[TL] Kyoukai no Kanata Drama CD: Slapstick Bungei-bu

『境界の彼方』ドラマCD スラップスティック文芸部
Kyoukai no Kanata Drama CD : Slapstick Literary ClubKyoukai no Kanata Drama CD

Track 01. Bungeibu no Kinkyuu Kaigi / The Literary Club’s Emergency Meeting 文芸部の緊急会議 (04:26)
Track 02. Mitsuki no Dokusai Bungeibu / Mitsuki’s Dictatorship Over the Literary Club 美月の独裁文芸部 (06:09)
Track 03. Kuriyama Mirai no Hijou Jitai/ Kuriyama Mirai’s emergency situation 栗山未来の非常事態 (04:21)
Track 04. Keshikaran Youmu / Otrageous Youmu けしからん妖夢 (09:37)
Track 05. Jou ni Uttaeru Kaiketsuhou / Settling it by making use of its wishes情に訴える解決法 (03:18)
Track 06. Akihito wo Osou Shougeki no Shinjitsu / The truth hunting Akihito down 秋人を襲う衝撃の真実 (05:28)

Release date: 11 December 2013
Official site: http://anime-kyokai.com/product/cd-drama/
Sample here: http://www.shinseido.co.jp/ItemDetail?cmId=749190

Kanbara Akihito 神原秋人 – KENN
Kuriyama Mirai 栗山未来 – Taneda Risa 種田梨沙
Nase Mitsuki 名瀬美月 – Chihara Minori 茅原実里
Nase Hiroomi 名瀬博臣 – Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Nase Izumi 名瀬泉 – Kawasumi Ayako 川澄綾子
Shindou Ayaka 新堂彩華 – Shindo Naomi 進藤尚美
Shindou Ai 新堂愛 – Yamaoka Yuri 山岡ゆり
Inami Sakura 伊波桜 – Toyota Moe 豊田萌絵
Ninomiya Shizuku 二ノ宮雫 – Watanabe Akeno 渡辺明乃

Track 01 – Bungeibu no Kinkyuu Kaigi (04:26)

Mirai: – Beyond The Distance Drama CD: Slapstick Literary Club. Track 1: The Literary Club’s Emergency Meeting

*school bells*
Mitsuki: – I see everyone’s here.
Akihito: – Why did you call us here out of the blue, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: – Of course it’s for an emergency meeting, Akihito!
Mirai: – An emergency meeting?
Mitsuki: – That’s right, Kuriyama-san.
Akihito: – So what is it about?
Mitsuki: – I want you to listen carefully. You’ll want to hear this.
Hiroomi: – I can’t not listen to my little sister’s request!
Mitsuki: – Oh, it’s rare you’re here, Aniki. *1*
Akihito: – You’re the one who called him here!
Mitsuki: – I’d forgotten about his whole existence.
Akihito: – Hey!
Hiroomi: – Rest assured, Akkey. This is what you call skinship between siblings!
Mitsuki: – Lately, I’ve thought of something while selecting Shiba Hime works. Why do I have to read people’s works?
Akihito: – Well, because we’re the Literary Club.
Mitsuki: – I thought I need to oppose the violent behavior of using the word “work” as a cover to force your values on other people!
Hiroomi: – Was there such a grand work among Shiba Hime’s ones?
Mitsuki: – Ah, you don’t get it, Aniki. I think that this operation itself is the problem. Even if we’re the Literary Club, we can’t grow if we just keep reading other people’s work.
Mirai: – Oh!
Mitsuki: – It’s not good if we only learn from others. Now’s the age when you need to make something yourself.
Akihito: – You’re somehow more confident than ever.
Mitsuki: – That’s why we’ll make a special Shiba Hime issue and make some profit.
Akihito: – The last part’s totally wrong!
Mirai: – T-that’s amazing, Mitsuki-senpai!
Akihito: – Huh? What’s wrong, Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – To try making profit while making use of the students’ main occupation that is club activities…you’re the ideal club president!
Akihito: – Kuriyama-san, you can’t go along with what Mitsuki says! Plus, there won’t be any profit.
Mitsuki: – Akihito, profit isn’t something that appears, it’s something that you make!
Akihito:  What refreshing confidence!
Hiroomi: – I understand the reason, but what will we make, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: –  It’s a good opportunity, so I thought we should choose that together.
Akihto: – Even if you say that so suddenly…
Mitsuki: – Anything’s fine.
Hiroomi:  What about a little sister observation diary?
Mitsuki: – That’s gross, and I won’t allow it.
Mirai: – Umm…!
Mitsuki: – Yes, Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – I-is it all right to use photos of my my bonsai?
Mitsuki: – Rejected.
Mirai: – Sob…
Mitsuki: – B-but…it’s okay if it’s just a bit.
Mirai: – Really? Yay!
Mitsuki: – Heh. But if it’s not something interesting, I’ll reject it.
Mirai: – I’ll do my best!
Akihito: – Good for you, Kuriyama-san!
Mirai: – Yes!
Akihito: – I’m so happy that a small animal-looking bespectacled girl is smiling at me with the whole face thanks to one single bonsai. What blessing for a meganest*2*!
Mitsuki – Don’t you have any ideas, Akihito?
Akihito: – Heh?
Mitsuki: – Don’t “eh” me! Show how cool you can be as a Senpai.
Akihito: – Then…I should talk about glasses.
Mitsuki: – No. Next. What do you say, Aniki?
Hiroomi:-  I already said we should do a little sister observa–
Mitsuki:  – Those useless ideas you two have are out of the question.
Akihito: – What are you doing to my and Hiroomi’s Senpai privilege?
Mitsuki: – You just need to keep your deadline.
Hiroomi: – If you don’t let me choose something with little sisters, I don’t have any other ideas!
Akihito: – I have many ideas, but they all involve glasses.
Hiroomi: – By the way, don’t you have any ideas, Mitsuki?
Misuki: – I do.
Hiroomi & Akihito: – Ohh!
Mitsuki: – Gravure pictures.
Hiroomi & Akihito: – Huh?
Mirai: – Mitsuki-senpai…
Hiroomi: – I heard something I didn’t think I’d hear in my little sister’s voice.
Akihito: – Say that again please, Mitsuki.
Mitsuki: – *Sigh*. I said g-r-a-v-u-r-e pictures.

Mirai: – If Mirai’s favourite phrase were „this is pleasant”, this is pleasant.
Akihito: – You missed the „un-”, Kuriyama-san.
Mirai: – I’ve become a girl who doesn’t use „un-„.
Hiroomi: – Then you’re saying you won’t feel anything even if I put my hands under Akkey’s arms?
Mirai: – That is unpleasant.

Track 02 – Mitsuki no Dokusai Bungeibu (06:09)

Akihito: – Track 2: Mitsuki’s Dictatorship Over the Literary Club

Ai: – Gravure, you said?
Akihito: – Aa, you scared me! Ai-chan, since when have you been there?
Ai: – I’m sorry, I just arrived. Mitsuki-san asked me to come.
Mitsuki: – It’s just gravure pictures, you don’t need to be so surprised.
Ai: – Of course I’m surprised. It is gravure, you know!
Mitsuki: – Well, it’s okay. Today I want to discuss about this matter.
Hiroomi: – Wait, Mitsuki. You said you wanted to hear our opinion, but in truth you had already decided what you want to do?
Mitsuki: – I thought it would be despotic to choose something as the president without asking the club members first.
Akihito: – You’re pretty despotic already!
Hiroomi: Did you already decide who’s going to be the model?
Mitsuki: – I’ll do that through a candidacy.
Akihito: – No one will raise their hand!
Mitsuki: That’s what I thought too so I’ll take the liberty to nominate someone myself. First, what about Ai-chan?
Akihito: – Don’t involve Ai-chan too!
Ai: – Eh? It’s okay, it’s just taking some pictures, right?
Akihito: – You shouldn’t answer so easily! Plus, that’s a bit off–
Mitsuki: – That’s right!
Ai: – Then it’s okay!
Akihito: – You should stop! Ai-chan, you’re busy, aren’t you? You need to help Ayaka-san out with the shop, don’t you? We can’t pay you either…
You should decline for your own good!
Mitsuki: – You shut up, Akihito.
Ai: – Uh…it would be a problem if I can’t help out with the shop.
Akihito: – Right! You should give it up–
Mitsuki: – I’ll send a helper from the Nase family to the photo studio.
Akihito: – Stop using the Nase family’s people for these things.
Mitsuki: – I was thinking who should be first, Ai-chan or Nino-san…
I know!
Akihito: – What?
Mitsuki; – How about some gravure pictures of your mother, Akihito?
Akihito: – Huh??
Mitsuki: – Not “huh?!” I saw the postcard she sent you before!
Hiroomi: – Ah, the one where she gets out and goes “meow meow meow” when you call her. I heard about it from Ayaka-san.
Mitsuki: – Her looks don’t show she’s a mother, and then there’s her status of a married woman.
Akihito: – Hiroomi, your little sister’s saying things like “married woman”.
Hiroomi: – I want to hear more outrageous things!
Akihito: – It’s still a no! What kind of son likes seeing his mother’s gravure pictures in cosplay?
Ai: – That’ll definitely get a color cover, Kanbara-san!
Akihito: – Not you too, Ai-chan! I don’t want that! Do you think an ordinary guy in the whole world would want to see his mother’s gravure pictures?
Mitsuki: – It’s just like your family, Akihito.
Akihito: – What do you mean my family’s like? Put yourself in my shoes having to look at that!
Mitsuki: – A boy grows up watching his mother’s back.
Akihito: – Why do you want to wrap it up saying something cool? I definitely won’t acknowledge that, I won’t let you do it, and I’ll stop this plan!
Mitsuki: – I got it! Then, what about Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – Ehh?!
Akihito: – So you take whatever’s at hand, huh?

Ai: – It true Kuriyama-san seems as if she’d have secret fans and such.
Akihito: – What did you say!? What do you mean by “secret fans”? That’s the first time I hear that!
Ai: – I said she seems to.
Mitsuki: – Please. We only have you, Kuriyama-san!
Mirai: – Uh…I understand! I’m a spirit warrior too! I won’t lose no matter what wall stands before me!
Mitsuki: – Then you’ll also crush the wall named “swimsuit”, right?
Mirai: – Y-Yes! Huh? A swimsuit?
Mitsuki: – Yes, a swimsuit. If you wear one, our sales will raise and our club will have more money. And the loyalty of the club members…
Mirai: – Will raise…
Mitsuki: – And… they’ll be exhilarated.
Mitsuki: – Exhilarated…
Akihito: – Mitsuki, don’t exaggerate with words like “exhilarated”.
Mitsuki: – I’m not. If we make a bespectacled cosplaying high school girl color double page spread and front cover, you’ll also want to get your hands on it.
Akihito: – But there won’t be any discount,right?
Mitsuki: There will.
Hiroomi: – But if it’s not gravure pictures of my little sister, I’m not interested…
Akihito: – I didn’t ask you, Hiroomi. Plus, that’s not even an anthology!
Mirai: – Please let me think about it!
AKihito: – Kuriyama-san?!
Mirai: – Senpai, I’m sorry. When something involves money, I…
Akihito: – How can this be…! Anyway! You can’t do gravure photos of my mom or Kuriyama-san! Especially, I won’t let you show Kuriyama-san’s pictures to some shady guys!
Mirai: – Senpai…you care about me that much…
Akihito: – To show the noble sight of Kuriyama-an’s glasses to the world… is definitely a no!!
Mirai: – Ho-How unpleasant!!

Akihito: – What if Akihito were extremely serious?

Mirai: – I can’t believe you won’t die even if I stab you with my blood sword…what on earth are you?
Akihito: – You should name yourself before asking for other people’s names.
Shouldn’t you first tell me the reason why you stabbed me? A spirit warrior like yourself should usually know if I am a youmu or not, right? Aren’t you too violent to someone you first met, to begin with? Not as a spirit warrior but as a human. How are you going to take responsibility if good kids copy what you’re doing, making a blood sword?
Mirai: – You’re right…

Mitsuki: – What if Mitsuki had a brother complex?

Mitsuki: – Onii-chan*3* ! Mitsuki loves her kind big brother! I want you to pay some attention to me sometimes! You’re always going to be my Onii-chan! I won’t give you to anyone else!
Hiroomi: – Ah!! Mitsukii!!!

Track 03 – Kuriyama Mirai no Hijou Jitai (04:21)

Mitsuki: – Track 03: Kuriyama Mirai’s emergency situation.

Mitsuki: *sigh* We couldn’t decide on anything yesterday because of Akihito after all!
Akihito: – What are you saying when you came up with that wild idea, Mitsuki?
Hiroomi: – Well, that meeting was practically meaningless. By the way, who’s the next candidate?
Mitsuki: – It’s Nino-san!
Akihito: – She won’t want to do it for sure.
Hiroomi: – She seems like she could accept it as a crisis measure.
Mitsuki: – We won’t know unless we talk to her. Let’s go to the teacher’s lounge.
Hiroomi: – Akkey, where is Mirai-chan?
Akihito: – Today’s udon day so I guess she’s probably either at a shop eating, either running to a supermarket’s special discounts.

Nino: – Huh, gravure?
Misuki: – We’ll be making an anthology made by the Literary Club, Shiba Hime, and we are thinking of adding a gravure special feature.
Nino: – That’s a pretty aggressive content, Mitsuki-chan.
Mitsuki: – We’re in a period when we should not defend, but attack.
Nino: – *cough* are there other candidates?
Mitsuki: – Please don’t worry about that. Of course, you are the only one we want, Nino-san.
Hiroomi: – We’re planning a special feature and color spread.
Nino: – Is that so?
Akihito: – Stop lying! She’d chosen Ai-chan, Mirai and even my mom as candidates!
Mitsuki: – Stop talking when you’re a depressed guy who eats his lunch in the toilet, Akihito.
Akihito: – Don’t use eating in the toilet as a describing feature when sayig my name!
Mitsuki: – We can’t finish our project if you won’t take part, Nino-san!
Nino: – Eh, is that so! But I’m pretty busy, you know…
Hiroomi: – The sales for the Shiba Hime anthology won’t grow without your adult charm!
Mitsuki: – Kuriyama-san may also take part in this, but the main model are you, Nino-san!
Nino: – I can’t accept things like gravure as a teacher but I may need to go to the photoshoot as a person in charge.
Mitsuki: – High school buys admire mature women like you, Nino-san.
Nino: – Maybe. It’s just maybe, but I may be happy to take part if there is a vacancy.
Akihito: – Isn’t she all for it?

Nino: – If I’m being asked to model for gravure then maybe I’m still in my prime!
Mitsuki: – Of course you are!
Ai: – I can’t wait to see your gravure pictures, Nino-san!
Nino: – Ah, it makes me happy to hear that!
Hiroomi: – Nino-san seems younger than necessary.
Akihito: – You have to take responsibility properly, Mitsuki and Hiroomi.
Ai: – The provocative mature woman appeal may be too much for high schoolers but I think the pictures will be well received.
Nino: – Oh! I’ve been devoting myself to my studies but I’m still 23 anyway.
Ai: – That’s right, Nino-san! Aya-chan says 23’s the age when a woman is the prettiest!
Nino: – Right, right. My life just started!
Ai: – If you challenge yourself with gravure pictures, other girls won’t be able to stand still either!
Nino: – Oh, then I can’t lose to them. I still have what it takes to compete with high school girls–
Akihito: – Hm…?
Hiroomi: – What’s wrong, Akkey?
Akihito: – I think the hallway’s kind of noisy…
Mirai: – se-se-se-senpai!
Hiroomi: – What?
Nino: – What is it?
Mirai: – Ehh? Senpai, please help me!
Akihito; – What’s wrong, Kuriyama-san? Why do you look like that…
Mitsuki: – What made you dress in kelp come here, Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – I-I’ve been possessed by a youmu!

Hiroomi: – What if Hiroomi were sensitive to heat?

Hiroomi: – Akkey! I’m sensible to heat…I want to cool down using your ears.
Akihito: – After under the arm, next’s ears…do something about that skinship to me first!

Sakura: – What if Sakura were a greedy person?

Sakura: – Kuriyama Mirai, I came to avenge my sister so pay me the travelling expenses before I defeat you.

Track 04 – Keshikaran Youmu (09:37)

Hiroomi: – Episode 4: Otrageous Youmu

Mirai: – Se-se-senpai! What should we do?
Akihito: – What on earth happened that you’re saying you’ve been possesed by a youmu, Kuriyama-san?
Mitsuki: – You’re going out by yourself?
Nino: – Mitsuki-chan, you’re too composed.
Mitsuki: – You’re have kelp twined around your bare body, it’s the same as being completely naked.
Hiroomi: – I didn’t imagine I’d ever see you in The Birth of Venus, Mirai-chan.
Ai: – Wow, it’s my first time seeing you like this, Mirai-chan!
Mirai: – This is not the time to stand by and look! Everyone, please listen to me! This is a youmu! It’s a kelp youmu!
The others: – Huh? Oh…yeah…
Mitsuki: – It only looks as normal kelp.
Akihito: – Kuriyama-san, you should stop joking-
Mirai: – It’s true!
Ai: – So why are you wrapped in kelp like food?
Mirai: – The truth is…
Sakura: – I’ll explain.
Akihito: – Inami-san!
Mirai: – S-s-Sakura! You can’t tell them! I’ll lose my prestige!
Sakura: – After she managed to get sone items on sale at the supermarket, Mirai thought she might be the odel for gravure pictures so she went to the swimsuit department and she tried out a swimsuit. Something seemed strange and when we looked at it – oh, what a surprise! –  it was a kelp youmu.
Everyone: – Huh?
Sakura: – I said that when we were at the supermarket–
Mirai: – That’s enough!
Ai: – I see. Mirai-chan also wanted to do gravure pitures!
Mirai: – T-that’s not it! I wanted to have this for when I’d happen to need it…
Mitsuki: – More importantly, why was that kelp youmu camouflaged as a swimming suit?
Mirai: – I don’t know.
Ai: – I’m sure it wanted to go back to the sea! If it stuck to a swimming suit, the people who bought it would take it there.
Hiroomi: – I see…
Akihito: – Wait, huuh?
Hiroomi: – You can’t attack it that easily if it clings to your body like that.
Akihito: – What a spiteful one, to sticks to Kuriyama-san’s body so much…
Mitsuki: – What about wearing some clothes before anything?
Mirai: – Look at this. If I try to put on some clothes…it repels them like this!
Akihito: – It’s the model of a guy!
Nino: – I wonder if the kelp is a guy.
Hiroomi: – If it’s a guy, it’s outrageous!
Mirai: – Please listen seriously!
Akihito: – Ah, sorry… But, what should we do?
Nino: – I’ve never seen something like this before either.
Mirai: – Ah! It got slimier than before! Senpai, please do something about it!
Akihito: – Um…ti looks more like a brown seaweed youmu than a kelp youmu.
Mirai: – I don’t care! Take it off already!
Sakura: – I’ll pull it away now so wait.
Mirai: – A, Sakura, you can’t do it here!
Sakura: – It’s no good, it won’t come off.
Nino: – Hm…looking at it, it doesn’t seem to affect your body in any way.
Mirai: – It doesn’t, but it’s gross! Ah!
Akihito: – Oh!
Mitsuki: – You’re gross, Akihito.
Akihito: – A glassess girl wrapped in kelp is pretty nice!
Hiroomi: – You’re never shaken, Akkey. But if it’s seaweed, wouldn’t it come off if we dry it? It contains moisture like sweat and such and that’s why it sticks on.
Ai: – I see!
Mirai: – Please hurry up and tell me how to dry it!
Nino: – Right…
Mitsuki: – What about letting it dry naturally?
Hiroomi: – A dryer?
Ai: – Maybe a sauna?
Mirai: – Please think about it seriously, everyone!
Sakura: – Then what about eating it?
Akihito: – Ehh?
Nino: – No matter what, eating kelp wrapped up around a human..I mean, eating a youmu doesn’t sound too nice.
Sakura: – There’s no time. I feel sorry for Mirai. I brought a knife and a fork. All that’s left is the chopsticks.
Mirai: – I can’t even wear clothes anymore…I don’t want to live like this!
Mitsuki: – Can you even eat a youmu in the first place?
Hiroomi: – If I were to eat it, I wish you’d make it clear if it’s kelp or seaweed.
Mirai: – Hiroomi-Senpai! I kind of don’t want you eating it either!
Ai: – I know! What about taking the Shiba Hime gravure pictures with Mirai-chan as a model, then?
Nino: – Eh?
Mirai: – Ehh?
Akihito: – I see that Nino-san’s also unexpectedly shocked.
Nino: – That’s not it! Why would I have to be nervous at the thought of a student stealing my position of a model?
Ai: – You said everything.
Mirai: – I don’t care anymore! Please take this kelp off!
Akihito: – Don’t despair, Kuriyama-san!
Ai: – Then we’ll need to get Aya-can to come here with the camera.
Hiroomi: – I’ll give her a call.
Akihito: – Ai-chan, Hiroomi, you’re too calm about this.
Mitsuki: – Ayaka-san may have a good idea if we brig her here. Calm down.
Mirai: – Hurry it up!

Ayaka: – What’s this…? That’s some youmu there.
Akihito: – Yes…what do you think?
Ayaka: – I’m not sure…it’s my first time seeing something like this.
Mitsuki: – Splendidly, it stuck to your body completely.
Ai: – I wonder if this youmu’s worth a lot if we defeat it.
Ayaka: – I wonder about that…But it’s a rare one, so I’d like to find some information about it to keep it in the records.
Mirai: – Please don’t stare so much.
Akihito: – Bear with it just a little longer, Kuriyama-san!
Ayaka: – All right, should we start the photoshoot?
Akihito: – Didn’t wait for anything!
Mitsuki: – Kuriyama-san, give up and devote yourself to the photo shoot.
Mirai: – Ehh!!?
Ayaka: – Okay, Mirai-chan, I’m starting. Say “cheese–”
Mirai: – Huh? The kelp youmu is…!
Nino: – Hey!
Sakura: – What?
Ai: – Wahh! What is this?
Mitsuki: – Hey, it’s starting to wrap itself up!
Akihito: – Eh? It’s got Nino-san, Mitsuki, Ai-chan and even Inami-san?
Hiroomi: – The kelp grew and wrapped itself up around women’s bodies!
Mituki: – Akihito! Aniki too! Don’t just stand there and help us!
Akihito: – I’m coming right now! Uhh What’s this?
Ayaka: – The kelp’s grabbing hold of Kanbara-kun and the eldest son’s face.
Hiroomi: – It seems we’ll have to use force.
Ayaka: – This is a chance for some pictures, isn’t it?
Somehow, it seems I’m the only one the kelp doesn’t want. I wonder if this is the privilege of a cameraman.
Nino: – No! Hey, my clothes.
Mitsuki: – Wait, don’t take my clothes! That’s….uh…I said no!
Ai: – Hehe! It tickles! Hehe…No!
Sakura: – It’s too stubborn.
Akihito: – I can’t see.
Hiroomi: – I guess the guys are not needed.
Ayaka: – Hmm, it’s a pity. I’m also a girl though. Well, that’s right; I’ll take a lot of pictures.
Akihito: – The kelp finally let go. Huh? What’s this…?
Mirai: – Ahh! The kelp grew and wrapped itself up around everyone!
Mitsuki: – What’s this!!?
Hiroomi: – It seems you became a kelp roll somehow.
Ayaka: – Calm down, everyone!
Mitsuki: – How can we be calm in this situation?
Hiroomi: – Mitsuki. This is the time when you need to take a deep breath of air.
Sakura: – It’s slippery. It’s gross.
Nino: – It couldn’t be worse.
Ai: – What should we do so it’ll let go? It goes back to how it was before even if we pull it.
Ayaka: – It seems you can only give up. So what about we take the photo shoot together?
Mitsuki: – Try putting yourself in our shoes!
Ayaka: – But it’s not like we can help it. It’s what the Almighty Kelp fancies.
Nino: – The youmu’s liking?
Akihito: – Though this is the smell of the seashore.
Hiroomi: – It’s the smell of the ocean! We’re on a vacance, huh!
Mitsuki: – Shut up!
Hiroomi: – You don’t look half bad wrapped up in kelp. I never thought a day when I’d praise kelp would come.
Mitsuki: – Forget about that and think about what to do with this thing!
Akihito: – Should we start the preparations for a miso soup?
Hiroomi: – We’d do that in case this thing’s seaweed. If it’s kelp, it needs to be something boiled in soy, right?
Mirai: – That doesn’t matter!
Akihito: – Now that it’s come to this, should we really eat it?
Nino: – Do anything but that!
Ayaka: – We can’t do anything about it so how about we get along with the kelp leisurely? Okay, say cheese!
Everyone: Oh…
Mitsuki: – This is…
Nino: – No way…
Ai: – Is it weak to the camera’s flash?
Mirai: – T-That’s not it!
Sakura: – This is…
Akihito: – It became even greener.
Ayaka: – It really is kelp or seaweed.
Hiroomi: – Is it photosynthesising?
AKihito: – On short…
Everyone: – It’s growing!!

Nino: – What if Ninomiya Shizuku wore a school uniform?

Nino: – Look at this! I found my school uniform from high school! I tried making the skirt short and tried wearing high socks! What do you think about it? I’m scared how well it fits me!
Heh, that’s not the part where you laugh.

Ai: – What if Ai worked at a make-up shop?

Ai: – Miss, you look wonderful! That foundation makes your skin snow white! You look 10 years younger. The same age as me!

Track 05 Jou ni Uttaeru Kaiketsuhou (03:18)

Sakura: – Track 05: Settling it by making use of its wishes

Izumi: – So you’re telling me to do something about that?
Nino: – Yeah! Please!
Izumi: – I don’t care if it’s kelp or seaweed or anything else, but why don’t you just eat it?
Nino: – That’s not the problem here!
Izumi: – But it doesn’t seem to be harmful.
Nino: – It is!
Izumi: – You’ll work something out as long as you have Hiroomi and Mitsuki with you. I have work to do, so I’m hanging up, okay? Good luck!
Nino: – Wait! Ahh, she hang up on me!
Mitsuki: – You can’t help it, Izumi-neesama*4* is busy.
Nino: – She could’ve at least tried to save us!
Akihito: – Hm…so it’s photosynthesising and it seems to be stuck even more to your bodies now.
Ai: – Uh, it’s so slippery. Jeez…Ah, I know!
Ayaka: – Oh! You had that option, Ai.
Mirai: – Ai-chan turned into a cat!
Mitsuki: – I’m envious.
Nino: – Right now Kuriyama-san can’t use her power freely so we can’t use that, huh…?
Mirai: – Sob…that’s right…
Akihito: – So we can’t do anything…
Hiroomi: – To mere kelp.
Ayaka: – For now, I’ll take gravure pictures for the Shiba Hime as the second daughter said. It’s a rare opportunity to be all together.
Mitsuki: – I didn’t imagine I’d be caught too.
Akihito: – Kuriyama-san!
Mirai: – Senpai!
Akihito: – I prefer seaweed but…I can settle for kelp!
Mirai: – What are you saying in this emergency situation, it’s unpleasant!
Mitsuki: – When we take pictures…or rather, when it’s hit by light, it grows.
Ayaka: – What about waiting for The Calm to come?
the girls: – That’s too late!
Nino: – We can’t wait until youmu weaken.
Ayaka: – Oh…that’s right.
Nino: – I don’t want to be wearing kelp on the Shiba Hime gravure pictures. If we’re doing it anyway, a swimsuit or a maid outfit would have more impact!
Hiroomi: – Nino-san, you’re very assertive.
Akihito: – Personally, I’d prefer a maid outfit.
Ayaka: – It’s a great chance so what about we go to the ocean?
everyone: – Huh?
Akihito: – I get it. So we’ll take it back to the ocean, right?
Hiroomi: – It’s true that if we can’t attack it or do anything to it, we can only bet on its desire to get back to the ocean.
Sakura: – If I get out of it, I’ll chop this kelp carefully.
Mitsuki: – You’re saying we’ll go outside looking like this?
Akihito: – Use the Nase family’s people for these times.
Ayaka: – Should we go, if everything’s decided?
Mirai: – Yes!
Ayaka: – Of course, after the photo shoot.
the girls: – Huuh?

Izumi: – What if Izumi went to a bargain sale?

Izumi: – Hey, that’s my clothing item! It’s 50% off, cheap, so I have to buy it. I’ll wear it with something else so I can wear it repeatedly. Sales are the best!
Though there are so many people it’s annoying. I can’t even do some shopping leisurely. I’ll use a barrier. Now I move around freely. It’s great.

Track 06 (05:28)

Nino: – Track 06: The truth hunting Akihito down.

Everyone: – Cheers!
Mitsuki: – I’m glad the Shiba Hime was completed with no problems! I wondered what was going to happen for a while.
Nino: – At that time I’d resign myself to live as a kelp roll for the rest of my life.
Akihito: – So it really did want to go back to the ocean after all.
Hiroomi: – It seems so, Akkey. It started floating when it touched sea water.
Sakura: – I was wondering if I should put it in formalin or chop it.
Ai: – It was also defeated by Mirai-chan’s anger power when she cut it in a million fragments.
Hiroomi: – It’s valuable that we were able to see the ladies immodest figures.
Nino: – I guess I’ll consider it okay since I was able to bathe in the sea.
Akihito: – Then the real deal’s from now on. We need to see how well the kelp gravure photos will sell.
Hiroomi: – The students hardcore among hardcore fans will probably buy it.
Ai: – It’s a good chance, so how about we make a web page and make it available for mail order?
Mitsuki: – No way! It’ll get to a state where it cannot be undone!
Mirai: – But Ayaka-san’s photographer skills were really splendid! I’m sure the Shiba Hime will also be wonderful!
Ai: – So after all, you went to the swimsuit department and got possessed by a youmu, but…did you want to take part in the gravure photo shoot, Mirai-chan?
Mirai: – Um….
Sakura: – Mirai wanted to be acknowledged by Nase-Senpai as a member of the Literary Club.
Miari: – Sakura!
Mitsuki: –  Even without doing gravure photos, I’ve already acknowledged you as a club member.
Mirai: – Mitsuki-Senpai…
Akihito: – Then the most important part hasn’t passed yet so let’s toast for our success!
Everyone: – Cheers!
Mitsuki: – Hey, Akihito…
Akihito: – Is something wrong?
Mitsuki: – I’m sorry…The truth is there’s something I’ve been hiding from you, Akihito.
Akihito: – Hm?
Mitsuki: – I aways wondered when’s the best to tell you, you know.
Akihito: – Mitsuki…aren’t you more out of character than usual?
Mitsuki: – I also thought maybe I shouldn’t tell you…
Akihito: – No, no! I’m curious! Just go on and say it!
Mitsuki: – The truth is, we had a reserve in case we wouldn’t have been able to make it in time.
Akihito: – Huh? A reserve?
Mitsuki: – One for the event in which we wouldn’t have got any ideas. That kind of preparation’s necessary isn’t it?
Akihito: – Uh…yeah…
Mitsuki: – I had another work ready. We won’t need it now but it’s too good for throwing away.
Akihito: – Huh? Oh,okay…
Mitsuki: – I wanted you to see it by all means. Rather, look at it now.
Akihito: – You’re kinda sudden.
Mitsuki: – Check with your own eyes why I hesitated to tell you.
Akihito: – Show me.
Mitsuki: – Open it. I think it’s best to try accepting that truth.
Akihito: – Now it feels really grand.
Mitsuki: – You don’t need to retort, hurry up.
Akihito: – I got it.
Hm? Huuh!!
Mitsuki: – Maybe it was too much for you.
Akihito: – When and where did you take this? This is my mom’s gravure picture!
Mitsuki: – Your mother sent it to me personally.
Akihito: -That doesn’t mean you should accept it! You should’ve sent it back!
Mitsuki: – The sender label only had your mother’s name written on it. That’s why I accepted it gladly. Because I didn’t know if you’d make a work properly or not.
Akihito: – This is a definite NO! This hazardous material represented by a picture of my mom wearing a school uniform and cat ears should be returned immediately or returned to its original form as part of the nature
Mitsuki: – I can’t throw away something I received out of kindness.
Akihito: – It’s not kindness, it’s pestering!
Hiroomi: – Hmm? Akkey, what’s wrong?
Miarai: – What’s wrong, Senpai? Why are you shouting?
Sakura: – Be quiet. I want to concentrate on eating.
Ayaka: – It’s not unusual for sensitive girls of this age to get carried away suddenly.
Hiroomi: – What are you looking at?
Akihito: – Ahh! Hiroomi, wait! Don’t take that!
Hiroomi: – Hmm? Oh!! This is…Ayaka-san, look at it.
Ayaka: – Hmm? Oh…your mother’s wearing lovely clothes as usual.
Hiroomi: – It’s hard to describe it, but I’ll just say she looks very young.
Nase: – Let’s think a bit about our concept on age…
Sakura: – A frog’s kid is also a frog.
Ai: – Maybe I should try it out one day!
Ayaka: – You’re good as you are, Ai. Kanbara-kun’s mother’s special.
Mitsuki: – Just settle for wanting.
Mirai: – Your love for glasses is something else, but I guess you can’t deny your DNA.
Akihito: – Why did it get to this?
Yayoi: – Akkun! Did you see my picture? Yacchan didn’t just give up her shirt, she did her best at full throttle. I want you to praise me because I worked so hard, meow! Hey, Akkun! Hey! Hey!
Akihito: – Spare me!

*1* Aniki – Big brother said in a less affectionate and cute way.
*2* Meganest – if you don’t know, meganest is Akihito’s way of saying glasses lover. You know…it’s derived from some words or something, megane (glasses) and something else, like enthusiast or interest or I don’t know.
*3* Onii-chan – means older brother, said in a more affectionate way.
*4* Neesama – very respectful way to call an older sister.
This one was a requested translation by lulu. Maybe I took too long to complete it and maybe there are other translations around already, but here it is!


2 thoughts on “[TL] Kyoukai no Kanata Drama CD: Slapstick Bungei-bu

  1. Great job. Much appreciated. 🙂
    You don’t happen to have translated the Densetsu no yuusha no densetsu or Hanbun no tsuki or Hyouks drama cds, do you? 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I’m not sure if you just used the past tense by mistake or asked me if I translated them, but i something is not on this site, I didn’t translate it. So no, I haven’t tarnslated anything related to Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu or Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.
      If you are asking me to translate them, I can take it into consideration but I can’t promise I’ll translate them, but I want you to tell me what specific cds you want translated. I don’t know if Densetsu no Yuusha has a drama cd.

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