White Shadow of Sorrow [KAITO & Hiyama Kiyoteru]

Vocaloid – KAITO and Hiyama Kiyoteru – White Shadow of Sorrow (Kanashimi no Shiroi Kage)
Made by: Sadamasa-P
Original song: Sada Masashi (folk duo Grape) (1974)
Niconico link: sm8995104

KAITO and Kiyoteru Youtube link
Sada Masashi and Matsuyama Chiharu – youtube link


Boku no kage no tonari ni
Mou inai hazu no kimi no
Shiroi kage ga koshikakete
Yurari yurari yurari

Sore wa kokorogawari de
Tagai no sei de wa nai to
Tsumari wa wakasugitanda
Futari futari futari

Hajime ga machigatteita
Kimi to deau tokoro kara
Dakara kyou no hi ga kite
Hitori hitori hitori

Boku to kimi no omoide no
Subete wo azawarau youni
Kanashimi no shiroi kage dake ga
Yurari yurari yurari

Kanashimi no shiroi kage dake ga


Beside my shadow
Sits down the white shadow of you
Who should not be here anymore
Swaying, swaying, swaying

That was a change of heart
It wasn’t the fault of either of us
On short, we were too young
Us both, us both, us both

The beginning was a mistake
From the part when I met you
That’s why today comes
And I’m alone, alone, alone

In order to sneer at everything
From my and your memories
The white shadow of sorrow only
Is swaying, swaying, swaying

The white shadow of sorrow only
Is swaying,

brown – Kiyoteru
blue – KAITO
black – both
Actually it seems that the folk duo Grape is composed of Sada Masashi and Yoshida Masami, but the title of the youtube video I linked to says “Sada Masashi, Matsuyama Chiharu”. I’m not sure what is what, but well, basically this song is a Vocaloid remake of the one from 1974. And I really like it. I don’t know if it’s enka or not, but it has that feel, and it’s so nice to hear it sung by two male Vocaloids 😀 It was also very short and easy to translate. But, uh, I don’t want to imagine how it’ll be with a post that needs more colours alternating (meaning Yandere Heaven!), because I can’t seem to be able to post directly from Word….

I never seem to credit the artist of the pictures I post, but if you see one and know who drew it (and I didn’t write) please tell me! ^^


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