Vocaloid – Sansou no Umi (Sea of Oxygen) [GUMI] Lyrics&TL

GUMI –  Sansou no Umi/ Sea of Oxygen酸素の海

Lyrics & Composition: Itou Kashitaro (伊東歌詞太郎)
Arrangement: Lefty Monster P (レフティモンスターP)
Song: GUMI (tonal mark: Taruto たると)
Movie: Emumelo 
Illustration: Kuwahara Souta (桑原草太)
+ Cover: Amatsuki (mylist)


Kakkowarui boku dakara atama ga warui boku dakara
Yuuki nante nai kara jibun wo semeta
Kono mama isso hitori de darenimo kizukarenaide
Sansou no umi ni oboretai

Tsukue no ue no kiiroi hana wa
Kirei da to omoikondeta
Jibun dake no basho de uzukumatte
Tsugi no chaimu machiwabita

Kowashite shimaikonda taisetsuna mono dake
Kowasareru yori mae ni nakushita mono
Kotoba egao uso dareka wo shinjiru koto
Hane no nai boku wa sora wo miteta

Surihetta kokoro dewa itsudatte kowai kara
Kodoku ga suki da nante uso wo tsuite
Hontou wa shitteita kono mama ja motto tsurai ya
Karappo no manma sugoshiteita mainichi

Iinogareshite dokoka tooku natta
Boku no shitteta jubun wo
Mitsukedashite hanashikakete mitai na
Otona ni naru sono mae ni

Kowashite shimaikonda taisetsuna mono tachi
Kakera wo atsumete mita mou ichido
Motodoori nante zettai naranai kedo iinda
Boku dake no mono ni kawarinai kara

Mou juubun da konna itai omoi wa
Daremo kizutsukenai to boku ni yakusoku wo shita

Kowashite shimaikonda taisetsuna mono tachi
Kakera wo atsumete mita mou ichido
Motodoori nante zettai naranakute ii kara
Ima no jibun shinjite miyou

Yowaku nante nai kimi wa totemo tsuyoi hito nanda
Ima made ikite kita desho hitori kiri de
Namida wo nagasu tabi yasashiku nareta darou
Mou kimi wa hitori ja nai boku ga utau yo

English translation:

It’s because I’m not cool, it’s because I’m not smart
It’s because I don’t have any courage, I blamed myself
I’d rather drown in a sea of oxygen, just like this
Without being noticed by anyone

I just convinced myself that
The yellow flower on the desk was beautiful
Crouching in a place I called my own
And waited for the next bell to ring

I’d only broken the things I held precious
They were lost even before they got broken
Words, smiles, lies, and believing in someone
I, with no wings on my back, could just look up at the sky

Because of my worn down heart, I was afraid
So I lied about liking to be alone
The truth is that I knew that way was more painful
I lived everyday with an empty heart

I kept finding excuses, so the me that I had known
Somehow grew distant
I wish to find him and talk to him
Before I become an adult

My precious things that I’d broken
I tried to gather their pieces again
They can’t be completely fixed but that’s okay
Because the fact that they’re mine only doesn’t change

I’ve had enough of so much pain
I promised myself that I wouldn’t hurt anyone

My precious things that I’d broken
I tried to gather their pieces again
It’s okay if they can’t be completely fixed
I want to try believing in my current self

You’re not weak at all, you are a very strong person
You lived by yourself until now, didn’t you?
You surely became gentler with every tear you shed
You’re not alone anymore, I’m singing for you

I added a link to Amatsuki’s cover to this song. It’s the only one made until now (wow,already!) and well, I couldn’t wish for anything better. I hope Ito Kashitaro makes on as well!
As a side note, Amatsuki says “kyou made”(=until today) instead of “ima made”(=until now) in the last refrain. Probably a little mistake? :3
Okay it seems that Kashitaro also says “kyou” but the original GUMI version has “ima” at this part.
This is a wonderful song, really!! And the lyrics are so beautiful! SOB!


8 thoughts on “Vocaloid – Sansou no Umi (Sea of Oxygen) [GUMI] Lyrics&TL

  1. Reblogged this on preciousall and commented:
    I like this song so much… the melody is nice, the lyric is touching, and the art is so cute 😀
    Ito Kashitaro also make a cover on this as well. It has been published in his Onkochishin (音呼治心) album, track no. 5. You can download it hikarinoakariost.info
    To be honest, as much as I like Ito Kashitaro and GUMI, I like Amatsuki’s cover the best. His voice just fit this song so well…
    I am really grateful to @miraclesmay for making the romanization and also translation. Because my hearing is a bit of failure, I cannot catch every syllable perfectly. But I want to sing along… Thank you very much 😀
    spread the love~ ❤

  2. Hey ! First of all thanks for writing these lyrics !
    I noticed that when Itou Kashitarou or Amatsuki sings it, it’s not “Ima made ikite kita desho hitori kiri de” in the end, but “Kyou made ikite kita desho hitori kiri de”
    Anyway, I’m nearly one year late…

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! And I’m happy that you pointed out something you think is off, it doesn’t matter how late it is (it’s not like you had to know this site or the song when I posted it). I make mistakes sometimes, either because I didn’t translate it right or because I didn’t check if everything’s in order.

      As I said at the end of the post, under the lyrics, they really say “kyou made”. I don’t really know why… 😀 Plus, Kashitaro is the one who wrote the lyrics. Maybe he just wanted to change it at that moment, for his version. Any singer can change the lyrics when singing.

      But in GUMI’s original version, it says “ima made” and the kanji 今=ima/now is used. In order for it to be read “kyou/today”, it would have needed to be like this: 今日

      • Yep, the fact that Kashitaro changed his own lyrics sounded strange to me ! Amatsuki could have made a mistake, but both of them… But I guess you’re right, maybe Kashitaro just changed his mind ! And I like both versions, so it doesn’t really matter, it was just bothering me 😀 Thanks for answering though !

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