[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 27 – Vivace Kiss

Kiss x Kiss Collection vol.27 – Vivace Kiss
Vol.27 「ヴィヴァーチェキス」 聖澤 遥 (CV:松岡 禎丞)
kiss x kiss 27 (matsuoka yoshitsugu)Tracklist:
01. タイトルコール Title Call (00:24)
02. 桜の妖精 Sakura no Yousei/ Cherry Blossom Fairy (02:30)
03. きみの部屋 Kimi no Heya / Your Room (02:12)
04. あいあいがさ Aiaigasa / Sharing an Umbrella (02:44)
05. ぼくの部屋 Boku no Heya / My Room (02:44)
06. ぼくの夢 Boku no Yume / My Dream (03:39)
07. 夏の思い出 Natsu no Omoide / Summer Memories (03:19)
08. 初めての Hajimete no / The first (01:38)
09. 不器用なきみ Bukiyou na kimi / Clumsy you (03:14)
10. 格好悪いぼく Kakkowarui Boku / Uncool me (02:48)
11. きみの一番 Kimi no Ichiban / Your Number One (02:20)
12. ぼくの弱さ Boku no Yowasa / My Weakness (04:00)
13. がんばる理由 Ganbaru Riyuu / Why I do my Best (02:51)
14. きみの夢 Kimi no Yume / Your Dream (03:24)

Character: Hijirisawa Haruka
Seiyuu: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (松岡 禎丞)

Hijirikawa Haruka Character Profile
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Date of birth: 9 March
Age: 15 years old
Blood Type: A
Occupation: High School First Year
Hobbies: Violin
Notes: a gentle boy with a special atmosphere
“Because I grew up in a wealthy family, I also have  an easily hurt side.”
k x k27
(source: http://www.air-agency.co.jp/label/shop/kisskiss/kk27.html)

English Translation:

Track 01 – Title Call

Kiss Kiss Collection – Vol 27 – Vivace Kiss
Hijirisawa Haruka

I don’t want to hold back anymore.
Let me kiss you a lot.

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Track 02 – Sakura no Yousei/ Cherry Blossom Fairy

Your uniform fits you really well. In grade school we wore plain clothes and in middle school I only saw you in pictures, it feels really fresh.
I’m so glad I made it in time for the highschool entrance. Because I can go to school together with you again like this.

Hmm? what’s wrong, spacing out like that? Did I say something strange?
What? “It’s like I’m dreaming”?
After that memorable reunion, you still can’t believe I’m back?
I came to see you because the cherry blossoms bloomed!
Heheh, huh? This was actually my best thought line though…
Did it fail?
I thought about it with all my might on the plane when I came back!

If you can’t believe it that much, do you want to touch to see whether it’s a dream or not?
Look, I’m here, right? I’m genuinely your boyfriend.
I’m back.

Well, I got the urge to say it again… I’m sorry it took so long…
Thank you for waiting for me.
“Until when?”
Do you mean until when I’ll be staying in Japan?
If you wish for it, I’ll stay as long as you want.
I’ll never leave your side again.

Track 03 – Kimi no Heya / Your Room

Ah! Welcome back! Sorry for entering your room on my own.
Yeah, that’s right.
Auntie *1* said that you’d be back soon so I can go to your room again.
Nevertheless, your room got really cute in the time I haven’t been here. It gives off the feeling of a girl’s room and it kind of makes me nervous.

Huh? Why I came here?
Of course, I came to see you.
Because even though I finally came back to Japan, I was busy with all kind of documents and I couldn’t really find the time to meet you. I also wanted to greet Auntie properly.

Ah…is it a nuisance by any chance? That I came over so suddenly… Maybe I was a bit conceited? Sorry. Are you angry?
“I’m not angry, but…”
“Tell me before you come so I can clean my room”?
Eh? Isn’t it tidy enough?
Plus I don’t mind that kind of thing.
We lived apart until now so I want to see you a lot to make up for the time I couldn’t.
You’re finally by my side so I don’t want to hold back anymore.
That’s why… let me kiss you a lot.

Track 04 – Aiaigasa / Sharing an Umbrella

You’ll get wet if you walk so far away.
Come closer to me and grab on to my arm.
Hehe… It feels so nice to be so close to you.
But is it all right? Didn’t you say you promised to go out with your friends?
“You’d become drenched and catch a cold so I can’t leave you alone”?
I’m happy for that but it’s kinda uncool, isn’t it?

Somehow I don’t like umbrellas much. It’s hard to carry around, and I’ll definitely forget it somewhere, so if it’s not raining when I go out I don’t take one with me even if the chance of raining is high. Because there’s a chance for this kind of unexpected wonderful happening. I love rain.

Huh? It’s strange? Is that so…?
But doesn’t rain calm your heart when you’re at home? The sound of the water drops is like music, and the other noises are all hidden by that sound. There was a time when I went out without an umbrella because I wanted to blend with that sound.
Will you let me under your umbrella like this when it’ll rain suddenly again? Make this place my own private seat, okay?

Ah…we already got home… When I’m with you it seems just a split second.
Oh! Wait a bit. I’ll go get my umbrella. This time I’ll walk you home.

Track 05 – Boku no Heya / My Room

We often used to listen to this song together when we were little, didn’t we? It’s so nostalgic. We fell asleep without noticing while lying down like this listening to it. Then when we woke up, sometimes it was already evening.

Ah…this violin solo…you often used to pester me to play it.
Heheh. When I think about it, I think it was a pretty impossible request. This part is unexpectedly hard. Plus, at that time I had only started learning to play the violin.
Yeah…I think I could play it better now. I practiced every day over there*2* as well.
What? “Try playing it”, you say?
Heh… It’s also nostalgic to hear your requests. That’s right…
But let’s leave that for next time. I’m not playing the violin today.
Because I’m flirting with you today.

Heh…what’s wrong? Are you shy?
What’s that? Now you’re pretending to sleep?
Or…are you really sleeping?

Heh…if you intend to continue staying like that, maybe I’ll do what I want. I’m not responsible for whatever happens. *kiss*
I love you.

Track 06 –  Boku no Yume / My Dream

The stars are pretty, aren’t they? It’s great the sky is clear.
Orihime and Hikoboshi*3* were able to meet, right? You know, that story about them only being able to meet once a year, on the day of the Tanabata festival*4*. That’s Orihime’s star, called Vega. And the Milky Way is that… way… and on the opposite to it that’s Hikoboshi’s…uhm…well…what was it?
Wait! Don’t say it! I’ll remember now! I’m sure…it starts with an “a”…um…aa..aaa….Altair! That was it! Is it right? I’m so glad…

But, you know, I intended to remember it so I’ll show off in front of you, but I can’t believe you know more than me… I guess it’s no good to pretend. Heheh

I wonder… do Orihime and Hikoboshi become anxious while they’re apart from each other?
The truth is that when I came back to Japan the first thing I did was go see you. But when I got in front of your house I got somehow scared and went back. Even though I wanted to see you so much. “What if she likes someone else now?”, “What if she forgot how I look like?” I had those kinds of thoughts and became anxious. But when I met you, all my worries flew away somewhere.
I’m really happy to be able to look at the stars like this with you.
Hey, what wish did you write on your paper strip *5*? “Health for my family and a higher allowance”? That’s so like you! “And then…for your dream to come true”? My dream…huh?
Hey? Will you listen to what I wished for too?
I wished to be able to be with you forever.
Heheh, I said it!

Track 07 – Natsu no Omoide / Summer Memories

You have to light sparklers at the end after all, right? I like to light this bundle at the same time! It’s really refreshing!

Eh? You’re saying it’s not elegant? I got it…I’ll light them one after another…If I light them all at once, they become a bigger ball and it has more impact tough…

I know! Let’s see which one of my and your sparkler lasts longer! The one who loses has to listen to anything the other says! What about it?
Okay! Then let’s start!
Heeh! It’s small, but it’s pretty. It gives the impression of a Japanese summer.
In the end, I didn’t finish my homework…As I thought, it was impossible to finish all that in one day. In the first place, if they give us so much homework you can’t call this a vacation!

Huh? You’re asking if I should be lighting fireworks in this situation? Yes, I should! What kind of summer vacation is that if I don’t make any memories with you? Actually, I wanted to make more and more memories with you but…
I see an opportunity! *kiss*
Ah…hahaha! You dropped your sparkler! I win!
I didn’t cheat! We didn’t decide on any rule that says not to disturb the opponent, right? I won’t listen to your excuses because you lost!
Hehe…so you’ll listen to what I say, huh?
Right…there’s something I want, but…is it all right to ask for it?

“What do you want?” That’s obvious, right? What I wish for is…always the same. *kiss*

Won’t you make a last summer vacation memory with me?
What? “If you finish your homework by tomorrow”??!!
No wayy!!

Track 08 – Hajimete no / The First

When I first kissed you…I didn’t really know if I loved you or not…but my heart was beating very fast and I felt as if I was doing something I shouldn’t…Maybe just like I feel now…?

Heheh…it tickles? Bear with it a bit!

Look this way…

Do you know what I want to do now? It’s all right…you can pretend to sleep again. You’re so clumsy…

Track 09 – Bukiyou na kimi / Clumsy you

Ahh! Don’t, stop it! I said no! It will heal even if you leave it alone! Oww!
I told you to stop! I hate stinging!
Jeez…I only tripped and grazed myself a bit…you’re exaggerating. Scratches heal faster if you only wash them a bit with water! Dad said so.

It’ not like I want you to stop just because it hurts!
I’ll put the bandage on by myself, after all! You’re clumsy as always! Why does it look like that? Ow! Ow! ow! A, ouch! Don’t tear off the band-aid so suddenly! Jeez! I don’t know anymore if you’re treating me or hurting me!

Ah! Huh? You’re pouting, by any chance? Hey, give me another band-aid.
I bared with the pain, so give me a smooch!
Why don’t you want to? You did it a lot when we were kids…You said “good boy, you didn’t cry after falling down”, or “you did your best playing the violin”! That’s why I could do my best in a lot of things! You don’t like me anymore?

Ah! “That’s not true!” Heheh! Then, will you prove it to me?

N! Nnnnnn! Huh? A kiss on the cheek? But it’s important that you initiated it! Heheh. Thanks. I also love you more than anything in the world!

Track 10 – Kakkowarui Boku / Uncool me

Jeez! I apologized many times already for being late! What should I do to improve your mood? I’m sorry for making you wait! That’s why…let’s go eat already!
Hey…I don’t want to argue over this kind of thing on your birthday…

Huh? Ah…uh… jeez…Don’t cry from something like this! It’s okay, it’s okay…I’m sorry… You’re so unfair! It’s harder for me if you cry than if you get angry. *Sigh* Actually…I didn’t plan on saying it.
Here, take this. I have been working part time to get this for you because you wanted it so much. But I got my paycheck at the last minute and…it was uncool so I didn’t want to tell you the reason.
I’m really sorry for being late!
How many years has it been since I last made you cry? When I left Japan, I’d decided that I’d never make you cry again. Will you forgive me? Thanks.
Let’s kiss for our reconciliation?
Happy birthday!

Track 11 – Kimi no Ichiban / Your Number One

That was amazing, right? It’s been so long since I last saw that kind of wonderful concert! Thanks for inviting me! It was really wonderful! I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t have their heart moved by that violin performance! I wonder how can they play the violin with so much passion?
Eh? “You were crying.”? I was? I didn’t notice…
Oh, stop it! Don’t focus on me, focus on the concert! I’m so embarrassed! Ah…sorry! I was talking so enthusiastically…It’s boring, right?

“That’s not true. But…” But what?
“I like your violin performances the best”??
How can you say that after such a wonderful concert? I’m not even close that skill or experience! Aren’t you favouring me too much because I’m your boyfriend? But…even if that’s so…I’m honestly happy! As thanks, I’ll play just for you next time! Will you listen?
I’ll make it the best performance!
Eh? What? “Don’t cling to me so much in public”?
It’s okay! No one’s looking and this kind of thing was something like a hello overseas!
Ahah! Don’t pout! You’re the only one I’d kiss on the lips!

Track 12 – Boku no Yowasa / My Weakness

Oh? Thank you for clapping. It was an unskillful performance, but it’s most important that it made you happy. *kiss*
You’re saying I’ve gotten a lot better? Jeez, how many years do you think it’s been since then? I’d improve even if I didn’t want to.

I was so nervous performing in front of someone in such a long time! That’s so strange! I used to play for you almost every day when we were small.

Hm? “Did something happen?” Why are you asking? “You were playing with a pained expression”? Ah…it seems I can’t hide anything from you. Um…I was told by my violin teacher overseas that my performance is crude. Ah…this is so awkward. Let’s stop talking about this? Can we? Okaay.
So then, no matter how much I played, no matter how much time passed, my teacher said the same thing…”don’t put on a crude performance”. I didn’t intend to play like that so…I felt as if everything I’d done until then was denied and I didn’t know what I should do.
One day, I declared that I’m not fit to play the violin and ran out of the lesson room. Heh…even I couldn’t believe it. That teacher was as amazing person. I also respected him. Even though it was like I went overseas to be taught by him…then after that I had a family meeting. Finally, both Mom and Dad gave in and told me it’s okay not to think about the violin for a while if it troubles me that much. I ran away to Japan. It’s because I was weak…that’s what I think now. But…oh…thanks. When you hold my hand, I feel at ease. But…it’s no good. If you o this for me, I won’t be able to endure it anymore…

Track 13 – Ganbaru Riyuu / Why I do my Best

Hey…do you remember when I played the violin for you in this park a long time ago? It was a sunny spring day. On that day, I didn’t want to go to my violin lesson no matter what and I was killing time in this park. I was sitting down on this bench and watching you who were running around in the middle of the dancing cherry blossom petals in a white one piece dress. You looked as if you were the cherry blossom fairy. Then you came over to me and asked me to play the violin you saw I had with me.
Have you remembered?
I wasn’t really eager to do it because I was wondering why I should play the violin when I was supposed to be skipping my lesson. But because you were pestering me with very sparkling eyes, I somehow felt a bit happy. I said I’d only play for a bit and played the song I was currently rehearsing. I wasn’t even very good but you praised me saying I was amazing. And saying it’s thanks for a lovely performance, you kissed me on the cheek like this, remember? In that moment, I felt extremely happy thinking that there is someone who can be so delighted with my violin performance.
It was after that that I started liking the violin more. I wanted to please you, I wanted to let you hear a lot of different pieces and I practiced the violin frantically. I wanted to do my best for you and the people who say they want to hear me play the violin.
Ah…I see…That was it…
What should I do? Somehow, I really want to play the violin right now!

Track 14 – Kimi no Yume / Your Dream

I’m sorry…I ended up lying to you. Even though I told you I’d stay by your side forever…But I remembered what it is that I want to do. I had always thought I came back to Japan in order to run away from the violin. But that wasn’t so. I came back to regain this feeling. No matter where I am, my love for you doesn’t change. That’s why…I wish to start studying the violin from scratch once more. We’re going to be apart again but…I want you to wait for me…Though, I guess that would be too selfish of me?
Eh? “As I thought, you forgot!” W…What are you talking about?
My dream…?…you’re saying? I remember that. “To become a top-notch violinist”…right?
Yeah. I was pretending to have forgotten, but I remember I told you that. “What comes after that?”
After that…you’re asking? Eh? Did I say anything?
Ah! Wait…That’s right…I’m sure I…Oh!
Right! That’s right! Thanks for helping me remember. I’m really helpless to have forgotten something so important!
If you helped me remember that, it seems you don’t have any intention to stop me from going. Yeah! I’m going! I’ll do my best studying in Vienna and become a top-notch violinist! And then…And then I’ll come for you. I’ll make my dream to become a worldwide acknowledged violinist and come take you as my wife come true! *kiss*
This isn’t a dream. It’s a promise!

*1*He says Oba-san which is translated to Aunt or old lady. It doesn’t mean that it’s actually his Aunt, but  that’s what he calls her. She’s the girl’s mother.
*2* he means overseas
*3* Orihime and Hikoboshi are two deities represented by the starts Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi). The legend says they are separated by the Milky way and are only allowed to meet once a year  on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata)
*4* Tanabata is a Japanese festival that celebrates the meeting of Orihime and Hikoboshi. It’s held on various days between July and August.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata)
*5* tanzaku – small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo, sometimes with other decorations (see also Wish Tree). The bamboo and decorations are often set afloat on a river or burned after the festival, around midnight or on the next day.More on (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata) – you’ll find it at customs.
** The title of the CD – Vivace Kiss
Vivace is Italian for “lively” and “vivid”.
Vivace is used as an Italian musical term indicating a movement that is in a lively mood (and so usually in a fast tempo). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vivace)

This was a really cute one and the last track are especially nice…!


4 thoughts on “[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 27 – Vivace Kiss

  1. Listened to this last night and I gotta say, Matsuoka-san’s voice acting is really good. I didn’t like the story as much as I did with Volume 24 (the last K x K volume I listened to before this) probably because I found the MC a little too needy and tsundere www

    But thank you very much for this translation!

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