Translations – some random words from meh

_______Um…yea…so. I talked all like some big shot, said that I probably won’t fulfill requests (though that really is because I’m a lazy bastard and don’t do anything so it’s my fault), then I didn’t post anything at all for like 1000 years and now I come back to talk some more and say again that you’ll probably wait forever for your requests to be translated (some other people on other sites -I can’t remember one now- take requests, so maybe it’d be better if you try asking one of them…though I know there aren’t many).
_______And well the thing is that this site I was using for listeing to the things I translated (xiami) blocked my country from viewing its content. I never download things but just listen to them online and translate like that. And I couldn’t find another similar site.
I usually start whatever I want (especially how I was able to listen to tracks one by one  there), and I do multiple translations at once (if I dont prioritize one) because I get tired of endlessly translating one CD.
_______So… I  have like zero space in my computer and I can at most download one cd once (lol) so I just wanted to say that my laziness and post frequency wil probably be even worse than before. I’ll have to take everything one by one and translate them if I can find them and I know I’ll slack off and I know how hard it is to wait as well.

I’ll just write here the things I’d started, just so you have an idea lol:
– Risou Kareshi & Double Score 01 (I started these in the previous era I’m so sorry)

– Hakozume vol 2
– Kiri – the route of infection KANARIA. ansem:01
– Dream Say You Collection vol 13
– Ojisama Senka vol 08
– Bathime Lovers vol 02
– Toubousha vol 01 & 08
– Sorairomafu radio (request)
+ some songs including Hatano Wataru that I found almost finished just now and I’ll post them

Maybe I should delete this useless post.


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