Free! Character Song Duet Series vol 04. Haruka & Rin – 03. Original Drama [TL]

Free! キャラクターソング・デュエットシリーズ Vol.4 七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長) & 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守)
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Character Song Duet Series 004 Haruka & RinFree! duet series vol 04

Release date: 19 March 2014
Offical sample:
Character: Nanase Haruka 七瀬遙 (Seiyuu: Shimazaki Nobunaga 島﨑信長) & Matsuoka Rin 松岡凛 (Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru 宮野真守)

02. Kitto Wasurenai (We surely never forget) きっと忘れない
03. Original Drama~遙&凛~ Haruka & Rin
05. Kitto Wasurenai きっと忘れない (OFF VOCAL)

03. Original Drama ~Haruka & Rin~

Rin: – Oh, Haru, I took a bath first.
Haru: – Okay.
Rin: – Huh? Did Makoto go home already?
Haru: – He said he needed to put Ren and Ran to sleep. There are T-shirts in that drawer. Wear whichever you want.
Rin: – Yeah, thanks.
Hey, what’s this thing?
Haru: – It’s an Auctine Hosoison-kun T-shirt. If you sleep wearing it, you’ll be able sleep soundly as if you were sinking in the deep sea.
Rin: – You’re making no sense like always. Ah… By the way, that thing in the bathroom…
Haru: – The sponge cucumbers?
Rin: – No.
Haru: – The essentialle shampoo?
Rin: – I told you that’s not it! I was talking about the dolphin figure.
Haru: – Ah, that.
Rin: – It’s the one you got at Iwatobi Swimming Club,right?. Do you still have something like that?
Haru: – You also got one, didn’t you?
Rin: – Ah…It got lost somewhere.
Haru: – I see…
Rin: – Well, I can’t bring unnecessary stuff in the Samezuka dorms anyway.
Haru: – Is it all right not to go back to the dorms today?
Rin: – Yeah. I got permission to spend the night away.
Haru: – I’d never have thought you’d sleep over.
Rin: – It’s been a long time since I last came to your house too. But, the dolphin figure too, this room’s the same as in the past. Really, nothing changed!
Haru: – The futon’s over there. Lay it out yourself.
Rin – Uh, are you even listening to what I’m saying?
Haru: – Or do you want to sleep together on the bed like we used to?
Rin: – Listen to me! Retorting to you made me hungry. It’s your fault.
Haru: – Don’t make it my fault. Then, do you want to eat something? I’m telling you, I don’t have any meat.
Rin: – Then what do you have?
Haru: – Mackerel-
Rin: – Aside from mackerel–
Haru: – Nothing.
Rin: – Then make something, I don’t care matter what. Makoto said you’re a good cook.
Haru: – I’m normal.
I got it. Then let’s go to the first floor.
Rin: – Oh, mackerel with miso, huh? Looks tasty! Then, I’ll eat. uh, it’s so salty! What’s this? Didn’t you mistake salt for sugar?
Haru: – It’s the failed one Makoto cooked the other day.
Rin: – The don’t give it to me!
Haru: – If you eat 10:1 rice to mackerel, it’s all right.
Rin: – It’s not good! Give me something normal!

Rin: – Oh, it was tasty. Thanks for the food. Japanese dishes are nice once in a while. Then I’ll make you something the next time I come over.
Haru: – You can cook?
Rin: – Well, yeah. I cooked for myself sometimes when I was overseas. I can cook. Oh, I see you have cooking books. Uh, they’re full of mackerel dishes. You like it too much, geez.
Oh, this is…
Haru: – Our graduation album from elementary school.
Rin: – Brings back memories! Ah, now that I think of it, didn’t we write compositions for this?
Ah, hehe.
“Water is alive. If you dive once, it will bear its fangs at you immediately and attack you”…hahaha! Why were you writing this embarrassing stuff?
Haru: – Hey, don’t read people’s compositions as you please!
Rin: – Oh! Wait, Haru!
Haru: – “My shining”
Rin: – Huh?
Haru: – “Iwatobi Elementary School is my irreplaceable place”
Rin: – Ohh!
Haru: – “The light flutters through the windows and on the other side butterflies dance in the fine weather.
Rin: – Idiot!
Haru: – Everything is glittering, shining on me”
Rin: – Don’t read it out loud!!!
Haru: – “That’s where I found my shining–“
Rin: – Haru! Haru! Stop it! Hey!
Haru: – I hope that one day I will be able to flight together in the never ending light–“
Rin: – Haru! You bastard!

Rin: – Oh, thanks for laying out the futon.
Haru: – You didn’t bring your pillow?
Rin: – Why would I bring it?
Haru: – Can you sleep without it?
Rin: – Don’t make fun of me, jeez.
Haru: – Are you leaving early tomorrow?
Rin: – I’ll wake up at 6 and leave after I go for a run. If I skip it one day, my body’ll grow dull.
Haru: – Then I’ll also run with you.
Rin: – Haha. Okay. Then, good night.
Haru: – I’ll turn off the lights.
Rin: – Yeah. Hm?
Haru: – What?
Rin: – I found a book under the bed.
Haru: – That’s-!
Rin: – Haru! So even you read this kind of thing!
Haru: – Stop it! That’s!!
Rin: – What? Are you embarrassed?
Haru: – No, I’m not.
Rin: – Then it’s okay, right? I got it, I won’t look. Don’t worry. By the way, you didnt have a bath yet, did you? Go take one.
Haru: – I’m okay. I’ll go in the morning.
Rin: – Did you go to the toilet?
Haru: – I don’t need to go.
Rin: – Are you that worried to leave me alone here? It’s okay, I won’t look at the book under the bed!
Haru: – Uh…
Rin: – Don’t get so shy! Any man hides books like those under the bed!
Haru: – Really?
Rin: – Yeah.
Haru: – Then, Rin, do you do it too?
Rin: – No comment.
Haru: – You ran away, huh?
Rin: – *yawn* Then I’m going to sleep.
Haru: – Okay. Good night.
Rin? Are you sleeping?
I’ll go take a bath.

Rin: – Heheheh! You fell for it, Haru! Haha! I’ll take this chance!
Haru: – Hey!
Rin: – Whoa! Didn’t you go take a bath?
Haru: – I forgot my underwear.
Rin: – Don’t forget it!
Haru: – What’s with that hand under the bed?
Rin: – I’m searching for your underwear for you.
Haru: – Don’t try to fool me. Don’t touch that book.
Rin: – No can do!
Haru: – Give it back!
Rin: – No!
Haru: – Give it back!
Rin: – Haru, why are you getting so worked up? If you do that, it’ll make me even more curious, right! I’ll look at it no matter what!
Haru: – Rin! That’s enough!
Rin: – But it’s so dark I can’t see! Where’s the switch?
Haru: – S-Stop it! Uh!
Rin: – Oh! Haru, you…”Monthly Famous Springs and I”…
And it comes with a DVD…
Haru: – I won’t lend it to you!
Rin: – I don’t need it! Haha! Huh, I feel so absurd now. I’m gonna sleep.
Haru: – Then I’m going to take a bath. I’m just telling you, but that’s a valuable book you can’t get anymore. If you say you want to see it so badly…I can show it to you…
Rin: – Go take your bath already!

Haru: – Heh. Good night, Rin.

Do you wanna run by the beach?
Rin: – Huh? Yeah. Hey, Haru.
Haru: – Hm?
Rin: – No…by the way, I remembered…Gou had put it up at entrance way by herself…with the dolphin figure…
I’m leaving first!

Haru: – Hehe!


7 thoughts on “Free! Character Song Duet Series vol 04. Haruka & Rin – 03. Original Drama [TL]

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  2. “I forgot my under”
    “Don’t forget it!” – that was priceless xD

    And “do you want to sleep together on the bed like how we used to” xD
    in australia xD

    ahhh im FANGIRLING

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