Karneval Character Song vol.05 Gareki – 03. Original Short Drama [TL]

Karneval Character Song vol.05 Gareki – 03. Original Short Drama
TVアニメ「カーニヴァル」キャラクターソング Vol.5 花礫(CV.神谷浩史)
karneval chara cd v05 Gareki

01. Reach for the sky
02. Reach for the sky (Off Vocal)
03. オリジナルショートドラマ / Original Short Drama

Release Date : 21 August 2013
Gareki (Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi)
Nai (Seiyuu: Shimono Hiro)
Sheep (Seiyuu: Igarashi Hiromi)

Gareki Character Song v.05 – 03. Original Short Drama


Sheep: – Good morning, baa! It’s morning, Nai. Wake up, baa!
Nai: – Good morning, Sheep-san!
Sheep: – Nai. Body temperature, heartbeat- normal disposition – normal. No change.
Gareki! It’s morning, baa. Wake up, baa. Gareki! It’s morning, baa. Wake up, baa.
Gareki: – How annoying. Let me sleep a bit more.
Sheep: – Gareki. Body temperature, heartbeat- normal disposition – normal. No change.
Gareki: Of course! I’m sleepy, leave me alone.
Sheep: You passed the time limit, baa. Sheep morning system waking up mode, soft version – activated.
Gareki: Ah! ow!
Nai: – Gareki!
Gareki: – What the hell are you doing?
Sheep: – Waking up confirmed. Good morning, baa!
Gareki: – Don’t mess with me! What if I got hit in a bad spot? What part of this is ‘soft’?
Sheep: – Today you need to go to the Research Tower for your physical examination, baa. It’s after Yogi skipped it too much. “If Nai and Gareki are even a minute late, Akari-san will start pouting and you won’t be able to deal with him anymore. Make sure they aren’t late'”, baa. That’s what Hirato said.
Gareki: – I don’t care! Why should we be in trouble because of his skipping out? That pisses me off. I had just fallen asleep!
Nai: – Gareki, are you okay? Do you hurt anywhere?
Gareki: – I’m not okay. Plus, your way of waking us up is too crude.
Nai: – Yogi said the same thing. He was in pain because the sheep activated their waking up mode on him.
Gareki: – He’s one of Circus’s combatants so maybe he doesn’t have a problem with being beaten up by the sheep but I’m an outsider! Why am I treated the same way?
Sheep: – Hirato said that I should treat you softly because you are guarded people, bee.
Gareki: – How is that soft?
Sheep: – I have been properly running in soft mode, bee!
Nai: – What does it mean we are guarded people? *1*
Gareki: – It’s people like us Circus put in house arrest.
Nai: – Me and Gareki?
Sheep: – Tsukumo said you are comrades and Yogi called you family, bee.
Gareki: – What’s that? It’s stupid.
Nai: – Is Yogi coming with us to the medical examination?
Sheep: – Yogi went a bit ahead.
Nai: – So he left already…
Gareki: – He kept skipping it so now his examination will need more time, right?
Sheep: – He left this for you two.
Gareki: – What’s this?
Nai: – Nyanperona! It’s different that usual…?
Gareki: – It’s obvious that it’s different from the size in the first place. It’s also made of something else…
Sheep: – It’s a Mini Nyanperona Robot, bee. It’s the prototype model of a new Nyanperona item.
Gareki: – Did that guy do some original dangerous thing again? He never learns. Wait…isn’t it just a yellow new thing that looks like a shitty cat?
Sheep: – He says he’d use this as a base for a new item proposal.
Gareki: – That’s so messy.
Nai: – Nice to meet you, Mr. Robot! yeah, i also want to get along well with you!
Gareki: – Do you understand what it says?
Nai: – Um…
Gareki: – What, it’s just random?
Nai: – Yeah! Mr Robot, it’s not random, right?
Gareki: – Why are you communicating?
Sheep: – It’s time for breakfast. Let’s go to the cafeteria.
Nai: – I wonder what’s fro breakfast today! Right, I hope it’s something tasty! Yeah, me too!
Gareki: – You’re something else.

Sheep: – Here, some toasted bread with a lot of butter.
Nai: – Yay! Thanks for the food! It’s so delicious! Gareki, aren’t you eating? It’s good!
Gareki: – I don’t need it.
Nai: – You eat shaved ice everyday lately.
Sheep: – So you can’t forget forget the taste of the ice cream you ate in Rinoll? But it’s not good for your health to eat too much.
Gareki: – Shut up, leave me alone. I like this, is it wrong?
Nai: – I also like shaved ice! It makes my head go “ding”
Gareki: – I hate that. Okay, I guess I’ll have the red one today.
Nai: – Gareki, is it tasty?
Gareki: – Yeah, it’s good. But my head hurts.
Nai: – Mr. Robot, do you want to eat shaved ice?
Gareki: – Quit it. It’ll probably rust, wouldn’t it? It’s also made roughly. no way, it’s running on full power?
Nai: – Gareki, Mr. Robot is troubled! Ah…Gareki…your eyes are red! What’s wrong?
Gareki: – It’s probably because the sheep woke me up forcefully. It’s just lack of sleep. Last night I had a strange dream and then I couldn’t fall back to sleep for some reason so it became morning while I was reading a book I borrowed from Hirato.
Nai: – Gareki, you met *2* a dream last night?
Gareki: – Huh, a dream? Well, yeah, I saw one.
Nai: – What kind of dream did you have?
Gareki: – Why?
Nai: – I want to know what you dreamt of! Tell me?
Gareki: – No way I’m telling you.
Nai: – Why? I want to know what you dreamt of! Tell me! Tell me, Gareki!
Gareki: – You’re starting to sound like Yogi!
Nai: – tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!
Gareki: – Shut up! Hurry and eat your breakfast!
Sheep: – Our schedule has changed. We will go to the Research Tower in the afternoon.
Gareki: – So you woke me up for nothing!
Sheep: – It seems Yogi’s medical examination will take more than expected. You two will also be examined by Akari. You need to wait until he is done with Yogi.
Nai: – I wonder if Yogi’s okay…
Gareki: – He reaps what he sows.
Sheep: – You have free time until in the afternoon.
Nai: – Yay! What are you going to do, Gareki?
Gareki: – Of course, I’ll sleep.
Nai: – So you’re going to meet *2* a dream?
Gareki: – Don’t speak in that weird way!
Nai: – I also want to meet one! I’m going with you!
Gareki: – Don’t mess around. I’m sleeping alone. Don’t bother me!
Nai: – Gareki left. Let’s play together, Mr. Robot!
What should we play? Yeah! Let’s play hide and seek! I’ll be “it” *3*. Will you hide, Mr. Robot? then, I’ll start counting! 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…


Gareki: – Stop it…Don’t come closer!
Nai:(in the distance) Are you ready?
Gareki: – Stop it! Don’t come closer!
Gareki: – Ah…what…? huh? The Robot? Hey, are you okay…? Are you for real? It’s wrecked.
*door opens*
Nai: – Mr. Robot?
Gareki: – Damn! Wait, I didn’t do it intentionally! It fell when I hit it accidentally with my hand!
Nai: – Mr. Robot… *starts bawling*
Gareki: – Hey…Don’t cry! Hey! tsk, what’s with you, jeez!
Sheep: – Did something happen?
Gareki: – Sheep!
Nai: – Mr. Robot!
Gareki: – Do something about this guy!
Sheep: – Nai, what’s wrong?
Sheep 2: – Are you okay?
Sheep: – Calm down.
Gareki: – I’m leaving Nai to you.
Gareki: – I’m sure it was around here…Found it.

Gareki: – *yawn* Why do I have to do this?

Gareki: – Where’s Nai?
Sheep: – He’s tired from crying and he’s sleeping now.
Gareki: – Then leave this around there somewhere.
Sheep: – Did you fix it, Gareki?
Gareki: – Idiot! Don’t push that!
Nai: – Hm…Huh? Mr. Robot? How? Are you feeling better?
Sheep: – Gareki fixed it.
Nai: – Gareki! Thanks!
Gareki: – It’s nothing…I was the one who broke it anyway.
Nai: – You know! I saw you in my dream! You were carrying Mr. Robot and were getting along with him! I was really happy! So thanks!
Gareki: – Huh? What are you saying? How can you say those embarrassing things so easily? Jeez.
Nai: – Hehehe. It’s a happy feeling to meet a dream!
Gareki: – That’s stupid. I’m so tired.
Nai: – Gareki?
Gareki: – I’m sleeping this time for sure. Don’t bother me!
Sheep: – It’s time we go to the Research Tower.
Gareki: – Eh! Let me sleep!

*1* The sheep uses stiffer sounding words for this. I’d have written they are in Circus’s care but that would have sounded too normal..and it turned out strange, but the sheep says it like that.
*2* He really says “meet”.
*3* He’ll be the seeker

Wow it’s so wonderful when the lines are not full of scientific words or things like that! The track from Hirato and Akari’s CD killed me!


One thought on “Karneval Character Song vol.05 Gareki – 03. Original Short Drama [TL]

  1. Can you translate the others short dramas of karneval character songs?? I search for all the short dramas but I just can find the short dramas that you translate (gareki short drama and hirato and akari short drama). Can you translate the others?? I really like karneval and I would like to understand what they are talking about in the sort dramas.

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