[TL] Ikizukai vol. 02 Gakusei hen

ドラマCD「息遣いシリーズ 学生編〜君を取り合う、取り合い吐息〜」/ ドラマCD
Drama CD – Drama CD Ikizukai Series Gakusei Hen~ Kimi Wo Toriau, Toriai Toiki
(Ikizukai Series School Edition – Competing for you, The hard breathing of the struggle)

Ikizukai vol. 01

01.Futari no Aida de/ Beween the two 2人の間で…… (10:25)
02.Misshitsu no Kuukan/ Behind Closed Doors 密室の空間 (09:02)
03.Osanai Koro Kara no Omoi/ Feelings from childhood 幼い頃からの想い (09:55)
04.Kanojo wa Zettai Watasanai/ I’ll never give her to you 彼女は絶対渡さない (07:58)
05.Bangaihen 1-Kurayami no Naka de, Fureau Yubisaki/ Extra 1- Fingers touching in the darkness 番外編① 暗闇の中で、触れ合う指先 (04:20)
06.Bangaihen 2-Ore Dake no Mono de Iro/ Extra2-Stay only mine 番外編② 俺だけのものでいろ (04:05)
07.Cast Talk キャストトーク (07:21)

Asukai Jun 飛鳥井 淳 (Seiyuu: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔)
Yagami Ryousuke 八神亮介 (Seiyuu: Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤)
Release date: 23 January 2013Translation:

Track 01 – Futari no Aida de/ Beween the two (10:25)

-You know…you can relax a bit more…
Yes…about that much is good…
How many times does this make?
I see… sorry for making you do even this kind of thing for me…
I feel relieved that you say that.
Is something wrong?
He’s on your mind after all…Of course, he’s your childhood friend.
It’s all right. I’m sure that he’ll immediately…
Look, he’s here.
= What the hell are you doing?
– You were late so it’s come to this, Yagami-kun.

Yagami:= Dama CD: Ikizukai Series: Gakusei-hen.
– Competing for you.
— The hard breathing of the struggle

= Wha-! I’m sure many would pair up with [i]you[/i] in muscle training. Don’t make the manager out of everyone to do that!
– But the club has an odd number of members, right? If there’s a person left out, I need to prioritize the club members as its president. Plus, isn’t the fact that you were late the fault for this?
= Only your words are those of a honor student, as always.
– So? Could you tell me why you were late?
= I was chased by the educational guidance teacher Tanaka because I wasn’t wearing my clothes properly.
Hah! Hey, you! Don’t say “again?”. You know that it down’t fit me to be all proper. Come on! It’s enough now that I came here! Get away from her already!
– I’m sorry. You had other things to do and you still helped me. Thanks, manager.
= Hey! You’re too close!
– Woops!
= Hey, you too! You’re the mnager but you only favour the president!
– You don’t like seeing another guy get close to your cute childhood friend?
= Huh? What are you saying? That’s not possible! WHat’s whith the “cute”? It’s just touble to be childhood frends with her! It’s also difficult that we’re in the same club!
– You say some harsh things.
= Wait! Why do you have to get that angry?
– It’s obvius that she’d get angry, Yagami-kun. I think you sould choose your words a bit.
= Geh! It doesn’t have anything to do with you!
Ah…Sorry! Fix your mood already…! I’ll buy you oden*1* on the way home!
Shut up! Even if it’s cheap because of the campaign sale, a treat is a treat!
I got it, I got it! I’ll have them put in some eggs as well, is that good?
Heheh…Yor mood finally got better! Then I’ll wait for you at the entrance gate after club activties. After we go to the convenience store, let’s go home together!
– Yagami-kun, treat me to oden too!
= Huh? Why? Or rather, don’t lean on her shoulder so nonchantly!
-I won’t tell our club adviser that you were late today. But without any punishment, you won’t learn your lesson will you? It’s the penalty I give to a club member as its pesident.
Look, she also agrees to it.
= You traitor!
– Then we’ll meet at the front gate. Roger!
= I got it…

= She’s so late…
– A acub manager as a lot work to do.
= More importatly, how easily you got in the way so we won’t go home together caling it a penalty!
– That’s a false accusation! If you don’t like it, why don’t you wear our unifom as you should? Then you won’t be late anymore.
= Shit. I’ll strip you out of your sheep’s clothing one day!
– Good grief. Why do you hate me that much? Is it because I get along well with her? You’re jealous, as I thougt?
= Wha? That’s wrong! Don’t hav stupid delusions!
– Delusions, huh?
= Plus, don’t decide by yourself thta you get along well with her! You’re just a club president and a manager. I’ve been ith her since we were in kindergarten!
– Tsk. You’re freaking annoying… Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you’re her childhood friend. You’re pissing me off.
= Wha?
– I think you better not get full of yourself just because I’m being quiet.
– Oh! Good job today, manager! No, I haven’t been waiting at all.
Hehe. It’s like a meeting for a date.
= Hey, don’t you forget that I’m here!
– Huh? You were there, Yagami-kun?
= This guy really irritates me!

– Ah…You shouln’t do it like that…
= A? What do you mean?
– You need to tease your opponent more…
= What are you talking about? It’s enough to attack again and again. Right? You think so too, right?
– You need to watch your opponent’s reaction until the last moment and attack at once… Ah…Aren’t I right?
Look, she also says so…
= You…
– That’s why…let’s attack slowly…
= I’m not good at that stuff…
– It’s okay, I’ll cover for you on that part.
= I won’t let you act cool by yourself.
– Then I shall see what you can do.
= Obviously! I’ll lead the team to victory in the next match as well!
– Well, I think that I’ll end up having that role, though.
= Huuh?
– This oden is really hot, isn’t it?
Be careful so you won’t get burnt.
= Hey! You do it just after you’ve been warned! You’re really slow!
– Are you okay? Ah…your lips are becoming a bit red…
= Hey, wait! You’re too close!
– I can’t help it, can I? We’re three people sitting on a two persons bench.
= Then you sit up.
– I think it’s bad manners to eat while standing up.
= Heh, your thinking is like a girl’s.
– Then if you stand up it’ll be just right.
= Who would do that? I’ll never let the two of you sit together.
– Ah…
Huh? Whose cellphone is it?
= Is it yours?
= Oh? What is it?

– Huh? Ah…you’re going home ahead?
= Wait a bit! If your Mom asked ou to go shopping, I’ll come with you!
Uh…hey! Hey!
Ah…she left…
– What should we do with this much oden?
= Ah…we can only eat it, huh?
*the both of them sigh*
– It’s hot…
= This is tasty…

Track 02 – Misshitsu no Kuukan/ Behind Closed Doors(09:02)

– Good job today, manager! You were in the clubroom, after all! There was a ball left, so I brought it. Doing this much is normal. Are you tidying up the clubroom?
Ah, it’s so hot. I think I got too worked up today.It’s because Yagami-kun was pretty fired up.
Yeah.He relly doesn’t like to lose.
When he’s on the opposite team, I won’t be able to keep up if I don’t do my best.
Hmm? So Yagami-kun wa like this from the past?
Was he always on the basketball club? Huuh? That’s unexpected. I thought for sure he’d have followed you and joined the basketball club.
Haha! You’re saying that’s not possible? (quietly:)You’re so thickheaded you leave me cold.
No, it’s nothing
Huh? The light seems to be going out. Should I change the fluorescent light?
Ah, it’s okay, I’ll go take one. You continue tidying up.
Huh? The door won’t open…It’s not like it’s locked… Maybe the lock is badly made…
Hey? Is anyone there?
Everyone seems to have gone home already…
Ah! Hey, do you have your phone? I also left it in the back. The window is…We can’t get out that small opening, huh?
Don’t make such a worried face. Someone will eventually notice. Until then, I’ll also help origanize the things in the clubroom.
That’s why, be more cheerful. Okay?
Okay! I’ll carry this, so give it to me. You wouldn’t be able to reach up here.

It’s become a bit hot…I’m sweating. Are you okay?
Here, you can use my towel. I didn’t use it much today so I don’t think it stinks.
You’re welcome.
Ah! Oh, what good timing for the light to go out!
That’s a problem…
Oh, What’s wrong? Perhaps you are afraid of darkness? I see. We’re in a situation like this, so of course you’d be scared. It’s okay, I’m with you. You don’t have to apologize. I’m glad you didn’t get locked in here alone.
Anyway, we can only wait for the time being.
Eh? Yagami-kun? The first one you mention is always him. It’s worse if you’re doing it unaware. How you seek help from him in this kind of situation.
*sigh* It’s enough already that we’re locked here, if you tell me that, I’ll get even more irritated. Look at me more! Depend on me more! Unlike him who’s not here, I can embrace you like this. Are you a bit calmer? It’s no use trying to get away. It’s okay, so be calm and let me hug you.
You’re scared, aren’t you? That’s it…you’re a good girl. Rest easily and let yourself in my care.
Hmm? It’s okay. You always help me as our manager, so I want to be your strength at least in these times. Plus, just the fact that you’re here makes the room brighter. When you cheer for me, I get a lot of strenght. That kind of you, I….
= Hey! Come on, let’s go home! Uh! What are you doing? Why are you hugging her? Get away already!
– You’re misunderstanding. She was scared because we got locked in here, so I was just holding her like this.
= Huh? Locked? The door opened normally.
– That’s strange… It didn’t open from this side.
= Huh? What does that mean? Well, anyway, get changed, grab your things and let’s go home fast. I’ll be waiting by the front gate!
– (quietly) He appeared at the worst moment…
= You! I hope you didn’t do something to her while you two were alone!
– I wish you wouldn’t say bad thing about me with no reason. We were anxious not knowing when we’d have been able to get out, so we were just ecouraging each other. The light was also out and it was dark.
= Oh, then I guess it’s all right. But why didn’t the door open?
– Who knows…? Next time I’ll make sure to lock it.
= Huh? Ah! No way, you…!!
– Bye-bye, Yagami-kun!
= Ouch… Hey, wait! Open up!
– I hope someone notices you soon.
= Don’t mess around! Damn! Wait, hey, hey!! Eh? It’s a joke, right? Captain? You’re there, aren’t you?
Damn! Remember this!!

Track 03 – Osanai Koro Kara no Omoi/ Feelings from childhood (09:55)

= Why are you looking at me like that…? I’m making you do it? Sorry… Uh, it’s hot…
Uh? What? It’s so wet…A bit tighter…just like that….Yeah, it feels good. Your hands feel good too, they’re cold…
Hey, why are you here? To visit me? I see, thanks. Wait, not that! Why did you enter my room just like that? It’s different than when we were little!
No, it’s not like you’re bothering me, but…*cough*cough*
Ah, sorry. Well, it’s okay. So? I hope you brought me something tasty if you came visit me.
Geh! I don’t need the notes for today’s classes! There should be something else, like something to drink or some icecream, you know. Ah! yeah, something like that. What kind of jelly is it?
Uh… I see you want to tie me to the bed… Why is it compote flavoured jelly? Why did you choose something that’d seem to make me even sicker?
Uh, damn, I feel so sluggish. My fever raised because of you. Uh… Oh, are you leaving? Wait!
Ah, um, you don’t need to go back in such a hurry, do you? You went out of your way to come here, so stay with me…for a bit more. I’m telling you, it’s not because I’m lonely or something like that! I’m just so bored I don’t know what to do, so you know! It’s definitely not…because I want you…to stay… Uh, dams, it’s so hot!
Huh? What is it? I can at least wipe off my sweat by myself! Eh? you’re telling me to strip? Hey, you! No matter if you’re used to this because of the club we’re into…Shut up! I’m not gonna strip, idiot!

Even if you don’t mind, I do, jeez! Well, but…if it’s just my face and stuff…you can do it…
Do it already if you’re going to!

That alone makes me feel good enough…
That towel…it’s the one from when we were kids. You still have something so nostalgic! heh. You don’t remeber this fighting game’s name, right?
Huh? You’re making fun of me, aren’t you? Saying that I’d still pactice game heroes’ special moves secretly at this age… Damn, how can you remember that kind of stuff when you don’t even remember the name?
I’m telling you but that’s important for me! I’ve been thinking about this since we were kids. If I were able to use moves like those of heroes’, I could protect you from any kind of guy.
*cellphone ringing*
Who is it at this kind of time?
It’s okay, answer it.
– Ah, hello! It’s me.
= So it’s that guy?
– I heard you were going to visit Yagami-kun because he’s sick. Are you still at his house? I see. How is he feeling? I see. Tell him to take care from me. And not to push himself too hard to come to school. He seems to be reckless. You should also leave before you get infected–
= Shut up! At least leave me alone when I’m sick!
*closing call*
= Eh, call ended…And let’s also turn it off.
*sigh* You…don’t talk to other guys when you came to take care of me! I don’t like it! I don’t like you talking hapily with other guys…Or being alone with them…
Because I…long,long before that kind of guy appeared…about you, I…
= Hn…Huh? When did I fall asleep? Uh! Where’s she? Oh… she’s sleeping. Jeez, what are you gonna do if you get my cold? You’re too defensless!
Heh, thanks for coming to visit me. The truth i I was pretty happy. I feel as if I told her something strange before I fell asleep…Well, I didn’t tell her, did I? Damn. I can’t tell her clearly because of the fact that we’ve been together since we were kids.
I’ll stay by your side forever and protect you for my whole life. I’ll say that to you someday, so get ready!

Track 04 – Kanojo wa Zettai Watasanai/ I’ll never give her to you (07:58)

= I’m not gonna let you! You don’t seem to relaxed!
– I can say the same about you! You seem pretty desperate!
= That’s because you promised not to make passes at her anymore if I make 10 shoots before you. I’m not going to let this chance pass!
– I hope you haven’t forgotten either, Yagami-kun. If I win, you’ll stop going to school and home with her from now on!
= I remember that! Well, it’s because I’ll be the one to win!
– Even if you attack using your strenght, you won’t be able to take the ball from me.
= Damn! Hehe…
– What’s so funny?
= Nothing. It’s just that your usual model student image is crumbling and you’re starting to show your true colors!
– Heh! That’s because it doesn’t affect me one bit if you know the real me!
= Why doesn’t she notice anything when you’re so shady? Well, that’s because she’s a lot more thickheaded than the ordinary person!
– That’s right! She doesn’t seem to have noticed your feelings one bit! Ah, maybe she noticed and pretends not to know! She’s kind so she can’t tell you you’re a bother! How about givig up already?
= Don’t mess with me! Who’s going to give up? If my feelings were that simple, I wouldn’t have stayed with her for nearly ten years!
– Heh, you really are persistent!
= How about you give up already? She’ll never like a guy like you who hides his true self! She’s honest, kind, and faces anyone head on. She’s the opposite of you!
– That’s why I like her!
= Damn!
– I’m leading again. The match’s end is obvious anyway. You’re an eyesore, so just go away already.
= You keep saying selfish things…Bring it on!
= Yeah!
– He got me…
= Hehe, now the score’s even. This kind of dunk is impossible to do for a model student, isn’t it?
– Who do you think you’re talking to? There’s nothing you can do and I can’t! Now I’m in the lead again.
= That’s cheating! That one just now doesn’t count! No one even said start!
– There weren’t any rules aside from the fact that the first one who gets 10 shots in wins. Did you forget? You’re an idiot as always.
= Damn! Looking down on people just because you’re a bit smart…I’ll win no matter what!
– Just try.

= Damn…It’s gotten dark outside and we still don’t have a winner.
– So this is it, huh? Oh!
= Oh! Why are you here?
– Were you watching, by any chance? Since when?
= That’s a lot of time! Don’t sneak around watching people compete!
– Then…did you also found out why we were competing?
= Huh? We were really fired up, you’re saying?
– Oh…By the looks of it, she didn’t notice anything.
= She was so focused on our game that she didn’t hear what we were saying, huh?
– Yagami-kun… How about we leave this game for another day and make her notice our feelings?
= Huh? what do you plan to do?
– Come over here for a bit.
= Okay…
– Lend me your ear. What about this…?
= Oh! Heh. Okay. It’s kind of annoying to make a truce with you but, heh, this might not be bad.
– Right?
= Then, it’s late already, so how about we go home? The three of us together!
– Right, let’s go home. The three of us together.

– Yagami-kun, that’s too fast! I’ll feel bad for her at this rate.
= You’re saying that, but weren’t you almost the same as me?
– I was nice and matched your pace.
= Stop acting cool!
– But now it’s decided.
= Yeah.

– Okay! It’s your loss, manager!
= Jeez! You’re slow! Weren’t you the one who accepted the contest? Don’t start making excuses now!
– That’s right! The one who finished the slope climbing race last has to take a punishment.
The truth is that we already decided on your punishment.
= The punishment someone so thickheaded as you gets is…this:
–I’ll never give you to anyone.

Track 05 – Bangaihen 1-Kurayami no Naka de, Fureau Yubisaki/ Extra 1-Fingers touching in the darkness

– Jeez, he really doesn’t like to lose. I can’t believe he forcibly tagged along on our amusement park date and is trying to get in the way of us being alone . Plus, he says we need to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes with you on every attraction. Then if I win he complains and says I cheated. Well, now we’re finally alone so I guess it doesn’t matter!

– Oh, it’s pitch black. It’s the amusement park’s horror attraction so I thought they’d use some CG effects or something, but…
Ah, that’s right. You don’t like darkness, do you? Here. Ah…even your fingers are delicate. They seem that they’d break if I hold your hand too tight.
If you don’t mind, can I keep holding your hand? Let me escort you.

Rather than scared, I guess I’ nervous. Now that we’re just the two of us, I can’t stand still, how should I say this…
Hm? Hey, are you listening to me? Aren’t you a bit too scared?
Uh…She can’t hear a word I’m saying…
Okay! Fuu~
Haha! Were you surprised? You were too scared so I couldn’t help myself.
Sorry, sorry! I won’t do it again, so don’t get angry!
No! I won’t let you run away!

I caught you! Come on, be a good girl!
I’ll monopolize you until we get out of here. I won’t accept any objection. Stay in my arms like this for a while. Just for now…it’s okay if it’s just for now.
Hehe…your heart is beating so fast…When I think I’m the one who caused that, I’m kinda happy. Hey…can you feel my heartbeat too? It’s starting to race. If I could, I would stay with you forever like this. Forget about that childhood friend…

Heh. You don’t understand what I’m saying, do you? Isn’t it about time you notice my feelings? *kiss*

Track 06 – Bangaihen 2-Ore Dake no Mono de Iro/ Extra2-Stay only mine (04:05)

= Calm down! Calm down, me!
You stay like that! I’ll move now. Don’t rush me, I’m desperate here!
Hey! I told you not to rush me, I didn’t tell you to turn away!
I got it! I’ll hurry!
We’re finally alone, so I need to do my best now!

I’m starting!

Somehow…isn’t this Ferris wheel extremely high?
Plus it swayed a lot just because I stood up, it made me break into a cold sweat!

I don’t have fear of heights! I just don’t like tall places!
I moved next to you…uh…because the scenery looks better from this seat!

Oh! Well…I’m kinda dizzy so I can’t really admire the scenery, but…
Eh, shut up! You looked as if you wanted to ride this so I went along with you! Plus, the captain can’t follow us anymore once we got on the Ferris wheel.
Hehe! I’m sure he’s biting his lip on the ground about now.
Huh? What? You don’t like being alone with me?

Then stop talking about that guy!
Oh! Look at that awesome sunset! Though I hated it when we were kids…because I had to part ways with you when the sun was setting even though I wanted to stay together longer.
But even that hateful sunset can look pretty when I’m with you.
I won’t say dream-like things as wanting this moment to go on forever but at least until the ride ends, stay only mine. *kiss*

Track 07 – Cast Talk (07:21)
– Hello, how are you? I play the role Asukai Jun, my name is Toriumi Kousuke-san*2* from Arts Vision. Thank you, everyone did a good job! Now I’m going to talk about the recording, talk on a few subjects and such.
Well, my opinions on the recording? That’s right…I think there are more and more recordings using a dummy head mic.
This time I used the dummy head mic a lot but it’s the first time I “played” basketball. It was one-on-one. I thought that you can move around the mic a lot, and I look forward to hearing the finished version. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, like how progresss would make it possible for the dummy head mic move along with you. Well, I used the dummy head mic but I played my role with a fresh feeling!

Next is…to talk about some memories from my school days. It seems it’s best if I talk freely.
Hm, what should I talk about? School days, huh? Let me think…my school days… What period would be good? Middle school, high school, hm…school events.
My highschool had two events had an athletic festival and a culture festival once a year, taking turns. I had two athletic festivals, When I was in my second year we held a culture festival and when we needed to decide what our class event would be, it was decided we wouldn’t participate at all. That happened, so at my highschool culture festival I just walked around and chattered with people.

It was a very meaningful highschool life! I’m sure there are people among you who have or had unforgettable highschool lives; I’m sorry for talking about something so unimportant.

After me will talk Terashima Takuma-kun. I’m sure he’s going to talk about something interesting and will make you laugh, so look forward to it! I’m thinking of going home now. Thank you for listening! This was Toriumi Kousuke-san! Good job today, good bye!

Thank you for listening to the Ikizukai Series: School Edition. I’m Terashima Takuma, who played the role of Yagami Ryousuke! Good morining! Everyone, did you enjoy the CD?
I think this is becoming annoying, isn’t it? I’m Terashima Takuma, thank you very much for listening! The recording this time used a dummy head mic and it’s a story where I compete with Toriumi-san for you. The theme this time is “heavy breathing” There were many scenes when we were panting. Now I need to do a cast talk, so I will talk a bit. I’m using the dummy head mic so I might as well speak while going round and round. Everyone, stop listening if you get dizzy!
I will start talking on the subject I’ve been given. First is “your impressions on the recording”. Doesn’t this feel bad listening to? The staff across the glass are nodding their heads so I’ll stop.
Hm, my impressions on the recording? Let me see… It’s been a long time since I last used a dummy head mic but it’s really easy to do when you have someone to talk to. It’s interesting because you can adjust the direction where you should look when talking, the distance from the mic. Talking about this story, the theme is “heavy breathing” so we acted panting a lot and I felt my vision darkening, really. But I didn’t have to do this much for other works so I did my best trying to breathe in different way. How did it sound to you? Oh! Aren’t you thinking about dirty things? That’s good too, thank you very much!

Next I need to talk about my school days. This CD is about students, about the basketball club. I was in the drama club in highschool. We also did exercise to build physical strenght and went running so I think it was somewhat hard. Well, not as much as in the basketball club though. I think the people in the basketball club had it hard but I remember I also did my best in my club, I didn’t do less than sports clubs in that aspect.
Everytime I’m recording with a dummy head mic I loiter aroun it, but is it all right? Am I not annoying? It’s a good chance, so I wish to entertain you.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ll get a bit off topic but the staff always says the dummy head mics are interesting and I tried to act like always this time. You know that when talking in a mic you have to be careful of how you breathe because it’ll record blowing sounds, so in order to avoid that I tried to do it from this distance…how was it, did I do it well?
This was a fun experience so I was able to act looking forward to what I’ll be doing next. It would be great if you also liked listening to the CD! Please listen to it many times and I hope you’ll have fun. Will you choose me or will you choose Toriumi-san–no, wait, it’s not me and Toriumi-san. Will you choose Asukai-kun–the captain or Yagami-kun, whom I played. I’ll be glad if you choose one in your heart!
Time’s almost up so I’m thinking of excusing myself now! You’ve listened to Terashima Takuma who plays Yagami Ryousuke. Thank you very much! Goodbye!
*1* oden – a type of Japanese dish. I don’t think anyone actualy care what’s in it. Or there are that kind of people? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oden
*2* He actually introdue himself using -san so I kept it as it is.

– (line) Asukai Jun (Senpai/Captain)/ Toriumi Kousuke
= (equal) Yagami Ryousuke/ Terashima Takuma
— (two lines) both


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  3. Are you back on translating drama CDs, Shyuu-san? In any case, thank you for this! I will listen to it when I can find the time. I do miss listening to Terashii :3

    • I guess I am back haha. Actually I never intend to take long breaks or anything (but I post really rarely) but I guess this is how much time it takes me to finish a translation (and songs take lesser to tl). I always have a few translations ongoing, but I tend to finish them in a loot of time. If you want me to translate something, you have to keep telling me to do it or I’ll slack off.
      Yes, it’s always nice to listen to Terashima Takuma 😀 He’s playing again the energetic and honest boy who you’ve known for a long time. I preferred him over Torumi Kousuke, but maybe that’s also because I tend to favour childhood friends haha
      Thank you for your comment!

      • Hey, Shyuu-san! I just finished listening to this CD and omg Tsundere Terashii ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ) Needless to say, I favor Yagami-kun, too.

        I laughed so hard on the parts that are very misleading because of the panting sounds and the accompanying script! Maybe I will try listening to the other volumes.

        Thank you again for this translation, Shyuu-san!

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