[TL] Karneval DVD 07 – Special Drama CD – Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni

カーニヴァル 7【初回限定版特典】スペシャルドラマCD「幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。
Karneval DVD vol 07. First Released Limited Edition Special – Special Drama CD – Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni (A Happy Birthday Sky to you)
Karneval DVD 07

01. Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni (A Happy Birthday Sky to you) 幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。 01 (03:28)
02. Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni (A Happy Birthday Sky to you) 幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。 02 (08:09)
03. Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni (A Happy Birthday Sky to you) 幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。 03 (06:33)
04. Shiawase na Birthday Sky wo Kimi ni (A Happy Birthday Sky to you) 幸せなバースデイスカイを君に。 04 (03:52)

Release date: 22 Novermber 2013
Official anime site: http://karneval-anime.com/
Ichijinsha page: http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/special/karneval/
Akari 燭 – Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川 大輔
Azana 糺 – Seiyuu: Okamoto Nobuhiko 岡本 信彦
Hirato 平門 – Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke 小野 大輔
Tsukitachi 朔 – Seiyuu: Yusa Kouji 遊佐 浩二

I have to make something clear at the beginning. If you listen to this Special Drama CD as a single track (around 22 minutes long), you can guide yourself by the times I wrote in [brackets]. If you listen to it as 4 separate tracks, please ignore the times in brackets because they won’t help you at all (for this version, the only reference you get is that the next track starts)

Track 01
*knock knock*
Akari: – Enter.
Azana: – Excuse me..
*door opens*
Azana: – We finished the preparations for the departure.
Akari: – Let’s go.
Azana: – Yes.
*plane taking off*
Azana: – I stuffed in all the necessary utensils. What’s left is the escort issue… Is it really all right?
Akari: – I’m only going to retrieve collect a sample. An escort isn’t needed.
Azana: – But…The rule is that you need to be guarded when going on missions outside of the Vichtenegel *1* Institution…
Akari: – The person himself judged that it’s not needed. There’s no problem. Report it like that to the higher-ups too.
Azana: – Yes, I understand.
Please get in. I will drive, so…
Akari: – Azana, I don’t intend to doubt your driving skills but…
Azana: – Please rest until we reach the location Akari-sensei. You didn’t sleep all night yesterday too.
Akari: – You did the same.
Azana: – But I am younger than you, Sensei.
Ah, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that you are old!
Akari: – Drive already.
Azana: – Yes!
Well then, we are departing!

Huh? This is strange…
Akari: – There’s a trick to it. While stepping on the brake, press the clutch.
Azana: – Yes.
Akari: – Eh! Now. Start the engine.
Azana: – Y-yes. It started.
Akari: – Good.
Azana: – Ah…It seems it’s no good after all.
Akari: – Move out of the way.
Azana: – Yes…

Azana: – Um…just to be sure, I’ll arrange for another Kuppi.
Um…I am Azana from the biology research department, please arrange for a Kuppi *2* urgently. Eh? What was that? Please repeat what you said.
Akari: – You won’t end here, will you? Remember that day when we overcame that crisis together! Eh! Show me your willpower!
Azana: – I have arranged for a Kuppi. Please wait a bit until they get it ready.
Akari: – This one can still work! I don’t need another Kuppi!
Azana: – But the frame looks rather worn down…I can see it’s regularly maintained with care but…
Ah, this is an ugly scratch!
Akari: – It’s not a scratch. It’s a battle decoration.
Azana: – Huh?
Akari: – Don’t decide what you please.
Azana: – I’m sorry. You’ve been driving this Kuppi for more than five years, haven’t you? Isn’t it time you switched to another one…?
Akari: – It’s six years. Heh. Strangely, today makes six years.

[03:32] Track 02
Azana: – Excuse me, Akari-sensei!
Akari: – What?
Azana: – Good morning!
Akari: – It’s past noon . It’s not early.
Azana: – I’m sorry. I was on the night shift so I just finished work.
Akari: – Azana, why are you here?
Azana: – Um, I was assigned to your laboratory as of yesterday, Akari-sensei, um…
Akari: – So, what do you want from me?
Azana: – Um, I wanted to greet you…!
Akari: – What?
Azana: – I said…um…I wanted to greet you…
Akari: – That’s all?
Azana: – No…um…
Akari: – If you don’t need me for anything, I’ll excuse myself. Sorry but I’m busy.
Azana: – Excuse me!
Akari: – If you have something to say, be short!
Azana: – About today’s investigation…
Akari: – What?
Azana: – I heard Kuronomei’s students who you taught are going to be assigned to guard us… Um…so you will be with your students, so I think it will be a enjoyable investigation…Ow, ow!
Akari: – Not even for a moment have I felt those guys as my students!
Azana: – Huh…The escorting jobs for the Research Tower’s aren’t assigned if their ability is not acknowledged, so you had excellent students, didn’t you?
Akari: – Excuse me.
Azana: – Ah…he’s in a very bad temper today, I see…

Akari: – Jeez, why today…uh…
Hirato: – It has been a while, Akari-sensei.
Tsukitachi: – ‘Ello! It’s been a while!
Akari: – You two…why are you in my laboratory?
Hirato: – We are supposed to act as your escorts today, have you forgotten?
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, have you started to grow senile? Isn’t it early?
Akari: – That’s not what I said. I asked you why you entered without permission in my laboratory!
Hirato: – The door was open so because you were not here, we decided to wait for you.
Akari: – So don’t enter as you please! I’m disgusted with your insensibility!
Tsukitachi: – Well, stop being so edgy! ! You’re gonna get more wrinkles!
Akari: – Don’t treat me like an old man! I’m only 26!
Tsukitachi: – Hm? Aren’t you cheating with the number?
Akari: – What?!
Hirato: – Congratulatios.
Akari: – W…What’s with you all of a sudden? That’s so creepy.
Hirato: – Today is your birthday, isn’t it, Akari-sensei!
Tsukitachi: – You’re 27 now. If we round it up you’re in your thirties! Yo, adult! How do you feel?
Akari: – Nothing else than the worst! I don’t have time to be listening to your frivolous talk. If you feel by any chance even the least bit sorry for taking up my precious time, dissapear from my sight immediately! And don’t show yourselves again.
Tsukitachi: – That’s harsh! You should chat a bit with your student when you meet them at long last!
Akari: – Chat with you? That’s exactly the height of unproductiveness. It’s just useless.
Hirato: – As always, you are a person with no sense of fun.
Akari: – I’m telling you I don’t have a moment to spare for playing! I have to make preparations for the investigation now. Don’t stay in my way.
Tsukitachi: – We’ll help you! We’re going with you for the investigation anyway.
Akari: – I decline. Both this and you coming along. If you follow me around, my work efficiency will lower.
Hirato: – Excuse me, but guarding you is our mission.
Akari: – Don’t make me say it again! Don’t get in my way! Disappear!
Tsukitachi: – And here I was thinking of having a nice celebration for Akari-chan’s birthday so I brought alcohol! Can’t be helped. Hirato, let’s open it by ourselves.
Akari: – Don’t drink here!
Tsukitachi: – Ah, I opened it.
Akari: – Drinking alcohol at work is outrageous! Concentrate on your mission!
Hirato: – On short, you are approving our accompanying you, is that right?
Akari: – Don’t interpret it how you want!
Tsukitachi: – We haven’t been on an investigation with Akari-chan since we went on the assignment for our seminar! Let’s have fun!
Akari: – That’s not needed.
*knock knock*
Akari: Who is it!!
Azana: – It’s me, Azana! May I come in?
Akari: – Go ahead.
*door opening*
Azana: – We finished the preparations, so we should leave soon.
Akari: – I’m not ready here.
Azana: – But…um…we need to depart soon, or we will arrive there late…
Akari: – There’s ton of data that I need to put in order before the investigation.
Tsukitachi: – Ah, ah! You have to do that early!
Akari: – And whose fault do you think it is that I didn’t?
Hirato: – There is no problem. It is possible to sort out the data until we reach the destination.
Akari: – What are you saying? How much utensils do you think I need in order to sort out the data?!
Hirato: – There is no problem.
Azana: – Whoa, what an amazing Kuppi! So this is a new car? It’s sparkling! This is really expensive, isn’t it? It seems it’s not sold to the general public.
Tsukitachi: – It’s for Circus’ private use. It goes pretty fast too!
Akari: – The devices are small scale, but… Well, if it’s this…
Hirato: – There is no problem, is it?
Akari: – There’s a lot of problems! Originally, the time needed to reach the location was used to rest our minds.
Hirato: – The facilities are small scale but it’s the latest type. The analysis of the data should be over in half the time as well. Please rest in the remaining time.
Akari: – Do you think I can rest with you two here?
Tsukitachi: – Okay, I’ll start the engine! They said the horse power’s something else, so hold on tight!
Akari: – Whoa!
Tsukitachi: – Grab tightly onto something!
Akari: – Say that earlier!
Tsukitachi: – It’s a new car so the gear’s still a bit stiff. Oops.
Akari: – Uh!
Tsukitachi: – Are you okay, Akari-chan?
Akari: – Cease that already!
Hirato: – You will get hurt if you do not hold on tight! Tsukitachi’s driving is rough.
Tsukitachi: – Hehehe! Today I’m driving Akari-chan,so I’ll drive safely!
Akari: – Hey, how is this safe driving?
Tsukitachi: – Okay! So, this is the car’s first drive! Let’s go!
Akari: – Uhh!
Hirato: – Akari-san, you need to hold on to something.
Akari: – Shut up!
Tsukitachi: – Yahoo!
Akari: – Hey, drive slower!!
Azana: – Um…we’ll follow right behind, so please be careful on the way!
Tsukitachi: – We’re here!
Hirato: – Tsukitachi, you went too fast.
Tsukitachi: – Sorry, sorry! It’s a new car so I wanted to try out a lot of things! Huh? Where’s Akari-chan?
Uhh, he looks pale! Did you get motion sick?
Hirato: – It’s your fault.
Akari: – Bhh!!
Hirato: – Are you okay? Please hold on to me.
Akari: – I don’t need your help.
Hirato: –  How unyielding.
Akari: – Hn..
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, tell us if you don’t feel well!
Akari: – Shut up! We’re wasting time. We’ll start the investigation.
Tsukitachi: – Is it all right not to wait for the other researchers?
Akari: – There’s no need! Uh!
I’ll start before them.
Tsukitachi: – Are you okay, Akari-chan? Should I get you a motion sickness bag just in case?
Akari: – Stop being so slow, what are you doing?
Tsukitachi: – Okay, okay, we’ll be right there!
Hirato: – Heh, he’s an impatient person as always.

[11:40] Track 03
Akari: – It looks like a normal factory at first glance, but from the data and medical equipment left behind, we can deduce that this is a facility that produced Varuga. If there’s such high grade equipment here, it means they used enormous sums of money for it. Uh!
*hits something*
Hirato: – Are you all right?
Akari: – I’m okay!
Tsukitachi: – Watch where you’re walking. This factory was suppressed by Circus just yesterday. We took all the people concerned into custody and removed all the hazardous materials but anything can happen.
Akari: – You won’t do any progress if you fear taking risks. I’ll investigate thoroughly everything that has to do with Varuga.
Hirato: – Please, continue your investigation until you are satisfied. We will take care of everything that puts you in danger.
Akari: – Heh. That’s you two’s mission. You came along against my will so you at least have to do that.
Hirato: – We are aware of that.
Akari: – The owner of this fabric..
Hirato: – … is the enterprise suspected of being Kafka’s parent organization.
Akari: – Is the reason why you can’t say for sure because there’s no evidence?
Hirato: – Yes, that is right.
Tsukitachi: – When we started the search, they probably took important evidence secretly. Geez, how did the info leak? Huh?
Akari: – What’s wrong?
Tsukitachi: – Isn’t this the protozoan *3* Akari-chan taught is how to cultivate?
Hirato: – Himenatoro *4*
Tsukitachi: – Right. The model creature for the Himenamo study.
Akari: – Yeah.
Tsukitachi: – Ah! You just made a proud expression that I actually remembered, didn’t you?
Akari: – Don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s natural to remember the study of a life form utilized in a universal life phenomenon study.
Hirato: – Akari-sensei, please come this way.
Akari: – What?
Hirato: – Shh! Please stay still.
Tsukitachi: – By the quantity of heat coming from the 5 o’clock direction, it’s single. I’ll go around to the back. I’ll leave Akari-chan to you.
Akari: – A Varuga?
Hirato: – Yes, most probably.
Tsukitachi: – Tsk, it’s fast when running away! Hirato!
Hirato: – Akari-sensei.
Akari: – What?
Hirato: – Please close your eyes.
Akari: – Why?
Hirato: – Because I don’t want to show you something filthy.
Akari: – Hm, what nonsense.
Hirato: – Thank you for your cooperation.
Tsukitachi: – Hirato, it ran that way!
Hirato: – I will corner it.
Akari: – What in the world’s happening? Are those guys okay?
Akari: – That shout just now…
Tsukitachi: – Let’s finish it!
Hirato: – I know. Vakuum!
Akari: – Hey! Are you all right?
Hirato: – Even though I asked you not to open your eyes…
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan, is this your first time seeing a Funeral? It’s not something pleasant to watch.
Akari: – I’ve dissected Varuga many times before.
Tsukitachi: – Ah? Do you feel sick? Do you want a bag?
Akari: – There’s no need! Hmm? You stink of alcohol. Did you drink alcohol during your mission?
Tsukitachi: – But! I opened the bottle, so it’s a waste, isn’t it? Do you want a gulp too?
Akari: – I don’t!
Tsukitachi: – Whoops!
*glass breaks*
Tsukitachi: – What? A hidden door?
Hirato: – Akari-sensei, this is a great find.  It seems that inside is hidden valuable evidence that we missed at the time of the suppression.
Tsukitachi: – As expected of Akari-chan! Nice! Let’s hug! Come on!
Akari: – Let go! You stink of alcohol! Don’t come closer!
Tsukitachi: – But to find a hidden room in a fit of anger, Akari-chan’s really something else!
Hirato: – Thank you very much, Akari-sensei! Thanks to you we found valuable evidence.
Akari: – Hmpf. If you two weren’t here, I could conduct my investigation a lot swifter–
Akari: – What was that sound?
Tsukitachi: – Damn, So there was another one hiding?
*fire sounds*
Akari: – *cough* *cough*
Tsukitachi: – It seems it wants to destroy the evidence along with us! Good grief, what a crude method!
Akari: – Don’t speak. Smoke will get into your lungs.
Hirato: – I’m worried the chemicals will catch fire. Akari-sensei, please take this chance to escape.
Akari: – But I can’t leave you two behind and–
Hirato: – At this rate, the entire facility will explode.  Akari-sensei, please hurry. Let’s go, Tsukitachi.
Tsukitachi: – Gotcha!
Akari: – Hey, wait!
*roar* *bang*
Akari: –  Do you think I can just hide by myself?
Tsukitachi: – Hirato, go around it!
Tsukitachi: – Now, do the finishing blow!
Hirato: – Vakuum!
*roar**Varuga screams*
Tsukitachi: – Heh, you caused us some trouble.
Hirato: – Let’s hurry.
Akari: – Get on!
Tsukitachi: – Akari-chan! Why did you come back?
Akari: – Forget that and get in fast!
Tsukitachi: – Okay! Please try to drive safely.
Akari: – That’s an impossible request. We’ll go through the fire now!
Tsukitachi: – For real? Akari-chan, you’re so dynamic!
Akari: – Fasten your seat belts, you two!
Hirato: – You can go anytime.
Akari: – Let’s go!

Azana: – Huh? That’s Akari-sensei’s Kuppi…Why is it so worn out? Ah, the wireless! It’s from Akari-sensei.
Um…err…this is Azana speaking…
Akari-sensei! Um, excuse us for being late! We had trouble with the engine… But we’ll reach the scene shortly…
Akari: – Turn around right now!
Azana: – Huh?
Akari: – Just do it! Don’t come here!
Azana: – Oh…yes…I understood. Uh! Akari-sensei! Are you all right there? Ah…it got cut off.

[18:17] Track 04
Azana: – I see…so something like that happened…The Kuppi that was sparkling came back worn-out so I thought something might have happened but…
Akari: – If this guy hadn’t been with me I might have lost my life there.
Hirato: – So it is our life saver?
Akari: – Hirato! Tsukitachi too…Why did you come here?
Tsukitachi: – What are you saying? It’s your birthday today, Akari-chan! Let’s celebrate it grandly!
Akari: – Hmpf. You came empty-handed again anyway, didn’t you? It’s evidence that you have no intention to celebrate it.
Tsukitachi: – We gave you a present 6 years ago too, right?
Akari: – Do you mean that Kuppi? You two just delivered the Government’s equipment.
Tsukitachi: – The present’s the fun memories we three made together! Joking!
Akari: – Fun memories, you say? How can you say that so shamelessly?
Tsukitachi: – Your tension raised when you ran through the explosion fast and furious, didn’t it?
Hirato: – It was the first time I saw such a lively expression on Akari-san’s face.
Akari: – What do you mean lively!!?
*hits car*
Azana: – Oh, the engine started!
Hirato: – Heh, what a person.
Tsukitachi: – Okay! It’s your long awaited birthday and all so let’s go for a drive together! Heh!
Akari: – Hey! Don’t get in as you please!
Hirato: – I will guard you until we reach the location.
Akari: – I refuse. I don’t want to recall the nightmare from six years ago!
Tsukitachi: – We were young then! But we were able to seize some evidence properly so the higher ups valued us pretty highly cause we did pretty well on our first job, you know!
Hirato: – I heard that we were evaluated well by the higher ups because Akari-san put in a good word for us.
Tsukitachi: – No matter what you say, you care about your students!
Akari: – Those are mere rumors. I didn’t do anything.
Hirato: – Heh. We will not show you such clumsiness again, so please rest assured.
Tsukitachi: – But I think it wouldn’t hurt you to sympathize with the feelings of your students wanting to show their growth to the teacher who took care of them.
Akari: – Why?
Hirato: – What do you mean by that?
Akari: – We always quarrel about worthless things whenever we meet. It’s true that I was your teacher, but that was just my mission. There’s no reason to be respected as a caring teacher.
Hirato: – Maybe it is because we want you to scold us.
Akari: – What?
Hirato: – Before we knew it, we also had subordinates and were in a position where we need to shoulder responsibility. But from Akari-san’s point of view, we are still novices as in the past. There is no one else who would scold us without hesitation.
Akari: – Hm, you’re a superficially polite guy as always.
Hirato: – You are a honest person as always.
Tsukitachi: – You say we always quarrel when we meet but we always look forward to the heart warming talks with you, how should I say it…It’s healing? Well, Akari-chan, you really have a foul mouth though.
Akari: – You’re just a really rude man as always.
Tsukitachi: – Hahaha! You really are mean!
Hirato: – Is it all right to accompany you for your investigation?
Akari: – Do as you wish.
Hirato: – We have been granted the permission.
Tsukitachi: – Okay, in celebration of Akari-chan’s birthday, let’s go make some fun memories together again! Eh!
*1* Vichtenegel – this is just how I romanized it. I searched around a bit for the correct way to write it, but this doesn’t seem to be on any English site or wiki…I think.
I found it for example in Akari’s character description on the official site (http://karneval-anime.com/charactor.html#chara/akari) saying “政府が定めた要人「SSS(ヴィヒチネゲル)」の一人” (He is one of the important SSS (Vichtenegel) persons that the Government has chosen.
Or on the ichijinsha site (http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/special/karneval/character/) where it said “非常に優秀な研究者でSSS(ヴィヒテネゲル)という特別な存在。”(He is on of the SSS(Vichtenegel) who are special existences and is an extraordinarily skilled researcher.) Text in Japanese can be found here: http://www.tenkyugi.net/syokai/kaneval.html
Or here: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kaze-arika/e/3a3251d7a283f172eeae4d0a621f2f9e
It seems this word is actually written as SSS and read as ヴィヒテネゲル which I romanized as “Vichtenegel”.
And, searching for the meaning, I found this site where someone asked about it: http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q14106955914
The answer says “SSS(ヴェヒテネゲル)とは世界政府が定めた、中枢人物や物の事を指します。SSSに危害を加えたり、その情報を漏らすと輪(サーカス)の闘員達に弁解の余儀なく処刑されます。”
(SSS-Vichtenegel- refers to the individuals or objects of great importance decided by the World Government. If someone harms the SSS or divulges information, it will mean the execution by Circus’ fighters.)
I hope I translated well the last part or the meaning’s gonna be totally different…Yeah…actually it’s kinda confusing in my ENglish translation too…yeah…So I wrote half a page for one little detail…yeah…
*2* Kuppi – is the car they’re using. Actually, from what I got, it’s a flying type of transportation. I don’t remember if they mentioned the name or something in the manga or anime, but I romanized it as “Kuppi”, I don’t know if there is another way to write it.
*3* protozoan – a tiny organism whose body is a single cell.
Any of a group of small (usually microscopic) single-celled protists. They are found in most soils, fresh water, and oceans. While most are solitary individuals, various colonial forms exist. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/protozoan
*4* Himenatoro – I have no idea what he’s talking about, so I wrote the name as I heard it. It’s not an important detail for this CD, so it should be all right even if it’s not right. I’m sorry.

This was once again a request…that I have received around three months ago, in December 2013. And because I only checked my e-mail a few days ago, I’m now late with the answer (I didn’t even say anything at all to the sender. I’m sorry!).  They probably don’t expect anything from me anymore but…uh…I’m always like this….so here is the translation, karneval vale, and thank you for even sending the file! Thanks for the request and I’m sorry for being so late with it! Although I should be sorry to everyone whose request I abandoned…



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