Free! Duet Song Series vol. 01 Haruka & Makoto – 03. Original Drama [TL]

TVアニメ『Free!』デュエットシリーズ Vol.1 七瀬遙 (CV.島﨑信長) & 橘 真琴 (CV.鈴木達央) 試聴動画
Free! Character Song Duet Series vol.01 Nanase Haruka & Tachibana Makoto

01. Always Here
02. My base, your pace
03. Original Drama ~Haruka & Makoto~
04. Always Here (Off Vocal)
05. my base, your pace (Off Vocal)

Release date: 18 December 2013
Official site:
Youtube official sample
Seiyuu: Shimazaki Nobunaga (Nanase Haruka) & Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tachibana Makoto)

03. Original Drama ~Haruka & Makoto~ [translation]

– Are you ready, Makoto?
– Yeah, I’m prepared, Haru.
– Then, let’s start.
– Ah, wait! I forgot to wear an apron! Ah, I’m really sorry, Haru. I’ve never cooked something properly before.
– It’s okay. More importantly, why did you suddenly ask me to teach you how to cook? Are you going to cook for someone?
– Yeah.
– For whom?
– For Ran and Ren. Tomorrow is our parents’ wedding anniversary. They are leaving for an hot sprigs trip together. That’s why I’m going to have to take care of the two of them, so I can’t feed them home delivery pizza day and night.
– Then mackerel miso is just right. Even a beginner can easily cook it.
– I’m counting on you, Haru.
– Yeah. Then, let’s start. Try to do exactly what I tell you to. We’ll start by preparing what we need. Put the makckerel slices on the draining basket.
– Like this?
– Then you cover it with kitchen paper and put water to boiling. The hot water’s in the kettle.
– Uh, like this?
– Yeah. By parboiling it in advance, its smell won’t be so strong anymore and it will fall apart less while you’re cooking it.
– Amazing! It seems so professional!
– This kind of thing is normal.
– Hehe! I remember when we talked about who we’d choose as our boyfriend. You’ll become a good husband, Haru!
– I’m not really interested in getting married.
– But if you get married, you won’t be able to say “I only swim free” anymore, afterall.
– Beat it! Stop talking and make the preparations. Next is the ginger. Slice it thin.
– Um…the ginger…Maybe like this? Uwa!
– Hey, that’s dangerous! You’re doing it wrong! Didn’t you learn that when you’re using a knife you need to fold the fingers of the hand you’re using to hold what you cut like a cat’s?
– Huh?
– Why don’t you know, even though we practiced cooking together? You need to roll up your fingers like this…
– Ah, now that you say it…
– Makoto…You never used a knife again since then?
– Eh? No…well, I guess you’re right.
– Try slicing the way I showed you.You can do it slowly.
– I got it.
– You got it right.
– It’s ready!
– Okay.Then, you need to put soy sauce, sweet rice wine, alcohol, sugar and water in the frying pan and put it on the fire next.
– Ah, wait a bit! Um…soy sauce, sweet rice wine, alcohol…sugar…Ah!! It’s hot!
– Idiot! You dropped it from too high!
– Ah, I’m sorry!
– *sigh* Did you get burnt?
– No, I’m okay! Thanks!
– Then now make some cuts in the mackerel so the heat will pass through easily and lie it on the frying pan without putting the slices one on top of the other.
– Um…Like this?
– Yeah. The only thing you’re good at is to line them up.
– Shut up!
– Put in the ginger you cut earlier as well and put on the lid. You need to cook it for 5 to 10 minutes on a medium flame.
– If this were a cooking program we’d be taking out an already done one now.
– If you know that kind of thing, why don’t you even know how to use a knife?
– You’re so noisy!
– Let’s continue! After simmering it, mix the miso with broth and boil again to make sure it mixes together. At this moment, you use this as a secret flavour.
– Mayonnaise?
– It will become thicker if you put in a little bit. Cheese or yogurt would also work but I always use this.
– Eh? You’re amazing in this kind of things, Haru! I wouldn’t think of that!
– It’d come to your mind if you also cooked.
– Okay, it’s done.
– It smells so nice! I wonder if it’s done well!
– Makoto, open your mouth.
– Huh?
– Is it good?
– Um…uh….!!!
– What’s wrong?
– Haru! It’s salty!
– Huh? Maybe….Where did you take the sugar from just now?
– Eh? I took this one with the blue lid.
– That’s salt.
– Eh?? What should we do…we can’t eat it like this! We can only throw it away…
– No. That mackerel isn’t dead yet.
– Huh? What are you going to do, Haru?
– First, I will break it into small pieces.Then I will fry it with egg. Makoto, get me some eggs.
– I got it.
– Now we fry it along with cold cooked rice.
– You’re so skilled! 
– We don’t need any other seasoning. The mackerel miso fried rice is done.
– Wah! Can I take a bite?
– Yeah.
– It’s good! It’s really delicious, Haru!
– That’s good.
– Those two will be happy! Hehe!
– Well, that’s if you’ll be able to cook it properly.
– Right. Haru, thanks!
– It’s okay…*1*
– Hey, ahh! It’s getting burnt!
– It’ll still be good even a bit burnt.
– This is too burnt! Ah!! The fried rice is burning!
– Calm down. In this kind of situation, you just need to use mayonnaise to fix it.
– That’s not good, Haru! More importantly, the lid! The lid! put the lid on the frying pan, and…
*phone ringing*
uh, who’s at this kind of time! Hello? Rei? What? About tomorrow’s practice menu? Sorry, I don’t have time for that now. No, listen to me, dont’ do that, the fried rice….—

*1* I intended to translate everything so it doesn’t really need notes, but you’ll find this kind of thing often in anime and such. Mako said “thanks” and Haru  answered with “yeah” actually. You’ll rarely hear people in anime say “you’re welcome” (dou itashimashite) and I think that the way one says that “yeah” tells something about them (?). Now Haru seemed a bit shy (and friggin adorable) like he couldn’t really answer properly. And after that, it seems as if he’s lost his focus and just acts like he doesn’t care about the fish even though he burned it. It sounded to me like he was happy abut Makoto’s thanks and flew to cloud nine for a bit I’m sorry

And there was a track somewhere in the drama cd or something where they were asked if they’d choose someone as a boyfriend from their group, who it would be. That’s why they were talking about that.

blue – Nanase Haruka
green – Tachibana Makoto
black – both


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