Vocaloid – Undead Enemy [Kagamine Rin] [__Underbar] Giga & Suzumu [Lyrics; TL]

アンデッドエネミー/ギガ&スズム feat.鏡音リン
Giga & Suzumu – Undead Enemy

Vocaloid - Undead Enemy (Giga-P & Suzumu)

Song: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23820438
Underbar’s ver: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23820546 Underbar’s 3rd album Fujiko ふじ
Illustration, movie: △○□× → (mylist/25806743) twitter @miwasiba
Music, arrangement: Giga ギガ (mylist/7894586) twitter @GigaMozuku
Music, lyrics, arrangement: Suzumu スズム (mylist/20737161) twitter @suzumun
Underbar’s 3rd album Fujiko ふじこ CM: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23574496
Album release date: 7 July 2014
Underbar __(アンダーバー): mylist/16354214 twitter @hybshybs
Album release date: 9 July 2014; site: ttp://www.subcul-rise.jp/under_bar/


“Minna ni kirareteiru tekiyaku wa kitto,
Dareyori mo omoiyari wo motteiru no deshou.
Datte hoshigaranaidesho?
Umare motte aisareteiru HIIRO ja, ai wo.”

Doushite ka mukashi akogareta
Shuyaku no shouchou omen tsuketa tsugi no hi kara
Zutto egao kuzureru koto naku
Dare kara datte aisareteta fukou na shounen wa

Kikai shikake no buriki no shinzou
Kedashi kurakura chitose mo mateba
Dokkara ka waraikata wasure
Sorobanshiki tsuzukigara katakata

Itten? Hyaku? Jutten? arara akaten
Itten? Hyaku? Jutten? –kimi wa?

Warae warae shuujin-tachi
Kado ni kita fuku mo sono tsukai mo
Soshire soshire soshite dare mo
Iranainda yo boku wo hottoite kure

(Da da da da da da) Dasei ja mou nanimo tasukarya shinai
Genkai sunzen SURIRINGU dou deshou ne?

“Kyou mo kyoutote gaman wo uwagaki hozon shimashita. Shoukyo shimasu ka?

Doushite ka mukashi akogareta
Shuuyaku no shouchou omen tsuketa tsugi no hi kara
Zutto egao kuzureru koto naku
Daredemo zutto suki shiteita yasashii shounen wa

Yukue shirazu no kanjou gasagoso
Futekusare sare? senri mo arukya
Dokkara ka aishikata wasure
Sorobanshiki munazumori kachikachi

Itten? Hyaku? Jutten? soko ga rakuten
Itten? Hyaku? Jutten? –kimi wa?

Odore odore DANSU NANBA-
Aisozukashite wa aisouwarai
Hazure hazure hatsumeisha mo
Unzari nanda mayakashi sosonokashi

(Do Do Do Do Do Do) doryoku ja mou nanimo mukuwarya shinai
Houkai sunzen SURIRINGU doumo koumo

“Moshimo asu no tenki ga wakattara, jinsei ga ichi PAASENTO dake tsumaranaku narundarou na”

Dare ka tanomi no mamagoto shintaku
Fukyouwaon wa kyou mo yamazu ni
Dokkara ka yasumikata wo wasure
Rouden gimi kuchakucha no katakata

Itten? Hyaku? jutten? arara ara ara
Itten? Juuitten? arere are are
Itten? Mou itten? Itten ichi ichi?
Issen juuissen –boku wa?

Tooku tooku kikoerunda
Dogou ni mamireta musebi naki ga
Yamete yamete minna minna boku wo hitori bocchi ni shinaide yo

Warae warae shuujin-tachi
Mama no iuu koto wa kiketa no kana?
Odore odore otona-tachi no
Tenohira DANSAA nanda kimi mo boku mo

(Da Da Da Da Da Da) Dasanteki higeki kiseki mo orosoka
Shigekiteki na CHIKIN REESU dou deshou ne?
Sore no kaitou wa?

English Translation:

“The antagonist everyone hates, for sure
Has more consideration than everyone, I think.
Wouldn’t you wish for it?
For love, like a hero born with love.”

For some reason, the protagonist I had admired
Covered his symbol with a mask and from the next day
His smile never crumbling
He was an unhappy boy loved by everyone

Your tin plate device heart
Perhaps if a dizzy long amount of time passes
Will forget how to laugh
And it will interact like a machine

1 point? 100? 10 points? Oh oh, a failing grade
1 point? 100? 10 points? –you are?

Laugh, laugh, prisoners
With your suspicious good fortune and its use
Criticize, criticize, I know
No one needs me, leave me alone

(I-i-i-i-i-i) inertia has become useless now
Is this verge of the limit thrilling, what do you say?

“Today again I have saved to disk the endurance data. Would you like to delete it?

For some reason, the protagonist I had admired
Covered his symbol with a mask and from the next day
Without his smile ever crumbling
The kind hearted boy let anyone push him around,

The feelings with no place to go rustle about in your heart
Although you sulk now, if you walk a long distance
You’ll eventually forget how to love
And your heart will become a clinking calculator

1 point? 100? 10 points? That’s a failing grade
1 point? 100? 10 points? — you are?

Dance, dance, do a dance performance
Force a smile though you started hating it now
What a failure, a failure, the inventor as well
Is fed up with this, what a phony instigation

(E-e-e-e-e-e) Effort alone won’t get you anything anymore
Everything is on a thrilling edge of destruction

“If you could read tomorrow’s weather, life would become 1% more boring”

If you ask someone you trust to play house with you
The dicord won’t ever stop
You’ll eventually forget even how to rest
You’ll have a short circuit, crumpling and clattering

1 point? 100? 10 points? oh, oh my
1 point? 11 points? oh oh, my my
1 point? 1 more? 1.11?
1000, 11000 — I ?

I can hear from far far away
A sobbing smeared with pain
Stop it, stop it, everyone please don’t leave me all alone

Laugh, laugh, prisoners!
Did you listen to your mom today?
Dance, dance, you are dancers
In the palms of the adults, me and you as well

(L-l-l-l-l-l) Let’s ignore this tragic calculated miracle
And how about we start a stimulating chicken race?
What’s the answer to that?

The lines written in italics are only written on the screen, they are not actually sung in the song.
This song will be on Underbar’s 3rd album (so it’s an “official” cover). I don’t know much about it, but he sings it in his serious voice, so it’s great. And wow, it’s a Giga-P & Suzumu collab, even better. The vocaloid version also sounds awesome and very clear.

I don’t even know why I wrote the romanji and even translated this. I knew from the moment I saw the producers’ names that it’s impossible for me, especialle Giga-P. For the most part of the time I didn’t even know what this song’s about and I don’t. So don’t take it too seriously, who knows, I may have misinterpreted a lot (and I hope that at least I didn’t make any typos in the romanji) of things. Although I did do my best interpretation. If I get better ideas, maybe I’ll edit some parts, haha. At least, you should be able to find the romanji useful.
It’s so annoying that my post disappeared the first time I published it. I don’t know why, I didn’t send it to trash and my wordpress trash bin disappeared completely too O.o. At least I didn’t write the lyrics directly here, how I do a lot of times. I didn’t even copy the post before updating. And now that I think about it, if this site gets deleted I’ll lose all the translations because I don’t have most of them saved anywhere.


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