[TL] WataMote Radio 01

WataMote Radio ワタモテRADIO 01 (16 July 2013)
(Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui)
with 橘田いずみ Kitta Izumi (Kuroki Tomoko’s voice actress)

Anime official website: http://www.watamote.jp/
The radio channel page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/#top
WataMote Radio page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/watamote

[I wrote with bold and square brackets my own comments]

She starts saying the title, its short version – Watamote, and then how she’s lonely because she’s alone there. And it seems it’s her first time doing a radio program [Properly? She probably appeared in others] and she jokingly asks herself how she’s supposed to speak alone.

She says the TV broadcast of the anime has started, and two episodes aired already and asked if we watched them already.
She says something like there were some adult’s circumstances (it’s the expression used usually when explaining to a kid why something doesn’t happen or why they can’t get something-like, adults have their problems) and these two didn’t have an introduction. I think she’s talking about the fact that the radio program only started now.
 She asks the fans who who watched them to send their impressions of the first two eps through mail, because she plans to do an introduction for them as well next week.

She says how a solo player means a loner, but then tries to find a good point in it by noting how it can sound cool. She also had some loner legends in her highschool where she’d leave the class [I guess during breaks] and go sit on some stairs, she didn’t have friends there and she couldn’t stand it (probably staying in class doing nothing?). And she says how this anime calls that ‘solo player’ in a positive way.

It seems she plans to discuss in this program things like off record/behind the scenes stories etc.

“Kiiteru yatsu iru no ka yo?” =  Does anyone even listen to this?
The catchphrase used seems to be “motenaishi”= I’m not popular,so… (and she continues saying something else, like “I guess I’ll read some e-mails”)

And now she reads some e-mails. (this is the first corner of the program)
As you may or may not know, each radio program tends to give the e-mailers a ‘title’. here, they are called “solo-play name” (it’s like you’d say “username”).

Someone called Jinguu says how Kitta Izumi is alone presenting the radio, and this Jinguu him/herself listens to it alone, and it’s like totally a “solo-play” radio.
And asks if she’s the same as “Mokocchi”(the anime protagonist) being totally alone and says how they wish to get to know the similarities between the protagonist Kitta Izumi better through this program.

Kitta Izumi tells us about her family and how they still don’t see her as a woman and her older sister still sees her as a shota [hahaha] And she says that she tries to act like a girl when she goes out.

She mentions similarities to Kuroki Tomoko from the first episode: how she can’t really speak with the clerk at McDonalds, she can’t speak with guys. She before she couldn’t even speak with relatives. When she used to go to the beauty salon/hairdresser she was attended by the same person as her mother and it was even harder for her to talk. She also mentions how even in junior high she cut her hair herself or had her mother cut it, then says that Tomoko should rest assured that she’ll be able to talk to others in a few years.
She started being able to talk to others when she started a part-time job; like passing flyers or something? I’m not sure.

Another person says how they saw the first ep at some event and likes the anime, likes  to see Tomoko moving, how she’s small and cute, likes the heavy metal opening and the techno pop ending song.

She talks about the opening then. She says how she was wondering what they were going to do with it, because it’s heavy metal etc she couldn’t imagine what kind of video they would make,and said how it was really cool, and you couldn’t imagine what the anime was about or think that it’s a different series, it seemed like some battle would start.
She watched it around 3 times the first time.

About the ending song, she says that leaving the song/singing apart, the clip is cute.And she says she only found out now that it’s called techno-pop.
At the recording she sang it in a lower key, higher key, and normal-cute version and in the way Tomoko speaks, making that around 4 versions. At the beginning she wondered in what key would be good among those, and the one used now is the high key one.
 She said then that Tomoko’s voice is lower and she sang it lower, but mentions the lyrics – like “you idiot” or such lines, that really sounded just like insulting when she sang them in a low voice, so they seemed scary. And she talked to the director and one of them said that she sounded like a bad girl so she sang it in a higher tone.

At first she was asked to sing normally, then she was asked to sing in Tomoko’s voice and not really skillful because Tomoko wouldn’t be a good singer or something. And she realized her voice usual is similar to Tomoko’s.

Another e-mail. Someone named keibesu I don’t know, who wrote that they watched the first ep at a screening, and the hall was fulll of laughter there. They say Kitta Izumi speaks most of the time in the anime so it was probably ahrd for her when dubbing. They ask if the director told her anything.
Kitta Izumi says she was reading the manga and thought the same, that Tomoko was speaking to herself, and thought that maybe there would be many scenes in the anime where other characters apper but when she got the scrip, it was full of her lines one afer another and she thought that the anime was really faithful to the manga. Then the some director told her to do her best and that it’d go on like this (the script). She answered “yes” with enthusiasm.

She had a lot of lines she doesn’t normally speak’in real life and had a lot of fun. In an ordinary life, she’d never say any of those. It was hard, but very much fun.
The director told her to speak in a way she wouldn’t sound like a bad girl because she has a lot of likes like “die” “scum” “explode” and that even though she’s usually a hesitant girl who can’t manage to speak up, but she needs to speak normally when voicing the monologue and not imagine a strange girl.He told her to act a normal highschool girl. And to make her screams to sound creepy, not cutely, the same with when she played otome games. Etc

She says thanks for the letters, and “because she’s not popular anyway, send in a lot of letters”. This part ends with “PLEASE LISTEN TO WATAMOTE RADIO” said in a dramatic voice.

Other mails:
Solo play name: Kaiser & Losk or smth.
They say how during attendance at school, when the teacher calls their [I use their because I don’t know the sender’s gender, so don’t get confused. I used the same pronoun earlier as well] name, their voice cracks because they haven’t spoken in a while [oh, lol, that always happened to me at school…I guess I was a solo player to some extent. I used to clear my throat -like coughing silently  until it was my turn so my voice would sound natural…when I said here”…]
 She says her voice cracks a lot, so she doesn’t really know what to say, and that “it’s cute, isn’t it?” and that she wants to say something helpful to this person but doesn’t know what to. “YOU’RE A TRUE SOLO PLAYER!!” and tells them to do their best. And to try being active during class, and their voice will get more natural.

Mail from “Yuta-san” – who went to see a movie last week and met a relative there. This person told the relative how she/he went there with friends, but it turned out the relative also went to see the same movie and of course found out they lied. And the person couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all.
Kitta Izumi wonders why, and thinks many people go watch movies alone. Although she hasn’t really gone to movies. But she went to anime movies alone, because her friends weren’t interested with them and wouldn’t go with her. and says that it’s better to watch movies alone.
Izumi says that they should declare freely that they went to the movie alone! It’s the thought to hide it that’s bad! Let’s live true to ourselves! You’re a from the solo players’ reserve army! Too bad!

Solo play name: Lobster.
This Lobster plays Pocket Monsters games connected together alone. (um, you know, that thing where you connect your game to a friend’s and play together…but this guy plays alone). I line up two game consoles with different software installed (?). They sometimes play the two at once. “Am I a solo player?”
Kitta says she also plays card games alone. Not on the computer, but real card games, uses two decks, and because she does it too, “Lobster” isn’t really a solo player! “Doesn’t everyone do that? Eh? you don’t? Ah, I see, you don’t do it…Then I’m also a solo player”

Solo player name: “Kerorinpa”. When this person checked his cellphone contact list, the only women’s numbers they had in their phone were only women from his workplace, except from his mother’s.
Don’t worry!” She also only has men’s numbers from her office and company. She wasn’t in any circle (=club) in university, she went to a girl’s university anyway, and can’t keep in touch with people from high school because she lost her cellphone and changed it, and after she became a seiyuu…no man asked for her cell phone number.She doesn’t even know any male seiyuu’s cell phone number, and doesn’t really know most of the staff who are there. “Isn’t that normal? I actually think it’s good. Those who get adressess and such from the opposite gender and brag about it are BITCHES. You’re a very pure person.So you’re a pure guy from the Solo Players’ Reserve Army”
She then tells people who have been acknowledged as solo players to do their best, and to those who think they may be solo players to send e-mails.

“I’m not popular, so I guess I’ll play some games that can be played solo.” (another corner of the program)

This is a corner where she actually plays original games that people who have sent e-mails say that they end up playing when they are alone.

It’s the first radio program episode and she will read e-mails from the staff.
From “J-san”. Name of solo play “lucky mood game”. “First line up 1000 yen paper on the floor. Then for a while, look away and then randomly look back on the floor. Then  say “YES! I FOUND A THOUSAND YEN! while picking up the money. Even though it’s your own money you will feel lucky.”
Kitta: “This is a splendid solo player game! Do you do this alone at home? Are you all right?”
She does how the e-mail says. She starts saying how it’s so hot outside and then sounds surprised. And then enthusiastically; “YAY! I FOUND A 1000 YEN!”
She laughs and says she’s happy, and then how maybe she’ll be happier if she finds a credit card and says “throw one on the floor!” and laughs.
I think someone throws another thousand yen on the floor. She acts like she’s walking around saying how hot it is, and then again sounds so happy and desperate finding a thousand yen. “OH! THERE’S A THOUSAND YEN IN SUCH A PLACE! YES! I GOT IT! I DID IT! I GOT THE THOUSAND YEN!”
 You can hear some staff laughing in the background. She says how she wanted to see Noguchi (the guy on the money) and will get some ramen with it. Then she says how it’s not good to do that, and she’ll split it with the staff later.
“This isn’t fun!” she says but adds that she may play it another time at home.

E-mail from some “Kikuchii jii” who writes about a solo play he does on the train. He presses his finger on the “plus”from the scews on the handrail and makes a plus mark on it (the finger).“I feel good if a neat plus mark appears” “Are you stupid?!”

She says maybe it’s fun and finds a screw and tries it. “THIS ISNT A PLUS BUT A STAR MARK!” -pause- “Aa…It hurts. What is it? Does this pain feel good? Are you a masochist? What? what’s so fun in this?” “I have a mark! It’s awesome! Ah! It was fun!”

And the corner ends here. She tells listeners to send e-mails with solo play games they play secretly.

“I’m not popular, so should I make some announcements?” I guess it’s some kind of corner. She says when WataMote airs in different parts of the country(Japan) and announces the first Bluray DVD – it’ll be out on the 2nd of October – with what extra things it will have – some kind of new short manga(probably a WataMote special) from the original artist, Tanigawa Niko, and a booklet. She says to check the official website for details. Also talks about the manga volumes that are out. She ends the corner here.

WataMote radio is close to ending. She asks us to send e-mails for the program: impressions on the anime, messages to her, questions, solo player acknowledging e-mails, funny games you can do as a solo player. The e-mail can be found on the program’s site.”



So, writing in [bold and between square parenthesis are my own thoughts or opinions].
“Italic writing between quotes are exact quotations of what it’s being said”.
(Writing between normal brackets means a small explanation that’s relevant to what’s being said so you understand it).

I have underlined the start of a different part of the show, in this case different corners.


Okay, so to listen to this radio, you have two options. Actually, more. you can go to hibiki radio’s official page, and you’ll see some ‘tabs’. You need to click on the light purple one (7th) where it says アニメ and then click on  ワタモテRADIO where you see the pic with Tomoko. It will appear on top of the page (your right hand side) and you have to click on the 聴く button, the one on top. or just click the play button… The other button will get you to this program’s (Watamote radio)’s page, where you can also listen to the radio. Just go down and click on play when you see a player. Be careful because you can only listen to the latest one!
Then you can listen to the radio on niconico(ep 01) or youtube (ep 01), as long as they don’t get deleted.


So I don’t know why I did this but here’s some sort of translation with summary tendencies. It actually includes most of the things she says in the radio show and I also put some orientation hints like the start of a different corner. You can read it as it is or you can follow the translations while she’s speaking if you  know some Japanese words so you know where she got with the talking.
Actually I think this one is of the easier radio shows that can  be translated because she’s alone and you don’t hear others screaming or anything, they don’t speak together really fast and so.  It’s actually interesting because you can find out some things from backstage so to say from Tomoko’s seiyuu and it’s fun to listen to 😀


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