[TL] Karneval Drama CD 06 – Kemuri no Yakata – Track 12.Extra

Karneval Drama CD vol 06 – Kemuri no Yakata
ドラマCD カーニヴァル 煙の館
Karneval Drama CD - Kemuri no yakata
01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII
09. IX
10. X
11. XI
12. 番外編/ Bangaihen/ Extra 
13. 豪華キャスト陣によるテーマトーク (初回特典) (ボーナストラック)/ Gouka Kyasutojin ni Yoru Tema Tooku Shokai Tokuten (bonus Track) / A Wonderful Cast Theme Talk (Bonus Track)

Nai – Shimono Hiro
Gareki – Kamiya Hiroshi
Yogi – Miyano Mamoru
Jiki – Nakamura Yuuichi
Tsukumo – Endo Aya
Hirato – Ono Daisuke
Akari – Hirakawa Daisuke
Tsukitachi – Yusa Kouji
Eva – Honna Youko

Karneval – Kemuri no Yakata Drama CD  – Track 12 – Extra

Nai&Gareki: Extra-
Hirato: Cheers to introductions!
Yogi: The rising male’s spirit! The heart-throbbing sparkling Prince! Country Defense Organization Circus Fighter, Yogi, is here!
Nai: Whoa, Yogi, you’re cool!
Yogi: Thanks, everyone! Tell me anytime you want to see it again, Nai-chan!
Nai: Okay!
Jiki: Yogi-kun’s introduction is great, how should I say, as expected of Hirato-san! It’s nice because it’s so bright, isn’t it?
Tsukumo: Yes! I think it fits Yogi very well. he’s also very popular with the children when he’s dressed as Nyanperona.
Yogi: Ihihi! Thank you, Tsukumo-chan, Jiki-kun!
Gareki: Why did you settle on this one?
Yogi: Hmm? What did you say, Gareki-kun?
Gareki: I asked why you chose this kind of boring bad joke of an introduction?
Yogi: Bad joke…boring…? Eh? *depressed* *1*
Tsukumo: Yogi…
Nai: Yogi crouched down! What’s wrong, do you have a stomachache?
Jiki: Hahaha! Gareki-kun, you shouldn’t say that! Yogi’s pretty delicate despite his looks! Even he was bewildered to use that embarrassing introduction at first, you know ! But it was Hirato’san’s…gift *2* so he had no choice but to call himself a prince and all!
Yogi: E-embarrassing? My introduction is embarrassing?
Nai: Yogi, it’s cool!
Tsukumo: Yes, it’s lovely!
Jiki: Actually you’re supposed to think up of your introduction by yourself but Yogi-kun didn’t hand it in on time so this is Hirato-san’s punishment…I guess?
Yogi: I like my introduction very much! Really! I’m thankful to Hirato-san!
Nai: I also love it, Yogi!
Yogi: Nai-chan!! Hearing you say that, I…I !!!
Nai: Yogi, don’t cry! Doesn’t your stomach still hurt?
Yogi: No, it doesn’t! These are tears of happiness! I’m totally fine! I’m really happy and full of energy!
Nai: Really? That’s great!
Tsukumo: But when I handed in my introduction, Eva fixed it a bit as well. She said it was too mature *3*.
Jiki: Really? Tsukitachi-san also went ahead and modified– um, corrected it for me! Though whatever we may say, our superiors play around with us, don’t they? Those guys always do stupid things as they want!
Tsukumo: I’m sure that Tsukitachi-san just enjoys very much talking to Jiki-kun.
Jiki: Ehh? No,no,no! Tsukumo-chan! What kind of angel filtering do you have? *4* I want to lick those eyes of yours!
Tsukumo: Jiki-kun, human eyes aren’t supposed to be licked. They constantly tear up so they don’t get dry, too.
Yogi: Oh! Gareki-kun’s not saying anything.
Nai: Gareki! Are you hungry?
Gareki: Huh?
Yogi: Ah! Did you maybe worry because I was feeling down? I’m sorry! It’s not your fault, Gareki-kun!
Gareki: Huh? Sorry, did I say anything?
Yogi: Oh, so that’s not it! I’m glad!
Jiki: Should you be glad that he said that? Yogi-kun! Gareki-kun’s saying he completely doesn’t remember that he hurt you! hahaha!
Gareki: Hmm?
Yogi: Oh! Gareki-kun, are you reading a book? Were you bored? I’m sorry.
Gareki: No, not really.
Nai: There are so many pictures! Gareki, is that a picture book? I want to see it too!
Gareki: They’re not pictures you would like. You like pictures of animals and such, don’t you? This is a book about metal engineering. You don’t get subtraction schematics, do you?
Nai: They’re interesting figures!
Gareki: Okay,okay. Now don’t get in my way.
Jiki: Gareki-kun, you know…you love us a lot, don’t you?
Gareki: Huuh?
Jiki: Because you’re so uninterested in our conversation that you’re quietly reading books! Plus, our talking should be annoying when you’re reading! In spite of that you’ve been sitting on the sofa in front of us the whole time, haven’t you?
Gareki: it’s just troublesome to move somewhere else!
Jiki: Is that so? Aren’t you sitting there because you want to stay with us?
Gareki: Are you stupid?
Yogi: Gareki-kun!!
Tsukumo: That’s great, Gareki-kun! So you feel at ease beside us, don’t you?
Gareki: Wrong-!
Nai: I love being with Gareki!
Jiki: I’m so moved! you care about us deep in your heart!
Gareki: Don’t mess around! That’s not–
Yogi: Gareki-kun! I’m so moved! let’s play together! Let’s do something you also enjoy! I know! Why don’t we think up introductions together for a lot of people? It’s gonna be fun!
Gareki: That’s stupid! It’s just a waste of time!
Nai: Um! I’ll think about Yukkin’s introduction!
Tsukumo: Then I’ll think of Nai-kun’s.
Yogi: When we make it, let’s have someone say them for us!
Gareki: I’m telling you this before, but I’m definitely not saying those!

Hirato: And as I told you, Akari-sensei, my team members thought up introductions for the Research Tower personnel and brought it to me. This is the notebook on which they wrote. Please take a look.
Akari: I was wondering what you were going to say during a meeting…it seems your subordinates aren’t working at all so there’s no need to pay their salary. I’ll report it to our superiors.
Eva: Introductions for the Research tower? I saw that Yogi and the others were merry and noisy, so this is what they were doing?
Tsukitachi: Heeh? How are they? let me see them too.
Akari: Tsukitachi, leave it for later. After this meeting ends, you can do your stupid things as much as you want somewhere I’m not looking.
Hirato: There is an introduction for Akari-sensei as well.
Tsukitachi: Oh! Which one?
Akari: Let’s just continue our meeting. Then, about what we were talking about before…
Tsukitachi: Haha! Isn’t this introduction great? It fits Akari-chan so well!
Eva: I want to see too! I’m interested in Akari-sensei’s introduction! What is it like?
Tsukitachi: Look, here.
Eva: This?
Tsukitachi: Yeah, yeah. And this one too.
Akari: Here is a sample last month’s report about the progress observation. The report has 58 pages, and an interesting change has been noticed. — (talking away simultaneously)
Hirato: What about this one? I think it’s pretty well done.
Tsukitachi: Hey, Eva, don’t laugh so strangely! just laugh normally!
Eva: But we’re in a meeting.
Akari: (stops talking about whatever) Yes, we’re in a meeting, so shut up, bastards.
Hirato: Akari-san, calm down.
Akari: You’re the one throwing things out of order, aren’t you?!
Tsukitachi: Everyone’s gotten excited, so let’s end the meeting for a bit and drink some tea!
Eva: What a good idea! I was feeling thirsty!
Akari: And now you wanna get drunk?! Really, I can’t talk to you! I’m leaving.
Eva: Well, well, Sensei, just for a bit. Sheep, bring us some alcohol!
Tsukitachi & Eva: Cheers!
Akari: Jeez, when will we restart the meeting already?
Tsukitachi: But you”re also drinking, Akari-chan!
Akari: Hmph!
Tsukitachi: Haha….And…more importantly…um…
Hirato: Akari-san, please try saying this introduction a bit.
Tsukitachi: As expected of Hirato! He goes straight to the point!
Akari: Don’t mess with me!
Tsukitachi: Isn’t that all right? What about saying your introduction loudly before talking in the Round Table of Z’s meetings from now on? In a group’s structured society it’s the ones who stand out that get promoted!
Akari: Those who can’t get promoted if they don’t stand out are just incompetents! And their superiors who can’t even see that are also just incompetents!
Eva: But introducing yourself makes you pumped up, doesn’t it?
Hirato: It’s this one, Akari-san.
Akari: Don’t show me this stupid text! Let me explain to you why I’m still here; it’s because I’m waiting for you to to sign these documents! I want to continue my work as soon as possible! Sign these already!
Hirato: It seems there is no other choice. It seems Akari-san won’t say his introduction no matter what, so I will just imagine it in my mind.
Akari: What did you say…?
Tsukitachi: Oh! Then I think I’ll also imagine it! If Akari-chan would say this introduction…
Akari: The heart rate is a sinful sound. It’s an unrivaled carnal desire turned to me. Waving my white robe, administering the gods’ summons, I am Akari from the Country Defense Organization Research Tower. Take off your clothes.”
Hirato: Hahahaha!
Eva: Whoa…Hirato burst into laughter!
Tsukitachi: Haha! This imagination’s too much!
Eva: Sensei, calm down.
Tsukitachi: The last part with “take off your clothes” is probably made thinking of a medical examination, but no matter how you listen to that, Akari-chan turns into a plain pervert! Hahaha…
Hirato: Hahaha!
Eva: The one who thought up this introduction’s probably Jiki.
Akari: Bastards…you’re so rude to imagine things by yourself and laugh at someone!
Eva: Sensei! Your blood pressure will raise so you shouldn’t get angry! It’s foolish to take seriously those drunkards’s jokes!
Akari: They didn’t drink enough to get drunk!
Hirato: Hahaha…excuse me. Then, let me sign the documents…
Tsukitachi: Whoa…Akari-chan poured wine on Hirato’s face.
Akari: And…I’ll do this!
Eva: Sensei! If you push those papers on Hirato’s face, they will get wet!
Akari: Hmph. Ah, that’s fine. Hirato, you can sign these with your face. And, Tsukitachi, that goes for you too.
Tsukitachi: Oh! Wait! Akari-chan, put that wine down! Whoa, that was close!
Akari: Wait, Tsukitachi!
Hirato: Haha….
Eva: Hey, Hirato. Would you please stop smiling with wine dripping on your face? It’s scary.
Akari: Tsukitachi!
Tsukitachi: Whoa! It’s cold!

*1* He actually said that kind of sound effect (for depressed).
*2* He’s very ironic when he says present.
*3* I hope you get that she means it sounded too grown up, not too vulgar.
*4* Meaning she filters everything to look pretty and nice.


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