Free! Character Song Duet Series vol 03. Rin & Rei – 03. Original Drama [TL]

TVアニメ『Free!』キャラクターソング デュエットシリーズVol.3 松岡 凛& 竜ヶ崎 怜
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Character Song Duet Series 003 Rin & ReiFree! Character Song Duet Series vol 03 Rin&Rei

02. GO ALL OUT!!
03. Original Drama ~凛&怜~ Rin & Rei

Release date: 12 February 2014
Official sample:
Character: Matsuoka Rin 松岡凛 (Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru 宮野真守) & Ryuugazaki Rei 竜ヶ崎怜 (Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔)

03. Original Drama~Rin & Rei~

Rin: – Hey, Rei!
Rei: – What is it, Rin-san?
Rin: – I’ve been wondering about this, but…why can you only swim the butterfly?
Rei: – STAB
Rin: – Why doesn’t anyone teach you in the first place? If they taught you, you’d be able to swim by now.
Rin: – Nowadays even kindergarten brats can do the crawl at least.
Rin: – I mean, it’s theoretically impossible for you to only be able to swim the butterfly.
Rei: – Uuuuwaaa!! What’s wrong with you!? I’m being quiet here listening, and you say everything you like! You don’t even know how I feel! I tried my best, you know! Haruka-Senpai and the others taught me with great attention too! But I couldn’t swim! That’s right, I can only swim the butterfly anyway! What’s wrong with that? Humans are creatures that evolved to live on earth from water, to begin with! You wouldn’t know the feelings of someone who can’t swim, who sinks like a rock!
Rin: – I gotcha, I got it, sorry! Then, I’ll teach you.
Rei: – Oh?
Rin: – What’s wrong? Don’t you want to be able to swim?
Rei: – I…I do.
Rin: – Then come with me.
Rei: – Yes!
Rin: – Then how about I teach you how to swim freestyle…the crawl for now.
Rei: – Haruka-senpai also thought me the crawl. But I couldn’t swim it.
Rin: – Heh. My teaching is not as soft as Haru’s. I won’t show you mercy. get ready!
Rei: – Yes!
Rin: – Listen here, Rei. To begin with, the crawl is the basis for any swimming style. If you master this, you’ll also be able to swim the other styles.
Rei: – I’ll also be able to swim the backstroke and the breaststroke…?
Rin: – All the swimming styles are like this, but the most important is how you move your waist. You need to think how you move your waist for your kick, stroke and your breathing. If you draw it. it’d be like this. The movement of your arms and your kick will be easier to understand if you draw a line like this. For the straight stroke this part’s important, your form when you go into the water. This is theoretically the one with the lest resistance.
Rei: – How easy to understand! It’s totally different from Haruka-senpai’s teaching.
Rin: – How did Haru teach you?
Rei: – To dive with your heart!
Rin: – He’s a guy who says abstract things,as always. Heh. I’m different from Haru. I’ll teach you in a way fit for you. I’ll let you see the difference between me and him.
Rei: – Yes!
Rin: – Okay! Let’s go! Ready…go!

Rin: – Why is this guy sinking?
Rei: – Uh! Why!?
Rin: – That’s what I wanna ask! Are you just saying you use theory but you add reason later and it’s not actually just theory?
Rei: – That’s not true! I’m all for theory!
Rin: – Then try it again! Your hands should be like this! Your legs like this! You move your waist like this!
Rei: – Yes!
Rin: – Ready…go!
Rei: – Uhh! It seems I am born a butterfly swimmer. God is whispering I should improve my butterfly stroke, and not be captivated by other swimming styles.
Rin: – Huh, don’t talk about god if you say you’re a theorist.
Rei: – There is no helping it. I’ll give swimming the freestyle a break for now. Today I will improve my butterfly! And I will conquest the world with my butterfly! Hahaha!
Rin: – Right…I guess it’s all right if you’re okay with that.
Rei: – But there is something I am lacking for that! Rin-san, please teach me!
Rin: – What is it? The technology to the butterfly stroke?
Rei: – No! I want you to give me a good example of a sea creature!
Rin: – Huh?
Rei: – You know, how Haruka-senpai has a dolphin, Rin-san a shark, Nagisa-kun a penguin and Makoto-senpai has the ocean ruler orca! He’s swimming the backstroke but it’s the orca! There is no connection to how an orca swims! The marine creature you usually think of when talking about the backstroke would be the sea otter, right? Even so, it’s an orca! And I don’t know why I’m the only one with the butterfly! Exactly as the name for the butterfly stroke! There’s no ingenuity!
Rin: – So now you’re trying to find fault in everything? How troublesome…
Rei: – So, please tell me an example of a sea creature fit for me!
Rin:- Then…how about the flying fish? Think about how it spreads its fins and jumps over the water and imagine it as the butterfly stroke. It’s also pretty fast, with a speed from 50 to 70 kmph when while jumping.
Rei: – That is not good! The reason why the flying fish swims jumping so fast is to run away from its predators! It’s not beautiful to be fast when running away!
Rin: – Then what about the tuna? It’s big and it’s fast. It also eats flying fish.
Rei: – The tuna…I will try swimming a bit with that image. I will swim the butterfly, so please compare it, Rin-san.

Rin: – That way of swimming…the speed that doesn’t let anyone get close…the tuna-like stroke riding the Kuroshio Current in its seasonal migration through the Pacific Ocean…
How was it?
Rei: – It sounds cool but it’s strange no matter how you think about it! Plus, when talking about the tuna the only image I get is that it’s slow to react and just lazing around! It’s not beautiful! Aren’t there other good examples of sea creatures?
Rin: – Then how about the Japanese yellowtail?
Rei: – The yellowtail?
Rin: – Yeah. It’s called the king of growth. Starts not being able to swim, then goes to the prefecturals then to the nationals and after that flies to the world growing with a grasp on the future! Don’t you think it’s the coolest?
Rei: – Hehehe…hahaha! Very well! It is aperfect fit for me! Okay, I’m going!

Rin: – That swimming…a stroke that seems as if it’s growing form a yellowtail that doesn’t know anything to a young yellowtail then to a fat yellowtail!
Rei: – Its sounds as if you’re looking at a conveyor belt in a sushi bar!
Rin: – Thin guy’s pain after all!
Rei: – Plus, the name for a grown yellowtail sound like something sticking out and it’s not beautiful!
Rin: – Ahh, jeez! I got it! It’s okay as long as it’s a cool name, right? What about Gepetto?
Rei: – Gepetto? What is that?
Rin: – It’s the name of an awesome fish that was eaten by a whale and survived inside its stomach.
Rei: – But isn’t that the name of an old man who made a wooden doll whose nose would grow longer when lying? What does it have to do with swimming? It’s enough already! In exchange, please tell me something at the end.
Rin: – What is it? You just keep complaining! I have no other ideas!
Rei: – What is our relationship?
Rin: – Huuh?
Rei: – Rin-san, you are a friend of Haruka-senpai and the others with whom you strengthened your bonds, even if you are in a different team now. I am swimming the butterlfy in that same place you did. Are the two of us rivals? Or are we friends?
Rin: – Heh. Rivals or frinds,huh? That’s not something I should tell you. The one who decides is you, Rei.


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