[TL] NORN9 – Special Drama CD – Nekura to wanko ni souguu suru katabutsu

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット ステラワ―ス 特典ドラマCD「根暗とワンコに遭遇するカタブツ」
NORN9 Norun+Nonetto Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD Nekura to wanko ni souguu suru katabutsuNORN9 - Nekura to wanko ni souguu suru katabutsu

Track 01. 根暗とワンコに遭遇するカタブツ Nekura to wanko ni souguu suru katabutsu (The gloomy and doggy encounter the straight-laced) (13:12)

Release date: 30 May 2013
Game NORN9 official site: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/
NORN9 CD: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/shop.html

Ichinose Senri 市ノ瀬千里 – Seiyuu: Shimono Hiro 下野 紘
Otomaru Heishi 乙丸 平士 – Seiyuu: Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野 裕行
Azuma Natsuhiko 吾妻 夏彦 – Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke 小野 大輔

Track 01. NORN9 Norun+Nonetto Tenpo Tokuten Drama Cd – Nekura to wanko ni souguu suru katabutsu (The gloomy and doggy encounter the straight-laced)

Senri: – Uh…why are there so many people? I want to move away from this planet.
Heishi: – Hm…today we have to buy…ah, we’re in charge of the medicine. I wonder whare we can find a drug store. Tell me if you find one, Senri.
Senri: – There is a coffee shop there.
Heishi: – Hm? What re you saying? I told you we need to find a drug store.
Senri: – Try and get it. Look at my complexion at my unreliable walking…aren’t you worried?
Heishi: – It’s full of greengrocers around here. maybe we should go that way?
Senri: – That’s terrible… you ignored me…I don’t want this anymore. I wonder if Koharu-san will come help me if I faint here.
Heishi: – Huh? Senri, do you feel sick?
Senri: – Yes, I do. You finally noticed.
Heishi: – For real? And you can’t walk anymore?
Senri: – Yes, I cannot walk anymore. I can only walk until we reach that coffee shop.
Heishi: – I see…that’s a problem…Ah! Do you want to call Kakeru?
Senri: – Why did you think about Yuiga-san?
Heishi: – No, Kakeru often drags you around, right? If you can’t walk, we’ll have him pull you…
Senri: – No thank you. Do you intend to kill me?
Heishi: – If you don’t want Kakeru then…okay! I’ll carry you. Heave-ho. Okay, grab on tightly!
Senri: – Hiii! You’re shaking me!
Heishi: – That way seems to have a drugstore after all!
I found it! I found a drugstore! Senri, look… Huh? My back feels light…Ah! Senri’s gone! Hey, Senri, where did you go?
Oh, Senri, what are you doing? That’s not a drugstore, it’s a bookstore. Did you get it wrong?
Senri: – The higher part of my revenge ranking has changed. Otomaru-san, you’re in first place!
Heishi: – Whoa, the books fell all over. We need to apologize to the staff here.
Um…we’re sorry! He didn’t have any bad will.
Senri: – Eh? Why did it turn into my fault…
Heishi: – Come on, Senri, you need to apologize too.
Senri: – If I had a straw doll, I could curse you right now…!
Heishi: – We’ll tidy up here, so would you let us off with that? You want us to tend the store and do cleaning? Okay, that’s easy.
Senri: – What are you promising without thinking? We’re in the middle of shopping.
Heishi: – We’ll do the shopping later. Here, I got the store aprons.
We need to take off our coats to wear them.
Senri: – Why did this happen…
Heishi: – Then I’ll be in the back!
Senri: – As I thought, nothing good happens when I’m with Otomaru-san.

Natsuhiko: – Hey. hey!
Senri: – Eh! What is it?
Natsuhiko: – Does this shop hire staff that ignores the customers?
Senri: – S-staff? (Is he talking about me?)
Natsuhiko: – I came to pick up a book I ordered. Bring it to me.
Senri: – Okay…(Uh…somehow, a scary person came here…)
Um…someone came to get a book they ordered…
Heishi: – An order? Um…isn’t it this one?
Senri: – This one?
Heishi: – Yeah. It was standing out the most. Try taking it to them for now.
Senri: – U-um…I brought your book…
Natsuhiko: – You…are you making fun of me?
Senri: – Eh?
Natsuhiko: – I’m asking if I look the age of reading picture books.
Senri: – Hii! I’m sorry, I made a mistake!
Otomaru-san, it was the wrong one!
Heishi: – Really? i thought this was the right one…
Senri: – I thought it was strange. It doesn’t look like a book an adult would read.
Heishi: – Ah, so the customer was an adult? Then it should be this.
Senri: – This one?
Heishi: – It seems it’s the best selling book in this shop. Look, it’s written here.

Senri: U..ummm… is your book this one?
Natsuhiko: – “Make her gaze yours on the beach. Start working out for a throbbing summer.” You! I hope you’ve said your prayers.
Senri: – Hiii!
Otomaru-san, this wasn’t the right one either!
Heishi: – Heeh? It was wrong again? Hm…
Senri: – That person is scary…He shouldn’t have gotten so mad for making a small mistake. Wait, thinking about it, we should get his name and ask the staff here about the book. Ah…but how do you ask for someone’s name? I know! Otomaru-san, please go. You’re overfamiliar, so you’ll easily…Huh? Otomaru-san? Where did you go?
Natsuhiko: – That’s enough!
Senri: – Eh! It’s that customer’s voice! Maybe Otomaru-san brought him a strange book again.
Heishi: – Don’t get so mad! It could be this one!
Natsuhiko: – It’s not! I don’t read such vulgar magazines.
Heishi: – Well, wait. I’ll tell you the contents. Um…”Special feature. The way to capture a tsundere girl! Conrete advice that heps you go to combat carefully explained. High class lady type tsundere, childhoold friend type tsundere, including all details. With this, her dere side will be yours!”. I wonder what tsudere is. Right, Senri?
Senri: – What is it?
Heishi: – Do you know what a “tsundere” is?
Senri: – I have no idea…It’s the first time I hear this word.
Heishi: – Hm, what does it say? “Usually “tsun” with a cold attitude but shows a warm “dere” side to persons they trust. It sounds troublesome.
Senri: – That is true. Completely different from Koharu-san. She is always warm with everyone. Although that is a problem by itself.
Heishi: – Nanami’s not like this either. She’s always cold.
Senri: – Maybe she just doesn’t show her warm side to you because she doesn’t favour you?
Heishi: – Eh? I-is that so? Hey, what do you think, Mister?
Natsuhiko: – Why are you asking me? I don’t know anything about you or women.
Heishi: – Then did you ever see a tsundere?
Natsuhiko: – Uh! Usually cold but warm to the person thy trust…I know a woman who has the potential.
Senri: – Then she doesn’t favour you either so she hasn’t shown you her warm side?
Natsuhiko: – Tsk!
Senri: – Eh…there seems to be more written here. Um…”The true feelings of a girl with a cold attitude: Knowing her warm side leads to getting a step ahead from a love rival. It’s difficult to see from outside but there are many girls with an innocent nature falling is this category.”
Heishi: – Heeh? Is that so?
Senri: – “She is not able to say she’s hurting when she actually is, and often holds herself back and endures it. She is searching for a preson to whom she can show her true self.”
Natsuhiko: – (It sounds like it’s describing that woman. If you don’t show her an opportunity, she always acts string).
Senri: – “Depending on the situation, because she sometimes show an unimaginably warm side different from usual, you need to be careful.”
Natsuhiko: – An unimaginably warm side different from usual…
Heishi: – Eh? How would that be? For example, if you give her something tasty to eat?
Senri: – There is an example here.
Natsuhiko: – Let me see. “I don’t want you to stay by my side, I’ll give you permission to stay by my side.
Heishi: – “Ill get mad if you don’t hug me.”
Senri: – “Okay, you can kiss me if you want to.”

Senri: – I cannot understand it after all. She looks at you from above all the time.
Heishi: – Ohhhh! I want to be told that!
Natsuhiko: – I can’t believe this kind of magazine can have so much power.
Senri: – Huh? This much?
Heishi: – Ah…Won’t Nanami act spoiled to me like this?
Natsuhiko: – I can’t imagine that woman say this. But if can make her be at ease it doesn’t hurt to know how.
Heishi: – Then how do you see her warm side? It’s written there, right?
Senri: – Wait a bit. Um…the way to make her show you her warm side…Huh?
Natsuhiko: – What’s wrong?
Senri: – It seems only the only the capturing way is written in another volume, but I can’t see it anywhere.
Heishi: – Eh, for real!?
Senri: – That’s too bad. Then we should end this talk here.
Natsuhiko: – Let’s search for it.
Heishi: – Yeah! Come on, Senri!
Senri: – Eh?

Natsuhiko: – How’s there?
Heishi: – It’s not here. What about this? Ah, it’s not this one either.
Senri: – What a pain.
Let’s stop this already. You are both quite disgraceful, even though you are older than me.
Natsuhiko: – What did you say?
Senri: – But think about it. Is the person you two like the one in that magazine? It’s not, right? Even if she is more or less similar, she is definitely another person. And yet you talk about ways to capture her. Who exactly are you going to capture? The person you love is unique in this world. Then there is only a way to capture her heart.
Natsuhiko: – That’s…certainly true.
Heishi: – Oh! You’re kinda cool today, Senri!
Senri: – If you understand, please clean up here.

Senri: – Huh. Now I can be at ease. Hm? This is the continuation to that magazine… “Persons with simple thinking will easily take seriously the love advice”. This one doesn’t seem to be mistaken.

Heishi: – Oh, I worked so hard!
Senri: – We didn’t get any shopping done but it it all right?
Heishi: – Well, it’ll be okay. They won’t get mad at us just because we couldn’t do a bit of shopping!
Senri: – I can only have a bad premonition. I feel as if Yuiga-san is preparing an impossible punishment…

NORN9 ichinose Senri tw_senriNORN9 Otomaru Heishi tw_heishiNORN9 Azuma Natsuhiko tw_natuhiko
     Ichinose Senri             Otomaru Heishi         Azuma Natsuhiko
    (Shimono Hiro)           (Yoshino Hiroyuki)         (Ono Daisuke)


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