[TL] Karneval Drama CD – Rinoru – Track 10. Extra

Karneval – Rinoll Drama CD – Track 10. Bangaihen (Extra)
カーニヴァル~リノル~ 10 番外編
Karneval Drama CD - Rinoru

01. I (カーニヴァル リノル)
02. II (カーニヴァル リノル)
03. III (カーニヴァル リノル)
04. IV (カーニヴァル リノル)
05. V (カーニヴァル リノル)
06. VI (カーニヴァル リノル)
07. VII (カーニヴァル リノル)
08. VIII (カーニヴァル リノル)
09. IX (カーニヴァル リノル)
10. 番外編 (カーニヴァル リノル) / Bangaihen/ Extra
11. 豪華キャスト陣によるトーク (ボーナストラック) / Gouka Kyasutojin ni Yoru Tooku / A Wonderful Cast talk

Nai – Shimono Hiro
Yogi – Miyano Mamoru
Gareki – Kamiya Hiroshi
Tsukumo: – Endo Aya
Hirato – Ono Daisuke
Akari – Hirakawa Daisuke
Tsukitachi – Yusa Kouji
Kiharu – Maeno Tomoaki
Kagiri – Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Uro – Suwabe Junichi

Rinoru Drama CD – Track 10.
Special – A request for Akari-sensei

Nai: – Ah, Gareki!
Yogi: – Gareki-kun! Found you ! We were going to Akari-sensei and we were just searching for you!
Gareki: – Why?
Nai: – You see, in the special track from the previous CD it was really popular with everyone so we were going to have Akari-sensei say the lines for the cover.
Gareki: – That was popular? You must be kidding.
Nai: – Come with us, Gareki!
Gareki: – No!
Yogi: – Well,well…it’s more fun to go together! Okay! Let’s go to Akari-sensei’s laboratory!
Gareki: – Listen to what people are saying!
Nai: – Go!

Yogi: – Akari-sensei, are you in?
Tsukumo: – Yogi!
Yogi: – Huh? It’s Tsukumo-chan. What is it? Where is Akari-sensei?
Tsukumo: – It seems Sensei’s not here. I was here for…
Nagi: – Huh! Tsukumo-chan, did you hurt your hand?
Tsukumo: – No, I didn’t! I hurt it with a needle when I was sewing, but it’s okay.
Gareki: – What’s that at your feet? Why are you searching through a first aid kit?
Tsukumo: – This got hooked with my sleeve a little ago, I’ll put it away immediately…Ah!
Yogi: – Whoa, are you okay? I’ll help you. Tsukumo-chan, you’re very reliable when you’re working, but when you’re not, you do a lot of cute mistakes sometimes.
Nai: – I’ll also help to clean it!
Tsukumo: – Thanks…
Gareki: – Nai, you put that in the wrong place! The disinfectant and the tweezers go here!
Nai: – Huh?
Yogi: – And the gauze and bandage goes here, right? All done!
Tsukumo: Thanks a lot, everyone.
Yogi: – You’re welcome!
Gareki: – So. Akari’s not here, so can I leave now?
Yogi: – Ah,wait!I’m sure he’ll be back soon…I think…
Nagi: – Ah, should someone else say Akari-sensei’s lines like Ryoushi-san did last time?
Yogi: – That may be nice! then, Gagreki-kun, please say these lines!
Gareki: – Why should I do it?
Yogi: – But! We got a looot of letters of disappointment saying that Gareki-kun didn’t have any lines last time!
Gareki: – Rather, it doesn’t make sense for me to say Akari’s lines, doesn it?
Yogi: – Huuh? Then what about singing?
Nai: – Gareki, are you gonna sing?
Gareki: – You’re all especially annoying when we’re recording this track. What’s with that thinking?
I’m leaving already.
Nai: – Wait!
Yogi: – Ah! Tsukumo-chan, let’s go too!
Tsukumo: – Yes.
Nai: – Hey! I’d really like to hear you singing, Gareki!
Tsukumo: – I’m also interested.
Yogi: – Right! hey, Gareki-kun, wait up! Wouldn’t you sing just a little?
Gareki: – Don’t screw around!

Hirato: – What are you doing, Akari-san?
Akari: – Huh? Hirato!
Hirato: – Why are you staying in a hidden place like this?
Did something happen?
Akari: – Nothing’s wrong. When I was returning from lunch, Yogi and the others were in my laboratory talking about stupid things, so I was just checking out what’s happening.
Hirato: – Ah, Yogi was saying he wanted to have you say some lines earlier and was searching for you.
Akari: – How stupid.
Hirato: – Why don’t you say it for them? It’s just some lines.
Akari: – I’m not so whimsy and free as you to cheerfully read out loud a worthless document.
Hirato: – Huh? You listened to my lines?
Akari: – My subordinates were listening to a recording. Try to put yourself in my place and be forced to listen that kind of thing.
Tsukitachi: – oh, there you are! Akari-chan!
Akari: – Tsukitachi! Don’t freaking call me so loudly, you bastard!
Tsukitachi: – What is it? you’re awfully worked up today again. I just passed by Gareki and he was also in a very bad mood. Yogi and the others were also chasing him trying to calm him.
Hirato: – Aren’t you glad, Akari-san? It seems they left.
Akari: – Hmpf. Now I can go back to work.
Tsukitachi: – More importanly, look at this! I found these when I was sorting out the shelves. Isn’t this photo nostalgic?
Hirato: – Which one? Oh, this is…
Ah, this is from when Akari-san was a lecturer at a government school.
Tsukitachi: – It’s from the time when we were attending Akari-chan’s lectures! Isn’t it nostalgic!
Hirato: – You bastards, what photographs are those? Let me see them!
Hirato: – Oops! Oh-oh, this is from the last day’s celebration party of our submarine topography investigation. I had heard that Akari-san confiscated and destroyed all the pictures from that day, but it seems there were some left.
Tsukitachi: – I was hiding it thinking something this interesting can be used as a drinking conversation! Well, though I’d forgotten where I’d hidden them.
Akari: – Hey! Give that to me!
Tsukitachi: – Okay. I still have the data.
Akari: – Bastard!
Hirato: – Oh, this also brings back memories. If I recall correctly, it’s from when there weren’t enough people for the recreation center…
Tsukitachi: – Ah! Akari-chan dressed badly in an animal costume was…!!
Hirato: – You two…get out of my sight immediately!

Kiharu: – Ah,what good weather! It’s best to take a nap in the shade of a tree on days like this!
Good night!
Kagiri: – Kiharu!
Kiharu: – Huh? What is it, Kagiri-san?
Kagiri: – Look at this!
Kiharu: – What is it? I was just going to take a nap.
Kagiri: – Just take a look and read this.
Kiharu: – Jeez, you’re pretty pushy, Kagiri-san!
What’s this note? Huuh…”1,2, sleep danger!”*1* huh? I don’t get it. Uh, this one’s…”I’ll lock away your fear with my gaze”?
Kagiri: – Isn’t this new? It seems that the Circus guys said some signature phrases, so doesn’t it piss off they’re the only ones who did it? So I thought some lines up to have Uro-san say them this time!
Kiharu: – Huuh? but aren’t these lines kinda idiotic?
Kagiri: – I think that something novel like this increases Uro-san appeal!
Kiharu: – Uh! Ka-Kagiri…san!
Kagiri: – I think that the best one’s this one…
Kiharu: – Kagiri-san!!
Uro: – Which one you said is the best?
Kiharu: – Yeah…Oh! Ah, you know…this is…
Uro: – Do you want me to say these?
Kiharu: – Ah…but those are…I wouldn’t force you to…
Uro: – “Let’s have a session with my violin and your death agony…” *2*
Are you satisfied?
Kiharu & Kagiri: – W-we’re sorry…

*1* I’m not sure what he says here, it may be just three,sleep or trip…whatever you can hear…It’s not that important.
*2* I don’t know but this is what he says! Maybe I just don’t get it!
Okay, guys, this was a request I got by mail a long time ago and that I neglected like an idiot. I’m really sorry! I really shouldn’t be doing requests because I let everyone down. This wasn’t the only track requested.


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