Free! Character Song Duet Series vol 02. Nagisa & Rei – 03. Original Drama

キャラクターソング・デュエットシリーズ Vol.2 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼) & 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔)
Free! Character Song Duet Song Series volume 02 Hazuki Nagisa (Seiyuu: Yonaga Tsubasa) & Ryuugazaki Rei (Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke)Free! Duet Series vol. 02

01. Summer High Tension☆ サマーハイテンション☆
02. Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure 夏の終わりの夕間暮れ
03. Original Drama Nagisa & Rei/ Original Drama~渚&怜~
04. Summer High Tension☆ (Off Vocal) サマーハイテンション☆ (OFF VOCAL)
05. Natsu no Owari no Yuumagure (Off Vocal) 夏の終わりの夕間暮れ (OFF VOCAL)

Release date: 15 January 2014
Official site:
Official youtube sample:

03. Original Drama~Nagisa & Rei~ (11:12)

– Ah, Rei-chan, here, here!
– I’m sorry for making you wait, Nagisa-kun! I can’t believe I was 3 minutes late!
– Hehe. No problem. I just got here anyway.
– What about the others? *1*
– Hm, they’re not here yet.
– That’s strange. We were supposed to meet at 11:00 at the plaza in front of the station, right?
– That’s right. We’re supposed to meet at 11:00 then go to a sports shop together to check out some swimsuits…Oh.. Aa!
– What is wrong?
– I’m sorry, Rei-chan! I made a mistake! The meeting time was 1:00! But, well, isn’t it better than being late?
– That’s true, but what are we going to do for two hours?
– Let’s waste some time somewhere!
– Time isn’t something to waste! There is a saying that goes “time is money”.
– Hm, you kinda sound like Ama-chan. Then let’s find a place where we can spend some time usefully . Um…Ah, that’s tight! Let’s go there!
– There?
– You meant karaoke box?
– Yeah. It’s 150 yen one hour for a person and you can sing as much as you want. The drinks are a different thing though.
– So this is a karaoke box…
– Huh? Rei-chan, is this the first time you’re going to karaoke?
– Is that bad? I just happened to not have such an opportunity before…
– Heh? that’s so rare nowadays!
– Is that so?
– Hehe. But I’m happy to be able to be present on Rei-chan’s first karaoke experience. I’ll teach you about it, okay? This is the remote controller. This is the microphone.
– No… I know that much. Plus, I didn’t say I was going to sing.
– Ehh? Don’t say that! I really like your voice, Rei-chan!
– Ah…I think it’s ordinary…
– That’s not true! That’s why I also really want to hear your singing!
– But…
– I wanna hear! *rubs head*
– Stop that!
– I thought your singing voice would be beautiful…
– Bautiful, you say…? heh, well it is true it’s my first time in a karaoke box but I know a bit about the theory of vocal music. Very well! I will let you listen to my captivating voice for my first time at a karaoke shop.
– Hahaha! I can’t wait!
– Then I’ll choose a song first…
– Ah! Let’s order drinks first. What do you want, Rei-chan?
– There are so many drink types!
That’s right. Um…I think I’ll get thus Youth strawberry melting cream soda one. What about you?
– Um…
– If you don’t choose quickly we’ll be wasting time.
– Wait a bit.  (This Season only 100% watermelon juice sounds good… but maybe it’s too risky. Then maybe I should choose this Nakahara’s 60% pear juice. But why is it only half done and has 60%? What about the remaining 40%?)
– Rei-chan, you’re slow! I’ll order first. *pushes button*
– You can even order drinks using this remote control?
– Yeah. Then why don’t you have this Traditional Normal Barley Tea? I’ll order that. There it goes!
– Ah, wait, Nagisa-kun! Don’t choose for me! Plus, it’s ordinary barley tea!
– It’s because you seemed to take too long. more importantly, what are you gonna sing? What kind of songs do you like, Rei-chan?
– If it’s music, I listen to anything usually. I can generally sing a song I’ve heard once, so…um…ah, there are only songs I don’t know. “I love you more than anything?”*1*
– What’s that, an old song?
– Now that I think about it, I feel as if my father used to listen to it on the radio… If it’s this, I think I will be able to sing it.
– Sing it, sing it! I want to hear Rei-chan’s love song!
– Very well. Please listen to it and be captivated!
– Hm? It’s not starting.
– I wonder what’s wrong. Maybe the signal’s packed?
– Then let’s input the next song as well. Ah, I know this one.  “Win with love and courage”. It’s a famous song! “At the end we’ll definitely win with love and courage!”. It’s that one, isn’t it? Huh?
– It’s still not starting.
– Then, what about this one? “Very very happy berry”. it’s probably a recent song. “A wonderful one-sided love”. “Kiss me gently”. “Spice sparkles by your side”
– Huh? “spice by your side”. Eh? Let me see the remote control screen, Rei-chan.
– Maybe it’s broken. The songs aren’t starting at all.
– That’s not it, Rei-chan! Ths is the food menu!
– Eh?
– It’s ice-cream mix *2* , Katsudon with organic eggs *3*, parfait with three kinds of berries *4*, dried boiled rice on steak and noodles! *5*
– Why would they have such confusing names? I ended up ordering them!
– I feel that I ate a bit too much, but it was unexpectedly tasty, wasn’t it?
– My stomach hurts. But more importantly, do we have enough money?
– I brought a lot to buy a swimsuit, so it’s okay. Then let’s forget about it and go sing!
– Right… um… “Next I won’t make any mistakes. Hm? This is…this “grading” menu here means…
– Yeah. It’s a function that will show your score.
– So this is the rumored karaoke scoring function? Ah, the record history from the people who were here before us is still here. The scores are high.
– Really! There’s 92 points – Mikoshiba Seijuurou…
– Mikoshiba, as in…Samezuka’s…
– Captain!
– He wrote his real name in this kind of place. Well, it is like him…
– Then this “Nitorin” ***6*** below is…Ai-chan?
– 89 points? It seems he sang a Showa period idol group’s popular song.
– Ah… Then the one below that. called “Rin-Rin” would be Rin-chan?!
– 75 points… Although he is amazing when swimming, he lost to his underclassman at singing.
– Ah…poor Rin-chan. I know, Rei-chan! You should sing an awesome song, surpass Ai-chan and the Captain and become first!
– Very well. I will make up for Rin-san’s loss and get first place. Theoretically thinking, in order to get a high score, I need to choose a song with a narrow range so I have an advantage. That means…um… not this song. Not this one either. This too.
– Eh!
– Rei-chan, you still can’t decide?
– Please wait a little. It’s only going to take a bit.
– It seems it’ll take a while, so can I sing first?
– Wait a bit! You are going to sing disregarding my first karaoke experience? Uhh! Oh! I know this song! The range is also good! I’ll choose this one.
– Then play it quickly.
– Yes! Um…
– What’s wrong?
– What is this function?
– It’s a function that lets you make your song on a CD and take it with you.
– What? It will burn your song on a CD? On short, it would be the same as recording your swimming practice and you can check your own singing? Wonderful! I need to try this! Hm? What is this function?
– Ah, that’s the single harmony function.
– What! You can even do things like a one person harmony? I need to use this one too. Huh? Please wait. This single harmony function doesn’t work on the song I chose earlier. That means….I need to start again from choosing a song. um…Eh? It seems I found another function. “Voice effects”.
– Rei-chan, are you done?
– Please wait! Ah, vocal effects are good, but I don’t really like the idea of processing your beautiful live voice using machines. The owner of a truly beautiful voice would challenge someone using his live unedited voice…Hm? What about this “chorus”function? Unlike effects, it would keep your live voice and make it sound like a professional concert!
– Yawn.
– Wait, Nagisa-kun! Please don’t sleep on my lap! Nagisa-kun! Geez, are you a child? Well, we had practice until late yesterday and he woke up early today as well. 
But….hehe. I can’t sing like this, can I? Good grief.

*1* I think it’s actually a play on words. The song’s named “naniyorimo kimi wo aisu. if written in katakana, aisu means ice/ice-cream, but written in kanji “ai” means love + verb termination would be “su”(aisu) in this case. Though I don’t even know if it’s correct that way, you’d usually say äishiteru’or aisuru at most.
*2* Talking about” I love you more than anything”.
*3* “Win with love and courage” or “Ai to yuuki de katsu”. yuuki= organic. katsu=katsudon.
*4* “Very very happy berry” . you get it, berries.
*5* “A wonderful one-sided love” “Suteki na kataomoi” steak is pronouced steak. Soba means noodles and also side.
*6* you also heard “Nitorin” and not “nitori”, didn’t you? If not, I may have started a “nitorin is official” rumor.



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