[TL] NORN9 – Special Drama CD – Hiyoko+Nonetto

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット予約特典 ドラマCD「ヒヨコ+ノネット」
NORN9 Norun+Nonetto Yoyaku Tokuten Drama CD: Hiyoko+Nonetto
NORN9 - hiyoko+Nonetto

01. ヒヨコ+ノネットHiyoko+Nonetto (Kaji Yuki; Shimono Hiro; Satou Takuya; Ono Daisuke; Saiga Mitsuki; Yusa Kouji; Sugiyama Noriaki; Sugita Tomokazu; Yoshino Hiroyuki) (28:00)

Release date: 30 May 2013
Illustrator: Teita 悌太
Game NORN9 official site: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/
NORN9 CD: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/shop.html

Azuma Natsuhiko 吾妻 夏彦 – Sieyuu: Ono Daisuke 小野 大輔
Yuiga Kakeru 結賀駆 – Seiyuu: Kaji Yuuki 梶裕貴
Ichinose Senri 市ノ瀬千里 – Seiyuu: Shimono Hiro 下野 紘
Kagami Itsuki 加賀見一月 – Seiyuu: Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二
Muroboshi Ron 室星ロン – Seiyuu: Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和
Nijou Sakuya 二条朔也 – Seiyuu: Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき
Syukuri Akito 攻略 暁人 – Seiyuu: Sugiyama Noriaki
Touya Masamune 遠矢 正宗 – Seiyuu: Satou Takuya 佐藤 拓也
Otomaru Heishi 乙丸 平士 – Seiyuu: Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野 裕行
Koharu こはる – Seiyuu: Fujimura Ayumi 藤村歩 
Kuga Mikoto 久我深琴 – Seiyuu: Takagaki Ayahi 高垣彩陽 
Shiranui Nanami 不知火七海 – Seiyuu: Seto Masami 瀬戸麻沙美
Hiyoko ヒヨコ
*Note that the girls do “appear” but they don’t actually speak. I wrote their seiyuus just so you know them


Natsuhiko: Norun+Nonetto Reservation Special Drama CD: Hiyoko+Nonetto

*phone ringing*
Natsuhiko: – It’s me. There’s no one around you, is there? Is that so. Then
it’s okay. How is it at Norun? Are there any problems?
Yeah, it went well here. Everything will be over by tomorrow.
I’m pitiful? That’s stupid. Do you feel compassion? They’re our enemies. I’ll
destroy everything that stands in my way.

Kakeru: – Three days left until we reach the next town. I’ll tell everyone who’s on shopping duty by tonight.
Ah, and you’ll eat in the cafeteria as you should, right? If you break this rule next time….I’ll hang you from the rooftop?
Senri: – Hii! Why are you looking at me when saying that?
Kakeru: – It’s because I was taught to look in the other person’s eyes when talking to them. Senri, it’s admirable that you came out of your room today. I hope you’ll do that from now on as well.
Senri: – Why are you saying it’s admirable? If you and Otomaru-san hadn’t done things like that, I wouldn’t have gone out of my room.
Itsuki: – Hei, did you pull a prank on Senri-chan again?
Heishi: – It wasn’t a prank! I just thought about what we should do to make Senri come out of his room. And then Kakeru said to grill mackerel pike with the earthen charcoal brazier.
Itsuki: – Grill mackerel pike with the earthen charcoal brazier? Why that?
Senri: – I’m not interested in what others do. I won’t complain either. But you shouldn’t make smoke in front of someone’s room! Smoke came in from under the door and thanks to that my room was filled with the smell of their cooking…
Ron: – So you grilled that mackerel pike on the earthen charcoal brazier…so that’s why it was tasty.
Itsuki: – So Ron-san ate it…
Your prank is too intricate that it’s not cute at all/it doesn’t have any charm.
Sakuya: – Didn’t you grow greeneries in his room before this? Just like this time’s smell, you choose methods that will last long. It shows your character, Kakeru.
Kakeru: – I don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s not my intention.
Heishi: – He’s right!
Senri: – Anyway, I won’t get tricked again. I’ll never go out of my room again!
Kakeru: Hmm, is that so…Masamune, was the contacting matter unusual?
Masamune: – What are you saying? you’re forgetting the most important thing.
Masamune: – Everyone, listen calmly.
Sakuya: – Did you get a message from the World?
Masamune: – No. It’s something about the operating of this ship. I don’t want to unsettle everyone, but it’s not something I can keep hidden.
Akito: – What happened? Just tell us already, don’t try to sound important.
Masamune: – The truth is…the Hiyoko-san are in bed because they don’t feel well .
Sakuya: – The Hiyoko-san? How pitiful.
Senri: – Ehh?
Sakuya: – Senri-kun, are you that sad that Hiyoko-san are not functioning well? Were you close to them?
Masamune: – No, when Senri was locking himself in his room, Hiyoko-san were the ones who brought him his meals. If they can’t do it, that means…
Senri: – Uhhh!
Kakeru: – That’s the situation, so you should take care of it by yourself.
Natsuhiko: – The ones who take care of the basic needs of the life of an Ability Holder are those small size robots. They look stupid, but they’re the embodiment of humanity’s science knowledge. If they weren’t, they couldn’t access the data on my computer without my approval. If we destroy them all, that’ll be a key to conquer the Norun.
Akito: – Huh, it’s finally over. He talks too much. I don’t care about that yellow guy. But if they don’t function that means we won’t see them around for a while so that’s a good thing. Hahah.


The Hiyoko: – Pi—-!!
Akito: – Uwaahh! Don’t come closer! Stop there! Weren’t you bastards in bad condition?  Why are they here…!
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii piii piii.
Akito: – Huh? You’re saying you forced yourself to come here? No,no. If you feel bad, stay in your nest!
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii, piiii!
Akito: – Hi! You’re telling me to do your job because you can’t afford resting even one day? Why me?
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii!
Akito: – What? Because I’m the easiest to threaten? Don’t mess with me! Who’d do what you say?
the Hiyoko: – Piii!
Akito: – Whoaa! I got it! I got it, so don’t cry! Don’t come over here!
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii!
Akito: – Shit, how annoying…
So after that, it’s been settled that I’ll do the yellow guys’ job, as they ordered….
Cleaning, laundry, plus the odd jobs. Damn, why only me?
Hiyoko: – Pii! Pii, pii, pi!
Akito: – Huh! Don’t start crying all of a sudden?
Hiyoko: – Pi, pi, pi.
Akito: – What? You’re saying you have a request?
Hiyoko: – Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi pi, pu.
Akito: – It’s not like I know the others, but you’re always spacing out, aren’t you? You shoud be called puutarou. You don’t have anything to do, do you–
Kakeru: – Huh? Is it all right for the Hiyoko-san to be out? You were saying you’re going to help us around today, but you don’t have to push yourself, okay?
Akito: – Help you and the others? Was that your job? Well, he said it’s okay if you don’t do it, so can’t you leave it at that?
Hiyoko: – Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi.
Kakeru: – Eh? “Akito will do it in my stead”, you said?
Akito: – Uh!
Kakeru: – You’re a good worker, to secure a capable person in your place!
Hiyoko: – Pii!
Kakeru: – Then, Akito, I’ll be counting on you.
Masamune: – Thanks for helping out, Akito.
Akito: – It’s not a big deal so don’t thank me.
Senri: – Koharu-san, it seems that my life will end here. I can’t move anymore. I feel heavy, it hurts, it’s too dazzling! I want to rest, too! But if the weeding is not finished, I’ll get scolded by Yuiga-san! Huh? You will do my part? Thank you very much! I love people who treat me well.
Akito: – You’re depending on a woman?
Senri: – It’s okay. My job will go there.
Akito: – There?
Kakeru: – Koharu! Aren’t you tired? Should I bring you something to drink? Is that so? Then, here, take a cherry tomato. The ones here are sweet and good!
Masamune: – I hope you washed that, Kakeru.
Kakeru; – Of course I did! There;s no way I would do something as foolish as giving her something dirty to eat! Koharu, open your mouth. What is it? It’s not your first time eating something from my hand, right? Here, say “aa”. It won’t fit if you open it so little, you have to open your mouth more.
How is it? Is it good?
Masamune: – Some tomato juice is drooping on the side of your mouth!
Kakeru, you chose a big one on purpose, didn’t you?
Kakeru: – That’s not true. I just chose the one that seemed the most tasty!
Masamune: – Could you swallow it? Is that so? If it was tasty, then it’s good. Like Kakeru said, you can rest if you’re tired, you know! Originally, it’s a mistake to make you, a girl, do such heavy labour, but…
You’re a good girl. Oh, I forgot my hands are dirty now. I’ll leave patting your head for later.
Though, if you do something like weeding, your skirt’ll get dirty! Maybe I should have you wash the vegetables we picked over there.
Kakeru: – No, no! If she does work with water, her hands will get rough!
Masamune: – That’s true…Ehh…then!
Senri: – Koharu-san is soft on me, but those two are soft on her.
Akito: – You two are too overprotective!
Senri: – That’s why even if Koharu-san takes over my work, there is no problem! Since she came, I can relax and it’s so great! Uhh!
Kakeru: – Senri, who said you could rest?
Senri: – Uhh! Noooo!
Akito: – It’s finally over. Huh, I’m so tired!
Hiyoko: – Pii!
Akito: – Whoa! It’s the yellow one again…What do you want this time?
Hiyoko: – Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi!
Akito: – “The library’s cold, do something!” ?! You know, you can solve that by changing the settings for the air conditioning! Don’t stop me in my way for that kind of thing!
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii, pii!
Akito: – I got it already. I have to go check, right?
Uh, it really is cold. Did it start cooling? No, that’s not it…The temperature’s normal. Why is it only here?
Itsuki: – Miss, are you still investigating? Who cares about the clues from the inside area perpetrators? There’s something else that needs to be investigated more. Like, for example, my body.
Sakuya: – You only need checking inside your head, don’t you? The fact that you can blurt out things like that all day proves there’s something wrong with your head.
Itsuki: – Something wrong? Who might you be talking about? You’re already used to my lover’s talk, right, Miss?
Sakuya: – It seems you should buy earplugs when we reach the next town, Mikoto.
Itsuki: – If my voice can’t reach her, it’s engrave my love in this soft fair skin.
Sakuya: – It seems you need a coffin.
Itsuki: – Then would you arrange for one that can hold two people? Loving each other even more after death is so tragic and beautiful!
Sakuya: – Kuh!
Itsuki: – Heheh!
Akito: – Hey, Kuga! Stop these guys! huh? Well, their hands are not out yet, but can’t you feel this coldness? How can you say you’re busy searching for clues?
Sakuya: – I would like to put an end to this unproductive dispute soon, but don’t you happen to have some good ideas?
Itsuki: – Unproductive? I feel great scraping off Saku-chan’s physical strength.
Sakuya: – You really have a bad personality, Itsuki! If it’s like this, I don’t need to worry that Mikoto could yield to you.
Itsuki: – That’s not true! I can do things to Miss that I can’t do to Saku-chan who’s well-bred.
Sakuya: – I would imagine that’s it. Because I can only do things that benefit Mikoto.
Itsuki: – Keh!
Sakuya: – Hehehe!
Akito: – I can’t fix this. Try asking someone else.
Hiyoko: – Piii!
Akito: – Jeez…The men here only think about women all day…how stupid! Why do they pamper women so much? Uh! It’s the yellow one again! Don’t come close!  Eeeh, but you have to prepare dinner, right? I know! I’ll be right there!
Huh? Something happened in the kitchen?
Uh! This smell…
Heishi: – Hm…It’s a bit different from what I imagined…It was more…light brown…and think…and I think there was a lot of meat in it. It feels the color’s not good…Huh? Chocolate? Right! There wasn’t enough chocolate in it, huh? As expected of Nanami! There!
Akito: – Uh! The bad smell’s gotten worse!
Heishi: – And then there was something bigger…Maybe it was mandarin oranges? There.
Akito: – What demon are these guys planning on summoning?
Ron: – It seems they’re making beef stew.
Akito: – Beef stew? The one made in a pressure cooker heating up beef and onions. When the color’s nice, you put in the other vegetables. Enrich the taste by putting in some wine while cooking, boil for around 30 minutes, make it thicker with fresh cream at the end and it’s ready…that beef stew?
Ron: – It sounds tasty just listening to the explanation!
Akito: – Those idiots…hey! Shiranui, Otomaru!
Heishi: – Oh, it’s Akito! Dinner’s almost ready! But you know, it lacks a last ingredient! It’s something pale light and it’s around the size of the meat…eh? The Hiyoko-san? Right, the Hiyoko-san!
Akito: – That’s enough, bastards!
*door opening*
Kakeru: – Hey! I brought today’s vegetables! Though I see it’s gotten to something terrible again. Akito’s team is full of strange people, huh?
Akito: – I don’t want you telling me that!
Kakeru: – Do your best, Akito! Today’s dinner rests on your shoulders!
Akito: – How many ingredients do you want to sacrifice until you’re satisfied, bastards? There’s nothing left!
Heishi: – Huh? There’s this beef stew!
Akito: – There’s no helping it…Hey, you two clean up here. If you do more unnecessary things, I’m never cooking again!
Heishi: – Eh? I got it….
Akito: – Muraboshi, let’s go.
Ron: – Where to?
Akito: – To the spring. We’ll catch some fish there and make that today’s dinner.
Ron: – Catch some fish, you say, but…do you mean we’ll fish or something?
Akito: – We won’t do something so troublesome.There was always a guy catching fish around here, wasn’t there?
Ron: – Do you mean that black Hiyoko-san? But aren’t the Hiyoko-san not feeling well now?
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii, pii, pii!
Akito: – Uh!
Ron: – Huh? It’s here. Are you feeling well?
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii!
Akito: – Well, of course. This guy’s not a Hiyoko.
Hiyoko: – Pii!
Ron: – So you’re not scared of him.
Akito: – It’s not a Hiyoko,so I’m not scared.
Hiyoko: – Pii, pii, pii!
Akito: – Ah, you’re so loud! Just shut up and go catch some fish!
*door opening*
Heishi: – Oh, Akito, Ron! Welcome back! We cleaned the kitchen!
Akito: – You’re better at doing what you’re told…
Ron: – What’s this dried up lizard on the chopping board?
Heishi: – Um, it seems it’s good for the respiratory organs and it’s a good analeptic.
Akito: – Don’t put this thing on the chopping board!
Heishi: – Ah!
Akito: – You only do unnecessary stuff! We don’t have time so let’s start preparing already. Otomaru, get the deep dishes.
Heishi: – Yeah! Oh…if it’s that high up, I won’t reach it… Ron, give me a hand!
Ron: – Okay, okay!
Akito: – And Shiranui, you’ll…Shiranui? Why are you spacing out? Don’t tell me you’re bothered by that lizard from before? Heym today we’re having sweetfish grilled with salt and mushroom soup! It’s not something you cook with lizards! Come over here and help.
Take a pinch of salt…stupid, I said a pinch! That’s a whole fist! Yeah, that much’s enough. You sprinkle that on the fish…right. You can do it if you try! You need me to stay by you and teach you, after all. Uh!
Masamune: – If you do something like weeding, your skirt’ll get dirty! Maybe I should have you wash the vegetables we picked over there.
Kakeru: – No, no! If she does work with water, her hands will get rough!
Masamune: – That’s true…Ehh…then!
Akito: This is enough. You go over there and cut the onions.
Uh, what am I saying that she needs me to stay by her side and teach her? That’s what you mean by overprotection! Cooking’s not something you’re taught, it’s something you see and learn! And I wanted to teach her every little thing. Damn, it’s because she makes that sad face, so I just…
*stepping sounds*
Heishi: – Nanami? Whoa, your eyes are bright red! Poor thing! Does it hurt? Ah, ah, you’re crying…It’s hard to cut onions, right? Heh, you look like a bunny with those eyes! Look, your hair’s all fluffly so it adds to the image! Hehe. I’ll do this in your place, so move over.
Akito: – Hey, Otomaru! Don’t pamper the women!
Heishi: – I’m not pampering her! Doesn’t she look pitiful like this?
Akito: – She’s gonna have to cut an onion or two when she gets married one day! Jeez, the dudes on this ship pamper women too much!
Heishi: – It’s not like I wanted to do it in her stead because she’s a girl!
Akito: – Huh? What do you mean?
Heishi: – It’s because it’s Nanami! Don’t you have those kinds of moments when you want to be kind to Nanami?
Akito: – I don’t get you. Of course I don’t!
Heishi: – Then you’re okay with that?
Akito: – Huh?
Ron: – Uh…You cut your finger…Are you okay? I’ll lick it for you.
Akito: – Hey, stop!
Sakuya: – The fact that you can blurt out things like that all day proves there’s something wrong with your head.
Itsuki: – Something wrong? Who might you be talking about? You’re already used to my lover’s talk, right, Miss?
Sakuya: – It seems you should buy earplugs when we reach the next town, Mikoto.
Akito: – If I snap now, I’ll be the same as those guys…It’s not something to be bothered about…even if he licks a finger or two of hers..It doesn’t do me any harm…
Ron: – Look, blood’s dripping…we have to stop the bleeding.
Akito: – Uh!
Heishi: – Ron, that’s not what you should do! When, you get hurt, you have to wash it with water first!
Ron: – Huh? Ish dat so? (=Is that so?)
*water sounds*
Akito: – Uh…heheheh….Why am I freaked out by something like this…?
Akito: – Guh, what a terrible day…
He said he wasn’t to be nice to her precisely because she’s Shiranui, huh…?
I don’t have that kind of feelings!
Natsuhiko: – I see, it didn’t get to destruction…As expected … Normal methods wouldn’t work…. Heh but this isn’t beyond my expectations. I only wanted to show them what happens when they get close to me. It’s enough.
Akito: – Huh? what’s this? It’s warm and soft…Plus, it’s fluffy. I remember what Otomaru said…that Shiranui’s hair is like a rabbit’s…Don’t tell me…Shiranu….
the hiyoko: – Piiiiii!!!
Akito: – Aah! What on earth are you doing? A-a last request? You’re the guys doing the something channel, aren’t you? Who do you want to interview so late in the night?
Natsuhiko: – Uh, this sound…Don’t tell me it’s them again! Tsk, so my threatens didn’t work…
Hiyoko: – Pii, piii!
Natsuhiko: – You bastard…did you access my computer again? I’ll bring you down with a powerful virus this time for sure.
Akito: – What? I can hear someone’s voice…Hey, where’s this connected to?
Natsuhiko: – Don’t tell me…its’ a NORN ability holder? What kind of ability does he have? If it is the holder of an ability that can manipulate the spirit…. maybe continuing the transmission would be better.
Akito: – Is it by any chance an ordinary person?
Natsuhiko: – Uh!
Akito: – Are you guys even causing problems to the humans on the above ground? You’re the worst.
Natsuhiko: – So he misunderstood in my favor. If that’s so, there’s no problem. It’s actually the best chance to obtain information on the other party.
Hiyoko: – Pii!
Akito: – Huh? You’re telling me to read this paper? Um…”What do you think about Kuga Mikoto?”
Natsuhiko: – Uh!
Akito: – Hm? You know Kuga?
Natsuhiko: – um…no, I don’t know–
Hiyoko: – Piii!
Akito: – So you’re a friend of Kuga’s…So, what do you think about her?
Natsuhiko: – I want to use the power of the barrier…No, if I do that, my identity will be exposed…I need to make an relevant reply…
Akito: – Hey, how about it? Say it already! I want to go to sleep already!
Natsuhiko: – Uh….
Akito: – Should I call Kuga here?
Natsuhiko: – Oh! No, it’s all right…It’s harder to say it if she’s there.
Akito: – Oh…?
Natsuhiko: – That woman knows me. If she comes, this’ll end in a flash.
Akito: – Maybe you…are in love with Kuga?
Natsuhiko: – Eh? Why does it come to that?
Akito: – Sakuya and Kagami as well…What’s so good about that woman?
Natsuhiko: – That’s wrong! I’m not interested in that woman aside from her ability–
Akito: – Hey…do you feel you want to be kind to the woman you love?
Natsuhiko: – Geh!
Akito: – Even though I make fun of the other guys, I find myself wanting to do that…Despite that, I get very irritated seeing other guys being kind to her.
Natsuhiko: – Uh…
Akito: – What am I asking you, taking advantage of the fact that we don’t know each other…?
Natsuhiko: – What’s that man saying even though he’s an ability holder?
The ones I’m trying to kill are the ability holders, not normal people.
*phone calling*
It’s me. We’re changing the target from the small size robots to the women. We can definitely get our hands on two among three. Plus, it’s the most suitable method to break their unity.
Akito: – *yawn* I’m sleepy…
Sakuya: – That’s a big yawn. You didn’t sleep enough?
Akito: – Dunno.
Kakeru: – Is it even possible to lack sleep when you go to sleep at 9 o’cock every night?
Sakuya: – Well, Akito wakes up early because he sleeps early.
Akito: – I have the impression I was woken up by someone when I was sleeping….*yawn* I can’t remember.
Sakuya: – Whoops! Are you all right?
Akito: – Oh…
Sakuya: – Why don’t you go sleep for a bit more? It’s dangerous to stay like this.
Akito: – It’s not your concern.
Kakeru: – hm….to wake up Akito in this situation…ah, I know! Hey, Hiyoko-san!
the Hiyoko: – Piii, piii!
Akito: – Uh!
Kakeru: – It seems that the Hiyoko-san recovered completely! They rested well thanks to Akito doing their job and it seems they want to thank you. It’s perfect for a wake up call!
Akito: – Whoaaa!!!
NORN9 Azuma Natsuhiko tw_natuhikoNORN9 Yuiga Kakeru tw_kakeruNORN9 ichinose Senri tw_senriNORN9 Kagami Itsuki tw_ituki
     Azuma Natsuhiko          Yuiga Kakeru            Ichinose Senri           Kagami Itsuki
      (Ono Daisuke)                (Kaji Yuki)               (Shimono Hiro)            (Yusa Kouji)

NORN9 Touya Masamune tw_masamune
     Muroboshi Ron              Nijou Sakuya               Syukuri Akito          Touya Masamune
  (Sugita Tomokazu)         (Saiga Mitsuki)         (Sugiyama Noriaki)        (Satou Takuya)

    Otomaru Heishi                  Koharu                     Kuga Mikoto            Shiranui Nanami
   (Yoshino Hiroyuki)         (Fujimura Ayumi)        (Takagaki Ayahi)          (Seto Masami)


All pictures are taken from the official site. The link is at the top of this post!
And I copied the colors for each character from another site.
And another pic where I wrote the charas:
NORN9 Otomate event chara


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