[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 01 – Adult Kiss

Kiss Kiss Collection vol. 01 – Adult Kiss
Seiyuu: Fujiwara Keiji

01 – プロローグ Prologue
02 – おめざめのキス Omezame no Kisu / Wake Up Kiss
03 – お姫様だっこキス Ohimesama Dakko Kisu / Carried in arms Kiss
04 – おでかけキス Odekake Kisu / Going out Kiss
05 – 思い出のキス Omoide no Kisu / Memories Kiss
06 – 相合傘キス Aiaigasa Kisu / Sharing an Umbrella Kiss
07 – デザートキス Dessert Kiss
08 – ジェラシーキス Jealousy Kiss
09 – 涙のキス Namida no Kisu / Teary Kiss
10 – タバコ味のキス Tabaco Aji no Kisu / Tabacco Taste Kiss
11 – おやすみのキス Oyasumi no Kisu / Good Night Kiss
12 – オマケ眠らせてあげる Omake – Nemurasete Ageru / Extra – Sleep Tight
13 – オマケ眠らせてあげる Omake – Nemurasete Ageru / Extra – Sleep Tight

English Translation:

Track 01 – Prologue

Kiss Kiss Collection Volume 1: Adult Kiss: Ootsuki Sou(ya)

If you want me to kiss you, I’ll do it as much as you wish. Prepare yourself.

Fujiwara Keiji



Track 02 – Omezame no Kisu / Wake Up Kiss

Hmm? What’s wrong, staring at me like that?
If you want to look so much, I’ll get closer for you.

How about this? We’re so close out noses will touch.
It’s not that?

Ahh, I know…

You want me to kiss you, don’t you? then I’ll do it as much as you want.
Why do you look so surprised?
A kiss on the cheek isn’t enough? Haha, I got it. Then I’ll do it on the lips.
Get ready.


Heh, stupid. Don’t blush. You’re so cute I’ll want to kiss you again!
If you don’t want me to push you down, don’t tempt me!
If you want to, I don’t mind, though.



Track 03 – Ohimesama Dakko Kisu / Carried in arms Kiss

Hi, Princess! You’re sleeping face is so cute. You were sleeping soundly like a child.
I wanted to watch you more as I laid besides you but I don’t want to lose today’s date.
Hmm? Hey,hey, do you plan on sleeping again?
Don’t go to sleep again at least for today!
Oh..jeez. There’s no helping. I’ll give you a passionate kiss so you’ll wake up.

Hmm? It’s still not enough? You give me no choice.
Okay. You’re awake, right? Then let me give you a morning kiss now.
Good morning, Princess. It pleases me to see that you’re awake at last.

Heh. Come now, get up, get up! We’re going out!



Track 04 – Odekake Kisu / Going out Kiss
I thought you were making me wait a lot, but I didn’t know it was so you can dress up so cutely.
That one piece dress fits you very well. It’s the red of passion, huh? It’s my favourite colour.
A camisole is nice, isn’t it? It’s easy for you to wear and easy for me to take off.
Huh? Haha, come on, it hurts! Don’t get so angry! It was just a small joke.
You’re just so cute that it made me want to tease you.

Ah, hey, wait! Wait, I said! oh!
Heh, I caught you.
If I hold you like this, you can’t run away. Plus, I can kiss you anytime.
Hahahah. Sorry. It was ticklish?
Then I’ll give you a kiss that doesn’t tickle.
You don’t want to run away anymore, right? Okay, you’re a good girl.
I’ll kiss you from now on as well, so prepare yourself.



Track 05 – Omoide no Kisu / Memories Kiss

Come on! We’re going out!
You can hold on to me, so put on your high heels properly.
Your legs are pretty so red shoes fit you perfectly.
Heh. It always makes me want to kiss you when your face is so close.
Then, you kiss me to. We’re going on a date now.

kiss me here.
That’s wrong, not on the cheek! You’re off by 3 cm. Here, I told you.

That one just now tickeld. Don’t kiss me on the nose!
My mouth is here. Come now…
What is it? Are you embarrased to initiate the kiss? Then I’ll close my eyes for you.

Sorry. I opened my eyes in the middle.
Ouch! Don’t pinch me!

Hehe. Your embarrassed face was cute.

Then let’s go.



Track 06 – Aiaigasa Kisu / Sharing an Umbrella Kiss

This park brings back memories. ) This is where we first kissed, didn’t we?
That time you were angry because I kissed you without even confessing.
“Even though it was my first kiss”, you said.
You even blurted out things that you didn’t need to say.
Okay. Then let’s redo your first kiss.
I think that time I put my hand on your shoulder, didn’t I?

Nevertheless, you’re really slender. You seem like you’d break if I put in a bit of strenght.

I like you.
Ah! We kissed longer than that time.
That time was…*kiss*…something like this.

Huh? “You remember well”.
Of course I do. I remember all my kisses with you.



Track 07 – Dessert Kiss

It started reaining even though the sky was so clear a little while ago.
Let’s share an umbrella.
Come closer! It’s cold, isn’t it? It’s warmer if we huddle together like this.
Plus, we can also kiss anytime.
Huh? It’s okay, nobody’s looking.
The umbrella is covering us.
Plus, I don’t mind being seen. It’s a kiss with the cute you.
Hah, come on, don’t run away. We’re just in the middle of it!

Yeah…I don’t want to stop doing this with you after all…
Prepare yourself.



Track 08 – Jealousy Kiss

Huh! A beer after rain is exceptional.
Hm? You’ve got chocolate on your face.
No, you didn’t clean it off at all.
Ah, don’t move.

It’s gone now.
This chocolate is so sweet…
Huh? It got on me now? Huh? Where?
What, it didn’t come off?

I got licked, huh?
You really like parfaits, don’t you? You always have it for dessert when we eat out.

You got some on your face again! Don’t mind it, I’ll take it off for you. Don’t move.
Oh…here too…

Hmm? You’re saying I’m licking the same spot? So I got caught…
I couldn’t restrain my urge to kiss you when I saw you with chocolate on your face.

It’s your fault!



Track 09 – Namida no Kisu / Teary Kiss

That man looked at you just now, didn’t he?
No! He totally did look at you!
Uhh, what an irritating guy. Even if you are so cute, he’s not allowed to stare like that!
What I am doing?
I’m showing off, of course! The fact that you’re mine,that is!

Ah…he’s still looking this way. Okay.

Hmpf! He should’ve learned his lessson a bit with this!

What are you laughing at? Am I that funny when I’m jealous?
I can’t help it! I don’t want to give you to anyone else.
That’s why you should get yourself ready.



Track 10 – Tabaco Aji no Kisu / Tabacco Taste Kiss

That movie was interesting! But that guy didn’t have any guts!
He saved the heroine but he died in the end.
Ah! What, you’re still crying? You’re such a crybaby!
Come here, I’ll give you a hug.
You’re cute to cry after seeing that kind of movie.
Oh…Your tears got in my mouth. They’re salty.
Well, it’s okay if they’re yours.

Eh? What I would do if I were that guy?

Huh..I’d save you… and I wouldn’t die. I’d make it so we’d both survive.
It’s okay! Because I still want to kiss you a lot more…
Just as I thought…it’s still not near to enough.



Track 11 – Oyasumi no Kisu / Good Night Kiss

The one just now was an “I’m back home” kiss.
Though it’s strange to do it when we’ve come home together.

Heh. Isn’t it okay? I can kiss you all I want because we’ve arrived home.
Huh? You’re saying I’ve been doing the same until now?
You’re naive! I was holding back until now.
But now I’ll go with full power, so get ready…

Hmm? I smell of cigarettes? Does it bother you?
I remember you used to frown at me whenever we kissed in the past.
You don’t do it anymore because you’ve become engrossed in my kisses, isn’t that so?

Haha, that tickles! You’re so cute…
I’ll get back at you..



Track 12 – Omake – Nemurasete Ageru / Extra – Sleep Tight

Come on, let’s go to sleep. Come here!
Ah…Come closer! I’ll let you sleep on my arm.

Hmm? Oh, you’ve just come out of the bath?
Hmm… the shampoo smells nice.
This was a good night kiss.
This one is a charm so you’ll sleep soundly.
Hmm? You want me to do it more?

Hehe…why are you laughing?
“Your beard is touching me and it prickles”?
Then this time I’ll do it so it doesn’t touch you.

Good night!



Track 13 – Omake – Nemurasete Ageru / Extra – Sleep Tight

Hmm? What is it? You can’t sleep?
It seems that my charm didn’t work.
I’ll do a stronger one.

What about this?
Okay…you’re a good girl.
Are you cold? It’s fine like this… I’ll warm you up.
It’s okay. There’s nothing to worry if we sleep sticking to each other like this.
You’ll be able to sleep this time. Good night!
Don’t catch a cold!
Because even tomorrow or no matter how many years pass, I plan to welcome every morning with you!
Prepare yourself!


*Sorry, I couldn’t hear if his name is Sou or Souya. He seemed to say something after the “Sou” so I thought maybe it was part of his name….But I don’t know.
* Now I can only hope that no one else translated this in the meantime and I’ve failed with my revival. haha

I think this one made me notice how…I don’t know how to say it…how “fairy tale-like” are (otome) drama CDs/ Voice collections/ anything of that sort.
I’m kinda used to Fujiwara Keiji in his kinda cool middle-aged guy roles or things like that and I don’t even remember when I’ve actually heard him voice a bishounen or a role that aims to make the fangirs squeal for his hotness. (guess I didn’t listen to BL Drama CDs? There must be something of the sort there…)
This time that’s the kind of role: A supposedly very hot guy (that’s in the picture and I see no beard though it was mentioned in the CD?).
I actually felt a bit awkward listening to this while translating it (I kinda tend to translate them on the first listen when I check them out for that purpose).
And I also thought…it was him who did all the voices (?) in the CD, right? I mean, I’ve thought of this before. When the CD is a talk CD with only one seiyuu acting…is he, like, self kissing himself in a forever alone manner when he tells the girl to initiate the kiss? Ahahahaha
So, with this and that, I tried to write *kiss* as many times as I could to help you follow the translation without getting lost, but I admit I missed some on purpose. I was getting tired of writing that and I also couldn’t write *lick* like some kind of sound effect in the 7th track.
Oh, and as always you’ll probly find some strange English phrases there…I try to make them as natural sounding as I can, but it seems I don’ really have much imagination and interpreting skills….plus a rather narrow vocabulary. Lol

Well then, see you next time (haha) and I’ll try…
Nevermind…it seems I never keep my promises…

***Yes, I know. I noticed just now. Someone else already translated this. I’m sorry! They even say it’s their first translation! (Well I guess”they” are a she)


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