[sub] Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 06

「境界の彼方」 ミニ劇場 # 6 ~合宿に行こう!~
Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 06: Gasshuku ni Ikou
Beyond the Horizon Mini Theater 06: Let’s have a training camp

Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 06

Official site: http://anime-kyokai.com/
Special bundled with DVD vol 06: http://anime-kyokai.com/product/package06/
DVD Release date: 4 june 2014
*this is only a text translation, I haven’t made a .srt file, so it’s not actually a sub.

Nase Mitsuki 名瀬美月 – Chihara Minori 茅原実里
Nase Hiroomi 名瀬博臣 – Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Kanbara Akihito 神原秋人 – KENN
Kuriyama Mirai 栗山未来 – Taneda Risa 種田梨沙

Mitsuki: – “Let’s have a training camp.”

Hiroomi: – Aah!
Akihito: Ahh! What the heck, Hiroomi? You  scared me.
Hiroomi: – Everyday, everyday is just sorting out works for the anthology… We just arrange piles of paper without thinking.
Akihito: – Hey, don’t do it without thinking. Sort them out properly.
Hiroomi: – Is it all right to waste our youths on something like this? There’s no way it is. Isn’t that right, Akkey?
Akihito: – You’re free to think of this sorting work as a waste of your youth but Mitsuki will get angry later.
Hiroomi: – Ah, now that I think about it, my beloved little sister’s not here. Maybe she got shy because of her feelings of love for me.
Akihito: – “Die!” That’s what Mitsuki said. She asked me to tell you this if you say strange things. It seems she’s on cleaning duty. The same’s Kuriyama-san.
Hiroomi: – But isn’t there something we can do to enjoy our youths more meaningfully?
Akihito: – I think club activities are an important part of your youth, though.
Hiroomi: – That’s right! A training camp!
Akihito: – Listen when I’m speaking! Huh, a training camp?
Hiroomi: – Don’t we have time to go? How about going to the sea for a training camp with my angel Mitsuki, Kuriyama-san who’s like a little sister, a minor character and me, the four of us? We can play around on the beach with the little sisters in summer. That’s the best way so spend your youth!
Akihito: – Hey, I hope you weren’t talking about me when you said “minor character”.
Hiroomi: – Don’t mind the details, Akkey. People will think you have a small heart.
Akihito: – I don’t need to have a heart big enough to forgive that. Plus, we don’t have the budget for a training camp!
Hiroomi: – Ah, kh… the budget, huh? No, wait. Our club adviser’s Nino-san. It could work out somehow. Isn’t she the best pray to fool? Okay! Akkey, we can go on a training camp!
Akihito: – Hey, hey, what are you planning? Plus, I don’t think Kuriyama-san and Mitsuki will agree to it either. If we told them, they’d be like: “it’s unpleasant!” and “shut up, perverts!” and say things to make us seem bad. Sorry, I don’t want to go along with that.
Hiroomi: – Heh. Well, just listen, Akkey. Under the brilliantly shining sun… don’t you want to see the image of a glasses girl embarrassed by the tan traces? The image of a goddess!
Akihito: – Wh-wh-wha!
Hiroomi: – Plus…you can spray as much water resistant spray on them as you want…
Akihito: – Huh! I’m in, Hiroomi! *clap*
Hiroomi: – That’s more like it, Akkey.
Akihito: – Hehe…the sea, huh?
Mirai: – Eh, jeez…my glasses got wet! How unpleasant! U…um, senpai… would you mind…spraying water resistant spray on me…?
Akihito: – Yahoo!!
Hiroomi: – Haha. Akkye, you’re as pervert as usual. Though… Mitsuki and the sea, huh?
Mitsuki: – Onii-chan! Hurry up!
Hiroomi: – Hey, hey! If you don’t look ahead, you’ll trip!
Mitsuki: – Whoa!
Hiroomi: – See? You should listen to what your big brother tells you. Are you okay, Mitsuki?
Mitsuki: – Oh, the strings came off. Tie it for me, Onii-chan!
Hiroomi: – Buwahahaha… What a problematic little sister…
Akihito: – Hey, pervert!
Hiroomi: – What is it, pervert?
Akihito: – Heh. Well, it’s okay. Let’s work out our strategy without delay! Let’s turn our eyes to our youth!
Hiroomi: – Yeah, Akkey!
Both: *firm clap*
Girls: – Hi! We’re the Glasses little sister Delivery!
Hiroomi: – Oh, Mitsuki and Kuriyama-san! What’s with that big cardboard box?
Mirai: – We have a delivery for Kanbara-senpai and Hiroomi-senpai. Ah, we’ll leave it here, okay?
Akihito: – A delivery?
Mitsuki: –  Oh, could you sign the receipt?
Akihito: – Huh? Okay…
Mitsuki: – Thank you. Then, let’s go, Kuriyama-san.
Mirai: – Yes, Mitsuki-senpai!
Girl: – Well then! Please call the Glasses little sister Delivery again!
Akihito: – What was that? But! “Glasses little sister Delivery” is a wonderful home delivery service name, isn’t it?
Hiroomi: – It’s probably a new game of theirs or something. It’s for my cute little sister. Let’s play along, shall we?
So, what’s inside?
Akihito: – It’s unexpectedly well packed. Are these some important articles? Uh…hey, Hiroomi…The content of the box looks like a youmu in a cage to me…do you think my eyes are tired?
Hiroomi: – What a coincidence, Akkey. It seems my eyes are also tired. Maybe we did too much selection work…
Boys: – Noo!!!!
Mitsuki: – So, Kuriyama-san, do you want to stop by a cake buffet? I’ll treat you.
Mirai: – I’ll go, Mitsuki-senpai!
Mitsuki: – What kind of cakes do you like, Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – Let me think…I like mille-feuille!
Mitsuki: – Huh? How unexpected. I thought you’d like something more orthodox.
Mirai: – I like the basic ones too, but mille-feuille has layers of pie and cream one after another and it makes me feel as if it’s never going to end, doesn’t it make you feel it’s only profit?
Mitsuki: – Sorry, I don’t really get it.



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  1. Hi ! Umm…I was looking for kyoukai no kanata mini theater 6 subbed and then i see that u translated but u didn’t subbed so…I will volunteer to do the subtitle cuz I want to try subtitle it too. Is it okay ? Sorry if it wrong grammar 🙂

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