[TL] WataMote Radio 03

WataMote Radio ワタモテRADIO 03 (29 July 2013)
(Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui)
with 橘田いずみ Kitta Izumi (Kuroki Tomoko’s voice actress)
Watamote Radio

Anime official website: http://www.watamote.jp/
The radio channel page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/#top
WataMote Radio page: http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/watamote

WataMote Radio 03

She introduces herself as Kuroki Tomoko’s voice actress, and the program that’s by and for solo players, and she plans to talk about the anime Watashi ga Motenai no Wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui, behind the scenes details and so on.
She says that July is over, and the summer with festivals, fireworks displays, barbecue parties is coming, which is not really easy to overcome by solo players.
She thanks everyone who came to their event at OneFest, Asks if it was fun, and what they did there.
The anime has aired until the 4th episode. She says how probably everyone has wanted to know how to have perverted dreams but stops like saying ‘you didn’t hear that’ (it’s meant as a joke) and mentions things that many people probably did as she says, like putting a picture of your favourite celebrity under your pillow so you’ll dream about him.
She says she had fun at the dubbing session for the episode.

“Wataote Radio. I’m not popular anyway, so I guess I’ll start the show”
“WataMote Radio. Does anyone really listen to this?”

“I’m not popular, so I guess I’ll read some e-mails”
First message sender (“something-deluxe”) says they watched the first episode and liked the anime,and. They say how they like the loser-cute *1* expressions of Mokocchi. Also mentions about the actually kind tsundere younger brother played by Nakamura Yuuichi (seiyuu) and Yuu-chan who made a highschool debut *2* ,played by Hanazawa Kana (seiyuu) and says there are many likable characters and that they’ll look forward to the next episodes.
She wonders what’s with “mojo-kawaii=unpopular/loser cute” and if it doesn’t mean that she’s (Mokocchi is) garbage. And then she interprets us as being gallant even if she’s alone and seems content with the explanation found.
She say then that Mokocchi is cute and likes her so much that she’d want to fall asleep together with her every day. Then says that’d probably annoying so once a week would be fine.

Solo player name: “f-god” (it may even be “got”) [I can’t resist the urge to write goat instead!]
Starts with a new kind of hello, “Watanawa”(WataMote + Konbanwa=good evening) to which Izumi responds “rejected”
Says how Mokocchi imagines bishonens or herself prettier and they watch the anime while worrying about what strange things she might blurt out if she’s like that.
Kitta Izumi says that she does that. After starting playing Mokocchi she said strange things at the studio. She wants to say something, but it’s too embarrassing and laughs while saying how she wants to say it but she won’t.
She says how in middle school and such people went to the park to draw (maybe for class) together, which is called something-meeting. They were  remembering about this at the studio. When she heard that word, she said “eh? Uh-huh” (“E” can also be the word for “painting”, I don’t know if it’s related). The girls there were all confused and responded with an “eh?”. No one said anything, then she tried to follow up herself saying “I was lost in a strange place just now” (carried in thoughts) and they didn’t react to that either and she was really embarrassed.
She said that Mokocchi is 2D and it’s better not to say anything in real life if you’re not with good friends.

Next: Solo player name mokonyan.
She says they liked the first episode and how Mokocchi is “creepy-cute” and likes how she talks in a way that you don’t know if she’s negative or positive  and overreacts, which reminds mokonyan of herself.
The sender went to a normal co-ed school but didn’t talk to boys and now she gets very nervous just by taking about work with a guy. Izumi says “how cute”. The sender continues by adding that she gets so red that even she notices that herself and acts strangely, and plus she narrows her mouth so she won’t smile strangely or something but looks angry and creepy. And her latest entertainment is to fantasize about the fact that the people who talk to her actually like her. She adds that she doesn’t look great and she’s not sociable either so it’s impossible they’d talk to her without having any feelings because she’s not cute. I’m not popular so I tried fantasizing a bit.
She also listens to the radio every week.
“Thanks, Mokocchi!” says Izumi and laughs. She adds that guys don’t start a conversation with her either at work. When male seiyuu talk to her, she gets a bit surprised. She wonders why that is, maybe it has something to do with aura. She also says that the sender’s reaction to blush and narrow her mouth is very cute in her imagination. She says when she tried now to do that, an ugly Mokocchi popped up in her head.
“But please continue listening to this radio show, Mokonyan! Thank you!”

Next mail: solo player name “yuriankoromocchi”
They laughed when they saw the promotional video and wondered why Tomoko looks so lonely. They say Tomoki is kind to tomoko even though he looks like he doesn’t care and asks Kitta what she thinks about Tomoki and what she feels about the other characters too
Kitta says Mokocchi has nice people around here, like Yuu-chan who is like an angel and Tomoki is nice to her because usually you wouldn’t pay so much attention to someone so strange and if he really didn’t want her to barge in her room whenever he’d probably lock the door. He tells her to die but doesn’t chase her out so he’s a great younger brother. She wonders if Tomoko realizes how nice the people around her are and tells the listeners that there are a lot of kind people in real life.
Kitta says she has an older sister and that sister’s kind of strange so she can’t keep up with her. They’re total opposites in their personality. She says she’d have wanted an older brother, one like Tomoki. She says for example she’d have wanted an older brother who her friends would say was cool, going to the same school, being in the soccer club. And she also wants an older brother who’d do her homework, and an adorable younger brother and a doll like younger sister.
She then asks people

“WataMote radio. I don’t care even if you don’t listen to it!”
“I’m sot popular so I guess I’ll do some solo player recognition”

Solo player name:“eru-kun“. She says she thinks it sounds depressing because she talks in a sad voice so she changes her tone to a cheerful one. The sender says he got a bike licence. He doesn’t have any friends to go touring with so he goes alone. he gets annoyed when he rides alone and see two people on a bike in the distance. Then when he gets closer to that bike and sees they’re both guys, he snorts and thinks they’re suffocating adn he feels better. he asks if he’s a solo player if he’s like that.
She says it’s a bit sad to read a depressing letter in a cheerful voice. She asks herself if touring isn’t a socializing people’s entertainment.  She says if you go on long rides alone on your bike you can always tell someone “hey, wanna hop on?”. She says that he’s not a solo player, first for the fact that he even has a bike.

Next solo player name “It’s my talent to be always alone“. They say they bought a cell phone game where you collect friends, so he [it’s annoying to write they all the time, I’m changing to he though that will confuse some people I guess…we don’t actually know the sender’s gender] doesn’t know how to act with his game friends.
She wants to encourage the sender and says that most people don’t even have friends. Everyone has virtual friends, and even the staff here have best friends only in their imagination. She tells him not to be sad and  even if he can’t get along with them in the game, if he fantasizes about it…It’ll become real. She says she says something bad.

Next: Solo player name: “Huh? Othello isn’t a game to play alone?”
They say a classmate talked politely to them. Kitta asks “isn’t that normal?”People used formal speech with me for 3 years of high school!” And she was called with “-san”. And says that the underclassmen spoke casually to her and used “-chan”for her name. She says the sender’s respected because people use formal speech with them And declares they’re not a solo player.

“WataMote radio. Please listen to it!”
“I’m not popular so I guess I’ll play some games alone”
In this corner, people send letters about what kind of games they play alone and Kitta will play those in the studio. She says she was lonely last time when she did that. She also adds she returned the 1.000 yen someone gave her for the game, and says to learn from her and that it’s not good to accept money.

Solo player name: “It’s mostly the 2D world’s fault I’m not popular!”. When he’s alone he often bends his ring finger from the base and plays with it like boxing. “Huh? What? What do you mean?” You bend your finger and flip your fingertip. If you do that, your fingertip doesn’t have any strength. She says it’s true and it only works for the ring finger. She says it’s fun and will do it when she’s lonely next time.

Solo player name: “gagame”. They played a game where they’d put a batter sideways and flip it pressing on its edge from above. If it goes well, the battery turns in an interesting way. They say it’s best to play in a hallway or on a big table.
She says she’s used a lot of batteries but never did this with them. She does what the sender says with a battery and the battery drops down after slipping. She tries again and the battery turns. She also says the battery came back like  a boomerang, and it’s fun.

Next: solo player name “korenikime”. He explains a game he plays when he’s bored or doesn’t know what to do at work. he plays on a calculator and adds 2 and multiplies it with 2 and presses equal and then render render or smth and like to see how the number grows. She has another letter and the person says they play the same game as the first sender. (solo play name “ojisafumi” or something). She plays the game and it ends after she pushes the button like 10 times. She tries with 1 and says it’s awesome. But it’s not fun and it’s sad when the game ends. She asks herself if the two guys are friends but says probably not because everyone is a solo player.

She makes some announcements about Watamote. First, about the air dates and tv channels the anime is on. It’s also on niconico at 24:00. The opening “Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera Ga Warui” and the ending song “Dou Kangaetemo Watashi wa Waruku nai” will be out on CD on 28 August. The CDs can also be rented somehwere or something. The first Blueray DVD will also be out. etc

This radio episode ends here, and she says she’s waiting for mails about impressions on the anime, messages to her, questions, solo player acknowledging e-mails, funny games you can do as a solo player or the two player fantasy continuation. “Please send the e-mails through the program’s site e-mail form”.

She talks about fantasizing, and how when she does that sometimes 1-2 hours pass without her noticing. And she think everyone does that and asks the staff if they do it and they don’t seem to answer yes. She says it’s a lie.  She says she leaves what she fantasizes about to the listeners’ imagination.

“I’m not popular anyway…so listen to the radio next time too!”

*1* um, yeah, here is used a word made up of two combined words- “mojo”=unpopular girl, and “kawaii”=cute. It’s often to hear this type of slangthat mixes cuteness with something else. For example “creepy cute”-kimokawaii
*2* High School debut refers to people who change a lot right as they enter high school in order to change their lives especially. Yuu-chan was a loner like Mokocchi,but now acts girly and changed her clothes, appearance, well, she changed completely.


So, writing in [bold and between sqare paranthesis are my own thoughts or opinions].
“Italic writing between quotes are exact quotations of what it’s being said”.
(writing between normal brackets means a small explanation that’s relevant to what’s being said so you understand it).
I have underlined the start of a different part of the show, in this case different corners.

Names you’ll have to know:
Kuroki Tomoko – the protagonist of the anime, who is also called Moko or Mokocchi.
Kuroki Tomoki – Tomoko’s younger brother.
Kitta Izumi – Tomoko’s voice actress.
Yuu/Yuu-chan – Tomoko’s friend from middle(or elementary) school.

Okay, so to listen to this radio, you have two options. Actually, more. you can go to hibiki radio’s official page, and you’ll see some ‘tabs’. You need to click on the light purple one (7th) where it says アニメ and then click on  ワタモテRADIO where you see the pic with Tomoko. It will appear on top of the page (your right hand side) and you have to click on the 聴く button, the one on top. or just click the play button… The other button will get you to this program’s (Watamote radio)’s page, where you can also listen to the radio. Just go down and click on play when you see a player. Be careful because you can only listen to the latest one!
Then you can listen to the radio on niconico(ep 03) or youtube (ep 03), as long as they don’t get deleted.


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