[sub] Amnesia OVA subtitles

Amnesia OVA subtitles (Animate Tokuten)Amnesia OVA

Aired: 25 September 2013
Official anime site: http://www.anime-amnesia.com/
Download subs here: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/47869690/file.html

At Crysta B.‘s request, I also translated this OVA. It kind of took a while and I finally finished, I hope it’s not too late. Here’s the file. (only subs)

If anyone wants to use this to make a subbed video, please do. Use them for anything.

I’ll also add the script without timing, if anyone’s interested (you can get the .txt file with the timings and all by opening the .srt with notepad):

—-Song: Yanagi Nagi – Zoetrope—-

Kakeochi nakushite shimatta
I am searching for the last component

Saigo no konponento wo sagashite
That I have lost without a trace

Haruka na hoshi wo tadori
Following the distant stars

Nijiiro ni somaru sora no hate e
To the end of the sky dyed rainbow-colored

Sukima kara koboredasu chiisana hi ni toraware
Captured by the small light peeking through the crevices

Hakujitsumu ni nita michi aruki aruki
I walk and walk a path that seems like a daydream

Kasoku suru inryoku ga
The magnetism speeds up

Kurikaesu douryoku ga
Th repeating dynamic force

Watashi no kokoro goto hanasanai
Grabs hold my whole being and won’t let go

Kono mama tsuredashite yo
Take me away just like this

Chirikuzu to ryuushi no hashi tsunagiawasete
Looking into the loop created

Tsukuridasu wa wo nozokikomeba
By connecting the edges of dust and particles

Sono tabi ni katachi wo kae
Every time, it changes shape

Mawari hajimeru
And starts spinning

Mata watashi ni sou deau tame ni
So that we will meet again

Orion: – There are as many worlds as there are possibilities.
This is a story from one of the numerous worlds, a possible happening from August.
Orion: – You started to get used to work pretty much.
Heroine: – There is much I still need to learn, but I’ll do my best.
Orion: – Yeah! Okay, let’s do our best at work and to search for your memories today too!
Ikkyu: – Ken! Get a hold of yourself! Ken!
Ken, Open your eyes!
Heroine: – Kento-san!
Shin: – Don’t get close. It’ better if you don’t see it.
Heroine: – Shin…
Shin: – He was hit from behind. The killing intent is clear. What about his belongings…? His belt is plucked!
Toma: – Hey, Shin! Does that mean…
Shin: – Yeah, it’s some sort of message. An important clue leading to the criminal.
Ikkyu: – Why did this happen…?
Shin: – Ikki-san, I really don’t think people will find this interesting. It would be bad if anyone misunderstood and called the police.
Ikkyu: – Yeah, you’re right. But I thought the role of a great detective fit you.
Toma: – He’s praising you, Shin!
Shin: – No, he’s making fun of me.
Ikkyu: – Oh, Ken, you can get up now.
Ken: – So it ended as a wasted effort. It seems we didn’t gain anything even though we all gathered in the morning.
Orion: – Huh? What’s this, candid camera?
Heroine: – Uh…um…
Toma: – What’s wrong? Why are you so pale?
Shin: – We talked that we’d have that meeting today, remember?
Why are you scared for real?
Heroine: – Ah, is it…
Orion: – the talk about that?
Waka: – Good morning, everyone.
Waka: – As you probably already know, coffee shop with a concept resembling ours has opened in the neighbourhood. It may be its effect that this shop has less customers lately. As not to go public, I myself have concluded to dispose of the rival shop, so I have decided to avoid inhuman methods and offer a limited period fair at this shop.
Ikkyu: – So we talked we would hold a one week event with daily specials, remember?
Heroine: – Yes.
Toma: – It’s all right that we need to think up the event subjects ourselves, but… we don’t have any time to prepare…
Ken: – If we need to do one-day events, then we are expected to do something with impact.
Shin: – Well, isn’t it all right not to think so deep about it?
Orion: – It seems to be a lot of work. They said the fair starts tomorrow, right?
Heroine: – Yeah. Only the first day event subject is decided…
Orion: – If I remember well, tomorrow’s plan is…
—-First Day: Darts Day—-
Sawa: – Today you can enjoy darts games in the store. Please do your best aiming for the highest score!
Heroine: – Welcome back, Master. Oh?
Ukyo: – Hey! Hello! It’s pretty crowded, isn’t it?
Heroine: – We are holding daily special events starting today.
Ukyo: – Oh, so that’s why there are the dartboards. Ah, can I order? A pastrami sandwich and…
Heroine: – A coffee blend, is that right?
Ukuo: – Yes, please.
Shin: – It’s too noisy, and they’re disturbing the other customers.
Toma: – It always happens when Ikki-san does this sort of thing.
Ken: – It seems Ikkyu revised tomorrow’s plan taking that into consideration. The preparations are already done.
—-Second Day: Planetarium Day—-
Mine: On the eastern skies, you can see the Summer Triangle. The three stars glittering in the summit are Lyra constellation’s Vega, Cygnus’s Deneb and Aquila’s Altair.
Man: – Excuse me.
Heroine: – Yes?
Man: – What constellation is that over there?
Heroine: – Um…
Man: – Look, that one. Do you know?
Toma: – Do you need something, Master? If so, I will take care of it.
Man: – Uh, no…
Toma: – Are you all right? You know, you shouldn’t give them any chances.
Heroine: – I’m sorry. I…
Toma: – You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry I was late to hep you.
Heroine: – It’s okay, thanks, Toma.
Toma: – If something happens, come to me immediately, okay? At any rate, this kinda brings back memories.
Heroine: – Eh?
Toma: – The starry sky. In the past, the two of us and Shin sneaked out at night and went to do an astronomical observation, right? You were looking at the starry sky and said it was amazing while laughing happily. It made me remember that.
Heroine: – So something like that happened.
Ikkyu: – Hey, isn’t that my role?
Ken: – Why does making an artificial starry sky create a good mood in the first place?
Ikkyu: – It’s the emotions. We’re here anyway, so how about we talk while gazing at the stars?
Ken: – I don’t mind, but…because we don’t have professional equipment it’s not accurate after all. There are stars that you shouldn’t normally be able to see with the naked eye.
Shin: – Excuse me, please work.
—-Third Day: Animal Day—-
Toma: – Oh! Whoops…This is dangerous.
Shin: – Hm? Hey, you can’t come in here!
Ken: – It seems we’re out of black pepper. What about our stock? Shin!
Shin: – Kent-san, I’ll have a break.
Ken: – Okay, I don’t mind…
Shin: – Ah, jeez, don’t lick me! You’re so cute! Haha! Why are you so fluffy? You’re really so cute!
Ken: – We need to improve the plan contents. I get distracted and it affects my work.
Shin: – Because you don’t know how to handle animals, Kent-san.
Toma: – The animals definitely wouldn’t get in Shin’s work, right?
Ikkyu: – No matter how well trained they are, they’re free to do what they want. The idea to get calmed down by cute things is good, but…Ah, I know!
—-Fourth Day: Stuffed Costume Day—-
Ikkyu: – Thank you for the wait, Mistress!
Toma: – Please take care of this!
Shin: – Yeah.
Ken: – This was the 37th time…
Girls: – Welcome back, Master.
Orion: – They’re not maids or butlers or nothing anymore. Is this all right for this shop?
Shin: – This is no good. No good at all. I don’t even get the meaning. And how much longer are we going to wear these?
Ikkyu: – It was popular with the girls, though.
Toma: – But there were also girls who complained they couldn’t see your face properly, Ikki-san.
Ken: – That isn’t the problem. When we think that the cactus me and the rabbit Shin bumped into each other 157 times in the small kitchen, we can’t say it’s efficient. A cactus unexpectedly takes a lot of space.
Shin: – That isn’t the problem either.
Ikkyu: – The girls liked it though. You too, dressed like that as a duck were very cute stumbling and seeming like it was difficult for you to walk.
Heroine: – I-is that so? You look good in your costume as well, Ikki-san.
Ikkyu: – Thanks. It makes me happy to hear that from you.
Toma: – Hm…I guess more convenient costumes would be good…
Heroine: – What kind of costumes are you thinking about?
Ikkyu: – Ah, then how about something like this?
—-Fifth Day: Glasses Day—-
Ikkyu & Toma: – Welcome back, Mistress.
Girl: – Whoa!
Ikkyu: – This is our service limited to persons who wear glasses.
Girl: – Thanks.
Ken: – Ikkyu always has a new idea.
Heroine: – Um…Kent-san, are you all right?
Ken: – Why wouldn’t I be?
Heroine: – It is your first time serving customers, is it not? Plus, your glasses…
Ken: – It’s not that much of a hindrance to my vision. Well, I can only try it.
I am glad to see you back well, Master. Please have a seat wherever you like.
Orion: – Why’s he talking like a samurai?
Heroine: – Kent-san…
Ken: – Hm, was it a bit off? Then, Master, let me start again and take care of your jacket.
Orion: – -Isn’t it bad to start over?
Heroine: – Um…I think you should just say what Ikki-san usually says, as it is.
Ken: – Like Ikkyu? I-is that so? My vision isn’t that bad, but…
I am extremely sorry for having gotten your gender wrong. Please forgive me, Mistress.
Guy: – Huh?
Heroine: – Kent-san…
Orion: – Not that! That’s not what she meant when she told you should say it like Ikki!
Ken: – Then, please come this way. If you need me, please call me whenever. I shall arrive at your service.
Orion: – And he’s still talking like a samurai…
Ikkyu: – Hahaha! Ken, you’re too funny!
Ken: – Aren’t you the one who told me to serve customers even though I don’t have experience?
Toma: – The customers’ reaction to the glasses idea wasn’t bad, but something is lacking from the enjoyment.
Shin: – It’s not all about having fun, right? That’s not the objective.
Ikkyu: – No, the impact’s important.
Ken: – If the costumes aren’t the problems, we need to add some impact, huh?
Ikkyu: – Yes. We need something that will leave people speechless in an instant.
Shin: – Um…Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
—-Last Day: Surprise Day—-
Ken: – Ha-ha-ha! Cry and scream! You are all destined to be thrown in hell alongside me!
Ikkyu: – That’s enough, Great Devil King, Kent!
Boys: – Butler rangers, the Gentlemen!
Ken: – Who are you?
Shin: – We’re…um…the heroes of justice.
Toma: – Shin! You have to introduce yourself with confidence!
Shin: – Do you think I can do that kind of thing?
Ikkyu: – We’ll definitely put an end to your evil deeds today!
Ken: – Huhu, try it if you can!
Ikkyu: – Let’s go!
Everyone! Now this shop’s safety has been kept! Please call the Gentlemen when something happens from now on!
Shin: – No one’s thinking of fixing the mistakes from the stuffed costume idea, right?
Ikkyu: – I expected you to be against it, Shin. We kept it a secret until the last moment. It was hard to prepare for this,you know!
Shin: – Please don’t say that while grinning. Rather, the customers were pulling away. It was a big failure, wasn’t it?
Heroine: – Excuse me…
Ukyo: – Hi, I saw your performance.
Toma: – Ukyo-san!
Ukyo: – Huh, you don’t know the basics for a hero show at all!
Ikkyu: – The basics?
Toma: – Ukyo-san, do you know a lot about hero shows?
Ukyo: – Yeah. I went to many recordings when I was a beginner at my work. Anyway, leave it to me. I’ll make it the best hero show!

Ukyo: – Hehehe! Hahaha! Cry! Scream! All you bastards are destined to be thrown in hell alongside me!
Huh? Why the hell are you laughing? Do you find me laughable? Heh! All right, laugh! I gave them advice for this stupid farce! But I got the enemy role, isn’t that stupid? I’ll let you see a piece of hell too!
Sawa: – A-at this rate, everyone is in trouble!
Heroine: – Everyone, please call the justice allies in a loud voice. One, two: Gentlemen!
Ikkyu: – That’s enough of your evil deeds!
Toma: – Come on, you’re the first, Shin!
Shin: – Uh…Shit. I just don’t want to stand out, my name is Gentle Red.
Toma: – I will protect you! I’m Gentle Yellow!
Ikkyu: – Being mysterious is a part of girls’ charm, right? I’m Gentle Blue!
Ken: – I have a big question about the method of teaching mathematics nowadays by only giving the formulas. Mathematics is a more profound, fun subject…
Heroine: – This was Gentle Green-san.
Girls: – The four of them are…
Boys: – Butler Rangers, Gentlemen!
Shin: – Hey, what was that explosion? This’ll kill us!
Ukyo: – Don’t mind it. From my experience, you won’t die from this kinda thing. Let’s fight!
Kukuku, I can’t feel a thing!
Toma: – I’ll be your opponent next!
Ukyo: – Hmpf, take this!
Ikkyu: – Everyone, let’s use that move!
Ken: – Yeah! This will end it!
Boys: – Special move: Rainbow Edition: Gentle Giga Fire!
Ken: – We did it, we defeated him!
Ikyyu: – Yeah. We have protected the peace of the world!
Everyone, if there’s anyone who does evil, call us!
Toma: – We won’t forgive evil!
Shin: – Our name is-
Boys: – Butler Rangers, Gentlemen!
Toma: – Huh? Is this an unexpected success?
Ken: – It got a better reaction than expected.
Toma: – It’s probably thanks to Ukyo-san. But isn’t it too much smoke?
Shin: – Hey, it’l be bad if this continues!
*alarm goes off*
Shin: – I want to rethink my life once.
Toma: – It can’t be that bad! You looked up to heroes when we were little, didn’t you? Isn’t it good your dream’s come true?
Shin: – Don’t mess around. Why are you bringing up things from ages ago? I won’t do something so embarrassing again, so you know!
Ukyo: – Um, I’m sorry! Because I did something unnecessary, it became a mess…Plus, um…I don’t really remember, but it seems I went wild a bit…I am really sorry!
Toma: – The explosive and fireworks were a problem, but you got too into the enemy role and grabbed at the customers…
Ken: – It was hard to clean up, including the explanation to the customers.
Ikku: – Well, well. Ukyo-san gave us a hand even though he’s not even an employee here. The problem is what we learn from our mistakes from now on.
Ken: – It was a hectic week.
Everyone: – Sigh…
Heroine: – Good work, everyone.
Ukyo: Ah, thanks. Um, I’m sorry… I even caused trouble to you…
Heroine: – No, you didn’t. Plus, we are the ones who involved you.
Ukyo: – The coffee’s taste changed a bit.
Heroine: – Huh?
Ukyo: – Maybe it’s a bit more bitter. Though I don’t dislike it this way either.
Heroine: – I wasn’t told the taste has been changed…
Ikkyu: – The coffee’s taste, huh? Ken, had you noticed?
Ken: – No, the beans aren’t different. If something changed, it should be the mixture, huh?
Shin: – In the first place, this shop had the concept of “offering a unique coffee and a quiet space”.
Toma: – Probably many customers come here to relax.
Ikkyu: – But because we were pressured by the preparations for the events, maybe we neglected serving the customers this week.
Ken: – By the way, the said rival shop’s management declined a short time after opening in the end. It seems the employees had a serious duel performance trying to attract customers’ attention and it turned into bloodshed.
Everyone: – Uh…
Ikkyu: – What a bad example they are!
Shin: – Is that something you should say?
Toma: – No matter what, overdoing it is not good.
Ikkyu: – Right. We have to make a comeback from tomorrow on.
Then we’ll start tidying up. Is it all right to leave here to you?
Heroine: – Yes, please do.
Ukyo: – They get along well after all.
Heroine: – You’re right.
Ukyo: – When in need, they’re somehow united, how should I say it. It seems that aspect’s especially strong in this world.
Heroine: – Huh?
Ukyo: – Ah…Nothing. Um…I see you also get along with everyone and have fun.
Heroine: – Yes, although I receive a lot of help from them all the time.
Ukyo: – I’m glad you seem happy.
Heroine: – Eh?
Ukyo: – This shop is an important place to you all, isn’t it? I’m kind of envious.
Heroine: – Isn’t that the same for you, Ukyo-san?
Ukyo: – Huh?
Heroine:- When you come here, you seem, how should I say, very happy, and you have gentle eyes.
Ukyo: – That’s…
Heroine: – When you don’t come for a while, everyone gets worried. They ask what you’re doing lately. You are an important person for this shop, Ukyo-san. I’m sorry, I’m speaking as I please…
Ukyo: – That’s not true. This shop is a very important place for me. I’m a precious regular customer, so I think Shin and the others should be nicer to me.
Heroine: – Right!
Ikkyu: – I feel a nice mood around them. Is this the appearance of a rival?
Toma: – It seems so.
Ken: – So they got a bit closer through the hero show.
Shin: – It was all ruined because of him, though.
Toma: – Ukyo-san, please have this. It’s Habanero pasta.
Ukyo: – Eh? I didn’t order anything.
Ken: – You helped us with the hero show. We would like you to accept it as our thanks.
Ikkyu: – You gave us advice and the performance actually got better. I’m sorry for saying something that seemed to blame you earlier.
Ukyo: – Everyone…Thanks.
Ken: – By the way, Ikkyu, it become something five times spicier than normal, but will it be all right?
Ikkyu: – It’s okay, I tasted it. I cried, though. I wailed.
Shin: – You’re all so childish.
Toma: – You’re saying that but you were also adding tabasco.
Ukyo: – It’s delicious!
Everyone: – Huh?
Ukyo: – Ah! Could I get some tabasco?
Shin: – For real? Are his tastebuds busted?
Ken: – It’s also strange he sensed the difference in the taste of the coffee earlier.
Ukyo: – Huh?
Ikkyu: – Ukyo-san, you’re quite unusual.
Ukyo: – Hey, why are you looking at me with such cold eyes, everyone?
Toma: – You may be a regular here, but please don’t make a move on her.
Ukyo: – I’m suddenly identified as an enemy? Why? I thought I was finally being accepted in the group when I was acknowledged as a regular!
Heroine: – Hehe.
Orion: – It was hard, but it was fun in the end.
Heroine: – Yeah.
Orion: – We also got to know a bit about everyone. Hey, if it’s like this, it may also be a good idea to try talking to someone about your memories.
Heroine: – Right…
Shin: – They’re really so childish.
Heroine: – You also looked like you were having fun, Shin.
Shin: – What a joke! I was only being made fun of. They always push things on me because I’m the youngest.
You’re smiling a lot lately.
Heroine: – Eh?
Shin: – Lately, you’ve been spacing out so much that I was worried you’d lost an important screw or something.
I noticed you’re different from before. Both I and Toma did. Maybe Ikki-san and the others too. What, did you think we wouldn’t notice? Stupid!
Heroine: – Shin, I…
Shin: – But you don’t want to say anything, right? There are some reasons why you can’t tell us. That’s why you’re trying to do something about it by yourself.
If that’s so, I won’t comment about it either. You’d feel troubled if I forced you to tell me. You’re oddly stubborn.
Heroine: – I’m sorry. I’m making you worry.
Shin: – I don’t get why you’re apologizing. What I’m saying is not to carry the buden alone. When you hit a wall, spinning around by yourself won’t get you any good results, so tell me when you feel it’s too much. I don’t need you to be strangely considerate after all this time.
Heroine: – Okay. Shin, thanks.
I don’t know where the memories I lost are… But I’ll find them properly and face them. When I stumble a bit, I’ll ask the others for advice, and then, I hope we’ll be able to smile together again in this place.

—-Song: Yanagi Nagi – Hoshiboshi no Wataru Tori—-

Me no mae ni hirogaru hoshi no umi wo watatte yuku
Crossing over the starry sea spreading out before my eyes

Tori tachi no kage sotto chijou miokuru
The bird’s shadows touch bid farewell to the ground softly

Kirei na hako ni gyutto tsumekonda
Carrying my memories until yesterday

Kinou made no omoi wo hakonde
That I have tightly stuffed in a beautiful box

Dokomade tabi shiyou
How far should I travel

Sorezore ni chigau ikisaki wo kimete
They each lead to a different destination

Awai kotoba mirai ni kaeru tame no
I’m searching for the trajectory that will turn

kidou wo sagashiteru
faint words into the future

Kawaranai kokoro wo nigirishime
Holding onto an unchanging heart

Memagurushii hibi wo kakenukete yuku
I run through bustling days

Oboete iyou zutto
I will always remember them

Sou shite natsukashii kioku ni naru made tobou
And I will fly until they become precious memories

–Translation by shyuu @ miraclesmay.wordpress.com–


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