NicoNico Wonderland vol. 01 – 12 & 13 – Kogeinu intro & Kogefuu [Lyrics; TL]

ニコニコワンダーランド Nico Nico Wonderland vol 01(Album)
Eshi x VocaloP x Utaite
Utaite: vipTenchou, clear, Amatsuki, ryo-kun, Mucchi, KogeinunicoNico Wonderland vol. 01

01.Niconico Wonderland no Theme Song~ EasyPop
ニコニコワンダーランドのテーマソング / EasyPop
02.Jiko Shoukai ~vipTenchou(Lion)/ Vip Tenchou’s Self Introduction (Lion)
03.Ohayou Sekai/ Good morning, world
おはようセカイ / vip店長×daniwell
04.Jiko Shoukai ~clear(Kuma)/ clear’s Self Introduction (Bear)
05. Slowly Sky ~ clear
Slowly sky / clear×ひとしずく×やま△
06.Jiko Shoukai ~Amatsuki(Hitsuji)/ Amatsuki’s Self Introduction (Sheep)
07.Pastel Lovers ~Amatsuki
パステルラバーズ / 天月-あまつき-×PolyphonicBranch
08. Jiko Shoukai ~ryo-kun(Ookami)/ ryo-kun’s Self Introduction (Wolf)
09.Love Song wa Yuugure ni ~ryo-kun
ラヴソングは夕暮れに / りょーくん×TOKOTOKO(西沢さんP)
10. Jiko Shoukai ~Mucchi(Hamster)/ Mucchi’s Self Introduction (Hamster)
11. Issho ni iyou ne! ~Mucchi
いっしょにいようね! / むっち×卓球少年
12. Jiko Shoukai~Kogeinu (Inu)/ Kogeinu’s Self Introduction (Dog)
13.Kogefuu ~Kogeinu
こげふぅ / コゲ犬×KEI

Release date: 17 April 2013
Official site:
Listen to samples here: 

11. Jiko Shoukai (Self Introduction) ~Kogeinu

Woof woof woof! My energy’s my good point! Or more like, what would there be left to me if you were to take my enegry? I’m Kogeinu! It’s not like I can’t catch colds because I’m , but I’m healthy because I’m always running around! Sometimes I have too muh energy and laugh out loud around th Wonderland so everyone gets angry and tells me I’m noisy! But, but! When I see something moving, I want to chase it!
This other time I was chasing a butterfly fluttering about and before I noticed I got to some place I didn’t know so I thought I was in trouble!
I got lost on my way home and didn’t know what to do but I followed the scent and came back! As expected from me! I’m the most energetic one among the NicoNico Wonderland members, after all! I’m the energetic Kogeinu, best regards!

12. Kogefuu ~Kogeinu


Chouchou oikakete janpu shita
Anna fuu ni sora wo tobetara ii na
Couchou wo miushinau doko itta?
Sorekara tabun ore wa maigo ni natta…

Aozora ni taiyou, poketto ni candy
Nantoka naru sa dattte chikyuu wa mawatteru

Mainichi ga tottemo fantasy
Dokidoki ga dramatic
Hora, kocchi e oide yo
Ore to geemu toka shiyou

Riaru to wa yume no kyanbasu
Jiyuu ni kakinagure
Nakanaka katenai no mo orefuu no kogeta seishun sa

Couchou wo sagasu no wa mou yameta
Akippoi tokoro mo purofiiru

Paakaa no f/huudo fuwa fuwa no shippo
Suki na mono shika suki ja nainda wonderful!

Ohirune wa totemo fantasy
Sawarenai riaritii
Hora kimi ni dakitsuku to sugoku ii nioi ga shita

Yokubou wa ikiru energy
Zensokuryoku de ikou
Tokidoki korobu keredo bansoukou petari daijoubu

Couchou wo oikakete dokomademo
Korette orefuu no fantasy life

Mainichi ga tottemo fantasy
Dokidoki ga dramatic
Hora neko datte oide yo
Gokaime no sensou shiyou

Ohirune wa totemo fantasy
Sawarenai riarity
Hora kimi ni dakitsuku to sugoku ii nioi ga shita

Mainichi ga gattsuri fantasy
Kubiwa wa mou iranai
Hora jiyuu na kokoro de sono egao ni kaketeyuku

Kusamura wa rippana fantasy
Happa no hanetsukete
Hora dokomade toberu ka
Orefuu no saeta chousen saa

Onaka ga suitara kaerou

English Translation:

I was jumping around chasing a butterfly
I wish I could fly in the sky like it does
I lost the butterfly, where did it go?
Also, I think I probably got lost…

The sun is shining on the blue sky, I have some candy in my pocket
It’s gonna work out somehow, after all Earth is spinning

Everyaday feels very fantastic
My heart keeps racing
Look, come over here
Let’s play some games together

Reality is your dream’s canvas
Paint it freely
I can’t do it well but that’s also part of my youth

I’ll stop searching for the butterfly
I’m always fickle

I wear hooded jackets and I wag my fluffly tail
It’s wonderful to only like what you like!

My afternoon nap is very fantastic
It’s a reality I can’t touch
Look, I feel a nice scent when I hug you

Desires are your energy to live
Let’s follow them at full speed
You may fall sometimes but you’ll be okay if you put on a band-aid

I chase the butterfly everywhere
This is my kind of fantastic life

Everyday feels very fantastic
My heart keeps racing
Cats are also wellcome
Let’s have our fifth war

My afternoon nap is very fantastic
It’s a reality I can’t touch
Look, I feel a nice scent when I hug you

Everyday is plenty fantastic
I don’t need my collar anymore
Come, let’s dash to that smile with a free heart

The grass and bushes come from a fantasy world
Let’s make some wings out of leaves
Let’s see how far we can fly
That’s my type of bright challenge

Let’s go home when we get hungry


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