[TL] Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel 01

『Free!』WEBラジオ『イワトビちゃんねる』 第1回
Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel 01 (June 17, 2013)

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Seiyuu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tachibana Makoto)
Shimazaki Nobunaga (Nanase Haruka)

Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel 01


HARU: Hello, everyone! How are you? Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! I’m Shimazaki Nobunaga who voices Nanase Haruka.
For some reason, I’m alone here now. Plus, now it’s after the dubbing session of Free! Clearly said, this radio is being taken after the recording!
Free is amazing! It’s too bad that I can’t tell you details, but it was awesome. And the Senpai*1* are really amazing, as you’d would expect! The studio was full of laughter today! It was really awesome, I can’t tell you-
Oh! Good job today!
MAKO: Good job today!
HARU: Okay! First I want to say that we got a lot of e-mails…
MAKO: So you’re not saying anything about the fact that I came here.
MAKO: It’s amazing. It’s still the first episode. The staff don’t even know if it’ all right to laugh about it.
Everyone was uneasy about how they should speak, and the mood was a bit stiff.
HARU: Should we do something about to then?
MAKO: Don’t you know something that would make the atmosphere more relaxed, Nobunaga-kun? Is’t there anything that would loosen the mood except Nobunaga-kun?
HARU: Do you want me to do something?
MAKO: Yes, Nobunaga-kun who can make everyone more relaxed.
HARU: Heeh? What should we do, everyone? Should we dance?
MAKO: Don’t say that suddenly! What are you saying?
HARU: No, I was-
MAKO: We don’t have any songs we can use yet.
HARU: Ah, that’s right!
MAKO: I’ll just say this, but this is before the airing of the first episode!
HARU: That’s right! But I think, everyone looked at the recording.
MAKO: Well, yeah, the staff was.
HARU: Yes, they were listening.
If they remember that, I think that the mood would loosen.
MAKO: Ah, the recording today.
HARU: I think that if they remember the subject today.
MAKO: Yes. We’re sorry for teasing you from the first episode of this radio show, but we’re taking this after the Free! dubbing recording. It would have been good if it was only a normal television anime dubbing session.
HARU: That’s right…
MAKO: But we had a lot of things to do aside from that. And it took a lot of time.
HARU: Yes, it’s late.
MAKO: It’s completely sleeping time for people now.
HARU: Haha! We’re also a bit sleepy.
MAKO: Yes. Well, that’s that. We received a lot of mails, right?
HARU: Yes, we did!
MAKO: Let’s read some messages.
HARU: Then I will read some! Eh, we received an e-mail from manager Tsukiakari”*2* Thank you!
MAKO: Thank you!
HARU: “Tatsuhisa-san, Nobunaga-kun, good morning! And congratulations for the start of the Free! anime and the radio show!”
MAKO: Congratulations!
HARU: -lations!
“Does the fact that Free! has the theme of swimming mean that the two of you are recording this upper half naked? Even if it’s not like that, I intend to listen to it with that thought!”- it says.
MAKO: Yeah, we’d catch a cold.
HARU: That’s right.
MAKO: We’d catch a cold.
HARU: Plus, Tatsuhisa-san came from outside now.
MAKO: You know. It was raining lightly.
HARU: Hahaha!
MAKO: It was raining lightly, and on top of the fact that I was forced out, I entered suddenly here and I got no reaction.
I understood perfectly that no one has any intention to sympathize with me!
MAKO: I just put the can I had in my hand properly in the recyclable bin from the apartment house nearby.
HARU: That’s ecological!
MAKO: Yes, it is. Please take that into account! I also crushed it right in the middle properly.
HARU: You’re great, Senpai!
MAKO: Well, there’s the talk about the upper body. What do you think about that?
Every time we’re recording we’re actually half naked.
HARU: We take off our clothes in low tension.
MAKO: Yes, we strip one by one every time, so I think the guests we’ll have will be surprised.
HARU: They will.
MAKO: They will. Of course no one would think we’d strip at a recording session.
HARU: Because it’s Free!
MAKO. Yes, it was the first time.
HARU: I even specially bought training gadgets.
MAKO: Hey, did you really do that?
HARU: Yes, I did.
MAKO: What did you buy, by the way?
HARU: Uhm, a pull up, because I was told it’s the best one to train your upper half. And I want to train my upper left in the same way. I especially wanted to train the adductor muscles of the thighs, so I didn’t know if I should get a brand name but I bought Reck Magix X.
MAKO: That sounds like an impressing name.
HARU: I bought a well known one.
MAKO: That’s right…I think I totally get it.
HARU: It’s definitely that one I saw first.
MAKO: Yes. Everyone who buys that does it mostly for hanging clothes on it.
HARU: Haha, that’s so right!
MAKO: Either for putting clothes on it, either for stuffed toys, or because they’re lazy to take them in them out from the closet when seasons change, they put blankets on it.
HARU: That’s right! Though Reck Magic X folds. It becomes small. But if you fold the pull-up,
MAKO: Its width becomes..!
HARU: …it becomes less that 15 centimeters.
*both laugh*
HARU: The pull up definitely becomes a hanger when you’re not using it.
MAKO: That’s right. It changes its purpose.
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: Where do you put it?
HARU: I keep it in my room.
MAKO: Oh, that’s nice.
HARU: I moved recently and have more space. It’s a 1LDK*3*, and in the middle of one side of the room is the training equipment.
MAKO: Really, it makes you think “start training”  when you get home.
HARU: Yes. And next to those is my bed, and when you only look at that room, you’d think “this person does a lot of exercise”.
MAKO: Wow. I think that your friends would get surprised when you invite them over. How is it?
HARU: They say “what is this? Free! ? Are you training yourself?”
MAKO: I wonder why’s that. Why does everyone think, like, “when are you stripping?” because you’re in Free!
HARU: Yes, that’s it!
MAKO: When are you stripping? (with echo)
Eh? I feel bad for saying this to my Senpai, but I want to tell them: “Are you stupid?” “Or are you an idiot?”
HARU: Well, though I actually strip down and record. *laughs*
MAKO: Yes, let’s do it. Well, we always take off our clothes when you don’t know it.
HARU: Yes. Everyone, please go ahead and take your clothes off and listen to our program.
MAKO: Yes. We’re stripping down at the dubbing session so I’m thinking of not doing that at the radio recording.
HARU: Yes. Well, then.
Everyone, this radio is delivered from the Iwatobi Highschool Swim Club clubroom, and the listeners are our “managers”.
MAKO: By the way, who’s delivering it?
HARU: Ah, I forgot about that.
MAKO: We talked a lot.
HARU: I even introduced myself alone right at the beginning.
HARU: Senpai, I’m sorry!
MAKO: You did that without me!
I’m Suzuki Tatsuhisa who plays Tachibana Makoto!
HARU: Yes! That’s very important! He’s important in the original story.
MAKO: It’s the Free! radio programme presented by Makoto and Haru!
HARU: Yes!
MAKO: Well then, let’s start!
HARU:  On your mark! Ready…go!
MAKO: Why are you the only one introducing yourself?
HARU: I’m sorry!
Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel. This radio is presented to you with the sposoring of Iwatobi High School’s Swim Club.
HARU: Notice from the Iwatobi High School Swim Club. The television anime free will be broadcasted by ABC Asahi, Tokyo MX, Television Aichi and BS 11 from July. You can find more details on the official home page or you can follow the official Twitter page.
Then! The practice menu today is– Free Naming!
MAKO: Free Talking!
HARU: It was “talking”. Okay, let’s start, Senpai! Haha! I’m sorry!
MAKO: They won’t edit this definitely.
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: The first item on the menu is Free–
HARU: 1,2– Free Taking!
MAKO: Free Talking. Okay, We’ll talk about this later.
HARU: This is a corner where we read e-mails from our managers about the anime and different themes of the show.
MAKO: It seems we received e-mails already.
HARU: They said we have a lot of e-mails.
MAKO: The show gets a lot of attention.
It makes you somewhat feel embarrassed and act strangely when you get so much attention suddenly after living in the shadows. Like, “why?”
HARU: I actually act strange in all kinds of places, including the studio.
MAKO: I undertand that. everyone accompanies me at random. It’s scary.
HARU: Yes. The staff get a lot of congratulations for Free! especially from people in the industry.
MAKO: Yes. And they say “it’s this kind of show”, and it feels like “what does this person know about me?”
HARU: Wow.
MAKO: It makes me feel like there’s a fixer somewhere and sounds as if I’m somehow being stalked a bit by a lot of people.
HARU: Hahaha! And in the middle of this stalking, I’m doing talking, and training.
MAKO: I don’t know from where to start with that, so for now let’s read e-mails.
HARU: We received an e-mail from manager “mizu-mizu”. Thank you!
MAKO: Thanks!
HARU: “Shimazaki-san, Suzuki-san, hello!”
MAKO: Hello!
HARU: Hello! “I read on the home page that this work will be made into an anime, and I sent you an e-mail.”
MAKO: Thanks!
HARU: Oh! “I also used to do swimming, so I’m really looking forward to it! Plase do your best, the both of you!”
HARU: Oh! Thank you very much!
MAKO: Oh! It’s really nice to have experienced people sending us e-mails.
HARU: This person is probably a man because he uses “boku” *4*, right?
MAKO: We don’t know. Girls can also refer to themselves with “boku” like this.
HARU: I thought a bit that maybe this person has good muscles.
MAKO: Yes, swimmer have a good body build.
HARU: Unexpectedly, muscles built from swimming don’t look buff, but tight.
MAKO: If you were to say one or another.
HARU: And the art in Free! is influenced by that.
MAKO: Ah, the director always says “upper half of the body”, “upper body”.
HARU: Yes. Hahaha
MAKO: He’s a bit strange.
HARU: How should I say it, it’s a burning passion.
MAKO: Everyone, when the image created is in minus, it’s actually a plus. [whatever he said…I don’t really get it,sorry][okay what doesn’t make much sense means that I didn’t really understand what they were saying but I tried at least to write what they’re talking about]
MAKO: Really, this industry is full of strange people. It’s like “look, everyone,the most popular works are done by this kind of directors!”
Well, let’s go to the next one.
HARU: Yes, let’s see the next.
MAKO: Which one should we take next? What about this one? We also got more talks about live broadcasts on niconicodouga.
E-mail from manager “tokumeisho”
HARU: Thank you.
MAKO: Thank you. “Shimazaki-san, Suzuki-san, free-free!” Free-free!
HARU: Free-free!
MAKO: “It’s a bit sudden, but I tried to think of a radio show greeting*5*  I combined the name of the show, Free!, and the waving of one’s hand when you greet someone*6*, making it Free-Free!”
HARU: Oh, I see.
MAKO: “I watched the anime the live broadcast that was on niconico, which said that it’s about the youth of the boys and human drama so I was interested to see what it will come out of it. Of course, I’m also looking forward to upper halves of the body!”
HARU: haha
MAKO: We already have a greeting decided thanks to tokumeisho.
HARU: Free-free.
MAKO: Free-free!
HARU: Free-free!! You know, this seems to be easy to use at events and such.
MAKO: Right. Free-free. Like bye-bye.
HARU: Bye-bye? It’s a meeting greeting!
MAKO: Imagine being in front of people at an event and saying “Free-Free” and you’re like “Bye-bye”
MAKO: Wow, it’d probably beat a Guinness record.
HARU: The record for the shortest event.
MAKO: Right, an event that ended in one second.
HARU: Plus, there’s the possibility for a ton of people to gather in a very big place.
MAKO: There is. It’s Free!, so there are a lot of possibilities. An the title is “Free!” in the first place.
HARU: Freely.
MAKO: You don’t know what’ll happen. We possibly decided on the greeting, but there’s also the possibility for it to change.
HARU: That’s right!
MAKO: Everyone, even though we decided on this for now, even if you greet us with Free-Free, if there are people who say that “this other greeting is better”, we are waiting for your opinions!
I want to try using this one from next time. Oh, it seemed that they watched the niconico live broadcast. Thanks.
HARU: Thank you. It was my first time doing something like a press conference like that.
MAKO: Same here.
HARU: You see the reactions, and in a live broadcast, the comments appear directly on the screen.
MAKO: And people mention other anime as well, and they called Mamoru *7* a titan *8*. (echoes)
HARU: Hahaha! Yes, they totally said that!
MAKO: I said “hey,hey”. But I totally understand that feeling.
HARU: But he got in the talk.
MAKO: Well, as long as you give him bait, he’ll bite on anything, he’ll eat anything.
HARU: He’s an entertainer, isn’t he?
MAKO: Yes, he is. And I’m saying this in a good way.
HARU: Yes, he’s an invincible Senpai.
MAKO: Everyone, have you watched the character’s promotional videos?
HARU: I’m sure they did if they’re listening to this radio.
MAKO: Yes, they probably have. They are made like that, but they are just character PVs. There may be people who’ll say that “he didn’t say it like that” when they watch the anime. That’s because, just like our sound director says: “that is that and this is this”.
HARU: That’s something important!
MAKO: He says everything like that!
But the PVs are really interesting.
HARU: They are. Without doubt.
MAKO: They’re made really well. Please look forward to the anime.
HARU: Expect it to be good!
It’s made very detailed.
MAKO: I’d like to tell you more about it, but we can’t!
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: It’s hard when the radio starts before the anime.
HARU: We’ll be able to talk more when it starts.
MAKO: Right.
HARU: Everyone, please look forward to it.
MAKO: Well, then. In this “Free talking” corner we’ll discuss different themes. This time’s theme is this:
HARU: Show me a scenery I’ve never seen before.
MAKO: This line was in the PV as well. Nobunaga’s really cool!
HARU: Not me! Haruka-kun is cool!
MAKO: Nobunaga’s so cool! So awesome!
HARU: What’s wring with you, Tatsuhisa-san! Please stop it!
MAKO: In this corner we will receive e-mails about interesting,surprising and moving things that our managers have experienced, on the subject “this surely didn’t happen to others, they haven’t experienced this”
HARU: We received a letter about an interesting experience from manager  “Manaya”
“Shimazaki-san! Tatsu! It’s nice to know you”
MAKO: Hello!
HARU: “This is a corner about things that you think others haven’t experienced. When I was little, I was running around naked after taking a bath as always, and I slipped on a newspaper, and I cut my groin on the tail of a toy Pikachu. I only remember that I fell down, but my mother said it was a bad injury.
MAKO: Oh,my.
The pain pretty much disappeared now, but I remember it hurt a lot at that time and tremble at that thought. Did you two ever get hit between the legs hard and fainted in agony?

MAKO: She ended the letter talking about the nether region finally  She’s curageous. I see…Pikachu’s tail…
HARU: *laughs* Pikachu…
MAKO: It’s like a lightning shock.
HARU: He probably felt an electric shock at that moment. In his nether region..or her?
MAKO: Her. An electric shock passed through her groin *** *9*. What a soldier. So, “Did you ever get hit between the legs hard and fainted in agony?
HARU: Ah! But I think everyone has that kind of experience, at least if you’re a guy. When I was in elementary school, I got stitched.
MAKO: ?! Where?
HARU: Um, if I am to say it, the ball’s skin.
MAKO: For real??
HARU: For real.
HARU: For real.
HARU: Thinking about it now, it was a really close one. Just a few more centimeters and I don’t know what would’ve happened.
The at my elementary school was wide, we had playing eqippment and we had something like a Tarzan rope where you went really high up and slided hanging to it. And the ladder climbing to that was really slope. I slipped on that, fell, and ended up with a steel pole at the rear of the area between my legs in .
MAKO: AAA! Ouch!
HARU: I didn’t know what happened, checked and then I was bleeding. I went to the infirmary. I think about it now and I shiver thinking about it, but it was just barely the skin.
MAKO: Ah, that’s a relief.
HARU: Then I got stiched. But when I think that it might have been horrible if the wound would have been a few cm off…
MAKO: It could have destroyed a “happy family” plan…
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: It would have had a big effect…
HARU: Yes, I think about it now and it was a frightening experience.
MAKO: That’s rough…
HARU: I didn’t think much about it then because I was a kid but when I was treated, I was totally being watched, you know.
HARU: And I remember the doctor was, and well there were also female nurses. But thinking about it, it was a pretty bad situation.
MAKO: You were watched and touched. (echo)
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: Probably that Doctor was the one who touched your skin the most when you were little.
HARU: Yes. I was stitched.
MAKO: You were *** *10* for the first time and touched.
HARU: hahaha!
MAKO: But I can’t help it! It was like that.
HARU: Yes, it is.
MAKO: When I hurt my groin…When we were playing softball, I was also made the catcher. And sometimes the ball the pitcher threw totally hit me directly.
HARU: Arghhhh!
MAKO: When they hit a breaking ball, They really do that. When you jump bit by bit and they hit your hips a lot. [I’ really sorry, but I don’t really get what he’s saying that much. Something  along these lines..?] It’s extremely gross, I think you know that. It’s a strange feeling I can’t describe. This is a kind of pain that girls won’t understand in their whole life. Really, it’s a really gross type of pain! You know, t’s not a direct pain that makes you jump like when you break a bone, or get a cut. It’s a hazy pain like it gathers in the back of your stomach and inside of your chest and it wells up.
MAKO: Then when I was in middle school I got into mountain bikes and I thought it would be cool if I could do wheeling on it. When I tried to do that  the saddle hit me straight in the tailbone.
HARU: Arrghh
MAKO: That was a really uncool kind of pain. I was practicing my myself, hit myself and suffered by myself. It hurt so much I couldn’t make any sounds. I was holding my rear and crouching the whole time. In the parking place at my house. It was super stupid! Really!
HARU: But really, it’s no joking matter.
MAKO: It isn’t, plus the pain drags on if you hit your tailbone! They say that might have been a tail for humans. It’s a sensible place. And then, no matter how I tried to sit, it hurt. I thought I’d try sitting on one side. I sit on the right side, it hurt; I sit on the left side, it hurt. On the other hand, what was I supposed to do? It was like, it hurt even when I stood up. If I sit down, it seemed like I’d let out an “ouch” every time. It was so hard!
There were people who asked “are you okay?” and I created a setting said “I kind of like to ride my bicycle while standing. they’d ask “What’s wrong, aren’t you gonna sit?” and I’d say that” Nah, lately I’m into standing up while riding my bike”.
I was like “yeah,right”. But I didn’t want to tell them! You can’t say you hit your rear while practicing wheeling on your bicycle! I was embarrassed and puberty didn’t let me say it.
HARU: You wouldn’t be able to say it!
MAKO: I thought it would be so cool! that was so bad!
HARU: But these things unexpectedly happen a lot!
MAKO: It happens to most guys.
MAKO: It seems we talked about difficult things to hear for boys from the first time.
Well, this is pretty much how it is. we will change the theme and read messages. interesing themes may become a corner so we are waiting for your messages! “Free Talking” ends here!
HARU: Free WEB Radio : Iwatobi Channel. (sound effect: Go!)
MAKO: We have an announcement from the Swim Club at Iwatobi High School. The official TV Anime Free! guidebook will be released on the 3rd of July on Wednesday *11*. For more detailes, please check the special Kyoani site.
Well then, the next item on the menu is: Free Training!
In this corner, we will take on the training menus sent by our managers. This time’s menu is here:
BOTH: “Trouble Relay Consultation!”
MAKO: in this corner, we will answer to our manager’s troubles in turns, and finally we have to reach the goal in four turns and resolve the problem. This time we have messages from manager “Light” and from manager “Haruka” *12*. It will go: Nobunaga, then me, Nobunaga, then me again, and for the second we’ll start from me, then Nobunaga, me, Nobunaga.
HARU: okay!hool
MAKO: Then first we will start with the message received from manager “Light”. this time Nobunaga will go first.
HARU: I got it.
MAKO: “I have been doing swimming from when I was little, and around the sixth grade in elementary school I was a swimmer who could compete in tournaments. By the way, i was specialized in the breaststroke. But I stopped swimming for almost three years now, and of course, I gained weight. that’s why I’m worried if I’ll be able to swim properly in swimming class. Shimazaki-san, Suzuki-san, what should I do?” Well then let’s hear Nobunaga’s opinion first:
HARU: Yes. Well, she gained weight, but still hasn’t swum. She is going to swim now. So maybe she’s just uneasy, and if she tries swimming, she might be able to do it. that’s why, for now she should start by getting into the water. Continue from here, Tatsuhisa-san.
MAKO: After she got into water, right? but, you know, at a gym, there may be a swimming pool, or like at a large public bath house, you can also go to a sauna. After going into the sauna–
HARU: After you go into the sauna- After you take a cold bath- After you go into the sauna- After you take a cold bath-
MAKO: Why are you talking about bathing? Isn’t that normal?
HARU: What do you think she should do?
MAKO: Finally, She should stop eating after 9 p.m.
HARU: That’s a correct opinion!
MAKO: That’s all.
HARU: That’s all. That’s a really realistic opinion.
MAKO: It was a super realistic confrontation. *13*. It actually works pretty much to stop eating after 9. really.
HARU: Is that so?
MAKO: That’s because the human body consumes its saved energy at night.
HARU: Huh..
MAKO:  At night it uses it up the energy it accumulated during the day while you are slleping, at they say the body saves some energy until around 9 pm.
Well, this doesn’t really apply to students, but After 20, when people start aging already so they start being cautious, and your weight can change dramatically. Really, I don’t eat after 9, but it changes a lot.
HARU: Then you should stop eating after 9…
MAKO: and exercise! And then you’ll look forward to your swimming class.
HARU: yes.
MAKO: Plus, she’ll be swimming. She should be able to get back the feeling.
HARU: Then get back your wonderful breaststroke swimming!
MAKO: then let’s go to the next letter. We recieved it from manager “Haruka”.
HARU: Thank you.
MAKO: “I’m now a third year in high school, and I like a student teacher.”
HARU: Ohh!
MAKO: “He’s not really cool or anything, but” Oh, then that means the student teacher is a guy, right?
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: “I have fun talking with him. I get embarrassed when our eyes meet. I want to get closer to him, but my friends around me are very assertive and I can’t compete with them, and it’s my first time feeling something like this for someone older so I’m confused. That student teacher will leave in around two weeks. What should I do? I want to hear your opinions!”

HARU: Whoo! That’s youth!
MAKO: Yes, it is. It’s such a good story that can get on your nerves.
HARU: Plus he’s going to stay only for two more weeks!
MAKO: Yes. Plus, normally I’d think “to heck with this” if it were me.
HARU: No,no, let’s give her some advise.
MAKO: We need to give some advice, we have to be positive.
What should be good? But you get embarrassed, right? Then you have to create chances for yourself to encounter that student teacher randomly.
HARU: Oh, like research a bit, and find out something about him.
MAKO: Yes, if you greet him often it actually has some effect.
Like the contact chance in the love adventure games**, that happens in between events. Like when an icon comes up, you go there. And then their impression on you goes up. Pass to Nobunaga after the “try doing that” for now
HARU: Then, now your chances of encounter have gone up. But it’s still at a level where you just pass each other. Next, you have to make something happen.
MAKO: Oh, what kind of thing?
HARU: Well, probably…
MAKO: But you know, she says it’s hard to make a move.
HARU: So she’s embarrassed to go talk to him by herself. then she should cause a happening.
MAKO: Oh! What kind of happening?
HARU: Like! Like! Fall down! Right in front of him.
MAKO: Oh, that’s a really basic one!
HARU: Yes, fall down. I think it’s the easiest to do.
MAKO: I think it’s a good idea.
HARU: That, and if she knows where he’s coming from, plant a trick in that place and make something happen to the teacher.
MAKO: For example?
HARU: Like put the chalkboard eraser so it’d fall on him, a basic one like that.
MAKO: Yes, there’s those.
HARU: Then he’ll come in the classroom, and she’d go “Teacher, are you okay?” so he’d think she’s thoughtful.
MAKO: But would this work? maybe there are other bold girls who’d go to him as well.
HARU: But I think it’s better if she goes straight instead of assertive.
MAKO: Ah, I see.
HARU: And I think that she’ll leave an impression to the student teacher if she interacts with him, not if she is very assertive but if she’d try things like small happenings. I think that he may like that kind of girl that seems to be interested in him but stays a bit away and greets him when they meet. Please continue the game, Tatsuhisa-san.
MAKO: Then, taking the happenings in account, she managed to interact with him. what should he do after that? Then, okay, I got it, let’s ask for his phone number.
HARU: As expected of Senpai!
MAKO: Student teachers kind of have their guard on that kind of thing lowered, and she should just ask for his number. *laughs*
HARU: As expected!
MAKO: She tries asking, but he avoids that.
HARU: I see.
MAKO: At least she got to communicate with him. For talking more to him, she should tell him to tell each other some secrets. It’s okay if it’s only online. Like “let’s tell each other our usernames” or something. I’m sorry for the student teacher, but it would be good if he crossed that line first…
I’ll pass it to you. next is the goal.
HARU: So they connected online. Their hearts connected.
MAKO: Like, their terminals connected. Their hearts are not connected yet.
HARU: Then from here on, we need to make their hearts connect.
MAKO: Yes. How will you do it.
HARU: Yes…well, this person is leaving in two weeks.
MAKO: Yes, he is.
HARU: but she’ll still be able to talk to him online.
MAKO: But, so on the opposite, they won’t be student and student teacher anymore.
HARU: Yes, that’s right.
MAKO: But they’re connected online.
HARU: Yes.
MAKO: Oh! Then that means the development from now on is free!
HARU: It’s free! But if I were to say what she should do after that…Well, he’s probably living alone.He’s not a student teacher anymore, and it’s a period when he’s probably going to feel a bit lonely.
MAKO: Yes, she did cute things until now, she sent him messages and they’re getting along better. Maybe he will think he got some attention, and think it was fun and that it doesn’t happen when you’re in college. And after that…
HARU: She goes to visit him at his house.
MAKO: Wow, that’s awesome. The only ones who can do that are probably robbers or his parents.
MAKO: Yeah?
HARU: ….can cook”
MAKO: Oh, right! Like she’s been into learining to cook lately. Like she cooked something in home economics, or she was taught to cook by her mother. And she could ask if he wanted to eat a hamburger steak prepared by her.
HARU: Let’s go with that.
And then he’d say he wants to eat her cooking everyday
MAKO: Let’s make him say that!
Ah, nice corner.
HARU: Yes, we answered the problems.
MAKO: Everyone, even if it may sound rough, we are answering properly right now. If you listen to it again, we’re talking seriously!
HARU: We are!
MAKO: That concludes “Free! training” corner. It’s a corner where managers tell us what kind of training they want us to do. Please continue sending your trouble letters!
Free! WEB radio Iwatobi Channel
HARU: We have an announcement from the Iwatobi High School Swim Club. The television anime Free!’s opening theme song, “Rage on” by OLDCODEX will be released on 19th July. The ending theme song, sung by the 5 main characters, “Splash Free” will be released on the 7th of August.
HARU: Well then, the first episode of Iwatobi Channel is close to ending. For this program, we’re awaiting e-mails from you, our managers. Please send in your impressions on the anime, messages for the guests, things about school life and friendship or interesting experiences or fixations to “Free talking”.
MAKO: Please send your trouble consultation requests or things you need advice with and your personal questions request to us to “Free Training”.
HARU: We are already planning to invite a guest to our program, but
MAKO: We aren’t the only ones participating in the making of this anime.
HARU: We will have many guests.
MAKO: There are also the staff.
HARU: Oh! Will they come? Should we call them here?
MAKO: I hope we can call them.
HARU: I want to let everyone hear the director’s passion for muscles.
MAKO: Right…There are many other very busy staff, so I hope we’ll be able to catch them and drag them out here. We’re still planning it.I hope it will all work well.
HARU: Yes, me too.
MAKO: We’re still just in the planning stage.
HARU: Yes. The notice will show up on our homepage,so it’s best to check it out.
MAKO: Please do!
HARU: Please do!
With this, good job today!
MAKO: Yes. let’s end it lightly for now.
HARU: Yes, let’s. Well then
BOTH: Let’s meet again in the club room next time, manager!
MAKO: Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel. This radio is presented to you with the sposoring of Iwatobi High School’s Swim Club.
HARU: Ah, I’m tired…
MAKO: I’m tired…
HARU: Tatsuhisa-san, really, good job today!
MAKO: You know, aren’t we too enthusiastic from the first episode?
HARU: I was actually a bit nervous -hahaha-, and you talked to me gently, Tatsuhisa-san. Thank you.
MAKO: No,no. But I thought that if we’re so enthusiastic from the first time, my engine will probably burn out.
HARU: But it’s a passionate work (<-Free)
MAKO: Yes. I’m looking forward to it.
HARU: Yes, really.
HARU: I’m so excited!
MAKO: Yeah, it should air already.
HARU: I really like everyone to see it fast!
MAKO: But aren’t we speaking difficultly!
HARU: Yes, we are.
But there are so many interesting scenes! There are many pool scenes!
MAKO: There are! We should talk about some next time.Little by little. About interesting episodes, as far as we can say things. There are interesting episodes you can talk about without saying something we’re not allowed to.
HARU: There are, many.
MAKO: And then, don’t mistake Free Talking and Free Training.
HARU: You know, I looked and saw that there’s “talking” and “training” and tried to be attentive so I don’t get it wrong, and when I focused on “training”, it became “talking”.
MAKO: you got it wrong.
HARU: I’m very sorry.
MAKO: Yes. And I also got ignored.
Go a bit outside and stay in the light rain. Oh, it’s raining now!
HARU: I also want to experience being ignored a bit.
MAKO: Look
HARU: Oh, it’s raining!
*door closes*

*1* He is probably talking about the other seiyuu, who have been doing this job for longer and thus are his Senpai.
*2* Okay, so that’s the sender’s “nickname”. Also, I don’t know if I’ll write those names correctly and this one is most probably mistaken, because they can be even nonsensical, they don’t have to mean something. In radio shows like this, people write some kind of nickname or something. It’s not the person’s real name (well though I don’t think it says anywhere you can’t write your real name but I don’t think I’ve heard those. You’ll always hear strange and often long nicknames). “manger” in this case is a title that every sender has. Basically, all senders are considered “managers” in theme with the anime. Senders will get different titles depending on the anime/show.
*3* 1 LDK means an one room apartment with a living, dining and kitchen area
*4* Japanese use different words for saying “I”. Girls mostly use “watashi” but they can also say “atashi”, “atai”, “uchi” (for dialects), “warawa” and very rarely “boku” (tomboys maybe) and guys usually use “boku” and “ore” (more rough). They also use “watashi” formally or depending on their age, and there are also some other less used or that you’ll only hear in anime like “oira”,”jibun”(military), “ware/warawa” (both women and men like…very noble, sacred I don’t know).
Well, why am I saying all this. Mainly they use “watashi” (girls but also men) and “boku” and “ore” (guys). But being a pretty much anonymous e-mail except for your one time nickname that’s known, you can use whatever and talk however.
*5* As you probably guessed if you don’t know already, radio programs also have a kind of special greeting decided either by the staff, seiyuu or with the help of the listeners (mostly) and is used instead of any form of “hello” in the e-mails.
*6* “furi” (that reads the same as they read Free!) can mean “waving”.Tough the infinitive of the verb is “furu”.
*7* Miyano Mamoru, Matsuoka Rin’s voice actor. This live broadcast was with the voice actors.
*8* If Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Makoto’s voice actors) says it, then it really is a reference to another anime I guess, as it could be just a word. “titan” is “kyojin” in Japanese, and the anime referenced is Shingeki no Kyojin. They actually called him that because he’s one head taller than the other 4 voice actors.
*9* A censoring sound was used here.
*10* Censoring again. I want to know what he says, lol I don’t have enough skills to guess like you can totally do when they censor your native language.
*11* It seems they released it on the same day the anime airs every week (Wednesday). Also, Wednesday is “suiyoubi”in Japanese, and from this comes the “see you next water time part at the end of the episode. “Sui”can mean water.
*12* Actually you can take this as manager Haruka and Haruka’s manager. i don;t know if the sender wanted it to be the second or not, or just likes Haru and used his name.
*13* He means the game they’re playing. Each of them says something and the other has to continue. They have two turns each, and they have to resolve the sender’s problem.
** Changed it to love adventure games” at Gigglepud’s suggestion. If anyone cares, I had written “rare adventure games” but I guess it does sound nonsensical because there’s tons of adventure games out there.

I used “HARU” and “MAKO” to show who’s speaking mainly because they’re shorter, but of course, these are things that the voice actors (seiyuu) say and not what the characters say or would say. But he says the “first part”. oh,lol, what first? Probably something with two meanings since from the answer and what they say after that, maybe a dirty mind would thhink of something else? Also, I think it’s easier to keep up for the people not familiar with seiyuu and who’d have to keep thinking who is one and who’s the other when reading their real names.
The seiyuu who voices Haruka is Shimazaki Nobunaga and the seiyuu who voices Makoto is Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
Don’t forget that “manager”means listener!
You can listen to this on youtube as long as it’s still up, on nicovideo, or on the official player that I don’t know how works.

Oh, this one was so friggin hard to translate. When you try to translate a radio word by word, it’s torture. One single word can make you not know what they said, and then maybe people will be curious if you leave it it like this. If there are mistakes, please overlook them, or if you notice any, please correct me! I’d have done the same like I did to WataMote (which is pretty accurate but maybe it’s harder to follow if I wrote it in third person), but I felt it’s a waste not to know the actual things they’re saying. It took a whole lot of time to do it, though so i don’t know what i’ll do in the future, if I continue or not. I hope I will.
Ah, they were both very cute and I can’t wait for the guests!


17 thoughts on “[TL] Free! WEB Radio – Iwatobi Channel 01

  1. It seems that every link to the audio files are taken down.. probably because of copyright. It’s a pity that I can’t listen to it 😦

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  4. Thank you so much for translating this~!

    On a side note, I think Tatsun said “renai adventure games” not “rare adventure game” in the part about the girl liking a student teacher. (It seems to fit better, what with otome-game/romance games fitting what he said; having to make small interactions w/ your chara until you get enough romance points for him to take you out on an event)

    • Oh, thank you so much for actually taking the time to tell me what you thought was wrong! No one did this before! It really does sound better like this, Translating a radio episode is kind of a challenge, at least for me, because you can’t be sure they’ll pronounce everything clearly for you to understand. For example, where Shimazaki Nobunaga says the name of that gadget he bought, I totally made it up because I didn’t get what he said. They even mentioned it’s well known or something haha

  5. Taihen otsukaresama deshita! Thank you for this translation. I’m really happy that I’ll be able to understand it now 100% (my Japanese is still not that good and I’m just guessing the parts that I don’t understand) Thank you! I hope I can be proficient like you in the future and also do translation for the fans ❤

    • Thank you for your kind message! I’m not sure if I can say it’s 100% accurate, but I hope it’s as close as possible to what they actually say! I am sure that you can become better at Japanese in the future, even if you don’t try to actually study it. It’s enough to listen to Japanese or try to understand some things to get better. Actually, that is how I learnt some Japanese and I don’t know if I am truly that far ahead of you. There are always a lot of things I don’t understand and I just use online dictionaries for everything!

  6. Goodness, thank you so much for your hard work! It must not have been easy translating a radio show.

    I had put off listening to the radio show since I do not understand Japanese and was so glad to stumble across your translation for the first radio show. Thanks for allowing me to properly enjoy the silliness of Shimazaki Nobunaga and Suzuki Tatsuhisa~

    • You’re welcome and thanks a lot for leaving such a nice comment! I hope to translate other Free! radio episodes as well and I hope that I’ll actually do it haha 😀

      • Ah, I’m so excited to hear that you may translate the other shows! I adore radio shows and I adore Free! so it’s wonderful news to know this. I didn’t want to request it since it’s a lot of work, but yay~ I eagerly look forward to any one of the shows you may translate in the future!

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