NicoNico Wonderland vol. 01 – 10 & 11 – Mucchi intro & Issho ni Iyou ne! [Lyrics; TL]

ニコニコワンダーランド Nico Nico Wonderland vol 01(Album)
Eshi x VocaloP x Utaite
Utaite: vipTenchou, clear, Amatsuki, ryo-kun, Mucchi, KogeinunicoNico Wonderland vol. 01

01.Niconico Wonderland no Theme Song~ EasyPop
ニコニコワンダーランドのテーマソング / EasyPop
02.Jiko Shoukai ~vipTenchou(Lion)/ Vip Tenchou’s Self Introduction (Lion)
03.Ohayou Sekai/ Good morning, world
おはようセカイ / vip店長×daniwell
04.Jiko Shoukai ~clear(Kuma)/ clear’s Self Introduction (Bear)
05. Slowly Sky ~ clear
Slowly sky / clear×ひとしずく×やま△
06.Jiko Shoukai ~Amatsuki(Hitsuji)/ Amatsuki’s Self Introduction (Sheep)
07.Pastel Lovers ~Amatsuki
パステルラバーズ / 天月-あまつき-×PolyphonicBranch
08. Jiko Shoukai ~ryo-kun(Ookami)/ ryo-kun’s Self Introduction (Wolf)
09.Love Song wa Yuugure ni ~ryo-kun
ラヴソングは夕暮れに / りょーくん×TOKOTOKO(西沢さんP)
10. Jiko Shoukai ~Mucchi(Hamster)/ Mucchi’s Self Introduction (Hamster)
11. Issho ni iyou ne! ~Mucchi
いっしょにいようね! / むっち×卓球少年
12. Jiko Shoukai~Kogeinu (Inu)/ Kogeinu’s Self Introduction (Dog)
13.Kogefuu ~Kogeinu
こげふぅ / コゲ犬×KEI

Release date: 17 April 2013
Official site:
Listen to samples here: 

10. Jiko Shoukai (Self Introduction) ~Mucchi

Nice to meet you! I’m Mucchi, the hamster! My charm point is this cheek pouch! I stuff it with my favourite sunflower seeds! This other time I was trying to see how many fit in it, and I actually broke my record! The number is…36! Hehe! Awesome, right? The best until now was 34 and now the number’s up by two! Plus, I was thinking I’m pretty cute with my face stuffed like that, hehe. Now I’ll surely be popular with girls! I’m sure I’ll immediately move on from being a loner! Well, I’m the only one who’s nocturnal and everyone teases me saying I’m a loner but just you watch!

11. Issho ni Iyou ne! ~Mucchi


Dokka itta
Kakushitoita, ah
Ki no mi wa maa
Ii ka

Yoku aru koto sa
Kawaii shippai sa

Socchi itte socchi ite mo ii?
Kizuite ne onegai
Terebi mitenaide issho ni asobou yo

Attakai yubisaki de hotto sasete
Kimochi wo komete sotto nadete ite ne

Kimi to boku no attakai jikan ga kyou mo sugiteyuku
Kimi wa kimi wa tokidoki sabishisou na kao wo suru kedo
Dakedo dakedo kimi ga kureta mawashiguruma wo mawaseba
Kimi ga kimi ga honno sukoshi dake waratte kureru no desu

Mou mikka
Tatta no ka, ah
Kimi ga dokka
Itte kara, ah
Betsuni sabishiku nanka nai kedo ne

Attakai yubisaki de sotto nadete kuretemo ii no ni
Doko ni itteiru no kana

Kimi ga kimi ga kaette kita toki ni yorokonde kureru youni
Koya toka kirei ni tsukatte orikou ni shiteiru no desu
Kimi ga kimi ga nokoshitetta mawashiguruma wo mawaseba
Kimi ga kimi ga sukoshi inakuttate sabishiku nai no desu

Kimi ga kimi ga doa wo aketa toki ni
Namida ga koborete
Shinpai sasetakunai kara tsyogatta kedo

Kimi ga kimi ga waratte kurereba boku mo ureshii kara
Kono hoppeta ippai no ki no mi wo purezento desu
Zutto issho ni iyou ne

English translation:

Where are they
I hid them, ah
The nuts I had
Well, it’s all right

This happens often
It’s a cute mistake

Can I go there, can I?
Please notice me
Stop watching TV and let’s play together

Calm me with your warm fingers
Pat me softly with love

We’re spending time warmly together again today
Though you sometimes make a lonely expression
But if I turn the hamster wheel you gave me
You give me a little smile

It’s been
Three days, ah
Since you went
I’m not lonely or anything though

I wish you’d pat me with your warm fingers
But where did you go

So you’ll be happy when you come back
I’ll take care to keep my cage clean
If I turn the hamster wheel you left me
I won’t be lonely you’re not here for a while

When you opened the door
I burst into tears
But I acted strong so you wouldn’t get worried
I was so lonely

I’m also happy when you’re smiling so
I’ll stuff my cheeks with nuts and give them to you
Let’s be together forever


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