Ono Daisuke – Lunar Maria [Single:Lunar Maria]

This is actually a single for the game Kamigami no Asobi, containing the OP and ED songs, it seems.
Left(blonde):Apollo Agane Belea (Sun)
Right(purple hair): Tsukito Totsuka (Moon)

01. Lunar Maria
02: Akatsuki no Wadachi
03. Lunar Maria (instrumental)
04. Akatsuki no Wadachi (instrumental)

01. Lunar Maria


Tsuki no hikari ni yorisoi
Kimi no koe ni samayou
Mune ni shimiru kotonoha wa
Donna uta yori itoshii

Koi wo egaita hoshi furu yoru to
Iki wo tometa toki no umi
Togamerareta jubaku toite
Moshimo kimi ni todoku naraba
Nanimokamo wo suteyou

Boukyaku no kanata Lunar Maria
Minamo ni ukabu ai
Mikazuki no fune de koeyou
Kimi ga hoshii kara
Utakata ni kieta nukumori wo
Mou ichido dake
Ah, omoi wa tomenai
Tatoe kami wo azamuitemo

Adamu to Ibu no deai ni
Ono ga sadame kasanete
Shitataru kindan no kajitsu wo
Kuchibirugoshi ni ajiwau

Fukisusabu kaze oshiyoseru nami
Ten wo kirisaku rakurui
Nani wo sureba kimi ni tsutau
Kanawanu yume kouchou no yume
Isso kono mama kimi to

Tsuioku no kanata Lunar Maria
Mihatenu sen no yume
Suihei no saki ni aru no ka
Akatsuki no sora ga
Sekjaku no naka de itetsuita
Kono kokoro wo
Ah, ima sugu tokashite
Yoake yori mo sou atatakaku

Utsukushiki yuugen no omoi
Ikudo no rinne ni mo asezu

Dakishimeru yakusoku dakara
Kikoeru yo kimi no hanatsu kodou ga

Boukyaku no kanata Lunar Maria
Minamo ni ukabu ai
Taizai ni yakaretemo ii
Kimi ga hoshii kara
Utakata ni kieta nukumori wo
Mou ichido dake
Ah, omoi wa tomenai
Tatoe kami wo azamuitemo


Getting close to the moonlight
I’m wandering around led by your voice
Those words that pierce through my heart
Are more dear to me than any song

The night when stars rained down and drew love
And the sea of time that stopped my breath
I’ll undo the blaming spell
If I can reach you
I’ll throw everything away

You’re on the other side of oblivion, Lunar Maria
The love floating on the water surface
I’ll cross it on a crescent moon ship
Because I want you
I wish for the warmth lost on the bubbles
Just one more time
Ah, I can’t stop my feelings
Even if I am to deceive the Gods

I see my own destiny overlapping
With Adam and Eve’s encounter
I taste on the tip of my lips
The dripping forbidden fruit

The raging wind and overwhelming waves
Induce tears that tear the skies
What should I do so they lead me to you
It’s an impossible dream, the dream of a butterfly
Then I’d rather go with you

Lunar Maria, lost across recollections
With a thousand unfulfilled dreams
Is the dawning sky
On the other side of the waterfront?
This heart which had been frozen
In stillness
Ah, melt it right now
Warmer than daybreak

The beautiful limited feelings
Don’t fade even to countless reincarnations

I will embrace you, because that was our promise
I can hear the pulse you’re emitting

Lunar Maria, you’re on the other side of oblivion
The love floating on the water surface
I don’t care even if it burns away like this
Because I want you
I wish for the warmth lost on the bubbles
Just one more time
Ah, I can’t stop my feelings
Even if I am to deceive the Gods

I think this is the actual CD cover, but I wanted one with the game. Somewhere else that one was used as the cover picture though…

So…I hope I didn’t totally mess up the translation. At first I thought “I don’t get this!” but with every line it started to make sense and I could understand it better. haha
The two songs on this single are really pretty (Ono Daisuke’s voice as well, of course!!), and as always, Yone Kazuki’s art is simply beautiful!
I have the feeling I wanted to say a lot but I can’t think of anything right now. Maybe it’s good that I didn’t make a normal blog because I’d have only said ‘this one is great’ ‘pretty’ ‘bishiz’ ‘I like everything’. Because I actually like everything hehe But I do intend to annoy you with a badly done review soon. Well, let’s call it impression not review.
You’ll see the second track from this single soon!
Oh, and I hope I got the name of the second song right…urgh.
It seems I just write a ton of tags lol

Edit: Okay, so I totally lost confidence and realized how bad my lyrics are when, after I did a quick search more like “lol, I should check” to see if from yesterday to today the lyrics were posted by someone and WHOO! I notice this blog with beautifully translated lyrics and explanations.(I’m sure it wasn’t here yesterday! It says it’s been posted a day ago but that may be the effect of the time zone)Β  And then I realized that the translation I did was really…crude. So stop reading mine and go there (I put the link below). Anyway I’ll still translate -badly or not- the second song (though I hope this doesn’t annoy others who may want to translate it but gave up because of me lol).
And I will advertize that amazing blog here haha (It’s really amazing, I saw Kuroko no Basuke Character CD translations and a lot of songs!)
Here is the page I was talking about. “Lunar Maria”. I freaking don’t know how to pingback or anything so I hope it does it automatically so the person will know I linked their site.

…I still have a long way ahead. And I was even thinking this one wanot that bad lol Well please bear with me in the future as well!


9 thoughts on “Ono Daisuke – Lunar Maria [Single:Lunar Maria]

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  2. Hi! This is grimmfeather from Words Across the Ocean, the other translation blog. Oddly enough, I had the same experience you did: I checked the day before yesterday to see if there were any “Lunar Maria” translations already out, and I didn’t realize that you had also posted a translation until you linked my blog in your post. ^^; Although I’m really flattered by what you’ve written, part of the reason I do translations is for the Japanese practice. I’ve studied Japanese for several years now, but there’s still so much more for me to learn!

    At any rate, I don’t think having multiple translations out on the web is a bad thing. Perhaps this way a wider audience will discover Ono Daisuke and his music. πŸ˜€ I also love the way you’ve translated, “induce tears that tear the skies”, and, “Lunar Maria, lost across recollections
    / with a thousand unfulfilled dreams”. Those lines flow so well.

    I hope you don’t mind if I continue to translate the second song, as well. I’ll link back to your blog in my post, if you like, since you were kind enough to link to mine. γŠδΊ’γ„ι ‘εΌ΅γ‚ŠγΎγ—γ‚‡γ†!

    • Oh, thank you very much for your message and for your praiseful words! I also think that having more than one translation is something good But I think that maybe if I translate something that I know may be translated by someone else and a lot better, they might stop doing it. So sometimes it could be better if I stop doing it hehe But well, even if I think that, I don’t… So of course I don’t mind at all if you still translate the other song! I’ve become a fan after I saw your translations (though I have the feeling I saw your site once before) so it’s really good news for me! πŸ™‚
      By the way, you most certainly didn’t find this site because the page didn’t exist when you searched ^^ Oh, and you don’t need to link to my blog out of courtesy .Only if you want to πŸ™‚ . I linked to yours because I liked it and wanted other people to see it too πŸ™‚ And to see a more meaningful translation of the song so they understand it better

      • Haha, I understand the feeling. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind words, as well.
        You’ve done a lot of hard work on your translations (so many drama CDs!), so I’ll link to your blog and spread the love. ^^ Cheers!

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