Free! Character Song Duet Series vol 03 Rin & Rei Sample Lyrics

Free! キャラクターソング・デュエットシリーズ Vol.3 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守) & 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔)
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Character Song Duet Series 003 Rin & ReiFree! Character Song Duet Series vol 03 Rin&Rei

02. GO ALL OUT!!
03. Original Drama Rin & Rei ~凛&怜~

Release date: 12 February 2014
Official sample:
Character: Matsuoka Rin (Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru) & Ryuugazaki Rei (Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke)


Hoshikatta no wa KURIA na BIJON
Nani to mo hikikae ni shinai jounetsu
Jibun no ishi de eranda ima wo
Seippai susumou oh yeah

Taisetsu na basho dakara koso hanpa na ore ja yurusenai
Kanjou no KONTORORU kikanai kurai
Atsuku naru jibun kanjinagara

“Imasara” nante mou iwanai sa
Kyou no SUTAATO ni osoi koto wa nainda

Mitomete kizuku honto no kimochi
Dareka wo urayandatte kawaranai
Motto sunao na kokoro de utsusu
Yume wa kitto kanau sa uh yeah

English Translation:

What I wanted was a clear vision
A passion that can’t be exchanged with anything else
Now let’s walk with all our might through the present
We chose on our own will, oh yeah

Precisely because it’s an important place for me, I can’t forgive if I don’t do it seriously
I can feel myself get so worked up
That I can’t control my feelings anymore

I won’t say it’s too late anymore,
It’s never slow to start today

We noticed my real feelings after acknowledging them
They won’t change even if we envy someone
The dreams reflected by a more honest heart
Will definitely come true, uh yeah

02. GO ALL OUT!!

Saa zenryoku wo misete miro ii deshou, makemasen
Saikou wo misete yaru sono shoubu ukemashita

Kocchi no junbi wa tokku ni dekitemasu, hajimemashou
Nisshin geppo ni shinka wo hatashiteru kono BATTA de (hm,utsukushi)

Iuu ne
, touzen, omae no jitsuryoku ga
Dono teido mashi ka tte ore ga mite yaru ze
Ikimasu yo ii ze, kakatte koi

GO ALL OUT omoikiri atsuku nare kono natsu ni moetsukiro
Sore de koso, a-ah
Giragira taiyou ni makete nai otoranai ikioi de mi wo kogasu
Oretachi no, a-ah
Shinken shoubu uramikko nashi no seishun massakari da

English Translation:

Come on, show me what you can do, very well, I will not lose
I’ll show you my best, I accept your challenge

I am prepared already, let us start
I’ll steadily progress performing the butterfly stroke (hm, beautifully)

You sure can talk, of course, I’ll check your ability
I’m starting okay, come on!

GO ALL OUT, get fired up and burn out this summer
And with that, a-ah
With force unbeaten by the dazzling sun, devote your whole being
We’ll have our, a-ah
Serious competition with no hard feelings, this is the height of our youth

03. Original Drama~Rin & Rei~

Rin: – Hey, Rei!
Rei: – What is it, Rin-san?
Rin: – I’ve been wondering about this, but…why can you only swim the butterfly?
Rei: – STAB
Rin: – Why doesn’t anyone teach you in the first place? If they taught you, you’d be able to swim by now.
Rin: – Nowadays even kindergarten brats can do the crawl at least.
Rin: – I mean, it’s theoretically impossible for you to only be able to swim the butterfly.
Rei: – Uuuuwaaa!! What’s wrong with you!? I’m being quiet here listening, and you say everything you like! You don’t even know how I feel! I tried my best, you know! Haruka-Senpai and the others taught me with great attention too! But I couldn’t swim! That’s right, I can only swim the butterfly anyway! What’s wrong with that? Humans are creatures that evolved to live on earth from water, to begin with! You wouldn’t know the feelings of someone who can’t swim, who sinks like a rock!
Rin: – I gotcha, I got it, sorry! Then, I’ll teach you.
Rei: – Oh?
Rin: – What’s wrong? Don’t you want to be able to swim?
Rei: – I…I do.
Rin: – Then come with me.
Rei: – Yes!

I have corrected the romanji but the structure’s not the same as it is in the full lyrics -meaning that the 


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