[sub] Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 05

「境界の彼方」ミニ劇場 # 5 ~パジャマパーティー~
Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 05: Pajama Party

Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 05

Official site: http://anime-kyokai.com/
Special bundled with DVD vol 05: http://anime-kyokai.com/product/package05/
DVD release date: 14 May 2014
*this is only a text translation, I haven’t made a .srt file, so it’s not actually a sub.

Inami Sakura 伊波 桜 – Toyota Moe 豊田萌絵
Shindou Ai 新堂愛 – Yamaoka Yuri 山岡ゆり
Nase Mitsuki 名瀬美月 – Chihara Minori 茅原実里
Kuriyama Mirai 栗山未来 – Taneda Risa 種田梨沙
Nase Hiroomi 名瀬博臣 – Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Ninomiya Shizuku 二ノ宮雫 – Watanabe Akeno 渡辺 明乃

Sakura: – “Pajama Party”.
Ai: – Did everyone get a drink? Then let’s chat all night! Cheers!
Everyone: – Cheers!
Ai: – I’m sorry for having you lend us the room, Mitsuki-senpai… I couldn’t find a room that could fit so many people easily…
Mitsuki: – I don’t mind.
Mirai: – Ah, snacks! A lot of high-calorie food! It’s been long since I ate something greasy.
Sakura: – Mirai, you should blow your nose.
Mirai: – *blows*
Mitsuki: – Well, this kind of thing is nice once in a while.
Mirai: – Thanks! They’re so tasty!
Mitsuki: – you’re already eating?
Ai: – But I think we’ll get fat if we eat at this late hour… I need to diet….I’ve put on some weight lately…
Mirai: – Huh? Ai-chan, you’re not fat at…. all. Huh? Is it your chest? You’re trying to emphasize the fact that your breasts grew? How unpleasant!
Sakura: – Mirai, you should blow your nose.
Mitsuki; – It’s not necessarily something good if they’re big.
Ai: – That’s right! It may be inconvenient too when they’re big!
Mirai: – H-how unpleasant! Enough already! Breasts can’t win against gravity, you know! You should take your chance and enjoy your big breasts now! Your boucy breasts will get saggy for sure, you can’t overrule that!
Mitsuki: – Kuriyama-san, stopthe binge eating. Plus, there are perverts in the world who’d say that glasses or little sisters are better than big breasts, so rest assured.
Mirai: – Kanbara-san and Hiroomi-senpai, huh?
Ai: – Mirai-chan, do you like Kanbara-san?
Mirai: – *cough* What are you saying all of a sudden? Th-th-that’s wrong!
Ai: – Huh? Do you hate him?
Mirai: – That’s wrong!
Ai: – Eh? Which one is it?
Mirai: – Uh..um…urgh…how unpleasant!
Sakura: – She ran away.
Mitsuki: – Kuriyama-san’s “how unpleasant” is so convenient.
Mirai: – Plus, how should I know how to answer if you ask me how I feel about Kanbara-san?
Ai: – Huh?! He’s always all over you, isn’t he?
Mirai: – He’s just saying he likes glasses all the time. Wouldn’t he be all right with anyone who looks good in glasses? It doesn’t have to be me! Ahh! Glasses, glasses, glasses! It’s all about glasses! He should just go out with glasses then, don’t you think so?
Mitsuki: – You should stop getting angry at your own rationalization.
Sakura: – Do you want Kanbara-senpai to look at the you not wearing glasses?
Mirai; – Sakura! What are you saying? Plus, this subject is really unpleasant! What about you all, then? How about you, Ai-chan?
Sakura: – She’s a cat type youmu.
Mirai: – Uh…right… Then, Sakura, who do you like?
Sakura: – I wanna eat rice!
Mirai: – It’s totally far off from love!
Sakura: – That’s rude, Mirai.
Ai: – Ah, right! how about you, Mitsuki-senpai?
Mitsuki: – Me?
Ai: – Right! Who do you like, Mitsuki-senpai?
Mitsuki: – Let me see….It’s A-ki-hi-to.
Ai: – Ehh? Is that how it is?
Mirai: – Um! But Senpai is a glasses loving pervert. Plus, he’s meddlesome and immediately jumps right into danger. Um…Mitsuki-senpai, you can find a better guy…
Mitsuki: – Haha! It was a joke.
Mirai: – Eh? Why would you say such a lie?
Mitsuki: – Because you’re too cute, Kuriyama-san.
Mirai: – Uh…How unpleasant!
Mitsuki: – Thanks to that, I saw something nice.
Sakura: – It’s a mystery what’s so good about that good for nothing.
Mitsuki: – Right?
Ai: – Everyone says whatever they’re thinking, huh?
Mitsuki: – Plus, try thinking about it. With that brother by my side, I can’t fall in love so easily, can I?
Ai: – That’s true…
Mirai: – If Hiroomi-senpai were to find out Mitsuki-senpai had a guy she likes…
Hiroomi: – Who the hell is the one bothering my cute! elegant sister!! I’ll destroy him in a second!
Mirai: – Uhh!! The world’s gonna be destroyed!
Mitsuki: – Is my brother some kind of giant youmu in your imagination?

Nino: – *humming* Oh, everyone! You’re so distant! Let me in if you’re going to have a girl’s talk! Let the love specialist Ninomiya Shizuku-sama will give you little girls significant love advice! Um, this was Mitsuki-chan’s room, right? Excuse me! Um? What’s this paper? “Only girls under 20 years old can enter the room”. Ahh! Izumi!!

I’m sorry, I don’t get what Nino’s saying at the end… And there might be mistakes here and there (like where Hiroomi was angry).




3 thoughts on “[sub] Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 05

  1. Thank you for translating this!
    Really loves this series and it seems that I can’t ever get enough of KnK 😀
    Btw can you translate Mini Theater #4 as well? It would be really great! (i search everywhere and could just find the raw)

    • Hi! You’re welcome! 😀 Actually, I have it translated, but I didn’t post it because I have some things I didn’t understand. I’ll check it again and post the translation in the next week or so, but I might post it with gaps. At least for understanding what’s happening…

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