[TL] NORN9 – Special Mini Drama CD – Yogoro no Katarai

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット ステラセット特典録りおろしスペシャルドラマCD「夜来の語らい」
NORN9 Norun+Nonetto Stella Set Special Mini Drama CD Yogoro no Katarai (Night Talk)NORN9 Mini drama cd - Yogoro no Katarai

01. Otomaru Heishi (05:16)
02. Touya Masamune (04:55)
03. Azuma Natsuhiko (04:15)

Release date: 30 May 2013
Game NORN9 official site: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/
NORN9 CD: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/shop.html

Otomaru Heishi 乙丸 平士 – Seiyuu: Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野 裕行
Touya Masamune 遠矢 正宗 – Seiyuu: Satou Takuya 佐藤 拓也
Azuma Natsuhiko 吾妻 夏彦 – Sieyuu: Ono Daisuke 小野 大輔

Track 01. Otomaru Heishi (05:16) Seiyuu: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Norun+Nonetto Special Mini Drama CD Yogoro no Kararai (Night Talk)

*yawn* We had fun today too. It’s gotten pretty late…
Right, are you staying in a room alone tonight? Or in a two-person room? Ah…I see… Mikoto will be in your room. She’ll get mad at me again if she finds out I kept you out so late.

You’re saying I’ve walked you far enough? I can’t accept that! it’s my job to escort you to your home to your room! Well, it’s just that I want to stay with you though.
Hey, we’re out late anyway so what about resting a bit on a bench?
I’ll sit and be scolded by Mikoto. Okay, let’s go?

Why are you sitting in a corner like that? Come over here. It’s dark here so I can’t see your face if you don’t come a bit closer!
Whoa, you look so sleepy! Stay awake for a little longer!
We may only be able to spend time together at night like this only for a short time longer. You remember what Masamune said today, right? That we’ll reach our destination soon. After we reach it, I wonder what will happen to us? Something like we’ll use our special abilities to make peace in the world is too big of a talk that I can’t keep up. What the higher-ups say seems more difficult that what Masamune says, doesn’t it?
You hate your ability, don’t you? You don’t want to use it, right?
If I see someone in trouble right in front of me, I want to help them.
If someone were fighting, I’m sure I’d stop them too, but I don’t feel as if I can do anything more. The scenery is see right now is everything to me. How do you go about things like leading the world to peace? I don’t even know how to protect one thing…
I’m not someone that impressing, so even if I have abilities I’m still myself. Nothing changes. What is it that I can do?

Argh, this is not good! I’ll become negative if I think about this kind of thing! If this feeling will be transmitted to the others, they’ll also become depressed.
Sorry, are you okay?
Huh…you’re sleeping?
Really, you don’t listen to people talking…Really…you’re so hopeless.

It can’t be helped even if I think about what I can do, huh…?
There are more things I can’t do. Even if I worry about this, nothing good comes to my mind. I can’t sit and hesitate. What I need to do is to make my dreams into reality, that’s all. I want to become your family. The two of us are going to make a happy family and I wish for you not to have to go through any painful times, to be able to smile all the time. Because that is the world to me.
You woke up? Hm? I didn’t do anything.
Well then, should we go back? We need to sleep well and get prepared for tomorrow.
Hm? You’re asking if there’s anything important tomorrow? Isn’t it obvious? I’ll shower you with a lot of love tomorrow, more that today.

Track 02. Touya Masamune (04:55) Satou Takuya

Did I wake you up? Sorry for entering your room on my own. It was unlocked so I thought you were awake.
Ah…I intended only to look at your sleeping face and come again tomorrow to apologize…But I woke you up.
I’m really sorry for being late today! I’ll definitely make up for it.

So you have a single room today? Mikoto and Nanami are both in the other room today? Then we can stay together until morning…
Uh, what am I thinking?
Sorry I bothered you, I’ll leave immediately.

W..what’s wrong? Why did you hug me all of a sudden?
Because I look tired?
I see…I’m not really aware of it, but I quieted down the noisy group and reported to The Word; it was a normal, usual day. But…right…more than being tired, I may be fed up with this.
No…I can’t take my time and stay with you like this…I can’t stand that…
Though that’s not something I should say, when I always break my promises.
I was trying to bury this feeling of being fed up by drinking. It didn’t go well in the end. I didn’t drink that much but…I think I may be a bit drunk. I couldn’t hold back my desire to see you until moring.

Until now, I’d never thought of my duty as being hard, problem, or a bother. But now even something that I shouldn’t have cared about seems so annoying. If I didn’t have to do this, I could come see you anytime…that’s what I end up thinking about. Heh…
Ah, sorry. I’m talking about things that can’t be helped, aren’t I?

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I see you in your pajama.
So you’re always sleeping in these kind of clothes…

No, what am I saying? It’s obvious you’d sleep wearing pajamas! No, you got it wrong, nothing’s strange! It’s just that…I thought you were lovely…
It’s bad to stay here longer after all. I’m leaving!
You’re asking why? Well…this is bad. This is…a bedroom, you know. I don’t have the composure o sit and chat all night….
No, it’s not because I’m sleepy…
Uh…don’t look at me with those innocent eyes!

I know! you have to lock your room properly, okay? Even though we’re in-board, you’re living with boys! You need to have the sense of wariness and danger!
Eh? You know I’d come here? That’s why you didn’t lock your door…and waited for me? Do you want to be with me that much?
Um…should we go for a stroll or something?

Track 03. Azuma Natsuhiko (04:15) Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke

Hey, wake up. We’re going to gaze at the stars.

Don’t get angry. This is my room originally. What’s wrong with coming in?
Tonight’s a new moon, the stars will be easy to see. You’re coming, aren’t you?

Look. Even though it’s a night with no moon, the sky’s so bright.
Heh. Isn’t it? I knew you’d say that.
Hm? “What are you looking at?”
I’m looking at the stars, what else? The stars reflected in your eyes.
Lately, I like being with you like this than looking at the starts through the telescope. Maybe looking at the stars has become a means lately. Maybe I just want to spend the night with you.
Don’t hide your face, I can’t see. If you stay like that, you can’t see the stars. You’ll only feel the night wind blowing. Come on, look this way.
you’re always so stiff. You don’t listen to anything I say.
Is it something to get so embarrassed about? Even your ears are red..you’re so cute.
The wind’s picked up a bit…are you cold?
It’s because you don’t wear anything over your shirt. You’r saying I hurried you? I’m sorry for that. Get inside my coat. You can fit. Shut up and come here. You can make excuses to yourself that the night wind’s cold now.

You don’t depend on me if I don’t make you an escape route like this.
Come on, sit still.
You’re mistaken. I won’t find it unpleasing even if you complain. On the opposite, I’d feel relieved. Because it’s much better than if you cry alone of go to another man. Plus, you’re cute when you’re crying.
Ruining your pretty face, your eyes get deep red and you start talking disorderly. It’s not bad. Your weakness is as sweet as honey to me.
Heh, I’m not teasing you. Everything is how I really feel.
Understand it already. I won’t ever hate you. From now on, my love for you will only deepen.
Should we go back to the room soon? This made me want to make you cry.

NORN9 Otomaru Heishi tw_heishiNORN9 Touya Masamune tw_masamuneNORN9 Azuma Natsuhiko tw_natuhiko
      Otomaru Heishi        Touya Masamune        Azuma Natsuhiko
    (Yoshino Hiroyuki)        (Satou Takuya)            (Ono Daisuke)


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