to hear your voice I’ll also be happy.
But, well..if you say that, I won’t force you.

Eh? “Then I’ll take up your offer”?
Haha, I got it. Then I’ll start calling you from tomorrow on. But that doesn’t mean you can feel relieved and stay up late every night! Keep it moderate!

Do you hear me? Even normally you overwork yourself if I leave you aone, so I’m worried.

Urgh! Is it already this time? I have to go to morning practice. Then I’ll be going!
You do your best too today!

Track 20 (02:31)

Were you sleeping?
“I was just about to go to sleep”?
Huh, I made it in time.

You’re asking why I’m in such a hurry?
No, it’s not like I particularly need something. It’s just that I wanted to tell you good night before going to sleep. But it was this late, so…

Hm? It’s unusual for me to say what I think?
I guess…Maybe it’s like you say.
When we had just started dating I was trying hard to act more like an adult because I wanted to protect you.
But after we got separated we started talking less than before…and I realized something important.
And that is becoming more hones with myself.
I want to have a long distance relationship with you not while trying to act cool, but as the normal me. Instead of avoiding the truth and trying to be cautious around each other I want the two of us to say what’s on our mind, because we’re so far away.
Would you…also fall in love with that kind of me?

Eh? “I don’t even need to say it”?
Ah…thank you.
I think just because you are like that that I fell in love with you.*

I like you.

Eh? You say you were surprised because I kissed you through the phone? Heheheh. It’s ok. Right now, I want to kiss you.
This is also my honest feeling!

Then I’ll hung up now. Sleep comfortably today too, ok?
I hope you’ll have a nice dream.

Track 21 (01:59)

Hello? I just got your Valentine Day’s chocolate.
Thanks for giving me chocolate this year too.

You seemed busy lately, so I didn’t think I’d get give me any.
I was surprised.

Eh? “Did you eat it already?” Well…that’s…it seems a bit of a waste to eat it…
Though it seems like an extravagant worry after getting chocolate from you, right? Heheheh

But… would you listen to my request, please?
When our long distance relationship ends, would you feed me some chocolate? Saying “Aah”.
Hey! You think it’s a joke, right? I’m pretty serious, you know!

Really, thanks for the chocolate. I feel like I won’t eat it because it seems wasteful, but if I will, I’ll tell you my opinion on it,ok?

Though it’s your homemade chocolate, so it’s obvious it’ll be delicious.

So…This is my thanks: *kiss*
It makes me happier than anything else, not because I got chocolate or anything else, but because it’s from you.
Thank you so much.

I’ll return your love doubled on White Day*3*!
You can have big expectations!

Track 22 (02:50)

Hello? Oh, you’re awfully energetic today! I can tell by your voice.
Did something good happen?
Ah, is that so? You got my White Day present already?
I bought you an amethyst ring this year.
How is it?
I guess that I don’t need to ask anymore after hearing your voice.

Hahaha. I didn’t think you’d like it so much. Even I’m getting happy.
Likewise. Thank you for liking it!

Eh? “Why did you choose this rig?”…?
That’s because…this gem…After knowing the meaning of the amethyst gem I thought that it’s definitely what I should give you.

Hm…? You want to know the meaning of the amethyst gem?
What should I do…?
Hehe, I’m joking!
It means “to persist in true love”. I feel love in the e-mails you always send me or like our whole conversation now and… I want to persist in that love with you forever.
That’s why also with my feelings of gratitude, I sent you that amethyst ring.
But for me it’s not just the feeling of gratitude. I wanted to show other people that you’re mine. I’m worried if you’re courted by other guys while I’m not there, yo know…

“You don’t need to be worried”?
What are you saying?
Even while I’m talking to you like this I’m worried helplessly!
Because your smile, crying face and even angry expression are all cute!
Though I guess you’re not aware that you’re cute…
But, well, I like that part of you.
Don’t show it to other guys!

Track 23 (02:38)

Hm…? I’m not sleeping yet.
I was awake, so it’s ok.
It’ rare for you to call me at this hour. Did something happen?
Eh? You wanted to hear my voice?

*sigh* You’re sly! Suddenly saying something so cute!
But… in truth you called me because you can’t meet me and you’re lonely, right?
I knew it… I thought it was like that.
Were you lonely?

I’ll come there right now! I can’t ignore you if you’re feeling lonely!
At this hour, I’ll catch the 7 o’ clock or 8 o’ clock train, so…I’ll arrive tomorrow at…
Eh? “You don’t need to come”?
You’re pretending to be ok again… um…but are you really ok?
A…if you say so…
I got it. I won’t come there.
But in exchange, what do you say about staying up until morning and talk today? So?

Eh…? “Is it ok?”
Heh! Of course it is! It’s for you, so of course it’s ok!
You know, if something happens to you I get really worried. That’s why I want you to tell me a lot of things, no matter how unimportant it is.
And if we both compromise, don’t you think that a long distance relationship is pretty fun too?
It’s very enjoyable for me to talk to you like this on the phone!
Well! There is a lot of time until morning. Let’s use it for ourselves to our heart’s content.

Track 24 (02:13)

Hello? Are you free right now?

It turned out that…next time I will be going overseas for a training camp

Huh? You’re envious? I see…
But…I don’t really want to go…
Ah! It’s not like I hate training camps, but…
…because I also heard that the place where we’ll be going has a very beautiful beach and a lot of famous dishes…it’s not that I have any complaints.

It’s just…that place is somewhere I wanted to go with you one day, so… I don’t want to go ahead alone.

Even now I’m far away from you right now, going even farther away… is very lonely.

Eh? “You can’t lose to loneliness”…?
Heheheh…That’s right. It’s just as you say.
Even though I decided to become a man who can protect you from hardships and sadness through our long distance relationship… I’m no good like this…

Ah… You always see my uncool sides.
Eh? You’re saying you also like those parts of me?
Heheh… I don’t think I’ll be able to win over you.
It seems that you’re the only one for me after all.

Let’s go on a trip together one day!
At that time, distance won’t matter and we’ll be able to be together just the two of us all the time, right?

Track 25 (02:38)

Ah… That’s good… You answered the phone…

Hey…there’s only one thing I want to ask you…
Do you…like me?

Ah… thank you. I feel relieved after hearing that.
I also like you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Eh? “What’s wrong so suddenly?”, you ask?
Um…that’s…I was talking about you with some friends just now… And then one of them said that “people who have long distance relationships break up fast. Maybe your girlfriend already wants to break up with you”…
Hearing that I became anxious all of a sudden…and I called you.
But…because you said what I wanted you to…it’s all right now…
I was happy to be able to hear your feelings like that.

Just like you, the fact that I like you won’t change no matter how far apart we are. Rather, the more we are far apart, the more I like you. Even though I like you so much right now…by the time our long distance relationship ends, what will be then?

I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly today.
Then, I’ll hung up, ok?
Tomorrow I’ll become more able to protect you than today.
I promise.

Track 26 (02:23)

Hello? It’s me!

Huh? Doesn’t your voice sound somehow hoarse?
Hm…? You have a cold?
Did you go to the hospital? Did you take your medicine properly?
“You don’t need to worry so much, I’ll be ok”, you say?
I feel that you’re not as energetic as usual!

You…aren’t you forcing yourself again?
Long distance relationships are hard at times like this…
Even though if I were close, I could go by your side immediately and take care of you…

Eh? You don’t want me to lose my energy too?
Then don’t overexert yourself! Because if you’re not energetic, I become extremely worried!
Plus…I can’t be with you, so I also become excessively anxious…

Ah…If I could always be with you I would nurse you all night…I could hold your hand all the time until you got better…
But now this is the only way I can help you heal your cold.

Because that one just now lost from it effectiveness because it was over the phone, I’ll do it again.

Heh! I took you cold! Now it’s going to heal!
Eh? Because I kissed you over the phone your fever increased instead?
Hehehe! You’re really cute to say such things easily.

Then, keep yourself warm and rest well. Let me hear your cheerful voice by tomorrow!

Track 27 (02:32)

Finally, a break…

Hnnngh! The sky is so clear and beautiful today! The wind also feels good…

In this kind of day, I want to take a boxed lunch, to go out to play and take it easy with her…

I wonder what she’s doing right now.
Ah, I know! I’ll take a picture of this blue sky and send it to her!

Oh! It came off quite pretty!
I’ll take this and attach it to a cellphone e-mail…

What were you doing now? I’m in the middle of a break during club activities. Today the weather is very good here!
I wish I could hold hands with you and go out playing on such days. At that time I’ll be hoping for your home-made lunch box.
Let’s go together one day!
Then I’ll be going back to practice, ok?
PS(postscript): I’ll attach a picture of the blue sky I saw today. It was beautiful so I wanted to show it to you too!

Ok! I finished sending the e-mail.
Being able to see the same thing even when we’re far away from each other is something really happy…

Ah…the truth is that I want to see it with you soon…
But now I have to endure it!
Plus, they say that if you keep the enjoyment for last, it will increase.


Ok! I’ll do my best in practice!

Track 28 (02:58)

There are 10 minutes before the match starts. I’ll tie the laces of my spikes tightly…
I have to win today too.

The team who’ll compete in the last day of the tournament is decided in today’s match.
If I win this one, I’ll be closer to my dream of becoming a professional player and I’ll be one step closer to her too.

Ah…after thinking that I started being nervous.
At a time like this I’ll have her share just a bit of her cheerfulness.

What are you doing now?
My football match is about to start. It’s an important match, so I’m a bit nervous. But I’ll definitely win today’s match as well. I have you now. If you’re with me, I feel that I can even turn the impossible into possible. That doesn’t change no matter how far we are from each other.
If I have your encouragement I can become invincible in whatever unfavourable situation.
Next time you should also come, ok? I’ll keep a seat from where you can see how cool I am for you.
Then I’ll be looking forward to that day!

Now matter how far apart we are, even if you’re not in front of my eyes right now, if I have you I’m not afraid of anything. For today’s match I’ll turn all my feelings for you into strength and do my best.
That’s why, watch me! See how much love I hold for you.

I offer today’s victory to you.

Ok! It’s almost time I have to go.
I’ll be going!

Track 29 (02:42)

I thought it was cold – it’s snowing!
Has it been snowing from yesterday night?
I didn’t notice…

Aa…if it’s this cold it’s a pain to go to college.

Huh? There are snowmen in this kind of place.
Did the children from the neighbourhood make it?
Hehehe. It’s cute how the two of them are lined up!
They somehow look like us…
The one a bit smaller would be her, and this one would be me.
Truthfully, we should also be cuddling together like these snowmen by now…

Should I send her an e-mail?
Just now, on my way to college I found two small snowmen lined up. I thought they looked like us. In truth is we would be holding hands in this cold weather just like these snowmen now… I’m joking~~
Did it snow already there?
You always catch a cold immediately when it gets cold, so take care of your health.
Then, talk to you again!

My hand that I used to hold the cellphone has become cold when I didn’t notice. If she were her I could have her warm it up for me…
Wait, I wonder what I’m thinking about…?

Ok! I’ll cal her this evening!
Surely if I think like that it means that she at least does the same. Until our hearts became warm…let’s always talk.

Track 30 (03:51)

Ah, hello!
Well then! Although it’s sudden, here is a question: who am I?
Hahaha, not my name. What am I for you?

Eh? Boyfriend? Hehe, correct! You’re also my precious girlfriend!

Then, for the one who answered correctly…
Hm? You have visitors?
I’ll wait, so answer the door.

*door opens*

Haha! I wasn’t expecting you to make that kind of face.
Are you that surprised that I was in front of the door when you opened it?
Heh, “why did you come?”, you’re asking?
That’s because I came to deliver your prize for answering correctly just now!
Hm…? “What’s the prize?”…?

Heh, I was joking! The truth is that I came today to fulfill my promise with you from four years ago.

Yesterday I made a contract with a professional soccer team, which was my dream.

Hm? “Congratulations”?
Hehe. Yeah, thanks.
This one word from you makes me happier than any other blessing.
I think that I could fulfill my dream because you were with me. Thanks a lot!
Even if we were far apart, we didn’t lose to the distance.
There were also a lot of hard times, but I think we’re here now here because we believed in each other every time.

That’s why…
I’ll say it again…
Please marry me!
And…I’ll make you happy for life!

Would you let me hear you answer?
…Thank you.
I’m happy that I could hear that answer.
For the time when we weren’t together, I’ll continue to whisper “I love you” from your side everyday from now on.
But for now…
I’m home.

I have a lot to tell you from all the time when we were apart.
Hm? You too? I see.
Then let’s talk all night.
I won’t let you sleep even if you want to.

Track 31 (00:56)

Hello? It’s me.
Now I can stay by your side.

There were a lot of times when we couldn’t see each other and it was hard but we did our best in our own way, right?

Now I became a man who can protect you. That’s how I feel.

You’ve become even more pretty while we couldn’t meet! it makes me fall for you over and over again!

I like you. I will do so forever from now on.
You’re the only one for me.

Then, I’ll call you again, ok?
We’ll be parting for a bit until then.

Track 32(03:51)


Sorry for the wait…
Ah…I’m really sorry.
Today of all days my alarm didn’t ring…
Aaa, don’t be so angry!
You want to say that I’ve always been making you wait like the time when we had a long distance relationship, right?
That’s why, I said I was sorry!
Aa, see – if you get so angry you’ll ruin your cute face!

Though you always cried that you were lonely during our long distance relationship…!
Eh? You weren’t lonely?
That’s a lie! You told me you were lonely everytime when we talked on the phone!
You won’t admit it?

Eh…come on, say the truth.
If you don’t, I’ll hug you like this forever! Is it all right?

I,you know…I was lonely. I’m helplessly happy that I can hug you like this now.
You were also  about as lonely as I was, right?
I know it.

If there will be a time when we’ll have to be separated again, I’ll definitely take you with me.
That’s why, come along with me!
I’ll be counting on you!


It’s quiet, isn’t it? I can only hear the sound of the wind and the waves. It’s like there’s just the two of us in this whole world.
When we’re like this, it seems mysterious that we’re together.
When we were separated because of our long distance relationship, I always dreamt about a day like this.
Talking and laughing together about unimportant things, or feeling your existence…the truth is that even now I’m wondering if it’s a dream, but…you’re here, right?

Your arms…your forehead…your mouth…

You’re certainly here.
Hehe, are you embarrassed?
You’re very cute like that.
I like everything about you, including that side of you!

Hey, can I tell you more that I love you?
So you won’t stop hearing it, like the sound of these waves.
I’ll always whisper it from your side.

I love you!
I’ll never let go of you again.


*1* Here he says the well-known (to anime fans) phrase “itterasshai” which means ‘take care’. It implies that the person who leaves will be back (soon). And he takes ‘bye bye’ as a greeting said when you’re never going to see the other person again. But it’s not like that, right? I thought that people who speak English said that on a regular basis?
*2* I don’t know how i should translate so it also becomes a pun in English. Here is a play on words. He says Nyuu Yooku(New York) de nyuyoku(take a bath) shite kuru”  which translates to “I’m going to take a bath in New York” but it’s intended as a pun to make you/the girl laugh (so you stop apologizing etc)
*3* White Day is, in Japan, is a day – a month after Valentine’s Day on the 14th March – when boys who received chocolate from girls return the favour, and it’s sometimes said that it’s supposed to be three times better/ pricey or whatever than what they got on the 14th of February. (well, here he says two times)
* For the underlined sentence (in track 20), I’m not sure if he says that “I fell in love with you” or “you fell in love with me”. The phrase used has no pronouns (like most of Japanese phrases) so it’s doubtful which one it is – you usually get that from the context. Well, I don’t think it’s something that important but I wanted to at least tell you : about it 🙂



Ok! Now the first volume’s translation is finished! I want to try doing the other in the near future 🙂
PS: I guess that the blonde is Manaka Mei and the brown haired one is Saotome Shun .

8 thoughts on “Enren Danshi vol 01

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  2. Hi! Thank you for this translation! ❤ I've listened to this CD so many times already, but still can't understand everything. Now I can!

  3. Oh my god. Thank you so much for translating!!! This is the first Drama CD I’ve ever listened to and even though I couldn’t understand what they’re saying, this… this!!! got me into the seiyuu fandom. Ahhh just thank you ;____ ;

    • You’re welcome! I’m happy that it helped 🙂 And thank you for leaving a message! There are a few people who translated other CDs too, so there are many others you can listen to and understand 🙂
      I’m happy to know there’s a new ally in the seiyuu fandom heheh 😀

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