Free! Duet Song Series vol 02 Nagisa & Rei sample lyrics

キャラクターソング・デュエットシリーズ Vol.2 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼) & 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔)
Free! Character Song Duet Song Series volume 02 Hazuki Nagisa (Seiyuu: Yonaga Tsubasa) & Ryuugazaki Rei (Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke)Image

01. Summer High Tension☆ サマーハイテンション☆
02. Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure 夏の終わりの夕間暮れ
03. Original Drama Nagisa & Rei/ Original Drama~渚&怜~
04. Summer High Tension☆ (Off Vocal) サマーハイテンション☆ (OFF VOCAL)
05. Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure (Off Vocal) 夏の終わりの夕間暮れ (OFF VOCAL)

Release date: 15 January 2014
Official site:
Official youtube sample:

Please keep in mind that the lyrics I write in this post may be incorrect. I think the firs song’s the least well done one haha. I searched so freaking many words when I didn’t understand something, and I think I still didn’t really get them right. There are only a few though…  But I just posted these as a reference to what kind of things they could be saying there.

01. Summer High Tension☆

– Rei-chan, kocchi kocchi!
– Oh! Yarimashita ne, Nagisa-kun!
– Haha, Rei-chan, bishonure!
– Makemasen yo!
– Nee nee, tsugi wa acchi made oyoide miyou yo!
– Ii deshou!

Joushou shiteku manatsu no BORUTEJI, kansoku shijou bunseki shijou
Arienai hodo moeteru taiyou to bokutachi ga
Meippai hashaginagara, tsuikyuushi nagara
Ii yo ne, ee ii desho
Motto jiyuu ni

Pinto hazure na manatsu no iriguchi ni, kangei suru yo binjou shite yo
Arienai hodo wakuwaku shiteru jibun boku mo da yo
Seiippai mukiau kara, tanoshimechau kara
Ii deshou, un ii yo ne
Saa fly high ichiban nori shiyou

Tobikiri no kisetsu ga hajimaru yokan wo uketomete
Moriagarou ne kono basho de
Kirakira na hitomi ni utsutta mizushibuki no yukue
Kugizuke ni naru
Daisuki na nakama to tokubetsu na kyou ni iru yo

English Translation:

– Rei-chan, over here!
– Ah, you did it now, Nagisa-kun!
– Haha, Rei-chan, you’re sopping wet!
– I won’t lose!
– Hey, hey, let’s try swimming over there next.
– Very well!

Summer’s intensity keeps raising, I’ll keep observing and analyzing
The sun’s burning unbelievably and we are
Joyfully pursuing our goal with all our heart
It’s okay, right? It’s fine, isn’t it?
Let’s be freer

Summer begins unnoticed, I’ll welcome it with enthusiasm
I find myself unbelievably thrilled, me too
I’ll face what comes with all my might while having fun
It’s fine, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s okay
Let’s fly high and be the first ones there

I feel that this season will be extraordinary
Let’s get fired up in this place
The destination of the water droplets reflected in glittering eyes
Will be our first step
I’ll spend a special today with my precious friends

02. Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure (Summer End’s Evening Twilight)

Oyogitsukarete yurareru densha no naka
Ironna kaiwa tsutsumikomu yuumagure
Itsunomanika konna hibi ga nanigenakute, kokochiyokute
Wasurete shimau kedo, bokura wa mada mada

Deatte kara kisetsu wa honno hitotsu kawatta dake
Nanoni nande nanoni myou ni anshin shitari

Koko da na tte wakaru kara atsumaretanda
Onaji natsu wo erabeta koto kiseki mitai na gogo ni

English translation:
Tired from swimming, swaying in the train
We talk about all kinds of things while the evening twilight envelops us
Before we noticed, these kind of things were usual and so comfortable
We’ll probably forget about it but we’ve just begun

Only one season changed since we met
And yet why can we feel so much at peace with each other

We were able to gather because we knew this was the place
It’s like an afternoon miracle how we were able to choose the same summer

03. Original Drama~Nagisa & Rei~

– Ah, Rei-chan, here, here!
– I’m sorry for making you wait, Nagisa-kun! I can’t believe I was 3 minutes late!
– Hehe. No problem. I just got here anyway.
– What about the others? *1*
– Hm, they’re not here yet.
– That’s strange. We were supposed to meet at 11:00 at the plaza in front of the station, right?
– That’s right. We’re supposed to meet at 11:00 then go to a sports shop together to check out some swimsuits…Oh.. Aa!
– What is wrong?
– I’m sorry, Rei-chan! I made a mistake! The meeting time was 1:00! But, well, isn’t it better than being late?
– That’s true, but what are we going to do for two hours?
– Let’s waste some time somewhere!
– Time isn’t something to waste! There is a saying that goes “time is money”.
– Hm, you kinda sound like Ama-chan. Then let’s find a place where we can spend some time usefully . Um…Ah, that’s tight! Let’s go there!

*1* I’m sure you can hear that he says “Haruka-senpai tachi”. Actually you can use this “tachi” for a plural form, and in this case it would mean “Haruka-senpai and the others”, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that “the others” are more than one person. So I didn’t know if he meant just Haruka and Makoto or if he implied more people (like Gou, or Rin, or Nitori) were coming. Well, I’m sure Rei would have said “Haruka-senpai and Makoto-senpai” so Gou should be going too, but maybe not just her…? or that’s what I hope.
orange – Hazuki Nagisa
purple – Ryuugazaki Rei
black – both
Yeah, as you can notice, I didn’t write any lyrics and that’s because when I can’t make out one word, I can’t do anything lol. I’ll add at least one song later but you’ll still be stuck with badly heard lyrics and evenly bad translation.


3 thoughts on “Free! Duet Song Series vol 02 Nagisa & Rei sample lyrics

  1. Ah, someone translated it? Thank you so much! Even though it isn’t the song, at least one part of the sample is good enough for me. Again, thanks!

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