[TL] Karneval Character Song vol.03 Hirato & Akari – 05. Original Short Drama

Karneval Character Song vol.03 Hirato & Akari – Track 05. Original Short Drama
カーニヴァル – キャラクターソングVol.3 平門( CV.小野大輔), 燭( CV.平川大輔)

01. La fin de l’éclipse
02. La fin de l’éclipse 平門 PART Ver. (Hirato Part Verison)
03. La fin de l’éclipse 燭 PART Ver. (Akari Part Version)
04. La fin de l’éclipse(OFF VOCAL)
05. オリジナルショートドラマ / Original Short Drama  (13:27)

Release date: 10 July 2013
Hirato – Ono Daisuke (CV.小野大輔)
Akari – Namikawa Daisuke (CV.平川大輔)
Tsukitachi – Yusa Kouji (浅野 要二)

Track 05 – Original Short Drama


Akari: – He’s late…It’s past 5 minutes our meeting time. What’s happening?
No…why should I, who’s been made to wait, do something? This is a waste of time. I need to focus on my work.
Eh! For now, I’ll have a cup of coffee.
Hm…choosing these beans was the right choice, after all. They’re effectve. Even though just for a moment, I was able to forget my stress.

*knock knock*    
Tsukitachi: – Hey! Akari-chan!
Akari: – You’re late!
Tsukitachi: – O-oh…What’s with you all of a sudden? Why are you angry?
Akari: What kind of nerves do you have? You’ve made me wait so much! Sould I dissect you a bit and check?
Tsukitachi: – Don’t say such scary things! I just made you wait for a little bit.
Akari: – You’re late a whole 8 minutes!
Tsukitachi: – 8 minutes are just a bit, aren’t they?
Akari: – For a researcher, 5 minutes are not “a bit”! In 8 minutes I could have even do a sterilised investigation on a cell culture. If I were quick, I coud even take a nap!
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, did you work all night again? It’s good to be enthusiastic in your work, but that’s not good for your health!
Akari: – Your existence itself is worse for my health!
Tsukitachi: – W-well…calm down a little…I even brought you what you wanted. Look, it’s properly here!
Akari: – Give it here!
Tsukitachi: – Hey…How much trouble do you think it was to get this? I went all the way and climbed a mountain to take this after my work. Thanks to that, I also worked all night!
Akari: – I don’t care. That doesn’t concern me.
Tsukitachi: – Haha…you’re giving me that…
Akari: – I hate to wait. Give it to me already.
Tsukitachi: – Okay, okay, I got it.
Akari: – A Scarabeid Mantis…*1* I finally got my hands on it. It’s my first time seeing the actual thing. Hey, it’s locked.
Tsukitachi: – Wait a bit. I’ll give you the key now. Um…
Akari: – Hurry up!
Tsukitachi: – You’re always so impatient! By the way, I kinda feel a nice scent but what is it from?
Akari: – It’s Kopi Luwak *2*. It’s a type of beans of highest grade that has the title of the King of Coffee.
Tsukitachi: – You know…in this kind of situation…wouldn’t you normally ask me if I want a cup? I worked pretty hard to grant your wish, Akari-chan.
Akari: – I don’t have any Kopi Luwak to give you.
Tsukitachi: – Well, I guess the normal doesn’t apply for Akari-chan.
Akari: – Give me the key already.
Tsukitachi: – Ah, okay okay, Here you go.
Akari: – Jeez. Thanks to you, I wasted a lot of time.

Akari: – Oh! It’s bigger than what I saw in the encyclopedia. Plus, it’s not just a Scarabeid Mantiloda. It’s a subspecies! Its wings are also splendid! 1,2,3… it also has 6 legs! Two antennae, no damaged parts.
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, how can you touch it so carefully?
Akari: – It’s head is an inverted triangle, it’s compound eyes and big jaw are well developed!
Tsukitachi: – So you like that bug but I bug you. *3*
Akari: – Pff
Tsukitachi: – Ah, you laughed! As I thought, you were pretending not to hear me!
Akari: – Shut up! You’re in the way of my observation! Disappear! Ush,ush!
Tsukitachi: – Okaay!
I don’t really get what makes Akari-chan laugh.
Akari: – The Scarabeid Mantiloda is carnivorous and it’s also does acts of cannibalism so it breeds independently. I’ll organize my research laboratory and fix its environment.
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan! I’m going to drink some coffee!
Akari: – Don’t talk to me.
Tsukitachi: – Okay,okay. Then I’ll do what I want.
Huuh? This is tasty! It’s just right. It’s been a long time since I last drank such good coffee!
Akari: – Hmpf. That’s obvious. More importantly, tell me more about the capturing place.
Tsukitachi: – Ah…inside a giant lotus flower that grows in the dense forest. When I found it, it looked as if it was sprawling on the flower. It was sitting there with this huge attitude.
Akari: – An arrogant attitude…huh? Hah. That sounds like someone.
Tsukitachi: – Yeah, yeah! It sound like someone! We’re probably thinking of the same guy right now.
*knowck knock*
Akari: – Come in.
*door opens*

Hirato: – Excuse me. Akari-san, I brought you the documents you asked for.
Tsukitachi: – Hi, Hirato! Speak of the devil, huh? *4*
Hirato: – What do you mean?
Akari: – You came at the right moment. Take this guy with you and disappear together. And don’t show your faces to me ever again.
Tsukitachi: – That’s so mean! Who was it who caught your scarab something?
Akari: – Results are what count. I don’t care about the process.
Hirato: – That is a bug you don’t see often.
Akari: – Of course it is! It only grows next to active volcanos and it’s an endangered species, after all. Look at these splendid wings! Vivid colours like these are rare!
Hirato: – Heh…
Akari: – What?
Hirato: – It’s nothing. You looked like a child who got a new toy.
Tsukitachi: – He’s exactly a kid! Just before, he was counting its legs with a sparkling smile! I wish you could’ve seen it! It was so funny! hahaha
Akari: – Get out! And don’t come back!
Tsukitachi: – Wait! That’s dangerous! I’m holding a cup of coffee! Argh, no! Hirato, give me a towel!
Hirato: – If tissues are enough…
Tsukitachi: – Thanks.
Akari: – Do you think some tissues will fix it? Get out of the way! What did you do! Out of all things, you just had to pur coffee on an endangered species!
Tsukitachi: – That’s because you pushed me in th first place…
Akari: – Don’t pass the responsibility!
Hirato: – I’m sorry to bother you when you are busy, but…Akari-san…is this a normal condition?
Tsukitachi: – Huh? The bug’s growing into a giant!
Akari: – That’s impossible…It’s not written anywhere that it can grow enormously.
Tsukitachi: – No way! It broke the insect cage!
Hirato: – This is bad.
Akari: – What are you two doing? Turn it back quickly!
Tsukitachi: – Even if you say that…
Hirato: – I would like to grant your wish, but…
Tsukitachi: – That’s impossible! Oh, it’s flying!
Akari: – Hurry and do something about it!
Hirato: – I understand. Vacuum– *5*
Akari: – Wait! That’s an endangered species! Catch it alive! Don’t injure it!
Tsukitachi: – *sigh*…Akari-chan…
Hirato: – I understand.
Tsukitachi: – Okay, Hirato! Let’s attack on both sides!
Hirato: – Roger! Oh no…Did I hit the bookshelf? Uh…the books…
Akari: – Hirato! Did you do that on purpose, bastard?
Hirato: – Of course not. It’s a misunderstanding. Tsukitachi, it’s going your way!
Tsukitachi: – Leave it to me! Banshee! Activate! Captue the target! Go! Ah!
Akari: – You bastards!!
Tsukitachi: – Sorry, Akari-chan! Well…it’s more important to catch that bug than to apologize, right?
Hirato: – It’s quick. It’s pretty hard to catch.
Tsukitachi: – Its movements are too fast!
Akari: – Do something! If it goes like this, the laboratory will collapse!
Hirato: – We are doing our best. Please wait for a bit.
Tsukitachi: – It’s pretty tough…It would be good if it had some kind of weakness…
Akari: – I know! I’ll send a picture to the Research Tower and have them search for it in the database. Why didn’t I do that in the first place? Buy some time until I get the data!
Hirato: – Understood.
Tsukitachi: – You made us be serious! Get ready! Eh? What kind of soudn was that?
Hirato: – Hey…Its forelegs transformed into a giant sickle! What happened?
Hirato: – Didn’t it go into combat mode because you stirred it up, Tsukitachi?
Tsukitachi: – Is it my fault?! Whoops! That was close for real!
Hirato: – If you had taken that straight it would have probably been pretty painful.
Tsukitachi: – Don’t say that with a straight face!

Akari: – It’s a reply from the database! The Scarabeid Mantiloda in an insect that belongs to the beetle family and it has a docile disposition but-
Tsukitachi: – That’s a lie!
Akari: – Don’t cut me off! There’s more!
If it comes in contact with outside change and it combines with with bacteriophage it grows and its forelegs transform in sickles…Oh! I see!
Tsukitachi: – What is it? Don’t comprehend everything by yourself and tell us the trick too!
Akari: Kopi Luwak depends on the civet cat’s  digestive enzyme functioning and enteric bacteria. On short, it’s a fermentation resulted from the phage…
Tsukitachi: – Your explanation’s too long! Akari-chan, skip to the conclustion!
Akari: – The Kopi Luwak beans are picked from the civet cat’s excrements!
Tsukitachi: – No way! I was drinking feces? And I found it delicious!
Akari: – It was actually tasty so stop complaining!
Hirato: – If the phage is at fault, what about doing a growth degrading?
Akari: – This is a simple idea, but you can say it’s a realistic compromise. Okay, pour water on it!
Tsukitachi: – So you’re saying it’s going to calm down if we pour water on it? For real?
Hirato: – We have no choice than to do it.
Tsukitachi: – So we can only trust in that!
Hirato: – Yeah.
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, where do we find water?
Akari: – There is water in the cisterns for experiment use. Use any of those!
Hirato: – Tsukitachi, I’ll corner it. Get ready.
Tsukitachi: – I got it!
Hey, scarab-something! Prepare yourself! This time for sure, I’ll…!
Hirato: – Now!
Tsukitachi: – Okay!
Ah! It cut my clothes!
Akari: – As expected from a Scaraberid Mantiloda. It has efficient moves.
Hirato: – Akari-san, now is not the time to observe it calmly.
Akari: – I know that! Tsukitachi, do your job better!
Tsukitachi: – Jeez! Don’t say that as if it desn’t concern you!
Hirato: – Tsukitachi, it went that way!
Tsukitachi: – I’ll catch it this time for sure! One, two…! *splash* Yes! Got it!

Hirato: – Oh…it stopped moving…?
Tsukitachi: – Huh? Did it maybe…die?
Akari: – What?
Tsukitachi: – Was the water pressure too strong…?
Well…for now…it’s a case closed, right?
Akari: – No way it is. The laboratory’s a mess because of you two! Plus, of all things, you killed the Scarabeid Mantiloda I went to so much trouble getting my hands on!
Tsukitachi: – I was the one who had trouble getting it…
Akari: – Now you can’t complain no matter what I do to you, can you…? You committed that big of a crime.
Tsukitachi: – W…wait…what do you plan on doing, Akari-chan…?
Akari: – Hehehe…
Tsukitachi: – So scary! Hey, Hirato, do something about him!
Hirato: – I only came to deliver some documents, so I’ll excuse myself now.
Tsukitachi: – Hey! Are you running away? That bastard!
Akari: – Prepare yourself, Tsukitachi.
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan…!
Akari: – Eh! *throws water on him*
Tsukitachi: – That’s cold! Akari-chan, I’m not a bug!
Akari: – Give me back my Scarab Mantiloda!
Tsukitachi: – Help!!
*1* It’s a scarabeid…but he says another word after that. Meaning it’s probably a certain sort od scarabeid, but I can’t find out no matter what so I’ll add Mantiloda after carabeid because he says sukarabe mantiro-da so clearly (I think) a lot of times…I thought of writing Mantis because it’s a canibal and has shackle forelegs but I’ll leave it at this.
This fact doesn’t affect the story at all.
*2* a type of coffee beans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopi_Luwak
*3* Literally, he says that Akari is ignoring him for the bug. But he uses two words that are read the same and makes a pun. “mushi” can mean “to ignore” but also can mean “bug”.I tried to make some sense in the translation, too…
*4* in case you don’t know the expression or don’t realize, it means they were just talking about him and he appeared.
*5* I’m not sure about this one, I saw that Hirato’s special attack is called Vacuum and I wrote it. Whatever he’s saying, it’s an attack name anyway.


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