Kiss x Kiss vol 09: Tsundere Kiss

Kiss X Kiss Collection volume 9 – Tsundere Kiss
Character: Togari Sakuya
Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi

01. タイトルコール./ Title Call
02.  プロローグ / Prologue
03. お目覚めのキス / Omezame no Kisu / Good morning kiss
04. ジェラシーキス / Jealousy Kiss
05. しょんぼりキス/ Shonbori Kisu / Dishearted kiss
06. メガネキス / Megane Kiss / Glasses Kiss
07. ランダムキス / Random Kiss
08. オバケ屋敷キス / Obakeyashiki Kisu / Hunted House kiss
09. 迷子キス / Maigo Kiss / Lost Child Kiss
10. 口直しキス / Kuchinaoshi Kiss / A kiss to remove the bad taste
11. ピュアキス / Pure Kiss
12. メリーゴーランドキス / Merry-go-Round Kiss
13. 忘れ物キス / Wasuremono Kiss / Lost item Kiss
14. おやすみのキス / Oyasumi no Kisu / Good-night Kiss
15. 眠れない夜 / Nemurenai Yoru / Sleepless Night
16. おはようのキス / Ohayou no Kisu / Good morning Kiss

English translation:

Track 01 – Title Call

Kiss Kiss Collection – volume 9: Tsundere Kiss. Togari Sakuya.

I kissed you because I had no other choice. Don’t get ahead of yourself!

Kamiya Hiroshi

Track 02 – Prologue

If you want to do it, I could kiss you. Why don’t you come here instead of being so nervous?
That’s so irritating. Do it already.
Why are you trembling? You like me, don’t you? If so, why don’t you just kiss me more? Like this.

Huh? You want to know my feelings? SO you don’t know if I don’t tell you all the time? If you like me,that should be enough. Wasn’t it you the one who wrote that in your love letter? “I like Togari-kun so much I can’t help it.Please go out with me-“

On top of doing it so suddenly, you’re horrible at it.
Eh? You wanted to cover my lips? If that’s so, do it better.
Good grief…

The kiss just now means that you understood what I said? You’re still horrible at it as always, but if that’s so it’s ok.I forgive you. But don’t get carried away because of that! I had no choice but to kiss you! Don’t get full of yourself!

Track 03 – Omezame no Kisu/Good morning kiss

What was that just now? There’s no way I can wake up with that, can I? You want to wake me up with a kiss,right? Why don’t you do it already?

Can you really not do it better? Is that all you can do?
Huh? “That was my first time, so be gentle?” Then next time do it so I’ll wake up. For sure,ok? If you can’t do it, I won’t kiss you anymore!

I got it. Okay. I’ll close my eyes for you like you say.
Argh! You did it on my ear, didn’t you? It sent shivers down my spine.
 It seems there’s still something else.

Huh? “Thanks to that, you have waken up, haven’t you?
Even if that’s true, there’s such a thing as a method!
It’s against the rules to do it on the ears! Even if I’m surprised and wake up, it just feels bad!Sigh..

Eh? What? You want me to show you an example? There’s no helping it, but I’ll only do it once. Remember it properly.

..Like that. Got it? There won’t be a second time.

Track 04 – Jealousy Kiss

Stop it. Please don’t touch me. When I see you,I get irritated.
What? You want to kiss me? I don’t want to.
I’m telling you hat I don’t want–to.. Sto–!
I told yo to stop, didn’t I! Please don’t kiss me today! It’s prohibited!
  “Why?” you say? T-that’s… Wen I told you it’s prohibited, so it is!

No, I won’t tell you why. Why do I have to say it?
Huh? You don’t notice why?
I-it’s not that I’m jealous or anything…
If you want to get along well with the guy who sits next to you, you can do that!

I’m originally dating you because you were so persistent anyway. I don’t feel anything for you!
Didn’t I say that I’m not jealous already?

What’s this? Touching my hair like that… Do you want to make me feel better? Huh? “I like this tied hair of yours”?
Heh… You don’t need to tell me that now – I’ve known it for a long time already.
 Plus, you don’t like my hair, you like me, right?
Even if you try to fool me with that…

Huh? “He forgot his textbook so I showed him mine”?
Then, there’s nothing…between you and that guy?
*sigh of relief*
Is that so? I feel relieved now…huh? It’s nothing!
You want to come over here, don’t you? You can come!

You’re touching my hair again…
There’s no helping it…I’ll let you touch it how much you like.
But! Please don’t forget this: I kissed you because I had no choice. Don’t get conceited!

Track 05 – Shonbori Kisu/Dishearted kiss

*Sigh* Today is also so humid I feel depressed…
Suddenly a declaration of separation… that’s too much.
Hm..? “I want to go to the amusement park tomorrow”?
You can go alone,can’ you? Why do I have to go with you? It’s a place where children go.

What? Getting your face so close…If you want me to kiss you, I will.

Huh? More? No way. I’m not in that mood right — now…

It seems you got a bit better at kissing. But don’t get full of yourself because of that!It’s really just a bit. You were extremely bad at it, now you’re only really bad.

Huh? The one before was a consolation kiss? You say I’m depressed because my grades went down…? You knew? Of course you did. It’s obvious since it’s posted on the bulletin board. *Sigh*…
“Cheer up”?
What do you know? I was always at the top. Now…I’ve dropped one level! You don’t know how annoyed I am…
Argh! Dang! I worked more than anyone, so why?

You’re hugging me? Even though all I do is complain…
Heeh? So you like me that much? Get your face here/closer.

I don’t want our noses to bump, so bend your neck.

I won’t tank you, so you know! It’s not like I wanted to be comforted.
But…I’ll acknowledge that you god a bit better at kissing. Only ust a bit,though.

Track 06 – Megane Kiss/Glasses Kiss

Hey! Give me back my glasses!
“Why?”, you say? Because they’re a part of my body! And if I take them off, I won’t be able to see anymore…Plus, it feels somehow awkward…

Heh? “Can’t you see up close even if you don’t wear your glasses”, you say?
That’s true. At this distance, I can even see your panties well.

Yes! *laughs* I got my glasses back! Eh? It’s clearly a lie! With that long skirt of yours it’s impossible to see anything as long as you don’t fall down.

I caught you. I’m going to get my revenge on you.

Huh? Wait. Isn’t this a reward now/like this?
I lost to you. You like me so much you can’t help it right? All right. I’ll make an exception and forgive you. But don’t get ahead of yourself because of that!

Track 07 – Random Kiss

The amusement park on a day with such good weather? Heh. So worthless.
This blue sky is the only good point.

A! A vapor trail. It’s straight and pretty.

What? “Your smile is cute!”, you say? It’s not… I’m not  smiling! The amusement park too – It’s not like I came here because I wanted to! I only came with you because you said you wanted to go.

What? Your dissatisfied with a kiss on the cheek? Look around. It’s only children. I thought it was fitting for you who wanted to come to a place like this.

It seems you wanted to do it to me too, but you missed!
I don’t want it here.

Huh? “Would it be ok somewhere else?” Didn’t I tell you? In such a place full of  children like this, my mood only gets bad.

Where are you going? Suddenly pulling my arm… *sigh* You’re so rough…
What are you planning to do suddenly bringing me in a hidden place like this?

No.Even if children can’t see, I don’t want to do it o the lips. If I said I don’t want to, I don’t. Don’t make me repeat myself!
Eh? On the nose?
Okay, do what you want.

It tickles. The nose is no good too after all!
My forehead? There’s o helping it…
Here, I’ll bend a bit for you.

Coming so close to my lips too…
Argh,jeez. It’s irritating.
Stop with all these irritating annoying all over my face!
A kiss is done on the mouth–

You put too much strength in the one just now.

It’s so and so.

Did you get it? This is how you do it.
Ok then, let’s go.
I came with you to the amusement park. I won’t let you off if I don’t have fun.

Track 08 – Obakeyashiki Kisu/ Hunted House kiss

I-m not s-s-s-scared at all. Aren’t hunted houses j-just fakes?

What? You say I was scared just now?
That’s wrong. I was only surprised.
Anyone would be startled if something suddenly came out of nowhere. That’s only the right reaction for a human.
What about you? You’re stuck to me like glue. Good grief. You’re so faint of heart that I don’t believe it. 

Is that so? If you’re so scared, I’ll give you a kiss.
Get your face closer.
*kiss* *kiss*

I see you’re more relieved now.
Huh? “You are”, you say?
Not me. I did it because you were scared.
Anyway, I don’t even believe in ghosts. You should also do the same. Because they don’t exist.

What? “In this place appear real ones”…?
L…let’s run!
We’re almost there! Hurry!

See? there’s nothing here. Ghosts don’t exist.

Huh? You were joking just now?

I see… You really like me, huh? You want me to mind you so you even make up ridiculous stories.
But I’ll make it so you won’t be able to say things like that again.

I see. It seems you understand. Ok. I’ll forgive you just today. It’s an exception, ok?

But don’t get conceited from that!
Because ghosts definitely don’t exist!

Track 09 – Maigo Kiss/ Lost Child Kiss

“Waaah! Waaa!”

Aaargh, jeez! It’s so loud!
I’m telling you to stop crying!
You’re wrong for not holding your parent’s hand tightly, right?

Aa, you! You finally came back!
Take this child to the information desk.
He’s been like that for a while and he won’t move an inch. It makes me mad. Arrgh, it’s annoying!

Oh! Ah? He suddenly stopped crying. It can’t be because you kissed him on the cheek, right?
Huh? “His parents should be close by”…?
Um…where? I don’t see anyone that looks like it…

Ah! Where are you going?
Oh… I see you found his parents. They were also searching for him. Heheh…The child is smiling.

Sigh…Hey. Kiss me on the cheek too. It’s ok, so do it, please!

Hm… Just as I thought, it’s not special or anything…
It seems the reason why that child stopped crying is another one. It seems that I…
*kiss* *kiss*
…think it’s best to do it on the lips after all.

Huh? ‘People were looking”? You’re naive. There isn’t anybody looking at us now, so it’s ok.

Track 10 – Kuchinaoshi Kiss/ A kiss to remove the bad taste

Thanks for the food.

Hm… It’s so-so, I guess. This is made by you, right?
I knew it. If you like me, that’s what you’d do.
The taste is also so and so. You know my likes and dislikes, so you took that in account…

Hm? Ugh! *cough* *cough*
There are peppers in here! Give me some water!

It feels horrible…
Ah? An “I’m sorry” kiss? No, it’s not enough.
If you don’t make the taste go away, it’s no good. Like this…

Huh…I feel a bit better now.
Eh? No way…you didn’t eat a pepper before, right? And you tried to make the taste go away like that? Don’t joke with me! Now I’m starting to feel worse instead.
This is the worst.
Eh? “Green vegetables are good for the body, so I cut them small”, you say?
I-is that so? I see. Yeah…

I…I don’t care if I can’t eat peppers. But…if you worry, I can eat this. I don’t have a choice…

Uunggh…I need to get rid of the taste after all!

Track 11 – Pure Kiss

My first kiss wasn’t with you. Because I kissed many girls aside from you. That’s why…
…I’m good, right?
Hehe. It’s ok if it’s like that.
Because you’re very bad at it. If I don’t teach you, you’re no good at all.

Eh? You did so too…?
Ah..ahaha…I see…
It’s nothing! Don’t mind me! Don’t touch me! Don’t come closer! Don’t talk to me!
I’m not angry or anything!
You can do it with how many times you want with other guys! Jeez…
(soft voice:)I see…

Huuh? You had your first kiss with your pet cat…? I-I see…Then you didn’t do it with guys, right? Oh…
Eh? It’s nothing!
It’s ok. You can come here. You want me to kiss you, right?
*kiss* *kiss*

That pet…isn’t a male, right?
If so, it’s ok!
From now on, don’t do that anymore! It’s a promise, ok?

Track 12 – Merry-go-Round Kiss

Hehe! It feel nice to be on a Merry-go-Round!

Hehe! Huh…It feel nice to be on a Merry-go-Round! The decorative lights are sparkling!
Huh? It’s not like I’m having fun! I rode it with you because you were pestering me.
“Peaople are looking”?
Haha! That one just now was ok! The shaking made our faces stick together. That’s why it’s an accident.

It’s shaking again.
*kiss* *kiss*

Hehe. This is also an accident, I tell you! It’s so much trouble that this Merry-go-Round is shaking so much! If it didn’t, you could have escaped without being kissed!

Track 13 – Wasuremono Kiss/ Lost item Kiss

“Today was fun”…huh? You’re right. I had fun a bit too. Just a bit, though.
The, see you. Yeah.

What’s wrong? Why are you making such a sad expression?
Silly you! We’ll see each other tomorrow at school!

Well then!
Hey…would you let go of my shirt?
What? “One more time”…?
I got it! It can’t be helped….
Are you satisfied now?
Then it’s good.
Then…this time for sure: see you tomorrow!

*pant* *pant*
This is good!
You were still here. I suddenly remembered something.
Come here. Get closer…

Hehe…this time I kissed you so I won’t be lonely.
And…I forgot to tell you something.
Next week…my parents won’t be home because they’re going on a trip. That’s why – come and stay over.

Hm? Ah, that’s right. Bring a cute sleep wear. If not, i won’t let you into the house.
Ok! Bye!

Track 14 – Oyasumi no Kisu/ Good-night Kiss

Come over here. I prepared two pillows after all. You’ll sleep next to me.

*sigh* When we were going back home last time you told me you were lonely, right? Before hearing that I was already thinking I wanted to spend tonight with you.

You’re wearing pajamas, huh? My preference is a negligee, you know…
It’s ok… That kind of think won’t matter anymore after all…

What? are you scared?
I see. I’m not scared.
Bring your face closer…

I always knew that…
… we were going to do this…
I also knew that you were thinking the same.

Your skin is so smooth…you’re cute.

I’ll give you a good night kiss later…

Track 15 – Nemurenai Yoru/ Sleepless Night

What is it?
Ah, you can’t sleep? I see.
Then I’ll hug you.

Hey…look at this.
After you scratched me it became red.
What are you going to do about it?

Hehe…what? Do you intend to heal it like that?
Then…look, there’s one here too. Yes…on the nape of my neck.


Hm… There’s one on my chest too…
Hey, kiss here too.

What? Now you want me to do it?
I can’t help it… It’s our first night together. I guess I can do that for you just tonight. But don’t get full of yourself. It’s really an exception, you know!

So…where does it hurt?
Your tiptoe?
I don’t think there anything wrong with it…
But I’ll kiss it as a precaution.

Eh? Your ankle?
Hm…There’s nothing wrong here either… But if you say so, I’ll do it.
What’s next?
Your navel?

Huh? Hehe, I got it.
This should do it.
Hm…but something still seems unsatisfactory.
Ah, I know.
I didn’t kiss you here.
Come closer.

A kiss is the best done on the lips after all.
I’ll take care of you better than anyone else.
But don’t get too conceited because of that!

Track 16 – Ohayou no Kisu/ Good morning Kiss

Good morning.
You were sleeping soundly like a child.

I’m also still sleepy, but we should wake up already.
Huh? You’re asking how many times I kissed you?
That one was the first. I put more pressure so you’d wake up immediately.
Last night…um…you know…sorry I was impatient like that…
Eh? “That’s not true”. that so? Yeah… Just now was…don’t mind it…

Your loud snoring in the middle of the night bothered me. Don’t interrupt my sleep.

Ow! What are you doing! Don’t pull from there!
What? Is my face that unusual?
Ah, I see. Because I rarely remove my glasses…
But don’t look at me so much.
If you look, I’ll do this!

Huh? “What am I to you?”
Are you still asking something like that?
I got it. I’ll say it. I just need to say it, right?
Aren’t you…um…my girlfriend?
Huh? Yeah…You’ve been from much time ago.
That’s why we’re staying together like this, kiss … and do things like last night.
That’s right.Yeah, that’s why…
Huh? “You haven’t told me you like me”…?
Argh, jeez! I’m getting nervous!

Listen! I’ll only say it once. It’s the first and last time, so listen carefully.

I… I like you.

That’s why, argh, don’t ask what you are to me! There’s no need to. You like me, right?
I’ll be with you from now on and always.

Huuh! I had started translating this before all the others but I only finished it now. Well…better later than never. And I also didn’t find any other translation made by someone else. I just hope that I searched well.
But is he really a tsundere? He kinda seems like a bit of an arrogant type that sometimes just throws the line “don’t get conceited”. Though sometimes it’s not just that.
W-well…it’s not like I’m complaining or anything! (I can hear Kamiya Hiroshi after all)


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  1. He’s definitely more on the dere side, but I-it’s not like I care or anything…

    Thank you so much for your translation!

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