[TL] Photograph Journey vol 03 ~in Miyazaki~ [Lyrics;TL]

honeybee× Dengeki Girl’s Style (電撃Girl’sStyle) collaboration project 
Photograph Journey vol 03 ~in Miyazaki~

Photograph Journey v03 ~in Miyagi

01. Ame to Amagaeru (Rain and the Tree Frog) 雨とあまがえる
02. Ame to Amagaeru (Rain and the Tree Frog)  雨とあまがえる (inst.ver)
03. Introduction talk  (06:21)
04. Letter from Nagi to you (17:03)

Release date: 14 March 2014
Character :Yukizaki Nagi 柚木崎凪 (Seiyuu: Nojima Kenji 野島健児)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nagi_pj
Official page: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/p_j/product/in_miyazaki.html
Photograph Journey characters: http://otome-jikan.net/2013/08/photograph_journey/

Track 01. Ame to Amagaeru (Rain and the Tree Frog) 


Boku wa amagaeru, kawa wo nagameteru
Tanbo no kusa no ue

Mimi wo sumashiteru, tama ni naitemiru
Kimi ni kikoeru kana?

Motto motto kimi to hanashitai yo dakedo
Zutto zutto aenai kimi ni omajinai

Waku waku waku boku wa amagaeru sa
Waku waku waku ame wo furaseru no sa
Kimi to no deai ame no hi datta kara

Boku wa amagaeru, ame wo machiwabite
Happa no ue aruku yo
Ashi no saki ni aru kyuuban de pitanko
Teppen made noborou

Motto motto sora ni chikazukereba boku wa
Kitto kitto kimi no kokoro ga mietekuru

Waku waku waku boku ga naita naraba
Waku waku waku shiawase wo yobu no sa
Kimi ni deaeru you ame wo furasetara

Aa, sou da yo boku wa shitteiru
Kimi mo ne boku ni aitaindayo

Waku waku waku boku wa amagaeru sa
Waku waku waku ame wo furaseru no sa
Kimi to no deai wa ame no hi datta kara

Shinjiru yo, boku no negai todoku made

English translation:

I am a tree frog, I’m gazing at the river
Sitting on the paddy field

I listen closely and sometimes ribbit
I wonder if you can hear me?

I want to talk to you lots, but
I can never meet you, so here is a good luck charm for you

Ribbit ribbit ribbit, I am a tree frog
Ribbit ribbit ribbit, I make rain fall
Because it was raining on the day I met you

I am a tree frog, waiting impatiently for the rain
I walk on the leaves
Sticking with the suction cups I have at the end of my legs
I will climb up to the top

If I get even closer to the sky
I am sure I will be able to catch a glimpse of your soul

Ribbit ribbit ribbit, when I croak
Ribbit ribbit ribbit I invoke happiness
I’m sure I can meet you if I make rain fall

Ah, that’s right, I know
You also want to meet me

Ribbit ribbit ribbit, I am a tree frog
Ribbit ribbit ribbit, I make rain fall
Because it was raining on the day I met you

I will believe, until my wish reaches you


Track 03 – Introduction Talk (06:21)

Maybe I was searching for someone who I can entrust myself to.
It’s sudden, but I have a question for you.
The place where I live is Miyazaki prefecture of Miyagi prefecture?
Hehe, it seems you knew it right.

Right, I, Yukizaki Nagi, am from the Miyazaki prefecture.
When we were young, you always got it wrong. You mixed upMiyazaki prefecture with Miyagi prefecture.
Well, I understand it’s easy to get it wrong because the names are similar.
Plus, we met in Miyagi. You’d get it mixed up.
But I live in Miyazaki, so don’t forget that.

By the way, you don’t know much about Miyazaki, do you? That’s why, today I wish to tell you some things about Miyazaki. Is it okay?

Then, I have another question for you: Where is Miyazaki prefecture located?
The answer is…Kyuushu island. The Kyuushu region is made up of eight prefectures, including Okinawa.The Miyazaki prefecture is in its south-east.
It has a rich climate as a southern region and is a prosperous place with agricultural products, animal husbandries and fisheries.
The fruit you can find there are ripe mango and kumquat. The hyuuganatsu fruit is the representative. All of them are sweet and tasty. If you never eaten them, I wish you’d try them once. There are also famous brands that grow birds, cows and pigs.

Among the seafood, what is more unusual…would be the Mehikari fish. Have you heard about it? It’s a fish that lives in the deep sea and is called “mehikari” because his eyes shine. *1* It seems he has another name, but the locals typically call it mehikari. And it’s very tasty! It’s my favourite!
The cottony cushion scale, Japanese persimmon and the common orient clam are also good. The shochu is also famous. Miyazaki has mainly sweet potato shochu. As for the food…I think the local traditional pedigree chicken and the fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce are the most popular nationally. Among them, the local cuisine I like is the cold miso soup.

Do you know the cold miso soup? To put it simply, you put things like cucumber, tofu or in the cold miso soup and put it on the cooked rice and that’s how you eat it, but in the hot summers when you don’t have much of an appetite, it’s easy to eat and it’s very tasty.

Oh, that’s a problem. I have too many foods I want you to try out that I can’t tell you about them all. To summarize it, Miyazaki is blessed with splendid land and a warm climate and it excels in production for local consumption.

I love this land, Miyazaki. There aren’t tall buildings and there aren’t that many street lights so you can see the starry sky in its beauty. Plus, there is the sea, the mountains, rivers and waterfalls and many places that seem magic.*2*

Like The demon’s laundry washboard, the Takachiho Gorge, the Evergreen Forest, the Sekino-o Waterfall. I could extend the list forever. Just being around nature is comfortable. You can feel the nature with your whole body, with your five senses. It’s healing, really.
It’s the place of the descent to earth of the sun goddess’grandson so there are a lot of legends around. It’s interesting to follow them. I want to tell you about them next time.

Hey…are you resting as you should from time to time? I know you. You give it your all day after day, don’t you? The fact that you work hard is one of your good points, but…it’s important to heal your mind as well. That’s why, come over in Miyazaki soon. I’ll take you to places where you can feel relaxed.
I’ll also let you taste food that you can only find here. I’ll tell you many stories too. And…I…
Ah…no, it’s nothing.
I’ll be waiting for you to come to Miyazaki.


Track 04 – Letter from Nagi to you (17:03)

Boy: – Hey, Nagi!
Nagi: – Hm? What is it?
Boy: – Don’t you want to go home together?
Nagi: – Okay. I just finished getting my things.
Boy: – Oh, nice timing! Then…
Girl B: – Nagi-kun!
Girl A: – You’re going home now, right? Can we also come along?
Nagi: – Yeah, I don’t mind!
Boy:  – Whistle! You’re popular today too, Nagi!
Girl A: – It’s easy to talk to Yukizaki-kun. I wonder why.
Girl B: – Yeah, that’s right. He looks a bit misterious but that’s also one of his charms!
Nagi: – Heh. Are you praising me or not?
Girl B: – I am praising you!
Boy:  – Hahaha! Isn’t that great, Nagi! Plus, Nagi has something that attracts people to him! But I don’t know what that is!
Girl B: – Right! Before I notice, people are surrounding him!
Nagi: – Heh. I’m happy that I’m liked. Thanks.
Girl B: – Hehehe!
Nagi: – Then, I see everyone’s ready, so should we go home?
Girl B: – Right.
Boy:  – Yeah!
Girl A: – Let’s go.

Boy: – Uh! Ah, the weather’s so nice! It feels good!
Nagi: – Right. The mountain’s close too and the rice planting’s finished and the green view is pretty.
The air feels good.
Girl A: – Hehe, that’s nice.
Nagi: – What’s nice?
Girl A: – Yukizaki-kun, contrary to your appearance…it may sound rude to say this, but you like nature, don’t you? You really love your hometown…I think it’s nice how you treasure the land.
Girl B: – That’s true! Nagi-kun loves Nature, doesn’t he?
Nagi: – It’s the place where we were born and grew up so doesn’t everyone love it? Plus, I’m thankful to be able to live in such a nice environment.
The radiant sun, the vast green soil, the clear air, the glittering blue sea…I think it’s really great that I can look at them, listen to the sounds and feel them with my body.
Boy: – That’s true. Here you can find a lot of things that aren’t in the city.
Girl A: – Just as Yukizaki-kun says, we’re living in a blessed environment.
Girl B: – Right! I also love Miyazaki! That too, but…Nagi-kun, do you have someone you like?
Nagi: – Huh? What’s with that out of the blue?
Girl B: – I know that you like nature, Nagi-kun. But I’ve never heard you talk about a girl you like.
Boy: – Ah! I also wanted to ask that sometime!
Girl B: – Right? Nagi-kun’s liked by everyone, he’s cool and popular so I was wondering if he has someone he likes or someone he’s going out with.
Girl A: – It’s true that I don’t hear him talk about himself much.
Boy: – He’s attractive, has good grades and is athletic! He can do anything, he has no faults!
Nagi: – Is that so? Aren’t you exaggerating?
Boy: – Uh! I’m jealous! But I also respect Nagi…ahh! I can’t hate you!
Nagi: – Hehe, what’s that?
Boy: – So, how is it? You have one, don’t you?
Nagi: – What are you talking about?
Girl B: – Someone you like!
Girl A: – I’m also curious! Even if you don’t have a girl you love, don’t you at least have a crush?
Boy: – How about it?
Nagi: – Heh…I wonder about that. I’ll leave that to your imagination!
Girl B: – Huuh?
Girl A: – What a waste…
Boy: – Hm…when Nagi says it like that, I really don’t know if he has someone or not!
Nagi: – Hehe. I was surprised because the topic suddenly changed.
Girl B: – Girls always like to talk about love! Right?
Girls: – Right?
Boy: – Me too, me too!
Nagi: – Why you too?
Girl B: – That’s right! Don’t get into the group on your own!
Boy: – What? Isn’t that all right?
Everyone: – Hahaha.
Boy: – Oh, it’s time to part already. We got here fast…
Girl A: – Ah..time passes so fast when you’re talking with friends.
Girl B: – Oh, I wanted to stay with Nagi-kun more!
Nagi: – Thanks. It was fun walking home together! Then, see you again tomorrow!
Boy: – Bye!
Girl B: – Bye-bye!
Girl A: – See you!

Hm…The weather is really nice…
Maybe I should go to that place again today.
*stepping sounds*

Huh…No matter when I come, it’s always a nice place. When I take each step, it’s different from the calming mood from before. The air changes. That expression may be the closest.
Like I’m protected by the dirt, standing still in the quietness…as if only this place were cut off from time, a mysterious space.

Slowly, while walking to the destination, I can see the rice paddy with the corner of my eye.

The place of the descent to earth of the sun goddess’grandson. It’s called the land visited by gods and has many places related to legends. Miyazaki.

This place is the same. Many people visited along the years to pray to the ancient gods. It’s a shrine with history.
I softly close my eyes and clap my hands. And make everything around disappear from my thought. The sound of the wind, the murmuring of the stream, the chirping of the birds, the warm sun…I concentrate on the elements of nature. And then I send my heart out to that time. This moment is comfortable and I like it.
I’m thankful that Miyazaki is dotted with a lot of mystical places. I think about that era concentrating around them. I even feel as if they purify everything and show me the beauty here.
I bring my palms together and think about our ancestors…even though I’d closed my eyes doing that…
Why? Even though I’d brushed away any worldly thoughts, she appeared beside me. She would smile and put her palms together along. By my side…
Why? Why did she turn up in my consciousness?

When I was in grade school, I lived with my grandmother in Miyagi because of some family circumstances. That’s where, at the school I’d transferred to, I met Hanyu Tetsu and her, who were a grade older than me. She wasn’t afraid of me who didn’t speak much, and before I knew it, we were always together. But why…why am I remembering her now? Why did she appear beside me? What did it? What was the trigger that made her appear?

I don’t know…no matter how much I ask myself, I can’t find the answer.
*sigh* What should I do so this haze in my heart clears up?

Think…think about it…
Right! I should ask her about it! If I don’t know something, I should just ask. It’s as simple as that!
Yeah, let’s go back.

Just for a moment, I felt something in my heart. What was that, I wonder? I left that for later, without knowing the answer.

Oh…I wrote too much…right? I’m starting to be confused where I should start from and where I should stop writing.
I guess I’ll redo it.
Hm…Huh? It’s raining?
*opens window*
*sigh* Today’s weather forecast didn’t say it would be raining today.
Heh. What a choir of frogs! Are you so happy that it rained?
Now that I think about it, it was also a rainy day like today when I met her. How nostalgic.
When I stayed in Miyagi and transferred to a school, I was often with her and Tetsu.
She would also smile. Heh.
Oh, I see. That’s right. I didn’t need to think deep about it. I don’t need many words…because it’s her! She’ll understand what I want say. I should be the one who knows best that my words will reach her! Heh.
*closing door*

The trigger may be something trivial but that’s not a coincidence, but an inevitability. The fact that she appeared in my heart, the fact that I wanted to send her a letter too, the fact that it rained today, the fact that I remembered the days I spent with those two as well…everything…
I wonder how she will react when she gets my letter.
That’s why I’m writing…because I believe that my words, my feelings will get across to you.

Today, you appeared beside me. Not in my dream, but in my consciousness. I know you’ll understand what I mean. I wondered why you appeared. That’s why I sent you a letter.
Did you call for me? If that’s so, you should come to Miyazaki. If you want to calm your heart down, I’ll take you to places where you can feel at ease. If you want to eat sweets, I’ll give you to eat something that you can only find here. If it’ll put you at ease, I’ll stay with you for how long you wish. That’s why, if there’s something on your mind, don’t worry about it alone. Tell me what’s bothering you. I’ll be waiting for you to come here.
-Yukizaki Nagi
*1* mehikari -> “me”=eyes, “hikari (noun)” = light; “hikaru (verb)” = to shine, glitter
*2* He actually said power spot, which means a place where flows mystical energy, a kind of sacred place where you can find spirits, I guess…or something. Here’s a page with a lost of power spots in Miyazaki http://www.miyazaki-city.tourism.or.jp/en/sightseeing/
***  This is a note for the song, called Äme to amagaeru (雨とあまがえる) “tree frog” makes more sense in Japanese because it inclused the word “rain” (雨). Although here it’s spelled in hiragana (あまがえる), it’s usually spelled using kanji, and would literally mean “rain frog”. It wouldn’t have been correct if I used that though, because it seems there is a frog named “rain frog”and it doesn’t live in Japan, haha. So literally, it would be a frog that invokes rain, and that’s why he says it a lot in the song.

Character pic:
Photograph Journey v03 Yukizaki Nagi ~in Miyagi








Wow, the second track was kind of torture for me.I had to search for every little thing, it seems I still don’t have enough knowledge in Japanese to translate this kind of track. It was full of terms from different fields, I don’t even know cuisine in my language….lol
I’m sorry, I didn’t write any name for each person speaking on the same track, from what I think, they don’t even have names and no, I can’t recognize the seiyuus lol T.T (who knows how popular or not they are anyway)
So I used “boy”, “girl A”, and “girl B”. Well, I tried to be accurate but I’m not sure if I got thhe girls right or not (They reminded me of the girls in Kitakubu Katsudoi Kiroku…in the way of speaking…maybe one of them acted there, who knows.)



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    • I don’t know if I will, because I’m not sure I’ll understand everything they say…especially regarding places and cuisine. Although I hope I will be able to translate another one, I end up translating only 10% of what I want to…-_-

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