[TL] Yandere Heaven vol 02:Shinsei Gakuen Fuzoku Byouin Hen

Yandere Heaven vol 02: Shinsei Gakuen Fuzoku Byouin Hen
Cast:  Takaaki (CV: Daisuke Hirakawa)  隆明 (CV: 平川大輔)
Sakae (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)  栄 (CV: 前野智昭)
Release Date: 13 August 2010
Official webpage: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere2/
Illustration:  京作

1.初日の挨拶 / Shonichi no Aisatsu / First day introductions (10:26)
2.日常風景1/ Nichijou Fuukei 1 / Everyday Work 1 (07:50)
3.日常風景2 / Nichijou Fuukei 2 / Everyday Work 2 (07:22)
4.至誠的廃壊~栄 前編~ / Shiseiteki Haikai~Sakae zenpen~ / A Gradual Change~Sakae (part one) (08:35)
5.至誠的廃壊~栄 後編~ / Shiseiteki Haikai~Sakae kouhen~ /  A Gradual Change~Sakae (part two) (07:16)
6.排除方法指導~隆明 前編~ /  Haijo Houhou Shidou~ Takaaki zenpen~ / Eliminating The Competition~Takaaki (part one) (09:00)
7.排除方法指導~隆明 後編~ /  Haijo Houhou Shidou~ Takaaki kouhen~ /  Eliminating the Competition~ Takaaki (part two) (09:43)
8.キャストトーク(前野智昭さん)/ Cast Talk (Maeno Tomoaki) (02:42)
9.キャストトーク(平川大輔さん)/ Cast talk (Hirakawa Daisuke) (04:39)


Track 01 – First day introductions

Yes! The door is not locked!

Good afternoon! You are the new medical intern, is that right?
I am the one who will be in charge of guiding you. Best regards!

Don’t keep standing! Please, take a seat.

Your facial expression is a bit stiff. I understand that you are nervous because it’s your first day here, but a trainee is also one of the doctors. Please keep in mind to smile when attending to the patients.

Heheh… You’ll be fine. I will guide you properly, so please feel at ease!
Well then, should I explain your job a bit?


Well, I have given you a general explanation, but…
Don’t make such a serious expression! At first you may be confused by everything, but you just have to get used to it little by little.
Ah…it’s time to start my hospital rounds. Come with me today and let’s greet the patients!

Here. This is the patient’s chart and your name tag. I will be doing the medical examination, so you fill in the values, please.

Oh, I forgot something… Please wait a bit for me.

I’m sorry for making you wait.

This? This is the PHS (Personal Handy-phone System) for medical use. When you are inside the hospital, you communicate using this. Yours is being taken care of, so wait a bit to get it.

Well then, should we go?


The one left is…ah…that room?
Ah! That’s it! Aren’t you tired from walking for so long? If you would like, I don’t mind if you rest before me–
Eh…? You’re confident about your physical strength…?
But… if you get too enthusiastic from the first day, you won’t be able to continue later!
“I’ll be all right”, you say…
That’s not it…ah…it seems you won’t understand if I don’t tell you.
Is it all right? From now on, that is the only room you are not allowed to go into! No, it’s all right if you don’t go in. On no account should you get close to it!

“Why”, you’re asking… that’s…

*-Is something wrong with my room, Doctor?
-You Were very late, so I came to find you!

-Is that so?
-At any rate, what did you mean by saying she shouldn’t get close to my room?

-I’m not against it…
-Is it because you find it annoying to keeping company with a rich person’s pastime? Or are you thinking that the cute newcomer will be tricked by a rich boy with a bad personality like me?

-I will listen to you while I examine you, so let’s go, okay? You come with us too, please.


-Huh? You…
No…it’s nothing.

-How do you feel?
-Not much different. In fact, you’re actually a bother coming to examine me every day.

-You are supposed to be a hospitalized patient, so I need to have you examined at least formally. I am the one who the head nurse will be mad at later, you know!
-That s not my problem.

Even if you don’t examine me, you could just randomly write up a file for me. If you do that, it’ll be more convenient for you not to have to check one more person.
-I am examining you because I can’t do that.
-Hm…? Doctors also have it hard, I see.

-I don’t want to be told that by someone who gets paid for being hospitalized and doing nothing.
-Are you picking a fight with me?

-Not at all. I apologize if it sounded that way.
-Hmm? Why are you staring blankly like that? You look like an idiot. But I’ve taken a liking to you. From now on, you—

-Oh!! Should we head back soon? I still needed to explain your next work to you, right?
-Why are you so agitated?

-Uh…no, I’m not agitated…

-You put your pen upside down in your pocket. Are you all right, Doctor?

So, who’s she?
-There is no need for you to know, Sakae-kun.
Well, let’s leave.
-She’s the medical intern who came today, isn’t that right?

It’s not like I’m always in my room either, you know! And the nurses also seemed to like chatting.
-Then you didn’t need to ask me, right?

-Is it ok not to answer, Dr. Takaaki?
-At a time like this…
Yes? If it’s that matter, ask Dr. Matsushita…
Eh? He is in the middle of a surgery?
Ah…I…right now, I am busy…Yes…I understand.
-What is wrong? Is it an urgent matter?

-It doesn’t concern you. We finished the medical examination, so we should go back.
-Ah, Doctor! I would like to talk with her a little more, so could you leave her here?

-I would very much like to do that, but we are busy, unlike you. Would you please not detain us with pointless matters?
– You’re the only one busy, right, Doctor? She who only started working doesn’t seem to be so.

-You are a tiresome man.
-Did you just say something…?

-It’s an auditory hallucination! It is possible that facility of your ears is unusual, so I recommend that you have them examined as a precaution, but …
-I-I’ll refrain…

-Is that so? Well, we should go now or we will get scolded. Come with me.

Tsk…That doctor… Well, no matter. She’ll probably be alone later anyway.



– Come in!

Huh? Of course there’s no problem! I have a healthy body.

Ah, you didn’t hear yet? It’s not something that I need to hide particularly, so I’ll tell you. Now I’m treated as a hospitalized patient but it’s not like I’m feeling unwell. My body is very much healthy. My physical condition is not bad and my internal organs are not messed up either. Well, if you want to know more details it’s not like I won’t tell you but…heheh. Is that so? Well, I guess eventually you’ll be the one asking me to tell you. I’ll look forward to that time.

Don’t go yet. There’s something I want to ask you. Did you go to Fuzoku College? I knew it. Because you’re the only one who complained to my face. I could never forget. Whoa? You don’t remember? Six years ago at the cafeteria. No matter how stupid you are, you should remember now. You finally remembered, huh? I didn’t imagine that the woman from that day would become a doctor. But the fact that we met here must be some kind of destiny. You’re my exclusive doc…Hm…There’s not enough sensuality… *1* Ok! Become my exclusive nurse! Ok?

Huh? I don’t care about your opinion! That’s what I decided just now. From now on make my orders your top priority! Got it?

“I can’t do that”, you say? Who do you think you’re talking to? You’re gonna regret it someday. Today’s your first day of work, right? Heheheh. There’s still plenty of time. I’ll teach you slowly all sorts of things.

Track 02 – Everyday Work 01 (07:49)

– Oh! You’re here! Hmm! You were fast today. If possible, come around this time every day. Huh? What do I need? Of course there’s nothing like that! Well, if there were something, it would be this. “What”, you ask? Of course it’s my meal. What does it look like to you aside from food? *sigh* You don’t even understand this? I’m telling you to feed me.

Ah, wait! Wait a bit! Don’t leave! There [i]is[/i] something I need to ask you. Sit there for now. Just sit down!

Firstly…let’s see…I want to drink miso soup.*2* Huh? What’s wrong? Why are you perplexed? I said I wanted to drink miso soup. The business I had with you equals my meal. See? I really needed something… hey, wait! I’ve told you already that you’re my exclusive nurse! Actually I’d want to lock you up in this room all day long, but I’m enduring not to. Understand my feelings a bit!

Are you opposing me? The more you dislike it, it has the opposite effect to me though.

– I thought I couldn’t see you anywhere! I knew you would be here.
-Tsk, he came at a good part.

Oh, my, Doctor Takaaki! You look sick as always today too! Haven’t you been working too much?
– You look healthy today as well. Oh, that’s right! Would you like to make a blood donation? I heard that B type blood is insufficient. If I remember correctly, your blood type is B, isn’t it, Sakae-kun? Wouldn’t you make the best of that vitality of yours for the hospital? I don’t have any work in the afternoon, so if you are willing to donate blood, I will attend you.
-No…I will refrain.

-Is that so? That is a pity. Oh! You haven’t eaten your whole meal. Even though you are hospitalized just to kill time you need to eat properly!
-I know. I was just about going to have her feed me. Isn’t that right?

– Eh? Is that so?
– Why aren’t you answering anything? I also told you before-

-Sakae-kun! It’s not good to lie. If you are too noisy, I’ll sew your mouth.
– Doctor, you’re a psychiatrist, aren’t you? You can’t do surgeries-

– I thought it would be essential one day so I completed a course of cosmetic surgery. I haven’t performed surgery in a long time but…heh, well, I should manage somehow.
Then, keeping the jokes at a moderate level, we shouldn’t interrupt your meal so we will head back.

– Wait, please. There’s no problem to leave her here, is there?
– Unfortunately, that is not possible.
– Why?

– We have a meeting after this and we need to have her attend. She needs to learn a lot as a medical intern or she won’t become a good doctor.
– If that’s so, it can’t be helped. Today’s special.

– Thank you very much. Then, should we go?

– Hmph. And I was finally thinking of working her hard. The hindrance came at a good time.
But that man comes to interrupt at good times every day. Maybe…no…but…. Until now, something like this hasn’t happened…
Heh. Well, it’s OK. I still have plenty of time. I’ll choose a good time and I’ll call hell later.


*sigh*Sakae-kun also makes trouble… If this continues you will have difficulties with your work. We need to think of a counter measure immediately. Plus, you’re also at fault. Even though he’s a patient, you need to say no when you don’t want to do something! Today it was fine because I noticed by chance. There’s no certainty that I can always come to help you.
Ah… I didn’t intend to make you have that expression…Um, you know…No matter what, when you are concerned I become strict. I’m sorry…

That’s right… Really, please be careful.
Before his mind becomes full of you…*3*

What is wrong? “The meeting”…? Ah! There is no meeting. That was an excuse to take you out of there.
I did research until morning. I will be going to nap for a little while, so would you please come and wake me up after a short time?

What you have to do in the meantime? Hm…let me see… Have you finished sorting of the documents I have asked you to? Ah, so you haven’t finished yet. Then please continue that. Then, please come wake me up in a little while.
Ah! I almost forgot! If there is any problem, please wake me up. Especially if it’s about Sakae-kun. If he calls for you, please wake me up. All right?

Well then, we’ll talk a bit later.

Track 03 – Everyday Work 02


What? So you’re here! What happened to the meeting you mentioned before? It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since you left my room.
I thought it was like that. It’s some random excuse Doctor Takaaki thought up, right? He’s always like that so relax. So? Where is Doctor? He’s not here? He’s in the nap room?

I see…He also said earlier that he’d be free in the afternoon, didn’t he…? If it’s like this then he probably won’t come back for the time being.

Haha! This is just right!
Hmm? If I need something, then it’s with you. Move from there. I’m coming in your room.
Don’t space out! I’m a guest! Don’t you have any drinks or something?
Canned coffee? You must be joking! Are you telling me to drink that crude thing? That’s why common people are troublesome.

Yeah, It’s awful! It’s weak, lukewarm, it doesn’t have any taste or substance. Anyway it’s generally awful.
I’ll show you what real coffee is. Let’s go.

I am inviting you to come with me. You should feel honored. Come on, we’re going out!

“I can’t go because I have work”? Then have someone else do for you! The job of a medical trainee isn’t that much of a deal. Even if you don’t do it, someone else can do it just as well instead. If there’s someone who says no, I’ll do something about that. Well, though there aren’t many who’d go against me inside this hospital.
“I won’t do that kind of thing”? OK then. I’ll give up for today. But I can invite you if you don’t have work, right? I can take it like that, right? Look forward to it. I’ll think of the best way of entertainment just for you.

By the way, I heard you broke up with your boyfriend?
“Why do you know?”
Hah! What a foolish question! I know everything if it’s about you. You were going out with that guy from the time when you were in college, right? It was the right decision to break up with a scum who’d choose another woman over you. I’m more fit for you! I won’t do something worthless like cheating on you! If you wish, I will stay by your side forever! Until we die, forever! Hahaha!

Hey! About the way you’re addressing me….I was thinking of telling you sometime, but… Don’t call me “you” like I’m a stranger. Call me “Sakae-sama” *4*
That’s an order! Got it?

“I won’t call you that”…? Hmpf. I don’t care about your opinion. Learn already that you can’t oppose me! As far as I’m concerned, I find it fun to see your bewildered face. I may think about it if you promise that you’ll only look at me. If you’ll stay by my side and be only mine, forever from now on, I—


Damn! I should have drugged him or something while he was sleeping.
Doctor Takaaki! Good morning! You look pale, what happened?

– Please get out of the room.

– Please get out of this room right this moment.
– If you value your own good, give that woman up. Hmpf. You’re smart so you get it even if I don’t tell you, right?

It seems I will have to hurry, won’t I?—–
Are you okay? Hasn’t he done anything to you? If something happened to you, please tell me! There are enough ways to sue him! Eh? He didn’t do anything to you…? Thank God…

Thank you for worrying about me. I will be all right. Even if they don’t sleep a little, humans won’t die. More importantly than that, I’m more worried about you. Even now, just because I left you alone, you went through that danger…. But if I always stay by your side … umm… it’s a bother… isn’t it?

Ah, it’s all right! Please don’t mind what I just said! But need to have him stop doing whatever he likes already…He’ll probably make trouble for the other patients as well someday…

Though, I can’t as well tie him to the bed— AA! Yees! That’s it! I just need to make him unable to move! Hahahaha! That’s right! There is that method, isn’t there? Why didn’t I think about it until now? That’s right! That method… Huhuhu

You don’t need to worry about anything, because I’ll protect you. It will be all right from now on….

Track 04 – A gradual change (part one)

*phone righs*
– It’s me! This really has a direct connection, huh? It’s my first time using it, but for a machine invented by common people it’s pretty convenient. Hmm? I was thinking of changing my plans sometimes. It’s good to call for you, but this kind of thing is also very interesting. I wonder if it’s because I can hear your voice closer than usual… Heh. How about you? Can’t you feel like I’m close?

You’re unusually honest on the phone, aren’t you? This side of you? It may also be good. It made me want you even more.

By the way, you have the day off today, right? You’re asking why I know that? I told you over and over, there’s nothing I don’t know about you. That’s why, tomorrow-

– Please give that to me!

– That voice I heard at the end… Shit… Why, why! Why does that man always get in the way at the good part? If that guy wasn’t here, if he didn’t exist then I could make her mine! Why?!

I didn’t like him from the moment I first met him, but I didn’t imagine he’d turn into enemy like this. Ha…haha…Hahaha! If he did so much that I have no choice! I need to answer to the Doctor’s expectations!

*dials* *rings*
It’s me. Prepare what I tell you right now.

– I’m sorry for doing that so suddenly. Yes…

The call just now was from Sakae-kun, wasn’t it? That person really lacks common sense…That’s a typical rich person’s attribute…If possible I’d want him moved to another hospital, but I can’t do that as long as he has a relative among the higher ups. But if he continues troubling you that will cause difficulties in your duties…Well, then, what should we do?

Ah, It’s mine.
What is wron—Eh? Miyagawa-san’s condition has…? I understand. I’ll be there immediately.
I will be going out for a bit. Please be on standby. If something happens I will call you.

– You picked up too slow! Hey, is it Ok to be like that
What would you do if my condition suddenly got worse and every moment were important? I said something so conceited, but that kind of situation is impossible in my case. Well, I’ll forgive you this time. If you answer slowly next time…heh…look forward to what happens.
And then. I didn’t call you to talk about such useless things. There’s something I want to give you so come to my room right this instant. Got it?

– Well, sit down there.
By the way, what happened to Doctor Takaki? When I call you he usually comes like an extra. Hmm? An emergency patient? Is that so? Then I should get over with it fast. I wouldn’t want him to interfere again. I wanted to give you this.
This? This is a sleeping drug my company made.
What’s with that face? Did you think I’m being hospitalized because I want to? Where can you find that kind of freak?

I’m just being treated as a hospitalized patient for the sake of the company’s appearances. Well, even if I were at the company, I’d just be a burden to my bro.
But enough talk of myself. I-I’m not being shy! Shut up! Shut up! It’s not like I wanted to talk about that! Jeez!
And what I wanted to say: I remembered you saying that you haven’t been able to sleep well lately. It’s something available on the market, but you should try using it. I heard it’s really popular amongst the commoners. Isn’t it all right to experience medicine’s effectiveness? Here. I’m giving it to you. That’s all I needed with you. You can go back now.

“Eh” you say? You don’t have to be surprise— Ah, is that so? You want to be with me more? Yeah, yeah. That’s it, that’s it! I don’t mind at all! I’ll stay by your side an hour or even the whole day…No, that’s not enough. The whole year, no, I’ll stay by your side forever! Hehe! Don’t be reserved! I understand! You just wanted to make me jealous using Doctor Takaaki, right? You also got a boyfriend to check my feelings, right? I know it all! That’s why I made you break up with your boyfriend. I just found a woman who needed money. When I gave her a bundle of money to seduce a certain guy, she did truly well. Well, when I also gave the guy some money, he gave up obediently. Hahaha! You understand who I’m talking about, don’t you? That’s right, it’s your ex boyfriend. It’s easy to deal with commoners because they’re honest when it comes to money. They all become honest if you show them a large sum of money. Hehehe. That’s why I told you: It was right to break you with that guy. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. That’s if you listen to what I say until you die. I’ll tell you, but it’s useless to go to the police. You can do anything with them as well if you have money. You can’t run away anymore. Hahahah! The show has just started. I prepared you a special seat. Look forward to it until the end.

Track 05 – A gradual change (Part two)

You’re all right… What a relief…You weren’t there when I returned to the room, so I worried. Has something…happened? I feel like you’re acting a bit strange. “It’s nothing”…?
If you have any worries, please discuss them with me. It can be any kind of worry. If I can be of your help…

You don’t need to thank me.
Come, let’s return to the room.

I’m sorry but can I ask you to make me a coffee?

When you get back, have the doctor drink this medicine for sure. Well, you can mix it when you serve him a drink or something . I’m always watching you. If you talk about this, I’ll immediately…Okay?

Thank you very much.
The coffee you made is tasty.
What is it? Is there something on my face? Is that so? Well….
It’s strange….I’m sleepy all of a sudden… I’ll go wash my face…
Huh? My vision is blurry…
Ah, I’m all right. I’m a bit spacing out….
My consciousness…is fading…

*door sliding*
As expected of my medicine manufacturing company’s specially made to order product! It works like a charm.
Hmm? That’s why I told you it’s a sleep inducing drug. It has a special mixture so it’d work just a little bit faster, though.

Well, then. How should I dispose of this guy.
We could abandon him under the influence of the drug as well, but I guess he’d bring a bit of money if we sell his internal organs. Ah! It’d be also amusing to make him a specimen for drug testing.
Whoops! Didn’t I tell you that it’s useless to run away? You’re going to be by my side forever from now on. And you’re going to talk, touch, and give your everything only to me. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you. We’ll get away from this boring city, and you’ll live your life in a place where only I exist.

“No”, you said? Do you prefer a guy who makes more money than you or this Doctor who’s kind to you? There’s no way you’d pick him, right? Do you know how much I’ve been thinking about you? From the first day we met, I’ve always been waiting for this day. I’ve only been looking at you these past six years. When you fought with your e-boyfriend and were crying alone, when you were happy your job here had been decided, and how you like romance movies and rewatch the same movie countless times and the fact that when you’re depressed, you go to your favourite shop and drink alone until closing time. Hahaha! That’s what I’ve been telling you! There’s nothing I don’t know about you.I’ve always been by your side these six years. Yes, by you only.

Hmm? What’s there to get scared about? I’m about the only man in this world who cares for you so much! Let’s become happy together! Be at ease. I’ll make you happy!

Even if I tell you this kind of thing so suddenly, you’ll only get confused. You should sleep for a while. Here, inhale this. You’ll immediately feel sleepy.

*bells ringing*

You’re beautiful. You look very good in white. A white robe was also good, but this one is definitely better. Come, let’s start the ceremony.
Hmm? The priest? We don’t need that kind of thing. It’s our ceremony – yours and mine. I take you as my lifelong companion and vow in the presence of God to love you forever in good and in bad times. Yes, I’ll love you for the rest of eternity.
With this we’re finally alone, just the two of us. I won’t let go of you from now on. Hehehe

Track 06 – Eliminating the competition- Dr Takkaki (part one)

You’re going home, right? I’ll see give you a ride.

Don’t be so tight on your guard. I won’t do anything to you. Well, it would be a lie if I said I have no ulterior motives, but I don’t want to be hated by you, so I’ll hold back now. I’ll go get my car, so wait for a bit.
– Doctors also have it hard, staying until late. The last train’s long gone. Hmm ?
Ah, it’s me. I’m sorry to bother you on your way home, but I forgot to make sure of something. Can you talk right now?
– Hey? Who is it from?

The voice just now…is it Sakae-kun? No, there is no way that I would hear wrongly. That was Sakae-kun, right? Why are you with him?
In the car…? Are you riding a car with Sakae-kun? Why are you with him? I invited you to see you home, but you declined. Even though you turned me down, you are with him. In spite of that…in spite of that…with him…
Did you dislike so much going home with me? Do you want so much more to be with him? Is he that better? That much? Aaaa!
If it were going to end up like this, I shouldn’t have let you go home alone.
-Huh? Something wrong? “Something is strange”? Hah, isn’t that the usual?

Lend that to me.
Hey, Doctor. She’s troubled. If you don’t need anything, hang up-
– Is that Sakae-kun? Heh. Good timing. I am going to get her now, so please stay there. If it’s that place…let’s see… I think I can get there in 10 minutes.
– Do you think I’ll obediently listen to what you say? I’ll take responsibility and see her home. That’s why, you-

It’s okay, so please stay there. Well, even if you move, I have GPS here so I’ll easily know.
Oh, it’s useless even if you turn off her cellphone. The real place is…. Hahahah.
Ah, while we were talking about worthless stuff, so much time passed! Would you switch the cellphone to her?
– I can’t do tha–

Would you switch me to her?
– I-I got it.

Here, he asked to talk to you.
I’m going to leave the hospital and head there now. You just wait quietly, please. All right?
*phone – beep beep

– Well, he said some things, but there’s no way I’ll listen to him obediently. Let’s go.
*car running*
– Wh..y?
– I told you, didn’t I? I know where she is.
– Yeah, you did.

– Thank you for seeing her here safely. You can go back now.
– Huh?

– I need to talk to her, so you please go home. You’ll get in the way of our conversation. Or would you prefer if I make you unable to move right here?
– A syringe, huh? Do you think that kind of threat will work on me?
– Hehe… do you want to check personally whether it’s a threat or not? By the way, inside it is a banned substance. If I give you a shot of this…
– Oh… got it. I’ll withdraw for today.
– Now that I think of it, this is the first time we’re meeting like this properly outside of the hospital. Hehe… It’s a strange feeling. Ah, I’m sorry for losing my composure earlier. When it comes to you I seem to get overly worked up … That’s bad…
No, there’s no need for you to apologize. Yes, you don’t need to worry. I will protect you. Yes…from that first moment met you I have always wished to protect you. And because of what happened earlier, now I understand clearly. Firstly, let’s eliminate everything that puts you in danger. Heheh That’s good. That is perfect. Of course, I’ll have you cooperate. All right?
Huh? I don’t hear your answer… All right? Heheh… It seems it’s going t be fun from now on, doesn’t it? Heheh…

Track 07 – Eliminating the competition-Dr Takaaki (part two)

*phone ringing*
It’s yours, right? Who is it from? Ah, Sakae kun? Hehe. Just at the right time. Go ahead, answer it.
– It’s me. I have business with you. Come right now.

Is that his usual call? Is that so? Then I shall come with you. It’s also for the sake of protecting you…okay?
– Why are you here? I have business with her.

You didn’t learn from yesterday? I see you’re not a person to learn from mistakes… Jeez, this is why I hate fearless guys…
– Huh? Did you say something?

No, It must be your imagination. So? Did you call her here for your worthless business? I warned you before, but she is not your maid. Wouldn’t you stop calling her out on your whims?
– What’s wrong, Doctor? You’re unusually talkative. Well, doesn’t matter. I’ll take this chance to tell you. This one is my woman. She’s not your property. If you get in my way I’ll make it so you can never work in this hospital again. I have that much power.

So, is there something wrong with that?
– Wha? Is that all right? If you go against me, you’ll—

Is that all you wanted to say? Do you have any last words?
– Huh?

– I think that you won’t be able to talk for a while.
– What? What are you sayin—

That is right. You know what it contains, so I will skip the explanation. No matter how bad your memory is, you must remember something from a few hours ago, right?
– Hahaha… Are you sane?

– Yes, I am sane. If I weren’t, my hand would tremble when shooting this.
– Hey! Don’t just watch, stop this guy!

– There’s no need for her turn in this situation. Though this is in name an act in order to protect her safety…
– You! Uh…

– Heheh. You can’t move, can you? I mixed a small dose of some drugs in your meal from the morning. For you who doesn’t usually take medicine, even a small dose has good effect. From your conduct pattern, I guessed that you would call for her at this time, and I was right. You know, just like you, I know everything about her. Ah, that’s right! I’m grateful to you… for the ex-boyfriend matter. You drove him away before I took any action.
– W..hy do you know that…?

– Haven’t you been listening to me? Didn’t I say that I know everything about her? Including the fact that you’ve been stalking her for the last 6 years . Thanks to that, I only needed to borrow your data, so it was very easy for me.
-Wha! Then…you…

– Yes, I hacked into the data from the listening devices and cameras you set in her room. As expected from a rich person, high resolution image and from more accurate positions. A lot better than I could have done.
– !

– Whoops, our conversation extended too much. Before the drug’s effect wears off…
– S-Stop it! Don’t come closer!

– Ah, please don’t move. If you force yourself to move, you’ll injure your muscles. Well then…it won’t hurt!
– Sto…

– It will just collide with the first drug you took so it will only hurt for a bit.
– You…I won’t forgive you!

– You won’t forgive me? Hah, I don’t really want your forgiveness. Ah! Before you lose your consciousness, there is something else I need to thank you for. It helped extraordinarily that you bought her apartment house. If I remember correctly, the other residents will be evacuated by the end of this month. Haha! I couldn’t do anything about that with my means! Thank you very much…
Ah… it seems your consciousness is falling into disorder.
Can you hear me, Sakae-kun? You can feel at ease about leaving her in my care. I will make her happy just as much…no, more than you would. Hm…it seems your pulse is a little fast. It will go back after a while. Well then, now you’re an accomplice. Listen to me. Please keep this as our secret only. That’s right… Maybe it’s better if you quit your job at the hospital! It’s okay! I will always protect you until you die!

Please don’t make that anxious face… From now on you’ll live your lifetime in a world with no one else but me. Your eyes, your breath, your voice, your body…I’ll monopolize your everything. Haha! I have never been so happy in my whole life! Ah…you changed me! And thanks to that, I never ever want to let go of you! Even if you say no, I’m already captured by you. Until we die…no…let’s be together forever even after we die!

Track 08 – Free talk with Tomaki Maeno

Drama CD Yandere Heaven – Shinsei Gakuen Fuzoku Byouin Hen. What did you think about it?

I’m Tomoaki Maeno who played the hospitalized patient from the private room. Good afternoon! Good evening! Good morning! So…I got some questions here so I will give some short answers.

– What are your thoughts after the recording?
Let me see… it was kinda fun. There are not many opportunities to play a character that’s…how should I say, not insane, but that make you think “whoa! This guy is a bit dangerous!”, so it was more fun. That’s it. Thank you very much.

And the second one. What if you had a friend like Takaaki or Sakae?
To put it frankly, I’d back away. To be frank, I’d back away. Yeah…
But, you know, this one’s difficult because all the people have this kind of side. That’s why I think that if they were my friends, they’d act normally with me and I guess I’d be OK with that…

And the third question. Do you have moments when you think you’re yandere *5* from your actions?
The truth is that I have a few. The truth is that I’m the type of person who loses sight of everything else when they’re in love. So, I say this relatively in a lot of places , but I’m the kind of person intoxicated with myself. Like, I like myself when I do something for her. Or for example, something like thinking how I’m probably glittering right now when I’m searching so frantically for a birthday present for her. I may happen to have this kinds of thoughts inclined in a dangerous direction, so maybe, by any chance… Well, I wouldn’t take drugs and and shoot them with an injection in someone, but I may somehow have signs of a yandere inclination to about 60%. But, you know, after all…how do you say it? Isn’t a real man one who wishes for the happiness of his loved one in the end? That’s what I thought about while speaking now.

And, with that, that’s all. I’m Maeno Tomoaki. Thank you very much!

Track 08 – Free talk with Hirakawa Daisuke

Drama CD Yandere Heaven – Shinsei Gakuen Fuzoku Byouin Hen. How was it? I’m Hirakawa Daisuke, in the role of the doctor in charge of guiding the main character.

You know, it’s like… We’ve just finished recording, and I feel that there is a somewhat bad atmosphere in this recording space. It’s just me, though.

Heheh. Uhm… I have received some questions, so I think I will start by answering these. Question number one: What are your thoughts after the recording?

Yes…Hm….When I heard the story I thought that we’re doing one great*6* CD, but after reading the script I thought that’s it’s even more amazing that what I’d imagined. So I became a bit more excited.

When coming to the recording and asking “What should I act it like?”, I tried acting in different ways as a test and the one we chose is what you heard on the CD. As far as I’m concerned, it was a very, very fun recording. You know, aren’t there not many opportunities like this? Of course, it’s not like I don’t think that I could act like that thanks to the role.
I had a lot of fun.
Well, if you ask me what was the other pattern of acting, hm…it’s a secret. Heheh.

Question number two!
What if you had a friend like Takaaki or Sakae? It’d be simply troubled.
Or rather, I feel that they wouldn’t become my friends in the first place. But maybe I wouldn’t know that…How is it..? It kind of feels like he’d be…somehow amazingly careful, excellent. But I wonder about it…But If Sakae-kun’s on your side for example, he’s rich so maybe it would be good…Would it be a bit like you’re his follower? “Ah, is that so? It’s just as Sakae-san says!*7*” –like that? For now, if I take it that way it means you’d be swung around by his wishes, I guess? There was a character like that, wasn’t there? Oh, I cant’s say it, I can’t say it, I can’t say it. Okay.

Well…but, I think it would be pretty difficult to become friends with that kind of person… What do you think about it, everyone? Would you want a friend like that? Oh, but I wonder if you wouldn’t know from the beginning so you’d be friends already and he was already like that from the start when you’d notice it… If it were like that…hm…I think I would leave a bit nonchalantly and slowly… Because It’s scary! Right? Heheh

Question number three: Do you have moments when you think you’re yandere from your actions?
Hm…I think that I might unexpectedly have that kind of moments…By any chance. Like “Whoa, Hirakawa’s scary!” There may be moments when I said something that made people draw away without noticing. I can’t think of any. Hm…I feel like I’m answering the question but I’m not, but…well, anyway. Back to talking about this volume, I really had a lot of fun recording this, so I would be pleased if you listened to it and liked how I acted this kind of character. If you don’t listen to it… Heheh…I don’t know what will happen to you. Heheheh

Okay! So it’s almost time to end the recording. You have listened to Yandere Heaven Drama CD Fuzoku Byouin Hen/High School Affiliated Hospital. The one you’ve been listening to is Hirakawa Daisuke who played the role of Takaaki. Bye bye…

*1* He’s talking about the naming, not about the girl.
*2* I imagine you guessed that this is just a type of soup. You can see more details here if you want.
*3* At least I think that’s what he said. Actually, I couldn’t really figure if he’s talking about himself or about Sakae, but I concluded it’s the latter because he says it in a rather negative way. The reason why I got confused is because in Japanese pronouns aren’t used most of the time.
*4* “sama” is a honorific used for people with a very high rank.
*5* It’s kind of late to say this now, but yandere means a person mentally unstable that is usually kind/normal but turns psycho on you. And usually overly attached.
*6* He says “great” meaning that it has all kinds of things strange and all…I don’t know how to explain it, but in a what the duck way. Overwhelming. That leaves you “Whoa”
*7* Here he talks in a respectful servant-like way…more like a follower, a gofer.
** another note would be that in the last track, Hirakawa Daisuke’s comment track, there may be a few mistakes…Really, he kept saying things I couldn’t get… I translated as well as I could, but there must be mistakes.
***And I’m sorry, I might have gotten wrong the romanization for tracks 4 and 5 as well, or who knows, maybe I made a mess out of the tracklist. I hope it’s right, though.

Who would you choose between two psycho potential boyfriends? Would you choose the less psycho one or would you rather take the first airplane as far as possible? Maybe get a kind mafia boss boyfriend or something hahaha

Hm, enough with my unfunny joke sense and let’s talk a bit about the two them. I think that they were actually both of the same degree of craziness. Like, who’s better, the guy who’s always ordering you who threatens to force you live alone with him in some deserted place and makes you have a wedding ceremony with him that’s actually romantic if you leave out the fear and actually vows eternal love to you and even gets scared off by the other psychopath or the guy who’s always nice to you and doesn’t say he’ll kill you but rather that he will protect you forever, is always sweet but has no problem to shot a lethal injection in someone just for the sake of his so-called happiness with you…Who’s crazier now? Aa, I like this. Actually I was hoping for Hirakawa Daisuke (who cares about his character’s name? haha. Actually I chose him based o his character) to win. If you didn’t listen to the CD (no spoiler ahead), you’ll find out then :D. I liked how he was so kind all the time, and I think I’d be safer to go with him because he didn’t seem like he’d want to hurt you. Can’t say the same about anyone around you. And, yes by all means, choose him for your own best because he’s most likely to get caught (spoiler ahead!!!!) by the cops after killing his love rival, lol. I don’t think anyone can get away with murder, no matter how yandere they are. Hahaha

*Here’s an English review. It’s a really nice blog!

I’ll refrain from making any excuses, ahem. No comment.

Huh, it’s so hard to import the text from Word; It always messes something up. At least now the only problem was the spacing and not the colours, because I’d go mad if I had to recolour every line again. Why can’t I just use notepad for writing in colours?

And one picture from the booklet that I really liked:

**And as a note, I’ll be putting [TL] in front of every translation post from now on in case I’ll be posting other things as well. I’m not sure if I should change the other names as well because maybe the links will change and they’d become unusable wherever they are posted.


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