[sub] Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 04

「境界の彼方」 ミニ劇場 # 4 アイドルへの道
Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 04 – AIDORU e no michi

Kyoukai no Kanata mini theater 04

Official site: http://anime-kyokai.com/
Special bundled with DVD vol 4: http://anime-kyokai.com/product/package04/
DVD release date: 2 April 2014
*this is only a text translation, I haven’t made a .srt file, so it’s not actually a sub.
I wrote “sub” in the title but it’s just the text. And it’s not fully translated either so it can’t be used as a sub but it’s actually better to post it anyway than to keep it for myself. Maybe some better translator will do this some time.

Shindou Ai 新堂愛 – Yamaoka Yuri 山岡ゆり
Kanbara Akihito 神原秋人 – KENN
Kuriyama Mirai 栗山未来 – Taneda Risa 種田梨沙
Nase Hiroomi 名瀬博臣 – Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
Nase Mitsuki 名瀬美月 – Chihara Minori 茅原実里
Nase Izumi 名瀬泉 – Kawasumi Ayako 川澄綾子
Shindou Ayaka 新堂彩華 – Shindo Naomi 進藤尚美

Ai: – The road to becoming an idol!

Ai: – I want to become an idol!
Akihito: – Huh?
Mirai: – An idol?
Ai: – The youmu extermination from the other day made my idol heart burn!
Hiroomi: – Though we didn’t actually exterminate it.
Mitsuki: – In the end, it was Izumi-neesama who got rid of it. Well, we were saved thanks to that.
Ai: – What’s wrong with you, everyone? We ate out of the same pot! We’re comrades who shared the same sweat and tears!
Akihito: – No, that was to defeat that youmu and…
Ai: – That made me sure of it! Ai and everyone can become great idols! Let’s go all out and go to an audition!
Mirai: – Um, who would the members be?
Ai: – Of course it’s Ai, Mirai-chan, Mitsuki-senpai, Hiroomi-senpai and Kanbara-san! The 5 of us! Oh, who should be the center?
Mitsuki: – What about running an election?
Ai: – Oh! That’s a good idea! Let’s use that!
Mitsuki: – Huh? Wait, are you serious?
Ai: – Of course I am! Look, I even wrote our resumes for an audition! Ta-dah!
Akihito: – Whoa, it’s true…
Mirai: – She even wrote ours…
Mitsuki: – I’m not doing it! I did it that time because it was the only method!
Hiroomi: – Mitsuki’s another story, but me and Akkey aren’t needed, are we? Oh, Mitsuki! If you like, how about making a solo debut?
Mitsuki: – Shut up, pervert brother! Do you want men to pant while listening to my songs?
Hiroomi: – Uh! Mitsuki, I’m sorry! You’re right! You’re my own exclusive idol!
Akihito: – Hey, Hiroomi, you should stop it now. Mitsuki’s five seconds from losing it.
Mirai: – Finely chopped sauté and simmer burdock?  *1*
Akihito: – A-Are you serious?
Ai: – Jeez, listen to me! The truth is I’ve already thought of a name!
Mirai: – A name? For the group, you mean?
Ai: – Yes! How about Spirit World Sisters?
Hiroomi: – I’m in!! Are you a genius, to put the word “sister” in the group’s name!
Akihiro: – Heeh? I’m not really interested…I can’t keep up doing that kind of rigorous practice…
Ai: – Huh? What are you saying, Kanbara-san? When you display the results of all the practice, every glasses girl will become yours!
Akihito: – Oh! What did you say!?
Ai: – Try to imagine it: The stands full of glasses girls! Glasses everywhere! And everyone will be captivated by you!
Girls: – Kyaa! Akkey!
– Look this way!
Akihito: – Everyone! Thanks for wearing glasses to our concert today!

Oh! The sanctuary was right here!
Mirai: – How unpleasant!
Akihito: – What’s wrong, Kuriyama-san?
Mirai: – Uh! It’s nothing!
Mitsuki: – I’ll never do it!
Ai: – Huuh? Why? Let’s do it, Mitsuki-senpai!
Mitsuki: – There’s no way someone from the Nase family can do something like that! Say something too, Aniki!
Hiroomi: – Mitsuki, singing and dancing in the center…I can’t believe my dream would come true in this way!
Mirai: – Die!
Ai: – Oh, I thought you might say this, so I talked to Izumi-san beforehand! And she wrote her answer in this letter.
Akihito: – You’re too meticulously prepared!
Mitsuki: – Give me a break!
Ai: – Even I didn’t read it yet. Well then! Um…I told her we want to make an idol group.
Izumi: – Very well, you may do it. But falling, slipping or stumbling aren’t accepted for someone in the Nase  family. If that happens, you know what’s going to happen to all of you, right?
Akihito: – Hiii!
Mirai: – How unpleasant! —————
Mitsuki: – No way! If we fail the audition…
Hiroomi: – What awaits after that is… Plus, it’s a frozen barrier….
Akihito: – I don’t want to put my life on the line to become an idol!
Hiroomi: – Don’t worry, Akkey! You’re immortal! It’s just a frozen barrier!
Akihito: – It’s the same either way!
Ai: – Huh? Izumi-san gave us her approval too! We just don’t need to fail the audition!
Mirai: – The risk’s so great that I’m worried about it!
Mirai: – You can’t say she encourages us with that letter!
Ayaka: – It’s so lively here!
Ai: – Aya-chan, welcome back! I was just proposing everyone to get into entertainment!
Ayaka: – Entertainment?
Ai: – I want to make my idol debut with everyone!
Ayaka: – That’s…well, you can do as you wish though…
Spirit Warrior, Spirit Warrior, Spirit Warrior, youmu, half youmu…Hehe. You look more like a ghost party than an idol group.

*1* this is one part I don’t get. I tried to write something that seemed like it? She may be even saying some movie name… The thing is here that Akihito says “she’s five seconds from losing it”which is said in some slang as “MK5” and Mirai misheards it as something she’s interested in. I don’t know if it’s food or it’s a show or something…

Thanks, anioshoot, for requesting this! I told you I had it ready and that I’d post it, but as you can see, there are two places where I didn’t get what they say, but maybe this will still be enough for people who want to know what’s going on.
Thanks for passing by!


2 thoughts on “[sub] Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater 04

  1. Any chance you could sub the remaining Mini Theater and Idol Saiban shorts from this series? Those are pretty short.

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