[TL] Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Character Song Lyrics – vol 01 & 02 samples

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Character Song CDs Lyrics
Vol 01 (Nanase Haruka) & Vol 02 (Tachibana Makoto) Samples

Official site: http://iwatobi-sc.com/product/cd.html

Vol.1 七瀬 遙 Nanase Haruka
(CV.島﨑信長) (Seiyuu: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

01. アオノカナタ / Ao no Kanata / Blue Distance
02. JOY
03. アオノカナタ (OFF VOCAL) / Ao no Kanata OFF VOCAL

Release date: 7 August 2013

Nanase Haruka – 01. Ao no Kanata / Blue Distance

Shizuka na mizu no soko de
Tayutau hikari no tsubu
Chinmoku to tokeau youni
Kasanaru kodou wo azukete
Subete ga hitotsu ni naru
Sono yukue wo kanjinagara
Ukeirete yuku

Jibun dake no basho wo shitteiru
Dare no koe mo todokanainda woah
Kachimake yori motto taisetsuna
Itsudatte atama no naka wo
Shimeru keshiki yakitsuita
Ao no kanata

Deep in the silent water
Flutter beads of light
I entrust my heartbeat that seems
To overlap with the silence, melting together
While feeling the course of everything
That combines into one, I accept it

I know a place only my own
Where no one’s voice reaches
There is something more important than winning or losing
It’s the scenery that always occupies my mind
And that is etched into my memory
Across the blue

Nanase Haruka – 02. JOY

I feel so free and joy in the blue water
I will always be fine koko ni shika nai
I feel so free and joy in the blue water
Kotae ga aru

Ano toki mita keshiki wa ima mo
Oretachi wo tsunaideru ka
Yes or no tomatta mama no shikou
Iradatsu me wo kakushi mo sezu ni
Otagai wo ishiki shiteru oh
Wadakamari no shoutai mo shiranai

Sigh awa ni sukashita tameiki kara
Sign ukanda tamerai no oku no kioku ni

Azayaka ni yomigaeru kanjou wa itsuka no joy
Wasureta furi de itsunomani hontoni wasureteshimatteta
Anna ni mo yoku warau aitsu to ita kisetsu wa
Osanai dake ja katazukanai kurai
Yorokobi ni junsui de

I feel so free and joy in the blue water
I will always be fine koko ni shika nai

I feel so free and joy in the blue water
I will always be fine
Only here
I feel so free and joy in the blue water
Is the answer

I wonder if the scenery from that time
Still connects us together
My mind’s trapped between yes or no
We are conscious of each other
Without hiding those irritated eyes
You don’t know the identity of that feeling

From the sigh turned into bubbles
From the interior of memories floated a sign

The feelings brought back so clearly were someday’s joy
Pretending to have forgotten, I somehow really forgot them
The time when I was with him who laughed so much
Won’t pass as just the result of childishness
They were genuinely full of joy

I feel so free and joy in the blue water
I will always be fine
Only here

Vol.2 橘 真琴 Tachibana Makoto
(CV.鈴木達央)(Seiyuu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

01. 未来へのストローク / Mirai he no Stroke / Stroke to the Future
02. 潮風のfriendship / Shiokaze no friendship / Sea Breeze Friendship
03. 未来へのストローク (OFF VOCAL) / Mirai he no Stroke OFF VOCAL
04. 潮風のfriendship (OFF VOCAL) / Shiokaze no friendship

Release date: 7 August 2013

Tachibana Makoto – 01. Mirai he no Stroke / Stroke to the Future

Kokoro wo saa asu e tsunagu youni
Egaite motto motto jiyuu na jounetsu de
Oretachi nara dokomademo ikeru
Shinjite mezashite susundeku
Sorezore no stroke

Kitto shizen na nariyuki de
Dakedo kou nareba ii na to omotta yo
Minna to tsukutta kono basho wa
Dare hitori kakettate nanka chigatteta ne
Sunny blue sky ima (me wo hosomete) kiseki no naka de
Issho ni miru keshiki wo wasurenai

Nobashita te wa yume wo tsunaginagara
Koko kara motto motto tooku no kagayaki e
Chikarazuyoi (chikarazuyoi) kyou no hajimari ni
Seippai no omoi wo kometa
Mirai e no stroke

Let’s make our hearts connect us to tomorrow
Let’s draw a freer order
If it’s us, we can go anywhere
Believing and aiming for somthing lets us go forward
Each with their own stroke

That will come to us with a naturally, for sure
Though I even thought it were better if it happened
another way
This place we all made together
Seemed to not be right with even one of us missing
The sunny blue sky seems now (making me narrow my eyes)
as if is taking us in a miracle (it’s so dazzling)
I won’t forget this secenery we see now together

While our extended arms connects us to our dreams
Let’s go from now on to a more distant radiance
Let’s find the stroke leading to tomorrow
That’s charged with all our feelings
At the beginning of a stronger today

Tachibana Makoto – 02. Shiokaze no friendship / Sea Breeze Friendship

Kono machi de isshoni sodatte kita ne
Hora omoide wa sokorajuu afureteiru yo
Gakkou made no michi yuuhi ni somaru umi
Minareta keshiki no kazu sugoshita jikan

Mainichi ga atarimae ni yasashiku utsuru no wa
Kawaranai kankei de ireru kara
Shiokaze no naka de korekara mo zutto
Nanigenai nichijou wo kasaneteiketara iine

Itsumo kanjiteru atatakai kizuna
Hotto suru sonzai wa
Oretachirashii katachi no friendship

We grew up together in this town
Look, our memories are overflowing everywhere
Our way to school and the sea dyed in the setting sun
The familiar sceneries represent our time spent together

Evryday passes so gently like it’s obvious
Because we can stay in a relationship that doesn’t change
I hope we can continue accumulating casual everydays
In this sea breeze from now and forever on as well

The warm bond I always feel
The existence that lets me feel relieved
Is a friendship with a shape molded after us

Okay so I tried. The English translations might be weird and not all that accurate, because, freak, it’s so hard to get what and who they’re talking about in a song!

Haru’s second song…Joy. Okay, I think the firs English verse is correct. But the second one…maybe some native English people would understand it better…I’ll try to listen to it again…
I’ll also try to see if I have any other mistakes and correct them.

Take note that these are not the full versions of the songs. The full versions come out in singles on the 7th of August 2013. These are only the sample songs provided by the creators (officially on youtube) -like a crossfade- and only for the first two volumes. The third CD will be Matsuoka Rin, the fourth CD will be Hazuki Nagisa and the 5th Ryuugazaki Rei.
I tried to listen and write the lyrics but you may find mistakes in the original English lines which I don’t now if I understood correctly.
Well, this is just so you get what’s happening, so enjoy! I love the songs and the boy’s voices! Haru’s voice is so… ikemen I just KYAAA!! I can’t believe I’m hearing Suzuki Tatsuhisa sing in a moe voice! gehehehe!
Full versions added. I added in the tracklists the links to each one. They may have slightly different translations for the parts that are here, because only in Mako’s songs I had a couple different words in the romanji (first track, two of them are “jouretsu” is “jounetsu” and “nado” is “na to”, I don’t remember others) . I think I’ll leave these as they are though.


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