[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 24 – First Kiss

KISS × KISS Collection Vol.24 Hajimete no Kiss (はじめてのキス/ First Kiss)

01. タイトルコール Title Call (00:30)
02. はじめてのキス Hajimete no Kisu/ First Kiss (02:05)
03. 好きだなんて嘘だ Suki da Nante Uso da / It has to be a lie that you love me (02:18)
04. ふまじめ Fumajime / Not Serious (03:30)
05. 誇れる何か Hokoreru Nanika / Something to be Proud of (02:31)
06. 君はわかってない Kimi wa Wakattenai / You Don’t Understand (01:55)
07. 放課後デート Houkago Deeto / After School Date (01:38)
08. 夢のスケッチブック Yume no Sukecchibukku / Sketchbook of Dreams ) (2:22)
09. お見送りキス Omiokuri Kisu / Farewell Kiss (02:39)
10. やる気、本気 Yaruki, Honki / Motivated, serious (01:51)
11. 嘘だといって Uso da to Itte / Tell me it’s a lie (03:05)
12. いずれその高嶺へ Izure sono takane e / I’ll aim for that goal (02:51)
13. エピローグ Epilogue (02:11)

Character: Arimura Takashi (有村高志)
Seiyuu: Shimazaki Nobunaga (島﨑信長)

Arimura Takashi Character Profile:
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Age: 15 years old
Birth date : 29 February
Blood Type : A
Occupation: High School Freshman (Library Committee)
Hobbies: reading, scribbling, visiting museums

Doesn’t have confidence in himself, he avoids contact with people fearing that he is going to be hated, but in truth he is lonely.
He likes thinking up stories and drawing.
(source; http://www.air-agency.co.jp/label/shop/kisskiss/kk24.html)

English Translation:

Track 01 – Title Call

Kiss x Kiss Collection volume 24. First Kiss – Arimura Takashi

I don’t want to let my first kiss end as only a surprise attack. That’s why…let’s do it again.

Shimazaki Nobunaga.

Track 02 – Hajimete no Kisu/ First Kiss

Huh? You…huh? Ah…just now…
Hey! What you did just now…Hey, are you listening to me?

Don’t just casually sit down at your desk and read a book after stealing someone’s first kiss!
Uh…hey…is that the poetry anthology I lent you, by any chance? I see… At the end of that poetry anthology book…the protagonist’s insight on love in very peculiar and interesting. But when he actually falls in love, he realizes how foolish his opinion was…
Um…you’re holding the book upside down. Are you nervous?
I see…You can’t help that. Isn’t it all right? If it was your first kiss as well, it’s obvious you’d be nervous.
Hey…lift up you face…
I don’t want to let my first kiss end as only a surprise attack. That’s why…let’s do it again.

Track 03 – Suki da Nante Uso da / It has to be a lie that you love me

You are so mysterious. You have a lot of friends, so why did you call out to me?
“Again with that story?”, you’re asking?
That’s because I can’t believe it, so I feel the need to check it many times over.

“Why is she talking to me? I wish she’d leave me alone.” I thought that in suspicion.
Because! I can’t believe that…A girl like you spoke to me out of the blue…I thought that maybe you’d mistaken me for something or if I’d bothered you with anything.
“It’s all negative thoughts”, you’re saying? Yeah…but I could only think that way…maybe it’s my character.

I couldn’t even imagine I’d be like this with you at that time. *kiss*
I didn’t think you’d speak to me. When you did, I had just entered the school and didn’t really remember my classmates’ faces but I could recognize you, only you.
“Why”, you’re asking? That’s… You should be more aware of your own charm. *kiss*
You’re grabbing more attention than you think you do. *kiss*
Be more self-aware, okay?

Track 04 – Fumajime / Not serious

hey, is it really okay to just come up here? The rooftop’s off limits, isn’t it?
Ah… “It’s okay because the weather is nice”? That’s not a reason at all! Plus, even if we had self study, skipping class is a bit… And we came all the way to the rooftop where no one’s supposed to go…You’re unexpectedly bad. Rather, wouldn’t you have rather called your friends instead of inviting me? I can’t tell interesting stories to entertain you and you won’t gain much by staying with me…
Y-you’re having fun? Just by being with me? You’re a bit strange. You’re the first person to mind me so much.

Heh. You really are strange.

Ah, it’s true that good weather makes you want to go out on the rooftop! Adding the thrill of skipping class, I feel so free! *1*
It might become a bit of a habit. But this is the last time I’m doing this, okay? I’m considered a serious student!

What? Why are you laughing? Why are you saying I wasn’t paying attention in class? Wait, what basis do you have?
Oh! No way, did you see what I was drawing? You didn’t see it that well? Really? I see…that’s good.
Wait, that’s not the problem…ah…that was…you see…a bit of a hobby…or something…
Leave me alone! Even though we are boyfriend and girlfriend, let’s respect each other’s privacy!
Even you have a thing or two you don’t want me to know, don’t you?
“Not particularly?”
You don’t? Ah, I see…
Anyway, I don’t want to say it! It’s embarrassing.
Stop insisting! Jeez, insistent girls are not well liked! Though I won’t hate you.
What? You’re kinda close…
Are you trying to seduce me into saying it? No, I said no! Jeez! I’ll tell you eventually, so it’s enough, isn’t it?

Track 05 – Hokoreru Nanika / Something to be Proud of

You’re always smiling. what’s so funny? Ah, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s because you are shining blindingly as if you have a fulfilling life everyday.
I’m not confident in myself. Even now I’m wondering if the fact that I’m here with you like this is not a dream. I said some pretty hurtful things the first time you spoke to me, didn’t I? Like “don’t bother people who are reading” or “I can spend my time more meaningfully reading a book instead of talking to you”. Half of it was a lie, and half were my true feeling. I told you, didn’t I? I wanted you to leave me alone. I didn’t want you to find out I’m a boring guy by trying to befriend you and fail. I didn’t have the confidence to make you like me. I didn’t want you to hate me either. I was okay being someone you didn’t know if existed or not.
Rather than getting close to someone and getting hurt or living while reading people’s expressions and reacting accordingly so I don’t get hurt, I thought it would be easier if I were alone, even if I were a bit lonely.

It’s obvious that I thought you were teasing me, right? I could only think that way. Even so, you spoke to me many times. That’s why I felt sorry for the fact that I fell in love with you.
” I like you” – I said that and immediately regretted it. I thought maybe I’d taken advantage if your kindness. When I heard you answering “me too”, I thought I’d have no regrets dying right then.
Thank you. I love you.
I wish at least I had something you could be proud of…

Track 06 – Kimi wa Wakattenai / You Don’t Understand

What is it? Why are you stretching? Are you already bored if that poetry anthology? I tried choosing one that’s not so difficult. Jeez, that’s why I told you you didn’t nee to force yourself to keep me company with my duty. You don’t usually read books, do you? You know they bore you!
“Give me some attention”, you’re saying?
Do you know where we are? It’s okay now because it’s just the two of us but usually even whispering more than necessary is prohibited.

What? I got it. Don’t make that dissatisfied face! You wanted to be together with me, right? Thanks. I’m happy!
Hey, how about coming over here? There no one around anyway, so come over here inside the counter. You’re saying you’ll get in the way of my work? People rarely come to the library after school. A library committee member only needs to unlock and lock the door when it’s time. That’s mostly it.
Hey, come sit here!
You’re already bored of this book, right? Then, what hould I do? *kiss*
Do you want to look at this painting book with me?

Track 07 – Houkago Deeto / After School Date

Hey, look this way. You have cream at the corner of your mouth.
It’s sweet. I somehow feel it even sweeter. Is it your fault? Heh.
At any rate, the crepe shop was the place you wanted to come to no matter what?
I saw you chatting and eating sweets with your friends during lunch break, but you’re still eating sweets even after school? If you like them that much, do you want this one too? If you don’t mind I ate from it. Here.
It’s okay, it was enough for me. My need for sweets was fulfilled with the kiss with you. Joking! I really like watching you eat. You’re somehow like a small animal.
It means you’re cute.
“Stop it, it’s embarrassing”? No one’s looking at us in this crowd.

Track 08 – Yume no Sukecchibukku / Sketchbook of Dreams

Ah, you’re here again today! For me, it’s a quiet place where I can feel calm and no one will complain if I do what I like. For me it’s a place like Heaven but isn’t it the most boring place in the word for you?
Wait, hey, don’t look! I’m still working on it! No! It’s unfinished so it’s embarrassing! Eh, but…!
Do you promise you won’t laugh?
Jeez, you found me out when I was working on it during class the other day so I guess it’s okay. Here.
The truth is that I’m making a picture book. More precisely, a series of illustrations with a story, I guess. I think up the story in my head and I draw the scene I like in the sketchbook like this.

I’m not great or anything. I’m only doing it on a hobby level after all, and I’ve never finished one as a work. There are lots of people who can do this much. Even if I don’t draw anything, the world is overflowing with wonderful compositions!

What? “It’s a waste”. Even if you say that, it’s impossible for someone like me! You’re saying you want to see something drawn by me? It’s the first time I’ve been told that…But if you say that, it may be good to finish one at least once. Yeah. When I finish drawing it, you’ll be the first person I’ll show it to. *kiss*
It’s a promise.

Track 09 – Omiokuri Kisu / Farewell Kiss

Heeh, I’m tired! I think this is the most exhausting day in my life! Heh. You don’t need to apologize. I’m tired but I had fun being with you and I haven’t been to an amusement park since I was a child.
Now that I think about it, it’s been a long time since I last went out to have fun with someone like this. I was always either reading books or drawing. I only went out to the museum or library. Even though I was living such peaceful days, a certain someone keeps taking me to all kinds of places on holidays!
The past me wouldn’t even imagine being taken around by someone, but lately I think these kind of days are not so bad.
I asked you a lot of times, but you told me why you couldn’t leave me alone. You said it was because I reminded you of your old self and wanted me to smile so you spoke to me, right? Though I can’t believe that you were not good at dealing with people because you kept transferring to one place to another. But thanks to that side of you, my world expanded and I was able to feel as if I could change. Though it’s easier to live giving everything up, I thought it’ not too late to do that after I’ve challenged myself in various things.

You’re asking what this means? Heheh. I wonder what!
We’re close to your house. Even though we can meet again tomorrow at school, I’m somehow sad to part with you. *kiss* This is not good. It makes me want not to part even more.
Then, let’s do it just once more at the end.
See you tomorrow!

Track 10 – Yaruki, Honki / Motivated, serious

*cough* It’s the first time I’m showing this to someone so it’s embarrassing. Please, tell me sincerely what you thing about it!

How is it? Really? It’s pretty? You don’t need to force yourself to praise it, you know. You’re saying it’s not flattery?
I see…that’s great! I have others too, so turn the pages of the sketchbook. Though they’re only the scribbles I showed you the other day coloured.
Heh… It’s embarrassing, but I’m happy! I didn’t think you’d like them so much.

I still can’t be confident, but I want to try drawing more properly. You said this before, remember? That you want to read a picture book made by me. I thought I could try and do my best if it will make you happy.

You’re saying you want to see more? Thanks! It’s strange that I get really motivated when you encourage me. *kiss*
That’s why, watch me from the closest place!

Track 11 – Uso da to Itte / Tell me it’s a lie

Hi! I was waiting for you to come.
The truth is…look at this. There is an illustration concours *2*. I was thinking to try this out for now.
I’m still not on a level where I can take my picture books to a publisher, but I thought I should pile up experience little by little. Up until now, I drew how I wanted and was satisfied with that but I want to tackle what I want to do seriously!

It’s really thanks to you. I had given up right at the beginning thinking my dream wouldn’t come true. Thank you! *kiss*

What is it? You’re gloomy. Were you not interested?
You have something you need to tell me?

What is it? What? Say it clearly. What?

Haha…are you serious? You…are going to transfer away? Wait…um…Sorry… it’s so sudden…what should I say…
Why? Why did’t you tell me something so important earlier? You knew it from long ago, didn’t you?
If you’d told me earlier…
Well…even if I knew, I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but still!
That’s right…You can’t help it…

I wish I were an adult. Then family matters wouldn’t matter.
I would be able to ask you to stay with me.

Sorry…sorry…you’re the one who wants to cry, right? You couldn’t bring it up because I told you to watch me from up close, could you? sorry…sorry…

Track 12 – Izure sono takane e / I’ll aim for that goal

Jeez, you’re late! Isn’t this your last day at this school? Then you could pay more attention to me, couldn’t you?
It means I want to spend more time alone with you.
I know. You’re very popular, so you couldn’t escape the others, right?

You were surrounded by friends in the classroom so I couldn’t get close. Come here, into the counter.

Ah…I wanted to do this earlier. I always wished for classes to end fast. *kiss*
I won’t stop.
This is the end, right? The last day I spend time with you here in this library.
That’s why, I won’t get divine punishment if I get a bit ahead of myself, right?
I’m lonely. I’m lonely but I won’t lose. I won’t lose my energy because you left. I promise. I’ll do my best with my studies, and I won’t give up on my dream of becoming a picture book author.

I’m sure you’ll be popular where you’re transferring as well, but but don’t forget that there is a guy here thinking of you the most here. So don’t cheat on me, okay?

And, would you still hold on to the poem anthology I lent you? I want to hear your impressions the next time we meet.

Track 13 – Epilogue

Sorry for making you wait!
Sorry, this park’s so wide so I got a bit lost.
Heh, I wondered what kind of refined lady you were! No, you are cute. Your pure white one piece dress fits you wonderfully! *kiss*
Should we sit on that bench over there?

You know, I decided to go to the College of Arts here for university studies. I thought it would be good to study drawing from the basis. I think my parents won’t agree, but I’ll convince them. Then, I’ll be able to go see you more often than now. The truth is that I want to see you everyday. It’s too hard on me to be able to meet you only on our long vacations…today marks 3 months since our last meeting!

say it too. That you were lonely. That you wanted to see me. *kiss*
We haven’t kissed in a while either.
I remembered. Here. I finished a work properly for the first time. It’s a bit late, but I promised I’d show it to you first, didn’t I?
It’s the story of a timid boy and a bit pushy but kind-hearted princess.
You’re saying they resemble someone? Yes, they resemble two persons who we know well. *kiss*

*1* No pun intended…if you know what I mean.
*2* Concours is French for contest.


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  1. OMGGGGGG Zakki’s Kiss x Kiss is finally translated!!! Thank you very much for this translation!!! I was hoping someone would do it since I knew of Zakki’s KxK volume. Now I know what to listen to before I sleep tonight~ again, thank you very much!

    • WAAH! I’m happy I translated something you were waiting for! Yes, when I found out about it, I felt like I discovered a treasure, to think he already had a whole voice cd by himself!

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