Niconico Wonderland vol. 02 – 13. Hare no Ki no Ue ~nero [Lyrics;TL]

ニコニコワンダーランド VOL.2
Niconico Wonderland vol. 02 (Album)
96neko (96猫), Lon (ろん), Mafumafu (まふまふ) un:c, Rumdarjun (らむだーじゃん), nero
Niconico Wonderland vol 2

01. Niconico Wonderland Theme Song 2ニコニコワンダーランドのテーマソング2 (EasyPop)
02. Jiko Shoukai ~96neko(cat)/ 96neko’s Self Introduction自己紹介~96猫(猫)~
03. Smile Gift スマイルギフト ~96neko (Nem/LettuceP レタスP)
04. Jiko Shoukai ~Lon(rabbit)/ Lon’s Self Introduction 自己紹介~ろん(うさぎ)~
05. Usagi no Kazoekata/ How to Count Rabbits うさぎのかぞえかた ~Lon (Satsuki ga Tenkomori さつき が てんこもり)
06. Jiko Shoukai ~Mafumafu(owl)/ Mafumafu’s Self Introduction自己紹介~まふまふ(梟)~
07. Under Sweet Umbrella アンダースイートアンブレラ ~Mafumafu
08. Jiko Shoukai ~un:c(raccoon)/ un:c’s Self Introduction自己紹介~un:c(アライグマ)~
09. Jab Jab LOVE ジャブジャブLOVE ~un:c
10. Jiko Shoukai ~Rumdarjun(ram)/ Rumdarjun’s Self Introduction 自己紹介~らむだーじゃん(羊)~
11. FallingDown ~Rumdarjun
12. Jiko Shoukai~nero(squirrel)/ nero’s Self Introduction 自己紹介~nero(リス)~
13. Hare no Ki no Ue/ On a Sunny Tree 晴れの樹の上 ~nero (Koyori/ DenpolP 電ポルP)
14. Oyasumi Wonderland/ Good Night Wonderland おやすみワンダーランド (EasyPop)
15. Niconico Wonderland 2 Voice Drama Nukumority ニコニコワンダーランド2 ボイスドラマ~ぬくもりてぃ!~

Release date: 23 April 2014
Official site:
Art: Yamako & Tama
Song link:

13. Hare no Ki no Ue/ On a Sunny Tree ~nero (squirrel)

Music and Lyrics: DenpolP 電ポルP(koyori) (mylist/12125866)
Art: Yamakoヤマコ (mylist/21352204)
Video: Moyashi もやし(★`・ω・)ゞ (mylist/12836772)
Singer: nero( mylist/17327803) Twitter: @nero_nikoniko community: co247532


Kyou mo ashita mo muhyoujou na hibi
Asaku awaku konna ni iki isoideru
Are mo kore mo houwa shita yoru ni
Boku no akari wa hitotsu mo mitsukaranakute

“Ue made nobotte goran”

Takai takai sora miwatasu machinami
Mukashi mukashi no ki no ue
Namida nagashite wa hana susuru boku ni
“Mata koko ni ki na yo”
Sou kimi ga iuu

Haiiro no toi ni kuchigomotteru
Saki ga kowai to tameratte jikan ga kireru

“Kyou wa amayadori ne”

Yagate yagate sora ame ni ame ni natte
Zaa zaa to naita kumo
Yandara doko ikou keikaku tateyou yo
Omoi megurasete sou futari de sa

Itsu kara aru no darou
Kawariyuku joukei wo koko kara mitekita no?
Yasashiku waratta ki ga shita
Ashita wa kitto hareru kara

Boku wa tsuyoku naishi sugu ni yowane hakushi
Namida to nakayoshi dashi

Takai takai sora miwatasu machinami
Mukashi mukashi no ki no ue
Namida nagashitara kizutsuitara sa
Kono ki no ue de mata waraou yo
Waraou yo
Waraou yo

English Translation: 

Spending everyday expressionless
People live fast, shallow and faint lives
On the night when I had felt I had enough of it all
I couldn’t find even one light to shine my road ahead

“Try climbing up to the top”

Looking out over the town streets from the high sky
At the top of a tree that’s been here since forever
As I was sniffling after crying
“Come here again”
That’s what you told me

I was faltering at gray remarks
Scared and hesitating about the future as the time kept running out

“So today we’ll need to take shelter from the rain”

Before long, eventually, the sky melted into rain
And the clouds started crying with a pouring sound
Let’s make plans for where to go when it lets up
The two of us shared the same feelings

I wonder how long it has been here
How long have I been looking at the changing scenery from here?
I think I saw you smile gently
Because tomorrow’s going to be sunny for sure

I’m not strong, and I whine instantly
And I’m friends with tears, too

Looking out over the town streets from the high sky
At the top of a tree that’s been here since forever
If we’re to cry and get hurt
Let’s laugh together again on this tree
Let’s laugh together
Let’s laugh together

Nero’s comment on this song is “I tried to become a squirrel that loves to sing and lives on the biggest tree in a forest” – taken from the description of the song on niconico.

Thank you for requesting this song, koizumi-chii!
Niconico Wonderland vol 02 nero

2 thoughts on “Niconico Wonderland vol. 02 – 13. Hare no Ki no Ue ~nero [Lyrics;TL]


    Nero is soooo cute~ ❤ I'm regretting I just became a fan of him now. But oh, well. *hearts* Oh, and would you look at the track list? I thought there will be no Character Introduction. *breathes a sigh of relief* I'm glad there is. The release date is comiiiiiiing near~ Can't wait.

    Looking forward with your other translations for NicoNico Wonderland 2. Thank you for your hard work!

    • YAY Thanks a lot for the comment! *hugs back*
      Yes, I wanted to translate the introductions too but they’re not available yet so I hope I’ll do that when thy will be! I will also translate Jab Jab LOVE soon 😀 And I hope I’ll translate all the tracks eventually 0u0

      I know, nero’s so cute and his voice is really so beautiful! It’s never too late to start liking him! ❤ And that applies to anything new you find. There really are so many utaite with wonderful voices!

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