[TL] NORN9 Trio Drama CD vol.02 – Natsuhiko, Sakuya, Itsuki

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット Trio DramaCD Vol.2
Norn9 Norn+Nonette Trio Drama CD Vol.02: Azuma Natsuhiko, Nijou Sakuya, Kagami Itsuki

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01. Koimizu Izuru Kanata (Azuma Natsuhiko Situation
Drama) 恋水いづる彼方 (吾妻夏彦 シチュエーションドラマ) / Ono Daisuke 小野大

02. Asahi Izuru Kizuna (Nijou Sakuya Situation Drama) 旭い
づる絆 (二条朔也 シチュエーションドラマ) / Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき
03.Omohi Izuru Yume (Kagami Itsuki Situation Drama) 想ひいづ
る夢 (加賀見一月 シチュエーションドラマ) / Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二
04. IXIA (Mini Drama)イキシア (ミニドラマ) / Ono Daisuke 小野大輔,
Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき, Yosa Kouji 遊佐浩二

Official site: http://www.otomate.jp/norn9/
Release date: 25 December 2013
Label: Team Entertainment ティームエンタテインメント/ Sony Music Entertainment
JAN/ISBN: 4560372442229
Links: amiami, amazon.com, amazon.co.jp, play-asia, cdjapananimate online shop, team-e.co.jp

*Azuma Natsuhiko 吾妻夏彦(CV:Ono Daisuke 小野大輔)
*Nijou Sakuya 二条朔也(CV:Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき)
*Kagami Itsuki 加賀見一月(CV:Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二)
+ Usuki Kenshirou, Kijima Ryuichi, Koshida Naoki
Original jacket illustration: Teita 悌太

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English Translation:

Norn9 Drama CD Vol.2 Track 01. Koimizu Izuru Kanata (Azuma Natsuhiko Situation Drama) 恋水いづる彼方 (吾妻夏彦 シチュエーションドラマ) / Ono Daisuke 小野大輔) (13:08)

Norn9 Situation CD: Koimizu Izuru Kanata

What is it? is it morning already?
Hm…it’s still dark outside. Let me sleep a bit longer. Come on in. You’re going to sleep together with me. What’s wrong, why are you showing me the clock?  t’s true that it looks as if it’s pointing to 8 o’clock. It seems that this’clock’s ahead of time. Let’s look at it later. i’m not sleep talking, my head’s normal. It’s dark out and my body still feels tired so it’s night right now.
You’re saying it’s dark out because it’s raining and I’m tired because I pulled an all nighter? Even if it really were morning right now, if it’s raining then there’s nothing we can do. We can’t regulate the ship or do any astronomical observation. It’s not a favorable day to go outside.
Ugh! I’m not a kid! I’m not whining! I don’t feel anything if you only go for a week to your friend… If we talk about a month, then it’s around 1/4, if it’s a year then it’s around 1/52. Looking at it from the point of view of a human’s average age, it’s around 1/3650 of the rest of one’s life. That’s what a week is. You’re saying you’re worried because researchers are oddballs? Don’t mess around. I’m not strange. Before I was like this with you, I was alone longer. It’s true that I did everything including cooking and others, but there’s nothing that weirdo can do and I can’t. But won’t you get wet if you go out right now? morning rain’s cold. Why don’t you wait for it to let up? I see, there’s no helping it if he’s waiting for you. Go have fun with your friend.

I don’t have any friend I do that to go meet them. Ron and Setsu are not like that. I’d rather die than call them my friends.
Are you leaving? I got it, I’ll see you off.

Are you sure you didn’t forget anything? I won’t do it myself, but you call me if something happens. I don’t have any ill will, I just thought I shouldn’t interfere. Well then…take care.
*door closing*

It’s not a big deal. It just means ripping 7 days out of this daily pad calendar. Like this. *rip*
One week. She went to sleepover at her friend. It’s the first time she leaves for for an extended period just like now since we started living together. Even so, the first two days were fine. I could focus on my research and bring about results. But the coffee beans I bought recently are already gone.

Three more days left. No, that’s wrong. I turned over too many pages yesterday in a vigor excess. More importantly, I need to go buy coffee beans or I can’t do any research. Hm… But what do I do if she suddenly comes home while I’m out? But the phone hasn’t rung once until now so if she doesn’t contact me, it means nothing is wrong, huh. If that’s so, she won’t come back earlier.
*typing on phone*
Hello. It’s me. Uh, what are you doing right now? you’re eating? Is it that time already? Sorry for calling with a bad timing. No, that is…I wanted to check with you when you’re coming back. I ripped too many pages of the daily pad calendar and I’m not sure of the correct date.
Hm, in four days? I got it. Also…I ran out of coffee beans. Please buy some on the way back.
I didn’t drink that much. I didn’t buy much in the first place. That’s why…it would help me if you’d come back a little earlier.

Huh? What is it? I’m as usual, there’s nothing wrong with me. You were eating, right? I’ll hang up. *beep*

*typing sounds*
Damn, the data… Shit!

Fourth day and fifth day, I made consecutive mistakes. I And those was irreparable important mistakes. It made me so annoyed that it made me make more unnecessary mistakes. Everything’s because I ran out of caffeine. On the sixth day, I couldn’t get myself to wake up from my bed. The calendar shown the day when she’ll be back.
If I hadn’t ripped another page of the calendar, it would have returned to the right date. I did something useless.
Today’s raining again…it’s worse than the other day. I wonder if she can come home safely.

Huh? This sound…
*running steps*
That surpirsed me. I thought I was still dreaming. When did you come back? It’s one day earlier than planned, right? You’re saying the calendar shows the right date? That’s true, but I told you that I ripped too many pages. Aren’t you tired from your trip? I see…I’m…I got well, right now. You made coffee for me, didn’t you? I’m sorry for saying this after you took the trouble, but I don’t plan on letting go of this arm now. I’m almost regretting it. If I didn’t ask you to do any shopping, I could have seen you at least an hour sooner. I really am an idiot.
Hm? More importantly, hugging you feels somehow different. You feel softer than before. Ah, I got it. Why are you puffing your cheeks? Did I say soemthing bad?
You got fatter? You don’t look that way. I said you felt softer, but that’s because it’s been a while. I’ve been sleeping hugging the pillow these past days, so my sense has dulled.

Why are you laughing now? I didn’t say anything strange. You’re a busy one, angry one moment and laughing the other. But just because you’re here, this dreary room seems brighter.

Don’t move. Stay still. I’m going to sleep right now. It’s the right time for an afternoon nap, isn’t it? Cleaning up? Do that later. I haven’t touched yo in a week. If you put that in time, it means 168 hours. If it’s in seconds, it’s 606,800. You came back one day earlier so the numbers aren’t accurate, but anyway, I waited. I waited for you so much that I didn’t know what day it is. I’m saying something different that before you left? There’s no helping that. It felt that long. Nights were especially bad. The weather was bad and I couldn’t observe the stars either, so I couldn’t sleep. Nights without you were frighteningly dull.

Your skin is cold. your fingertips and toes are ice cold.
It’s not unpleasant. It feels good because I didn’t go out at all so it feels as if I’ve been in the outside air. But if you’re this cold, you’ll catch a cold. You should soak in the bathtub. Should I get it ready for you?
You’re okay like this? It seems that way. The pink in your cheeks is starting to return. If we hug like this, your body will get warmer for sure.

But why did you come back earlier? Did anything happen there? It’s okay if nothing was wrong, but…
Uh? You’re not only treating people as kids, but also as dogs? Who’s an abandoned dog? I wasn’t making that sort of face! As a human and as your lover, I saw you off normally. I also called you because I couldn’t hold it in anymore, but I only did it once. I also didn’t say anything unnecessary. My voice? I didn’t make any girly voice. I only asked you to get coffee, I never said I wanted to see you…

Hm…You can know what someone far away from you feels just by hearing their voice? What a scary ability, only works on me…
On short, my lies don’t work on you, huh? If that’s so, then it’s useless to hold it in.

Welcome back. I wanted to see you.
Heh. Why are you confused? You can tell what I’m feeling, don’t you? Then you also know what’s about to happen. When you left, I only kissed you touching your lips, but the welcome back kiss won’t be just that.

Norn9 Drama CD Vol.2 Track 02. Asahi Izuru Kizuna (Nijou Sakuya Situation Drama) 旭いづる絆 (二条朔也 シチュエーションドラマ) / Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき (17:38)

Norn9 Situation Drama Asahi Izuru Kizuna

*alarm clock*

It’s exactly 4 o’clock. I somehow managed not to oversleep. But I guess it’s a bit too early. I have to kill some time.
huh? I can hear footsteps. I wonder if someone else is awake.
*running steps*
Ah! sorry, are you okay! Huh, it’s you? What’s with you at this hour? I wonder if my childhood friend got into a bad habit of walking around at night?
Oh, so you were cold and you woke up. And you were drinking black tea. But I think if you have caffeine when you can’t sleep, it will have the opposite effect. Ah, it seems I’m right. Jeez, you’re a helpless girl.
Me? I just came to get something I forgot.
it’s okay if you don’t come along. The sun will rise soon so you should try to get some sleep. And it’s something that will take some time. If you get sick because of the cold night air then…heh, I got it.

You’re sometimes helplessly worry. I understand. my future is making you uneasy, right? it’s okay. That future won’t come today. My ability is intabile, but I know that much. That’s why, rest assured.
Anyway, it’s so quiet. I always heard someone’s voice from somehwere, but I guess no one would be awake at this hour aside from us. Not even birds are singing. it really is a quiet night.
What i forgot is…right. It’s too late to get it in the morning. What did I forget, you’re asking?
That’s right…A hint would be that it’s something shapeless, I guess. Hehe. It’s a trivial riddle, the kind you hate.
you’re saying there’s no way to get it? Well, think about it a bit. If you get it right, I’ll give you a reward. If you don’t manage to get it right, there’s going to be a punishment. It’s okay if you’re not confident. it’s just a game, and you’ll surely not guess it…
You’re doing it? Heh, I knew you’d say that.

There’s no light, but there’s the light of the moon. I’m glad it’s not that dark. But it’s really quiet, as I thought. I can hear teeth grinding, but if there are no voices, it’s so quiet…
Whoops! Are you all right? Oh, so you stumbled on a tree root? The moonlight doesn’t reach our feet, after all.
Come on, grab onto me. Here. It’s okay! What are you saying, when you were just about to fall?
Oh! Be careful when you walk.

Hey…is it all right to talk about something? it’s something from years ago already but there was once a time when I thought to run away from home. Heh, you’re making a surprised face. I guess that’s right. you were always the mischievous one.
I was a kid who was always shut away in the house, so it’s obvious. But the difference between you and me is that I planned things. I thought about when I should sneak out to be sure no one will find me, how much money I need for the trains, how should I prepare that money. I’d planned everything. Even now I think it was a perfect plan. But, I didn’t put it into action. That’s because I saw my future where I failed the plan. I didn’t see as much as what was the problem, but I didn’t go anywhere. That’s also the difference between you and me. Even if I think about a lot in my head, in the end, I can’t move.

What I forgot is…yeah, it’s not here.
Well, what would it be?
Hey, what would you do if I were lying? what if I say that I actually didn’t forget anything and I just wanted to spend the night with you, would you get angry?

I was joking!
I think it’s about time. Let’s climb down the stairs again. it’s just a bit more, so do your best.
I’ll give you another hint for the riddle.
What I forgot is, you see, something that no one can steal. Money or time can’t change it, it’s something big even though it’s shapeless. Even so, there are times when I lose them.
A cloud? The kind that floats into the sky?
Right…it may be exactly like it, like the part where it causes storms sometimes.

Okay, that’s the last step of the stairs.
Did you fasten all the buttons of your jacket?
I’ll open the door, so it’ll be cold if you don’t wear it properly. Is it okay? Then, I’m opening it.

Are you okay? That was some wind.
If you’re cold, I’ll lend you my jacket. Come along with me for a little longer.
Thanks for comeing with me.
I said it’s okay if you don’t come along, but in truth, I was really happy. I couldn’t imagine I’ll be able to meet you at this hour, and it may be an exaggeration but I thought you’re the only one for me, as I thought.

About my story about running away from home…
At that time, I was also planning to take you along. I wanted to show you to morning sun floating in the horizon.

After you got to know my future, you started to avoid me. It was hard on me, but if it would just made you sad, I thought that I shouldn’t fall in love with you. it took me a while to give up, but I was selfish when I was a child. I thought I wanted you by my side, even if it meant making you cry. I just couldn’t give up, and made a plan to take you out. Even so, I saw the future where I would fail, and I gave up in the end. it really was a perfect plan! It was supposed to go right for sure! What I didn’t have enough was courage. I understand it now. It’s because I didn’t put it in action that it failed. After that, i started thinking what I can do. If I couldn’t throw away my feelings for you, I wonder if there’s at least something I could do. I didn’t have any power and I couldn’t start a gamble with the future, but I looked for something I could at least do for you, as your childhoold friend. But I realized that was a mistake. The fact that I wanted to do something that was only within my powers, it meant it wouldn’t change anything. It was just running away from myself and who I wanted to become. The one who made me realize that was you. You always try to do things over your capability. Like doing something reckless as putting up a barrier over such a big ship.

Sure enough, there were times you got sick and fell down because it was an impossible spell. Even so, you protected the ship and everyone over and over again.

The morning sun is coming up. The sea of clouds are getting brighter and brighter. It’s almost a shame to blink. It’s that beautiful. You’re also a person like this morning sun. You’re so dizzy so just because I look away for a little while, you’re sometimes already so far I can’t reach you.

Sorry for suddenly hugging you. Please…let me stay like this until the sun rises.
You know, I came to get back the feelings I left behind on that day. What I forgot is…the courage to live with you. No one can steal it away, money and time can’t change it. It’s something so big and clear.
What I knew I couldn’t live long, the reason why I didn’t despair was because you were there. If I can die while protecting you, I thought I wouldn’t mind it. My feelings of love for you let me live on. There are so many things I got from you that I can’t count them. None of them have a shape, but shapeless things are the ones most precious.

If only you’re happy, I’m okay with it. That’s what I always thought, but I can’t anymore. I can’t forgive the fact that my loved one would be all for another man. I want to be the one to make you happy. I want to stay by your side. Forever…

It’s already morning, isn’t it? The sun’s up completely. Sorry for making you go along with me for so long. Should we get back now?

What’s wrong? did you stumble again?
You’re cold? Then I’ll give you my jacket.
If you cling to me that tightly, I can’t lend you my jacket. I can only hug you, but is that all right?
You’re so cute when you’re honest.
You may not know it, but I love spoiling you. Your selfishness is as sweet as honey. You’re always obstinate and don’t try to rely on people, but because you do everything by yourself, it’s something like a rare reward.

But I can’t be satisfied with just this. What I want to become isn’t a kind childhood friend, but your lover.
By the way, you couldn’t guess the answer to the riddle. Even though I told you you’d never get it right, you didn’t listen to me.
But a promise is a promise, so I’ll have you take the punishment. On that rose cheek… *kiss*

Okay! Now you’re warm enough, aren’t you? Let’s head back to our rooms. If we leave now, we’ll be able to sleep for two hours.

Oh, owow! Why are you hitting me?
Because I move on too fast? That’s not true. I’m actually reflecting on the fact that I made you stay with me until dawn. So I won’t make an unmarried girl do more unchaste actions, I should get her back home properly. Or maybe you liked my punishment just now?
Heheh! Even if you glare at me with teary eyes, I won’t be scared! Come on, let’s get inside quickly.

But…remember it, okay? This is the last time I confuse you by saying it’s a punishment game. If you become my wife, I’ll love you so much you’ll melt.

Norn9 Drama CD Vol.2 Track 03. Omohi Izuru Yume (Kagami Itsuki Situation Drama) 想ひいづる夢 (加賀見一月 シチュエーションドラマ) / Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二 (15:27)

Norn9 Situation Drama Omoi Izuru Yume

It’s pretty rare to realize you’re dreaming. Leaving aside fake dreams created by your ability, but usually dreams are something you can’t manipulate. Anyone would want to be allowed to do however they wish because it’s not reality anyway, but you’re also tormented by nightmares you don’t want to see.
Even if you’re lucky to have a happy dream, when you wake up, it disappears like morning mist.
That’s surely because dreams are the product of your heart. There’s nothing else that doesn’t go how you want it to like your heart. It’s said that dreams have some kind of meaning. The ones who try to know that are the dream fortune tellers.
Everyone shows their true character in a dream. I who obtained the ability to manipulate dreams as I wish am no exception. When you drown in the dream vortex, it applies to everyone.

Whare would this be? What a pretty spring. I don’t know this place at all, but…uhm…

When I came to, I was standing before a spring. I could hear water coming out from somewhere. It was a beautiful blue, deeper than the sky and way clearer than the sea.
There were visitors at the spring. All women. I couldn’t see their faces well. O couldn’t recognize them. With a voice as clear as the colour of the spring, she asked me what I wished for, between fortune and fame.

A spring and a beautiful girl… and two choices.
I think there was a similar fairy tale, but what was it? Fortune and fame…? Hm…right, both of them are desirable, but why is it that they don’t pique my interest.
Huh? this is…a forest? No, I’m on the ship…
That’s strange, I was just standing next to a spring.
Oh! Ah, that surprised me! What, so it’s Hei?
Huh? Hey, why are you running away? a demon? That hurts me! I’m the kindest man on this ship! I don’t get why I should be called a demon…Huh? We were playing tag*1? Is that how it was? that’s strange…I have no memory of this, was I daydreaming? Sorry! I wasn’t listening properly to the rules, so would you say them again?
Hmm? It’s the same as a normal tag game? but there’s a punishment game, and the one who’s “it” until the end has to listen to whatever he’s ordered?
I see. This also includes girls, right? I wonder where Ojou-san is… Ah, I saw her! Ojou-san! If you’re running away from me, then it means you’re not an “it”. Okay, let’s get serious here!

Ojou-san, you’re fast! As expected of someone who exercised since she was a child, saying it was “training”. But you’re heading to a dead end.

I caught you! Ojou-san, you can’t run anymore. Thanks for conveniently going into a dead end. Maybe you wanted me to catch you? Heh, I was joking. girl shouldn’t show wrinkles on their foreheads!

You’re asking me what my wish is?
Ah, right, there was a punishment game. So you’d listen to anything I ask? That’s nice, then what should I ask for…
This is somehow like the two choice thing earlier…
The fact that you’re asking me my wish.

No, I guess it’s wrong. It’s Ojou-san, she’d be the one granting my wish. More than fame or money, I’m happier about this one. This girl has everything I wish for. Hey, Ojou-san, do you know this? Things that you can’t increase easily are precious. For example, time, or your life. I want to value things like these. Sorry, I suddenly said something strange.
But you can increase life, right? If there’s a man and a woman.
Huh? this is the part where an iron fist would come flying toward me, but you’re not gonna get angry? if you stay quiet, I’ll interpret however I want. You’re gonna grant my wish, right? i was just thinking that it has to be you. I’ll take care of you for my whole life.

No way, that was also a dream? I was thinking it was going too well! Ojou-san wouldn’t be that honest, and no matter what, that was too childish, dreaming of a tag game…
What would this mean from the point of view of dream fortune telling? Maybe that I want to go back to that time?

If I remember correctly, I’d left a fortune telling room around here…Here it is.
Hmm…The state of mind of when you dream about playing tag is…
Ugh, what’s this? I’m not that starved! This makes me look as if…
If it’s like this, I’ll make the dream just now come true. I won’t dream something like this again!

Oh, Ojou-san! Sorry for keeping you. I have something to talk to you. Right, it’s something important. Ah…

Wait a bit. What if this is a dream too?
No, but something that happens twice happens a third time too. I need to check it.

I dreamed about you today. You were so honest in my dream. You were really cute. You were so sweet how you were responding to my embrace…
Right, right! I love it when you swing that iron fist at me with your slender arm. This pain’s not a dream, right? This is undoubtedly reality. In order to make the dream come true, I need to tell Ojou-san my feelings…

Ah, wait! Don’t go! That’s not all I wanted to tell you. I’ll be serious now.

Ojou-san, you see…

It’s strange, I feel some strange cold sweating. I’m saying things like “I like you” and “I love you” all the time but…
I should just say it casually like always…

Wrong. It’s wrong to be as usual. The feelings I want to convey to her are not something so light.
*sigh* The more I become aware of it, the faster my heart starts beating.

Until I met you, I was thinking that my ability to show people dreams was something useful.
But you taught me that there’s no meaning in dreaming eternally, and it was the when I first wondered what it is that I can do. I tried looking for another way of protecting you, aside from dreams. Protecting one person is the same thing as shouldering their life. It’s not something simple. I don’t have money or wisdom, but I’ll use my limited time and my life for your sake. That’s why-
Eh? No way…this sound..don’t tell me this was also a dream? Damn it, I put all my soul into that! Argh, if it’s like that, then I’ll do it as many times as needed. I’ll continue to seduce Ojou-san until I can make her mine.

Someone’s patting my head…it feels good… Plus, I’m also sleeping very comfortably.

Hm? Ah, it’s Ojou-san, as I thought. I’m in luck today, to see you as soon as I wake up. This soft sensation can’t be mistaken. I’m so happy to be sleeping in Ojou-san’s lap.
Hm? I asked to sleep in your lap? Now that I think about it, I might have said that…
Argh!! My stomach hurts for some reason…did you hit me, Ojou-san? I’m sorry but I don’t possess the qualities to feel love in violence.
Huh? You wanted to wake me up because I seemed to be having a nightmare?
You know, you have a mouth, don’t you? You could have woken me up with your cute voice or with a kiss. Please use that sort of method! No need to be shy, we’re lovers after all.
Was I tussling so much? And I didn’t even hear your voice? hmm… what sort of dream was I having? i can’t remember…
Right! I was playing tag with you! You were so fast that I couldn’t really win. I caught you some way, but… What? I’m disappointing in my dream? What’s that? Are you that displeased with the fact that I caught you? Unfortunately, it’s made in such a way that you can’t get away from me in a dream or in reality either. Like this….

Haha, okay, okay. Come on, calm down. Uh, it kinda sounds as if I’m calming down an animal.
The one I’m hugging right now is my lover, right? it’s not a horse or a wild boar, right?

Hey, Ojou-san… do you know dreams have meanings? it’s called dream foretelling…I kind of lived with dreams as my occupation so I’m pretty knowledgeable about it.
Playing tag; dreaming that you’re chasing after someone means that you want to make the one you like turn around to you and be satisfied in love, that’s what they say. I didn’t really realize it, but now that I think about it, it may be true.
I’m probably telling you I love you so many times because I’m anxious. You’re extremely charming and you’re a girl that’s almost too good for me, so I’m worried that some other guy may take you away from me…

That’s because right next to me is a frightening childhood friend of yours. i can’t compare with the amount of time he spent with you, no matter what I do. There’s no helping it that I’m becoming a coward. Come on, stop resisting. Look ahead and close your eyes. There’s only you for me. I’ll give you my whole life and time. That’s why, stay mine forever. I love you. *kiss*

Norn9 Drama CD Vol.2 Track 04. IXIA (Mini Drama)イキシア (ミニドラマ) / Ono Daisuke 小野大輔, Saiga Mitsuki 斎賀みつき, Yosa Kouji 遊佐浩二 (30:53)

Natsuhiko: – Norn Nonette
Sakuya: – Trio Drama CD volume 2
Itsuki: – Mini Drama

I: – Huh, there’s so many people. It’s so crowded we aren’t advancing at all, and at this rate it’ll be difficult to also find lodge. Ah, Ojou-san, grab onto me. If you got lost here, it’d be trouble. Well, even if we end up getting separated somehow, I’m confident I can find you though.
S: – Stop chattering and move your legs, would you?
I: – Ouch!
S: – What are we going to do if we really can’t find lodge?
I: – What bad manners of a young man like you to kick me.
S: – Mikoto, let’s move closer to the bridge. It should be a bit easier to walk.
I: – I really wonder what’s with this fuss. It doesn’t seem as if it’s a festival or something.
S: – That’s true. The faces of the people passing by are dark too, and the police are wondering about too.
I: – Right? I heard this city was had a good public order though. Huh? Ojou-san, you look pale. Are you okay?
S: – I wonder if the crowd made her sick. Should I go buy something to drink? or should we go into a shop somewhere? You’re saying you’re okay? i’m saying this because it doesn’t look that way! Mikoto! Don’t force yourself to move around!
I: – Jeez, what a stubborn young lady. There’s no helping it, you both wait here, I’m going to find us lodging.
S: – I got it. Come on, let’s leave it to Itsuki. Don’t make that displeased face. There’s no choice, right? Itsuki’s the only one here.
I: – Why am I not trusted at all?
S: – If you find us some dubious lodge, I’ll get angry.
I: – No, you’re already angry, aren’t you? Even I wouldn’t drag around a girl feeling unwell. Plus, she a has some kid with her.
S: – Who’s a kid?

Natsuhiko: – You damn pervert!
Itsuki: – That voice is familiar, ugh.
N: – Who told you to contact me over something so trivial? I ordered you to find their hideout. I’ll send electric current through the phone if you show me your displeasing hobbies next time.
I: – Uh, it’s the guy that attacked our ship, isn’t it? Why are we meeting him in this kind of place?
S: – Let’s go fast. That guy’s targeting Mikoto.
N: – Why would you be happy when I tell you I’d electrocute you? *phone beep*
Uh! Those guys…are ability holders.
I: – Damn, our eyes met. Ojou-san, give me your shoulder, we’re gonna run for a bit.
*running steps*
S: – We should be okay if we ran this much.
I: – Sigh… right… we were lucky to be able to mend into the crowd and run away… My ability won’t be able to stand up to his…what was it, a gun?
S: – This town may be dangerous. Maybe we should contact everyone and meet.
I: – Before that, we should let Ojou-san rest a bit, she’s feeling ill. Ah, there’s an in there.
Man: – Welcome!
S: – Excuse us, we would like to rest here for a bit…
Man: – Rest? Not sleep?
S: – Yes. We were planning to stay over, but we have to do something… we’d leave after resting for a while.
Man: – That’s…but, right now’s…hey! Are you free now?
Boy: – Yes!
Man: – About that talk…
I: – Saku-chan, do you think we’ll get a room?
S: – I don’t know, I just asked.
Man: – Excuse me, it’s hard to say this, but you can’t get out of this city right now.
I: – Huh??
S: – What do you mean?
Man: – You see, there was the rumor that an anti-government organization was hiding in this town. And the police who believed that started stakeouts. Then the rumors turned out to be true.
I: – An anti-government organization…makes me think of something.
Man: – And they closed off the whole town so the criminals wouldn’t get away. Now no one can leave or enter the town anymore.
S: – That’s a problem…I never thought something like this would happen…
I: – So? When will that be abolished? Don’t tell me it’s gonna be forever.
Man: – Who knows. We normal citizens don’t know about it, but unless the organization’s caught, the trouble won’t settle down. The police in this town are enthusiastic about their work, after all. Jeez. It was peaceful until now, why did it turn to something so dangerous? If they don’t resolve it soon, my business will be in bad state.
S: – Here. I took out the futon, so rest well. call me if there’s something wrong. Rest well.
I: – Saku-chan, did you put Ojou-san to sleep?
S: – Yeah, we’ll let her rest until dinner. It’s an emergency, but I’m glad me managed to get two rooms.
I: – That clerk, what was that about the business not going well? It’s a busy period for inns.
S: – The fact that we have to stay over is part the rumors’ fault. We’ve been stopped in our tracks. Masamune gave us a lot, but it’ll be tight if it continues.
I: – More importantly, it’d be worse if we can’t get back until the promised day. They might think we ran away.
S: – We can’t stand being treated as criminals too. We have to contact the others somehow. It was our long awaited vacation, too…I thought Mikoto could rest a bit on land, though…
I: – If she knew there was an anti-government organization involved, that Ojou-san would say she’d catch them.
S: – it’s good that it seems she didn’t hear what the clerk said or heard that man in the town either. Let’s try to keep it away from her.
I: – That’s the best choice. We should temporarily stop our quarreling and get along. That way will be better for Ojou-san too.
S: – I’ll put in some effort.
I: – Then let’s get to the next problem.
S: – Problem? Was there something else aside from this?
I: – Of course there was! An important issue! Meaning how we split rooms tonight! We have a double and a single room, right? I think the sensitive Saku-chan would be better off having a single room. I’ll warm Ojou-san up. Saku-chan, you take your time by yourself… Oww!
S: – Oh, Itsuki, you’re such a nice guy. You’re not only thinking of Mikoto, but also of me.
I: – Oww!!!
S: – It’s gotten colder lately, so be careful not to catch a cold! When you sleep outside…
I: – Yhhh, oww!! Igot it!! I’m sorry!
*whistling*running steps*
N: – Hello. Ron? Where the heck are you right now? On land, you say? You couldn’t stay on the ship because of maintenance? Report that sort of stuff to me properly. Why do you think we have a means to contact each other? The ability holders probably have people from the World in their surroundings. Try not to be conspicuous.
On short…in this town, there’s only Mikoto and the other two…Right, I saw them in town. I lost them immediately because of the crowd, but they’re really unlucky to be in the town where Yuiga Shirou’s organization’s hiding.
It sounds interesting? What part?
We’re looking for the organizations’ hideout right now, but it’s difficult. If Yuiga Shirou realizes Mikoto and the others are here, it’s bad. We have to do something fast.
I: – Softly, softly…heh. I’m finally spending the night with Ojou-san, but nothing happened and it’s already morning, huh. Saku-chan’s eyes are like a hawk’s. He’s like some supervisor. So I’m a jail breaker who aspires to get to the oasis that’s Ojou-san. Heh! I reached the oasis! Uh! It’s cold! Why’s the window wide open?
*widow sliding*
Ojou-san, how are you feeling? You couldn’t sleep in this cold, could you? I’ll warm you up right now— Huh? ojou-san?
S: – Itsuki.
I: – Ohh, that surprised me! It’s the superviso– I mean, Saku-chan!
S: – Since when are you here?
I: – I just got here. I just came to see how Ojou-san’s feeling. I don’t have any unpleasant intentions! I was purely worried! But Ojou-san’s not here…where did she go, I wonder?
S: – I also wanted to see how Mikoto’s feeling…but she wasn’t here, and I was looking for her…but I can’t find her.
I: – When did you start looking for her?
S: – I think an hour ago.
I: – Did you ask the clerk? *pause* Saku-chan!
S: – Oh! I didn’t, yet…
I: – I got it. i’ll go, so you look for Ojou-san.
*running steps*
I: – It’s already 12… Where could Ojou-san have gone?
S: – The police told me that she might have been caught in some kind of incident…They’re searching the surroundings right now, but…
I: – An incident? That couldn’t be…She has an ability called “barrier”… Come on, cheer up! Don’t look as if you’re dying–
S: – You’re the one who called the police, right? Aren’t you also thinking something might have happened to Mikoto?
She was feeling ill…That’s why, maybe she couldn’t use her ability.
I: – If that’s so, I can only think of it as being that handsome guy’s doing. The town’s been closed off. We can still make it now.
S: – Where Mikoto is…I can find that out.
I: – What does that mean?
S: – But if it’s something she wished for, I shouldn’t move. I should leave her alone.
I: – I don’t really get it but, Saku-chan, are you thinking like this? That Ojou-san went to the perpetrators by herself?
S: – There is a possibility.
I: – Even if it was her will, she’s not the sort of girl who’d leave without saying anything to us!
S: – Where are you going?
I: – To the perpetrators. Were just wasting time here.
S: – You don’t need to go there.
I: – Listen to me, Saku-chan. If you get that weak willed, Ojou-san also–
S: – I saw it until this point. I’m useless because I couldn’t see more, but…
I: – Huh?
S: – Even if we don’t go look for her, he’ll come to us by himself.
I: – He, meaning…
*stepping sounds*
N: – So you were here?
I: – We haven’t seen each other since yesterday, huh? Great timing. I was thinking to go look for you because I wanted to see your pretty face so badly.
N: – I don’t have any business with you. Don’t get into my sight.
I: – I’m not pleased to see you either! Uh!
N: – Let go!
I: – You’re the anti-government organization the town police is looking for, right? If we hand you over to them now, we may even get some reward. Well, I have things to ask you before that though.
Where did you take Ojou-san?
N: – You’re wrong! I–
I: – Don’t pretend not to know! It’s all right either way. I won’t care if you’ll be crying from a nightmare, Mr perpetrator.
N: – Damn!
I: – Uh! That’s underhanded, to pull out some device. If I remember right, this was what you call a gun?
N: – So you know what this is. Then take your dirty hands off me. From what I see, then Mikoto’s already been kidnapped.
I: – You’re saying it as if it doesn’t concern you. Are you still gonna play dumb?
N: – That’s wrong. I didn’t do anything. Plus, aren’t you on the people from the World’s side?
S: – The only one who can contact the World is Masamune. The only thing we can do now is to call the police.
N: – The police… that’s useless. You can’t win against the people who kidnapped Mikoto with just the police.
S: – The one who kidnapped that girl…is not you?
N: – I said that a few times already. If I were the perpetrator, I wouldn’t come here on my own. The ones who kidnapped Mikoto are the organization the police is looking for. Look at this map. Their hideout is in one of the places indicated by the star signs. Mikoto should be in one of these places.
I: – Hm?
N: – Tomorrow, the town’s borders will be released; we have find it until that happens, or everything will be too late.
I: – Wait. how do you know it’s tomorrow? If they don’t catch the organization, the police won’t budge, right? They said this city’s police are enthusiastic about their work–
N: – It’s probably an enthusiasm that can be bought with money, isn’t it?
I: – So they were bought out, huh?
S: – Mikoto’s in one of these three locations…
N: – I came here for no other reason than to ask what your ability is, Nijou Sakuya. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough manpower to save Mikoto. I need an offensive ability.
S: – An offensive ability?
N: – I know that Kagami has the dream ability. It can only control delisions freely, an ability without any character.
I: – Everything you say is getting on my nerves.
N: – I hate the people who make a display out of their ability the most. Nijou, there’s no time. Tell me.
S: – I don’t have the power to fight.
N: – I see.
I: – Saku-chan? Where are you going?
S: – Would you give me a bit of time? I’ll go look for some clues?
I: – I’ll go too.
S: – I’ll be able to concentrate more if I go alone. Two hours…no, I’ll be back in one hour.
I: – Clues, huh? How does he plan on finding any?
N: – It’s not fire or water.
I: – Huh?
N: – Nor dreams, neither a barrier. Greenery, spirit, momory manipulation, cage…The only one that’s left is…predicting the future?
I: – Hm?
Man: – So tomorrow we’ll dispel the border closure? I can’t believe we couldn’t get any results, that’s sad for the police. It seems the case where a girl was kidnapped from an inn will also be closed.
Man 2: – That doesn’t feel good.
Man: – Let’s leave the prying at that. We can only listen to our superiors, so…whoops. People are passing. Shut up.
Man 2: – Huh…they didn’t hear what we were talking about, right?
Man: – Oh, probably.
Man 2: – But that was a surprisingly beautiful girl. She was staggering, I wonder if she was okay.
Man: – Uh, from the clothes, I’d say it was a guy. No need to worry. Let’s get back to our duty. They’ll shout at us if we’re seen slacking off.
Man 2: – Right.
*stepping sounds*
I: – Uh…
N: – Stop wandering about. You’ll make dust float.
I: – How can you be so calm? Do you have any nerves?
N: – Calmness is indispensable when I’m doing maintenance on my gun.
I: – Saku-chan left 2 hours ago…He said he’d be back in 1 hour, right?
N: – It’s only been 1 hour and 45 minutes.
I: – Even that’s 45 minutes over. He’s too late. I’ll go look for him, after all.
*door opening*
S: – Sorry for being so late.
I: – Saku-chan! Where have you been?
S: – I know where Mikoto is.
N: – Is that so? Where is she?
S: – In this most eastern location. On the outside, it’s a traditional restaurant, but it has an underground entrance in the kitchen.
N: – I got it. We’ll start preparing to storm into it.
I: – You used your ability to find Ojou-san’s location?
S: – Yeah. My ability’s incomplete, so I have to be as close as possible to the targeted object.
I: – The targeted object, you mean Ojou-san?
S: – Sorry for taking so long. But it was helpful that their hideout location was limited to 3 places. There were many obviously suspicious man around, and I was picked on many times so I couldn’t focus.
I: – Uh!
S: – Itsuki?
I: – Between Saku-chan, the perpetrator and who do you think would make Ojou-san saddest if something happened to them?
S: – That’s…
I: – Why don’t you even get something so obvious? I don’t care that you two are childhood friends, but you’re the same in the aspect that you neglect yourselves.
S: – Sorry. I’ll go wash my face.
I: – What troublesome children.
N: – I can’t understand your relationship. It doesn’t look as if you’re close, but it doesn’t look as if you don’t get along.
I: – We don’t get along. Saku-chan hates me. But we just don’t want to see someone important being sad.
*gun sound*scream*
Man: – We’re being attacked. Who is it?
Man 2: – We don’t know! The enemy seems to have a gun!
Man: – What? We’re supposed to be the only ones who have guns!
Man 3: – Two more hours and we’d have been able to leave the town!!
I: – Whoa, it looks awful.
N: – That’s just a children’s trick. It’s mostly smoke but it has no power.
I: – So it’s a bluff? Won’t it be bad if they figure it out?
S: – Mikoto’s in there… we have to hurry.
N: – Me and Nijou will go as a diversion.Kagami, while we attract the enemy, you save Mikoto.
I: – Is it all right for me to take the Prince role?
N: – You have the least pleasing looks among us. In case something happens, you could also pretend to be on the enemy’s side.
I: – Should I punch you a few times? Then you’ll also have a similar face to these guys!
S: – Itsuki! Stop fooling around and hurry up and go!
I: – I got it… Uh!
N: – Okay, let’s go too. Nijou, duck!
*gun fire*
Man: – Ugh!
N: – I’ll walk ahead. You stay behind me.
S: – I have a request. I want you to lend me one of those gun things too.
N: – If I don’t do what you say, will Mikoto die?
S: – Huh?
N: – I’m asking if you saw that sort of future.
S: – Why do you know what my ability is?
N: – Do you want an explanation or do you want a gun? Decide on one.
S: – “What am I going to do if I see Mikoto’s death?” I was thinking that and was utterly terrified, but I didn’t see that sort of future. That’s why I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I also want strength! The power to save Mikoto…
N: – This is not the sort of thing an amateur could handle. You only need to follow behind me.
*gun shots*
Man: – Argh!!
S: – Uh!
N: – Nijou!
Man: – I caught one! The only one left is the guy with the gun!
S: – Let go!
Man: – Whoops! Be docile! Come on, you lower your gun! Well, that’s if you value your comrade’s life.
S: – We’re not comrades.
Man: – What?
S: – Please leave and go save Mikoto! Hurry up!
N: – Huh…
Man: – Hahaha! It seems you’re the only one who was thinking you’re not comrades! What a heartless guy you are!
S: – Why?
Man: – Kick your gun and hand it here.
*gun sliding on floor*
Man: – Good. Grab that guy too!
Man 2: – Okay!
Man 3: – Argh! Another bomb!
N: – Hmpf. This one wasn’t a bluff or anything else. There are three other more fixed to this hideout’s pillars. It’s only a matter of time until you get buried alive.
Men: – No way! Ahhhh!
*screaming and running*
Man: – Uh! Don’t believe him! Don’t run away! Damn it!
*gun trigger*
Man: – Ugh!
S: – What an annoying head. Maybe it’d be better to increase its ventilation.
Man: – Ahhh!!! *runs away*
S: – Guns are pretty heavy, aren’t they? It was soliciting even to just bluff.
N: – That’s very good. It didn’t look like a bluff.
S: – I’m used to pointing weapons at people. I’m always doing it.
I: – Hey! I found Ojou-san!
S: – Mikoto!
N: – Okay, let’s run away too.
*running steps*
I: – We should be okay this far.
N: – Yeah, the town’s borders have also been unlocked. Mikoto, are you okay?
Don’t act strong, your eyes are wet. Don’t hold it in. There’s no one here who’d laugh at your tears. You were feeling ill too, weren’t you? You really did your best, considering that you couldn’t even use your ability. I love tat firm side of you.
I: – Hey! How dare you hit on her right in front of us? Aren’t you touching her too easily?
S: – You’re unusually saying something reasonable. Those are lines I always say to you though.
I: – Leaving me aside, I can’t forgive it when others do it! This is human, isn’t it?
S: – Mikoto, I’m really glad you’re all right. Are you hurt anywhere? Uh! You’re injured, aren’t you?! How can you say this is only a scratch? An injury is an injury! Wait a bit. There’s not much, but I brought some bandages. Sit over here.
N: – Is Mikoto’s injury really that bad?
I: – No, I think it really is just a scratch. There was no blood either. Bandages for that are an exaggeration. Our injuries are worse, aren’t they? Look at me, my face’s injured. Oh! Yours is too! Your handsome face’s ruined!
N: – It’s not much different.
I: – Anyway, I wonder why they targeted Ojou-san. They wanted her barrier ability, didn’t they?
N: – She’s the woman who was called a priestess in Kuga. Her name, face, and ability are obviously known.
I: – I see… I keep forgetting that when I’m with her. It’s true that she’s more stubborn than usual people and she has a strong sense of duty, but aside from that, she also cries and smiles like a normal girl.
N: – Heh, that’s true. What are you going to do now? Do you know where to go?
I: – We’ll go back on the ship. In the first place, we weren’t absolutely interdicted to go out. I’ll quietly wait with Sorata for the others to return on the ship.
S: – You got injured in a place that stands out…Mikoto will get worried!
I: – That’s true! The face Ojoou-san loves got hurt! They say injuries heal faster if you lick them, right? I’ll ask Ojou-san to reward me for my effort with a kiss on it!
S: – Don’t say despicable things. This is enough for you two.
I: – What? Oh, Saku-chan, this…Band-aids, huh?
N: – I’m also going.
I: – Oh, wait a bit. Here.
N: – These are the band-aids you received. I don’t need them.
I: – I got two. This one’s yours for sure.
N: – Uh…
I: – Putting a band-aid on your cheek is so uncool, it’s what kids do.
N: – If you don’t want to die because of bacteria, just put it on quietly.
I: – Okay, okay.
N: – I’m leaving Mikoto to you. The next time we’ll meet…
I: – ….we’ll be enemies…huh?
*stepping sounds*
I: – Well, now… Ojou-san! I also chipped the corner of my mouth! We don’t have enough band-aids either, so would you give it a kiss to  treat it?
S: – I’ll do it for you. I have sewing tools here as well, so I’ll sew it for you.
I: – Sewing tools in medical equipment…You’re such a thoughtful boy, to bring all that stuff with you! You could get married anytime.
S: – Heh.
I: – I’m only joking! I’m joking! Don’t take out the needle! Let’s go back to the ship now. Our cute Princess can’t stay in this kind of place forever.
S: – Come on, Mikoto, give me your hand.
I: – Leave the left hand to me, okay?
S: – Uh!
I: – A hand’s not much, isn’t it!
S: – Mikoto, let’s disinfect it properly when we get back, okay?
I: – *sigh* That’s pretty cruel. I did my best today.
S: – That’s true. Itsuki and that perpetrator also did their best to save you. I’m sure I couldn’t have done anything by myself. Thanks to the two of them, I can walk by your side right now. Everything is thanks to them.
I: – Saku-chan! Ojou-san, he’s talking like this, but your childhood friend also did a lot. Saku-chan’s the one who investigated your whereabouts. Well, he was like paralyzed after you disappeared, and he looked about to die anytime.
S: – Uh! Itsuki!!
I: – I’ll tell you about it until we reach the ship. About how 3 men did their best for you.
N: – Azuma Natsuhiko – Ono Daisuke.
S: – Nijou Sakuya – Saiga Mitsuki.
I: – Kagami Itsuki -Yusa Kouji.

*1 – in the Japanese tag game/onigokko, “it” is actually called “oni/demon”
* Ojou-san = young lady
* Yuiga Shirou – Yuiga Kakeru’s father

NORN9 Azuma Natsuhiko tw_natuhikoNORN9 Kagami Itsuki tw_ituki
   Azuma Natsuhiko          Nijou Sakuya             Kagami Itsuki
(Ono Daisuke)              (Saiga Mitsuki)           (Yusa Kouji)

+ Kuga Mikoto  (Takagaki Ayahi – VA not present)

Recording photos:
Norn9 Trio DramaCD Vol.2 Ono Daisuke 1388030021_1_1_c05a555e35574fa66e712ff6bfe1f563Norn9 Trio DramaCD Vol.2 Saiga Mitsuki 1388030021_1_2_52cd5d2d0788ed3145e46e22401236fcNorn9 Trio DramaCD Vol.2 Yusa Kouji 1388030021_1_3_05f7190aab5222b00c0f067cff966fdf

(photos from article http://www.animate.tv/news/details.php?id=1388030021)

Cast comment in article:
Great introduction of the official cast comments!
First, impressions on finishing the recording.

吾妻夏彦 役・小野大輔さん(以下、小野):またこうして夏彦を演じられて嬉しかったです。
Ono Daisuke who voices Azuma Natsuhiko: I’m happy to be able to play Natsuhiko again like this.
Also, it was very fun to interact directly with Sakuya and Itsuki!

二条朔也 役・斎賀みつきさん(以下、斎賀):夏彦や一月と普通に一緒に過ごしているところが何か新鮮で嬉しくなりました。とても楽しい収録でした。
Saiga Mitsuki who voices Nijou Sakuya: Spending time together with Sakuya And Itsuki was somehow refreshing so it made me happy. It was a very fun recording.

加賀見一月 役・遊佐浩二さん(以下、遊佐):一月は普段あまり真面目に長く語らないので(笑)。シリアスが多いお話は緊張しました。
Yusa Kouji who voices Kagami Itsuki: Itsuki doesn’t usually talk seriously (lol) so this much serious talk made me nervous.

Please tell us about scenes that required more effort and more important scenes, if there were any.

Ono: Youngsters from our agency are taking part in it. Also, the supporting roles are doing their best. Thank you!

Saiga: I think the three’s conversation in the mini drama is important.

Yusa: Of course, I put effort into everything (lol). I don’t think there are many opportunities to confront Natsuhiko directly, so I think it was fresh.

Lastly, please leave a comment to the fans who are waiting for the release.

Ono: It was a drama CD with much response, and it made me feel that NORN9 could continue for much longer. Please take care of us from now on as well!

斎賀:また朔也としてお会いできて嬉しいです。これも全部皆さんのおかげです! 他のキャラクターとの物語を見てみたい! と思ってしまうので、ぜひぜひこれからも応援よろしくお願いします!
Saiga: I’m happy to be able to meet everyone again as Sakuya.This is all thanks to eveyone! I want to see stories with the other characters as well! – that’s what it makes me feel, please continue to support us from now on as well!

Yusa: Ojou-sans (Younge Ladies), please enjoy the CD (lol).

This was a translation requested by Bông_chan. I am sorry for taking so long, for disappearing again and all of that. It seems that it’s useless to make excuses and be determined to be diligent because either something happens either I’m too lazy, so you and I should get used to myself, haha. I’m sorry. Have fun listening!
(I like Natsuhiko even more now)


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      Will you still be doing others though? I’m sorry, I’m asking out of curiosity, no need to answer.

      • Ehhh really? Maybe my mail was sent to your Junk Mail box 😛 No need to apologize. Sent you another email, my address is trangquynh91 😀

        I could send you what I’ve translated so far, the most lovey-dovey chapter XD Btw, do you have the download link of Special Mini Drama CD – Yogoro no Katarai? 🙂

      • I’m sorry, but I don’t… I know I found it somewhere online…because I’ve been translating what I can find online because I have no space in my computer…If I happen to find a link, I’ll tell you, though.

      • Ah okay, thanks. I also prefer online link.

        Have you received my email? 🙂

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