Itowokashi – 06. Natsu no Nioi [Album:Kishou Tenketsu] [Lyrics;TL]

Itowokashi – 06. Natsu no Nioi [Album:Kishou Tenketsu]
イトヲカシ – 夏の匂い

Itowokashi - Kishou Tenketsu

Album: Kishou Tenketsu 軌唱伝結
Label: Itowokashi イトヲカシ
Illustration: Satokou さとこう
Lyrics and composition: LeftyMonsterP レフティモンスター
Singer: Ito Kashitarou 伊東歌詞太郎
Release date: 10 November 2014
Listen to samples here

01. Yakusoku/Promise やくそく
02. Re;Milky Way
03. Kakera/Fragment 欠片
04. Usotsuki da, boku wa/ I’m a liar うそつきだ、僕は
05. Tomoshibi/ Lamplight 灯火
06. Natsu no Nioi/ Summer’s scent 夏の匂い
07. Hoshiai ホシアイ
08. walk

06. Natsu no Nioi/ Summer’s scent 夏の匂い
Lyrics & song & composition: LeftyMonsterP


Mikkaburi ni ame ga agatte
Sashikomu hi no hikari kara
Kimi ga suki na kisetsu no nioi ga shiteru

“Natsu ga kitara umi e ikou” tte
Kuchiguse no youni itteta yo na
Kimi ni misetai totteoki no basho ga arunda

Joshuseki de hashaide ita sugata wo ima mo oboeteru
Futo kimi no na wo yobisou ni natte mune ga tsumaru yo

Arigatou mou “gomenne” mo “sayonara” mo ienakatta
Futari de sugoshita hibi ga zutto boku no mune wo shimetsukeru
Ari no mama no kimochi wo ima nara kimi ni tsutaerareru no ni
Mou nidoto modoranai ano hi no egao mo namida mo

Wasureyou to omottetemo
Tsumikasaneta omoide wa
Kitto kienai
Wakatteita hazu na no ni

Hitorikiri umi no mieru kouen no banchi ni suwatte
Tasogare ni somatteiku yozora wo bonyari miteru

Ano hi kimi ni tsutaeru hazu datta kotoba wo ima
Tsubuyaite mitemo boku no koe wa nami no oto ni kieteiku
“Aishiteru” to hitokoto naze sunao ni ienakatta no darou
Mou nidoto todokanai omowazu namida ga kaboreta

Natsu no yozora irodoru hanabi ni kimi no sugata wo kasaneta
Minamo ni ochite wa kieteku
Hakanai hikari no tsubu wa doko he iku no darou

Ima kono toki mo kimi to no kioku ga boku no kokoro de
Iroasezu zutto ikitsuzuketeiru koto ni kizuitanda

Itsumo boku no hidarigawa
Hohoende ita kimi wa mou inai kedo
Hora boku no sekai ni wa konna ni mo kimi ga afureteiru

Kimi to korekara saki mo zutto ikiteku

English translation:

The rain that’s been ongoing for three days let up
And from the sunlight flowing though
I could feel the scent of your favourite season

“Let’s go to the sea in summer” you said
And I felt it was like your favourite phrase
“There is a special place that I want to show you”

I can still remember how you were in high spirits in the passenger seat
And my heart gets clogged when I’m about to accidentally call your name

I couldn’t tell you “I’m sorry” or “goodbye” either
The time we spent together always makes my heart tighten
Even though right now I could tell you my sincere feelings
Your smile and your tears will never come back

Even if I want to forget about it
The memories accumulated
Will surely not fade away
I was supposed to know that

Sitting alone on a bench in a park from where you can see the sea
I’m idly looking at the evening sky getting dyed by the twilight

The words I was supposed to tell you on that day
Even if I mutter them now, my voice disappears in the sound of the waves
Why couldn’t I say the simple words of “I love you”
My tears spilled out at the thought that I won’t ever reach you again

I overlap your figure with the fireworks colouring the summer night sky
They fall on the water’s surface and disappear
I wonder where the fleeting light beads go to

I realized that both this time right now and your memory
Will live in my heart forever without fading away

You who always smiled on my left side
Are not here anymore but
See how much my world overflows with you

I’ll live forever together with you from now on as well

This is such a soft, but sad song.
I felt great that I wrote down the lyrics (from hearing as always) and when I did the comparison with the original kanji lyrics, none of mine were wrong haha. It’s an easy to grasp and rather simple, but a song full of emotion.

@creizreiz Please feel free to translate it in your language if you wish!

Check out the kanji version here: (link that I also took from kreizrez’s site)


3 thoughts on “Itowokashi – 06. Natsu no Nioi [Album:Kishou Tenketsu] [Lyrics;TL]

    It turns out to be a sad and warm song… My hunch didn’t fail me, haha…
    Then, I’ll try to translate it into my language, Indonesian…
    I wish I can hear and read it as fine as you are. Aah… study study…
    ;___: you’re so nice!

    • Hehe yes I was like wow you’re spot on with that.
      Translate it into your language only if you wish to 🙂 I just said that because I saw you mentioned it.
      Thank you very much and I was glad I could find your post and also be able to come across such a beautiful song. Actually, if you’ll have other songs you wish to understand, don’t hesitate to contact me.
      And of course you wouldn’t be perfect at understanding when you’re not used enough to a laguage. This sons is easy to understand but there are some songs where I just need the original Japanese lyrics because I can’t unerstand a whole whole lot.

      • yeah, hehe :p and roger on that! I will contact you when I come across difficulty such as this again. You are really a great help :’) Thank youuuu… and enjoy the album if you haven’t 🙂

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