[TL] WataMote Radio 02

WataMote Radio ワタモテRADIO 02 (23 July 2013)
(Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui)
with 橘田いずみ Kitta Izumi (Kuroki Tomoko’s voice actress)

Anime official website: http://www.watamote.jp/
The radio channel page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/#top
WataMote Radio page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/watamote

Watamote Radio

Starts introducing herself and the radio program, how it’s by and for solo players.

She says that it’s summer vacation now for students and the streets are full of youngsters. She says that there will come a day when they’ll also hate summer vacation (when they get older).

She says that Mokocchi has been spending her summer vacation playing alone in her room, and asks if everyone has been scolded for doing that. She was often told how she should go outside, especially when she was in grade school and middle school, but now the temperature keeps raising and it’s probably dangerous to be outside. She says to go to the pool, mountains, valleys etc and have fun.

The anime has reached the third episode and how she (Mokocchi) forgot her textbook, couldn’t ask anyone to lend her theirs and lost the timing to go to the infirmary (to act sick) and class started. “Does everyone has that kind of experience?” She says how she couldn’t ask the boy next to her to let her see his book and often went to the infirmary, and spent her days when she forgot her textbooks having lunch with the infirmary nurse. [If it gets confusing…please try to understand who she’s talking about…because I see she says “I” everytime so I don’t know if she’s really talking about herself or about Tomoko, her character. I will write who she’s talking about when she mentions it, though!]

And tells everyone to do their best to say that they’ve forgotten their books and ask someone to share theirs with them.

She says [I’m sorry but I don’t know what else than ‘she says’I should write because if I don’t maybe you won’t know if am the one talking. I’ll only write my opinions like this in ‘[‘and bold writing and mostly refrain from making annoying comments though!] that many people sent in their opinions and she’ll read some of them.

First corner: Fan letters

“Watamote Radio. Does anyone really even listen to this program?”
“I’m not popular, so I guess I’ll read some e-mails”

Solo player name: Harukazekoharu I think. The sender says s/he watched the first episode and really liked it, then watched the second episode as well. S/he says how seeing Tomoko and her school life reminded him/her of his/her own school days and his/her heart tightened a bit [hahaha, poor person!]

Solo player name:Lobster [hey didn’t this guy have his letter read in the first episode as well?]
[by the way if you don’t like disgusting things like talk about throwing up you may want to skip the next paragraph]
He says there’s a scene (that you rarely see) where the protagonist gets sick/nauseous (in the sense that they feel like throwing up or actually do) and asks if it was difficult to act.
She says that she didn’t retake the scene where she has to act like she’s throwing up and doesn’t think that that kind of scene would be hard to act. She also says laughing that probably everyone threw up at least once in their life. She says that at least once she threw up from drinking too much when she was at a karaoke box and remembered that day and acted [lol] “They often say: don’t drink if you’re going to throw up”

Next, solo player name Korenikime…? [something like that]
They say that the opening theme is cool no matter how many times they watch it. Both the video and the song.
They talk about the appearance of Yuu-chan and that the fact that they use the gap between two people who’ve been the same but turned out so different (popular and not) is also one of this series’ charms and its strong points.
They say how it was interesting when Mokocchi and Yuu went to the cafe and Mokocchi turned grey. They also look forward to the next episode and also to the last one.
Kitta says how she was surprised by the fact that in episode two Yuu was the only one glowing and Mokocchi looked like a mob character (a minor character, crowd). She says that she thinks it will happen again, and how sad it is.

Solo player name: Earl Grey.
She starts making surprised noises and saying “I see”, while reading the message, and then says how they wrote “Mokonnichiwa” (a combination between “Mokocchi”, the character’s nickname, and “konnichiwa” which means hello/good afternoon).
“Huh? Was I the only one who was moved by this?”
“Ah, let’s use this! I’ll be happy if from next time everyone would send me messages starting with “Mokonnichiwa”
Earl Grey says how they watched the second episode, where Tomoko suddenly starts listening to the yandere boys CD and gets excited, she makes plans to meet her old classmate Yuu-chan and tries to find interesting things to tell her when they’ll meet, and that was creepy and interesting.
Earl Grey mentioned Sugita Tomokazu, the seiyuu who played Hatsushiba as a guest actor and asks how the dubbing recording was.
I think Kitta says how Hatsushiba wasn’t given any instructions and was given the OK immediately. She’s talking about the voice actor here, and then says that she has the impression he was told to act him a bit more creepily. “It was creepy, wasn’t it?”
She says how she thinks Hatsushiba is somehow similar to Mokocchi. Mokocchi probably thinks about him that he’s strange, but he’s somehow a male counter for Mokocchi and she thinks they’re a good duo. She mentions the scene with the bicycle where he makes those exhausted sounds and says that’s mostly Sugita Tomokazu’s ad-lib and says she didn’t think he’d pedal so much and she barely held her laughter in beside him at the recording.
“they’re very similar. I hope a day when the’ll get along well will come.”

Solo player name: “The reason why I’m not popular is obviously because my username is bad”. He asks is Kitta gets asked for love advice or not and thinks she doesn’t seem like the type to know much about romance and she probably doesn’t (get asked).
Kitta asks if girls actually talk about love problems and says that around her aren’t people troubled by love. “What is love?”
She talks about palm reading and I think she says her love line on the palm is different than usual people’s and thinks she doesn’t have much connection to romance probably anyway.

Solo player name: Miso Salad Mokuchiroku (or something of the sort).
He says he saw the second episode and talks about the part with meeting an old friend. He talks about a friend he had in middle school who complained a lot how he wasn’t popular, but then he saw that friend walking with his girlfriend. He somehow felt very betrayed.
He talks about the special ending song from the 2nd episode, “Musou Renka”, and how the lyrics really hit him.
He asks if she met old friends, or teachers who were surprised to see how she’d changed.
She says she started wearing lolita fashion clothes all of a sudden when she started college, so her high school friends were surprised. From high school, she was the type who’d do things opposite to her surroundings – that was a time when mini skirts and loose socks were popular. She didn’t like those and wore her hair in braids, wore a strange coloured shirt and a skirt not that short and white high socks. “That’s pretty ugly now that I think about it. It’s ugly now that I think about it but I remember doing things opposite to other people” She says she probably changes a lot, she always thinks she wants to wear all kinds of clothes.
She gets asked why she started wearing lolita clothes (probably by the staff).
“Eh, what was it?” She tries to remember, and says she wanted to go back to being a child. She didn’t want to become an adult and she often wore frilly skirts and wore her hair in twin-tails to college. She emphasizes the fact that she had close friends like normal and she thought they were very close, she was liked by the others and they told her she was cute -she thought it was like they liked her clothes etc-. After graduation she was talking with her closest (girl) friend who told her something like people thought that she was a big otaku and also said she was just nice to Kitta out of kindness. Kitta was surprised then and when she thought that she’d thought she was friends with the others but they actually thought she was a strange girl, and she twitched a smile and said “Eh, is that so?”.
“Oh, you made me remember that now! Huh? Will this end with that kind of memory?Thank you everyone for all your letters!
I’m not popular anyway so keep sending a lot of letters!”

WataMote radio. I don’t care at all even if you don’t listen to it! “(she says it in a way that means she cares)

Next corner: “I’m not popular, so I guess I’ll do some solo player recognition”

Solo player name: Mignumogu or smth
He says he calls his own cellphone from the fixed house phone and talks to himself saying “hello” into one and “How are you?” through the other.“Am I a solo player?”(he asks) “Yes,you are. If he’s not a solo player then who is?” Kitta then thinks about what the guy says he does and notices that if she said “Hello” to herself like that she wouldn’t know if she hears it in her ear or because she said it aloud. “Stop it at once!”

Solo player name: Guren no Chuunibyou.
This person went to a summer festival alone but thought that if he met a friend there it would be awkward so he went to a department store nearby and killed two hours there. “Am I a solo player?” “Go back home!”
She reads it again and agrees that it would be awkward if you bumped into friends in that kind of situation but asks herself why you’d go alone to a summer festival. She says that he’s not not a solo player (uhm, meaning that he isn’t not…double negation, resulting that he is). “I can’t! This person’s so pitiful I can’t follow him up!”, she seems to struggle to say somthing but can’t and say a hasty “Goodbye!”
She adds that in this corner of the show she doesn’t know what to say if the message’s too pitiable and if the right answer’s to say that the person’s so pitiful and they’re solo players. “Cheer them up? Oh, I see.” Then she says to meet his friends, go with them and then he’ll have more friends.
“Do your best!”

Solo player name: Light Novel ga Tomodachi (=my friends are light novels)
He says he recently noticed that he often meets the same person at his university’s smoking corner, at ramen shops and lectures. He wanted to talk to him but the loner in him didn’t have the courage to do it so he decided to wait for the other person to speak to him. One day, he saw that the person waved his hand at the sender. He wasn’t used to doing things like that, but he waved back and then noticed that that person was waving his hand at a girl who seemed his girlfriend and who was behind the sender. And I think the girl tried to hold her laughter in and ran away.
He then looked at the sky and thought to himself that he’s fine being a solo player.
She feels bad for him but says that it often happens and thinks many people experienced that. She also adds what happened to her graduation ceremony when someone asked her to take a picture for them. She understood it wrongly and told them to stand next to her but the person said that they wanted Kitta to take a picture for them, not with her. And she was really embarrassed and wondered why she even thought they wanted a picture with her. She says that she thinks the people around were probably holding in heir laughter.
She says as an advice that even if he now thought he’s fine as a solo player, he’ll find a light shining for him someday.

Next, solo player name: Ogata something
He started with going to karaoke alone, but now he’s gotten used to it and can even go to barbecue and biking alone. “Am I a solo player?”
Kitta says that she does those too, karaoke, barbecue too. Also that around once a week she has her evening meal at the neighborhood bike shop (maybe for lending bikes). She doesn’t go on Saturday or Sunday evenings but on weekdays she goes to barbecue alone, biking, and some other food. She says she’s mostly alone and if the person who sent the message is a solo player then probably every human’s a solo player.
“This person’s not a solo player at all!” “That’s too bad!”

She then asks people to send in their letters if they wonder whether they’re solo players or not.

“Watamote radio! Please listen!” – in a dramatic voice.

“I’m not popular…so I guess I should make a two player delusion”
“The fantasies made with the help of the people who listen to this radio show…that’s what a two player delusion is! Am I the only one who thinks that sounds perverted?”
She’ll give out a situation and the listeners will delusion about the continuation and send it in emails. She will decide if the delusion is good or not.
She says that Mokocchi always fantasizes on her own, and of course fantasizing is done by one person and that’s why it’s called that but isn’t it just a good thing when two people do this together?

Then, the fantasy situation this time:
Two childhood friends, a girl and a boy live next to each other. Today both of them go to a festival with some friends from their class. When the girl gets to the meeting place…”

The listeners have to continue this, but this time the staff wrote the continuation as an example.

From Kikuchiiji or something [I don’t really get their names, do I? haha]
I made a guy version delusion. (now she starts speaking in a low voice so she sounds more like a guy) The guy says the situation before and…
(some music)
He says he arrived there and it’s only him and the girl. The girl says that everyone got other plans and cancelled at the last moment. He says there’s no other way and they’ll go alone. When they start walking, she says to him: “I’m sorry”. He’s surprised by the sudden apology, and she continues: “I lied from the beginning that everyone was going to come with us. I wanted to be just with you…” He went closer to the girl who was crying and apologizing, and hugged her. Then, the fireworks of his heart exploded!

She says she likes these kinds of fantasies, and says she’d like to hear that kind of thing if she were a guy. She adds that she heard someone talk about the same thing happening to the in real life.
She says she’d like to her this from someone, and though it’s kind of hurtful to imagine all that by yourself, Mokocchi would probably have those kinds of fantasies, and it’s a wonderful daydream.
She says she’d want to hear it from a girl. And in her imagination the girl has shoulder length brown hair, big round eyes, a bit slender, with shoes around 1980 yen with a short sleeved shirt but has a mini skirt that’s a bit too long and ruins her look.

“I’m not popular, so I guess I’ll make some announcements”
She talks about the airing dates on TV on different channels or places in the country, and that it airs on niconico Saturday at 12 o’clock midnight or something. She says she became a premium member just for that.
She also talks about the OP (Watashi ga Motenai no wa Omaera ga Warui) and ED (Dou Kangaetemo Watashi ga waruku nai = It’s ot my fault no matter how you think about it) Singles that will both come out on 28th August.
She says they did the recording again for this…I think that for 01 and 02…? (maybe she means tracks?…or episodes?) She says that the second one is really good.
She says then about an ending song sung for I don’t know what by Hanazawa Kana, Yuu-chan, named “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Kawaiku nai Kara da yo ne” (=I’m not popular because I’m not cute)
She says that Yuu-chan is cute and popular, but this song actually has a great secret to it. She can’t tell us, but it’s going to be surprising.

She says then about the first volume of the Bluray DVD that will come out on the 2nd of October and some extras that come with it such as a short special done by the author Tanigawa Nico.

(etc she talks about all kind of things as manga or a handbook that will come out i September)

*the ending song starts*
WataMote radio is close to ending. She asks us to send e-mails for the program: impressions on the anime, messages to her, questions, solo player acknowledging e-mails, funny games you can do as a solo player or the two player fantasy continuation. “Please send the e-mails through the program’s site e-mail”

She says that this week on Sunday, on the 28th will take place OneFest and they’ll have a stage event and asks people to come. [well I guess that it’s over now…]

WataMote Radio ends now. The host was Kitta Izumi.
“You’re not popular anyway, so listen next time as well!”



So, writing in [bold and between sqare paranthesis are my own thoughts or opinions].
“Italic writing between quotes are exact quotations of what it’s being said”.
(writing between normal brackets means a small explanation that’s relevant to what’s being said so you understand it).
I have underlined the start of a different part of the show, in this case different corners.

Names you’ll have to know:
Kuroki Tomoko – the protagonist of the anime, who is also called Moko or Mokocchi.
Kitta Izumi – Tomoko’s voice actress.
Yuu/Yuu-chan – Tomoko’s friend from middle(or elementary) school.


Okay, so to listen to this radio, you have two options. Actually, more. you can go to hibiki radio’s official page, and you’ll see some ‘tabs’. You need to click on the light purple one (7th) where it says アニメ and then click on  ワタモテRADIO where you see the pic with Tomoko. It will appear on top of the page (your right hand side) and you have to click on the 聴く button, the one on top. or just click the play button… The other button will get you to this program’s (Watamote radio)’s page, where you can also listen to the radio. Just go down and click on play when you see a player. Be careful because you can only listen to the latest one!
Then you can listen to the radio on niconico(ep 02) or youtube (ep 02), as long as they don’t get deleted.



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