[TL] Love on Ride ~Tsuukin Kareshi vol 01 – Toosaki Yukihito

Love on Ride ~ 通勤彼氏 Vol.1 遠崎幸仁 (CV:細谷佳正)
Love on Ride ~Tsuukin Kareshi vol.01 Toosaki Yukihito (Seiyuu: Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Love on Ride ~Commuting Boyfriend vol 01 Toosaki Yukihito

Love on Ride vol 01

01. Title Call タイトルコール (00:34)
02. Saikai shita asa 再会した朝 The morning of reunion (04:36)
03. Mouichido chikazuku kyori もう一度近付く距離 Getting closer again (04:40)
04. Densha-nai 電車内 In the train (03:50)
05. Micchaku suru mannin densha 密着する満員電車 Glued to each other in a crowded train that (07:10)
06. Kaerimichi, okureru densha 帰り道、遅れる電車 A late train on the way home (05:33)
07. Yomichi 夜道 The street at night (09:07)
08. Unmei no itazura 運命のいたずら The tricks of destiny (05:10)
09. Kimi no ie 君の家 Your house (04:06)
10. Futari no omoi 二人の想い Feelings of the two (05:32)

Release date: 03 April 2015
Seiyuu: Hosoya Yoshimasa 細谷佳正
Official site: http://citrolarme.com/love-on-ride
Twitter @Citrolarme
Official sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDFUON29Kz4
Illustrator: Gogochan ゴゴちゃん
Scriptwriter: Kamikura カミクラ

English Translation:

Track 01. Title Call タイトルコール (00:34)

Boyfriend commuting to work – Toosaki Yukihito side. Hosoya Yoshimasa. You might laugh at me and say I’m a romanticist, but I believe in destiny. No matter how many years pass, I love you. I’ve been always been only looking at you. It’s no good if it’s not you. My heart has always been full of you.
Track 02. Saikai shita asa 再会した朝 The morning of reunion (04:36)

Okay, everything’s ready! It feels good when I wake up early!
*stepping sounds*
It feels as if the station is less crowded than usual.
*train stopping*
*doors closing sound*
*train starts*
Huh? Are you…? As I thought, it’s you! It’s been a while! Do you remember me? Ah, sorry for talking to you all of a sudden, I surprised you, didn’t I? As I thought, you don’t remember me, huh? Well, it’s not surprising. I left home immediately after graduating university so…it’s been around 6 years. But even though I remember you, it’s a little bit sad that I can’t get you to remember me!
Look at my face! Don’t I seem familiar? The sports freak living in your neighbourhood. When I came back from club activities, we often…
Right! I’m Toosaki! I’m happy you remembered me. Thanks! I was wondering what I should do if you didn’t remember me. It’d be bad if I’d been reported to the police if you thought I was just a dangerous guy. Yeah, hehe. Really, it’s great.
Are you going to work now? Is that so! Me too. Actually, I usually take a later train but it happened that I woke up early today, so I took this one.
But it really surprised me! To meet you in this sort of place…don’t tell me you always use that station? Really? What a coincidence! I wouldn’t have imagined that a childhood friend from my home town was living so close. If I can meet you like this, maybe I’ll start waking up early every morning from now on! Heh! It’s nothing, it’s just a joke.
Oh? Even I can tell a joke or two! It’s true that in the past I was very rigid and frantic about attending club activities but…jeez, what sort of impression do you have about me?
A very serious big brother? Is that praising? It doesn’t really feel like that.
Okay, I’ll think that you were praising me.
Oh…right! Where do you get off? Then it’s the same as me. I exchange there. Oh, so many people! We’re going to be pushed in. As expected, it’s so crowded even at this hour.
Sigh…are you all right? This is enough to tire you out right from the morning. Are you going that way? Then we’re parting here…too bad…If we weren’t going to work right now, I’d have liked to sit and talk more, but…
Ah..right…Here, this is my address. Take it as a commemoration of our reunion. If you’d like, mail me! I’ll be waiting. Then…see you! Do your best at work!
Sigh…maybe I’ll put in some effort and wake up early tomorrow too.
Track 03. Mouichido chikazuku kyori もう一度近付く距離 Getting closer again (04:40)

*stepping sounds*
Good morning!
Huh? Ah…today I woke up early again…or not. I wanted to meet you so I came earlier intentionally.
It’s not a joke, I’m telling the truth!
I met you again. God gave me this chance, so I can’t let it get away, right?
Ah, did it make you pull off a little? Maybe it was a bit a suspicious line.
Huh? You were just surprised?
It wasn’t my intention to surprise you. But you were staring right into your smartphone and didn’t even notice I came from behind. If you’re full of openings like this, it’s dangerous.
What were you doing? Ah, that application is popular, isn’t it? My colleagues were saying they’re hooked on it too. Everyone around is doing it. Me? I don’t really get it. I don’t really get social networks eiher, and what are tags and tweets? Truthfully, sending mails is the most I can do. You saw how late I replied yesterday, right?
I’m not used to smartphones yet, and writing texts is so difficult. And I was also nervous this time, it took me a ton of time more than usual.
Right, I didn’t know what I should talk to you. I’ve always been around guys who did sports, and my coworkers are also mostly men so I don’t really understand what conversations girls like.
Of course I’d mind! Because I’m sending you a message, wouldn’t I want you to think even a litle better of me?
Heheh. I’m not easing you! You still blush when you get embarrased, I see. It’s cute.
I’m not treating you like a kid, you know. It’s true that when you were small, you felt like my little sister.
Right, you can also call me “Yukihito-oniichan” like you used to.
Heh. Sorry, sorry. I’m not serious. Anyway, how many years ago were you calling me that? It’s probably more that 10 years ago, right? Plus, I’m no longer at an age where I would be called big brother. You also became a splendidn lady who can wear formal wear.
You became so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine this then.
Huh? You’re saying I became flashy? It’s true that I did change a bit. I became a bit more honest with myself, I guess. In the past, I only held back, but I realized that nothing changes if I do that. Well, instead you ended up calling me flashy…
Heh. No need to apologize. I don’t really mind it and it’s no surprise you’d think of me like that since I was so serious in the past.
I was also a sport-oriened type them. Right. I only did track and field, in middle school, in highschool and university. Even now I jog almost every night.
Maybe I just didn’t realize it and I’ve been jogging close to your house too. Because I run around pretty far.
No, it’s not amazing. It’s also because I like running, but in the end it’s just that I can’t get out of a habit I’ve had for years. Oh, but because of that, i’m confident of my physical strength even now. I think I could carry someone of your build in a princess lift and jog without a problem. Want to try it? Heh, I was joking!
Track 04. Densha-nai 電車内 In the train (03:50)

It somehow feels really strange. That I would be going to work taking the same train as you…I haven’t ever thought about it. It’s something that makes you think about it.
Huh? My job? I work for a sports articles maker. I thought about it, but I still wanted to be connected to sports in some way so I chose the job in this company. Business was out of my field of knowledge so it was hard in the beginning. When I was new, I was often scolded by superiors at the trade partner.
But now I think it’s a good job, worth doing.
It’s not easy at all, but…
What about you, what sort of work do you do?
Huh? Is that so? How is it? Is work fun? Is that so…Well, everyone makes mistakes. Even I have a lot of things I can’t do well, and it’s a job where you involve yourself with people so there are a lot of complicated things. Ah, anyway, don’t think so bad of yourself. Don’t think can’t do mistakes, but make those your power and grow. And someday, kick that boss’s—ahh, this is a bit off topic. But you let’s think positively with that sort thinking.
Okay, your expression lit up. That expression is very nice. It’s wonderful.
“You were worried about me?”, you ask? Of course I was! I don’t want to see your depressed face. If it makes you smile, I’ll do anything. The things I can do are limited, but…don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re okay with me, I’ll listen to you anytime, okay?
Ahh, sorry for patting you all of a sudden. I didn’t think before doing it.
Huh? Oh! That surprised me! I thought you were thanking me for patting me. You don’t need to thank me, I haven’t done anything yet.
Somehow…being thanked me while being stared at…makes me blush. Don’t laugh! I can’t help it I’m not used to this! Plus, being told that normally by someone and being told that by you while staring at me are different!
Why, you ask? Huh…Here, if I stare at you like this while smiling and say thanks, doesn’t it make you somehow embarrassed? Right? It feels sort of ticklish. I’m happy, but I don’t know what to do with these ticklish feelings. I respect people who can express their feelings honestly at times like this. Heheh. It’s a bit difficult for me yet.
*train bells*

Track 05. Micchaku suru mannin densha 密着する満員電車 Glued to each other in a crowded train that (07:10)
*doors getting closed bells*

Are you okay? It’d be bad if you were crushed between me and the door…it’s a bit tight but…What? Don’t tell me I smell of sweat? Is that so? I’m glad. The truth is that I ran a bit…so I could see you. It’s not easy to change your usual habits so even though I woke up earlier than usual, it was pretty much a close call. At times like this, I’m glad that I did track and field. Though it was a bit difficult to run in a suit.
You smell very nice…Are you wearing perfume? So it’s not perfume…then maybe shampoo? Oh, did you just think I was like a pervert just now? If you agree so clearly even I get shocked. Heh. But it’s somehow nice for a man that you can’t deny it clearly… Truthfully, I feel lucky right now. If the train wouldn’t be so crowded, I wouldn’t be so close to you, and there aren’t so many chances that I can look at you like this, thinking that your eyelashes are long or that your lips seem soft…Even if I’m called a pervert, I can’t help it. The truth is that right now my heart’s beating very fast.
Hey, how about you? Is your heart beating at least a bit faster than usual?
*train whistles*
Uh, sorry. It’s not so long until we get off, so bear it for a bit.
What is this, it seems your heart is also beating fast. The capricious gods seem to be siding with me. To be able to feel your heartbeat so close while looking at you…I need to thank god.
Even so, I’ve never been aware of it, but you’re so small. Wasn’t it hard every day like this for you?
Ouch. I wasn’t making fun of you, don’t get angry!
It’s just that I haven’t hugged you since we were both kids. You also grew up, of course, but when I was in high school I shot up so I didn’t think we were so different in height. And you’re so slim…it looks as if you’d break easily with just a bit of force. Are you eating properly? I’m worried, because you easily do reckless things. Don’t tell me that you skip your afternoon meal or dinner because you’re busy with work.
Oh! You averted your eyes a bit just now! Geez, if you ruin your health it will all come to nothing, you know! I know that you’re busy, but you need to eat properly!
Oh, or if you want, how about I come cook for you? I’m pretty confident in my cooking skills. I’m good at stews.
Eh? You want me to make you food? I didn’t expect you to be happy about it so I’m a bit surprised. No..yeah…if you say it’s okay, I don’t mind going there to cook for you, or more…it’s the best opportunity to go to your house.
Ah, no, it’s nothing. Then I’ll let you eat my best dish next time. In exchange, won’t you make something for me too some day? It’s not a problem if you’re good or bad at cooking. I want you to make it for me. I’m not picky about food, so I’ll eat anything. If it’s something that humans can eat..then anything. It’s not like I’m saying you seem to be bad at cooking! I just said it, in case.
Ouch! Sorry, sorry! Don’t pinch me! It’s my bad, sorry, okay?
*sigh* I sort of feel I want to get to the station quickly…and at the same time I don’t…I want to be able to hug you forever, but I started feeling that if I keep hugging you more than this, my heart won’t last. I’m worried if I can work properly from morning the whole day like this. I feel as if I won’t be able to think of anything aside from you. Your scent…your heartbeat…your slim and warm body…the time when my heart beat the fastest…
*train stopping*
Just joking. But even if it’s just a bit, I would be happy if you thought of me the same way.
*sigh* Are you okay? It was tight there, right? Ah, your hair is a bit messed up. Come here for a bit. Okay, all better. Huh? My necktie? Oh…Somehow, this sort of thing feels as if I’m with my lover…or with my wife…Heh…I’m kinda embarrassed. Even though until just now I was hugging you, even if it couldn’t be helped…it makes me more shy if you do something for me. Don’t laugh! Even I think it’s a bit weird!
*sigh* At times like this, I hate the moment of having to change trains. I want to stay with you a bit more, but it can’t be helped.
Then, do your best at work! Don’t push yourself! And eat properly! Hah, you say I’m like a mom? *sigh* It’s okay like that for now.
Well then, take care!
Track 06. Kaerimichi, okureru densha 帰り道、遅れる電車 A late train on the way home (05:33)

Huh? Hey, this way! This surprised me! You’re going home now? Me too! But for the train to stop working because of a problem is unlucky. The station’s full of salarymen going back from work, so even if the trains start running again, there will be too many people and it’s going to be hard getting in. Well, as far as I’m concerned, I found it a bit lucky that I could meet you here because the trains don’t work, even though we usually don’t meet. Heh. Your company’s closest station is here, but I have to change trains here and I’m on a different line, so it’s normal that we wouldn’t meet each other. Hey, are you a bit tired? Was work hard today too? Hmm? Is that so? There are days like that too. Good work today. You did well. I had it a bit hard too, and I was working while wishing for it to be a holiday fast.

You’re asking how I spend my days off? Hmm…cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping…and sometimes I go watch movies, but I don’t have something I could call a hobby so I guess I’m spending my days off eventlesslly. Ah, but lately I get invited to futsal by my colleagues so I go there now and then. As I thought, moving your body is great.
What do you do on your days off? Hey, what do you mean by this and that? That’s right. Hey, I don’t mind if it’s when you have time, but how about going out together some time? Let me tag along to this and that. I want to know more about what you like, places you like, more about you now. Plus, I also want to see your normal clothes. We only meet when we’re in suits, right? That’s why, I’m very curious what sort of clothes you wear usually. That’s right, I’m inviting you on a date.
Ahh, it’s not something to be called a date…no, I’m happier if we call it a date and I want it to be one, but I didn’t think you’d turn so red so it makes me embarrassed. I thought you’d laugh at me as usual while saying not to tease you. Ah…maybe you became aware of me? Heh. Cute. Don’t glare at me! I’m not making fun of you!
So? Is your answer yes for the date? Got it. So on the weekend next week. It’s a promise, okay? It’s fun just to think about what to do, isn’t it? Hey, is there anywhere you want to go? Ehh, anywhere, you say? Hmm…then what about that theme park? It seems they got new attractions lately and it’s just the period for a time limited event. The parades are also pretty fun. If you don’t dislike this sort of thing…
Reallly? Great! Then our date will be at that theme park. I’m looking forward to it already! I don’t remember how long it’s been since we went out together. I was pretty interested in that new attraction too. Don’t say I’m like a kid, at least say I haven’t forgotten my innocence of a child!
I’m also excited about going to the theme park, but it’s a date with you, so I can’t help being excited for it.
*train stopping sounds*
Doesn’t it feel extremely special to spend the same time by the two of us?
Ah, there are less people now and it seems we can ride this train, so let’s get on that one. If it becomes crowded, how about I hug you like last time?
I was joking!
We’re here at last! It took pretty long because of the slow driving. I was worried I would crush you! But even though we get off at the same station, it’s a bit sad that you use the other exit. I’ll go home after I buy the ingredients for dinner, so it’s goodbye here. Take care on your way home. Also, even if you find it a pain, eat your dinner properly! Okay! Then, good work today too! See you tomorrow! Good night.
Track 07. Yomichi 夜道 The street at night (09:07)

She just said she exited that station so…I think I’m close.
She sent me a totally unchecked mail saying “I met a drinking party” instead of “I’m at a drinking party” and the fact that she made spelling errors in the mail I received tells me she’s drunk.
Oh! Over here!
It’s impossible not to worry after you send me that sort of e-mail! Don’t ask me not to. I don’t mind coming to pick you up and I was running just now either way, it’s just a detour.
You’re welcome.
But you’re really drunk, aren’t you?
I feel I was right to come pick you up.
*sigh* You’re just not as drunk as to be called a drunkard…
Well, no matter. Here, hold my hand. You’re staggering and I feel as if you’ll fall in an instant if I don’t support you.
I’m not treating you like a kid. If you’re saying that, how about I carry you princess style? My precious princess!
Ouch! I’m not teasing you! It’s all right so now tell me which way to your house.
Oh, that way? I think I always run around that way. My house is from the police station…right, right, around there. I sometimes do laps around that way. It’s not that much! It’s nothing compared to how much I was running when I was in school. Though even so, I think it’s hard sometimes. Heh, am I getting old?

Are you okay? Do you want to walk slower? Even so, why did you drink so much you got like this? No matter how I look at you, you don’t seem to hold your alcohol too well. It’d be a problem if a person who’s strong to alcohol walked staggerin like this! I was surprised when I got that mail all of a sudden, so you know!
I’m not mad! Well, I can’t say I don’t want to get mad a bit now but anyway, I was really worried. In the first place, I was worried whether you can get to this station all right. I didn’t know what I would’ve done if you fell asleep and rode the train to the last station! Plus, you intended to walk this dark road alone, didn’t you? Even if there are street lights, it’s dangerous! What would you do if something happened?

It’s okay. You didn’t miss your stop and were able to get off at this station, and I could also come get you. I don’t know why you drank so much, but since it’s you we’re talking about, it’s not that you were forced to drink, but I think you might have drank too much because something good happened.
Huuh? So your senpai is resigning and getting married? So you and the group celebrated for her? I see. So this is why you drank too much. Is that so? If it’s a senpai that helped you a lot, you’d be even happier for her. It’s just like you to be like that.
Oh! you cried, didn’t you? And with a show, to boot. And it was probably so much that you clinged to your senpai in tears. Your make-up is ruined and your eyes look like a panda’s.
Heheh. It’s okay. It’s not in good shape, but I exaggerated a bit. You’re as cute as always. Oh! I’ll say this beforehand, but I’m not making fun of you or treating you like a kid either! It’s what I sincerely feel.
Come to think of it, some of my comerades and classmates are also married. I’ve been to a wedding recently as well. I don’t know how they meet anyone being in an environment full of men!
Ah, maybe through mixers (goukon). Now that I think of it, some guys did that.
Me? I don’t go to mixers. Well, I have no choice to go if I have to accompany a friend there, but I don’t do it with enthusiasm. I’m not very good at that sort of thing. It’s more like I go to drink and even out the number of people.
No, I’m not popular! I’m not good at talking either…I’ve said this before too, but I don’t know what to talk about. That’s why when I go to mixers, all I do is sit there. My work only starts after that is over, I’d say. I have good alcohol tolerance, so I carry my colleagues home or I send off the girls by taxi. A lot of stuff. That’s why, I don’t know if you’re curious about it or not, but of course, I don’t have a lover either. When I was in school I was busy with club activities and now I’m busy with work, and I’m not looking for encounters either. Plus, there’s someone who I’ve been thinking of since long ago, you know. If it’s not that person, I don’t want a lover.
What good will it do to me to tell you such a lie at this point? Everything is true, including the fact that I don’t have a lover. Or maybe you think I’m so attractive that it makes you want to doubt me? If that’s so, it makes me hope a little. Haha, don’t run away! Maybe I was a bit right about that…? No, no way that can be true.
Hey, what about you? Do you have a lover or something now? You’re asking why? I’m asking because I’m curious about it. It’s okay if you don’t want to answer but…I want to know. If you have one, I need to act in a way that wouldn’t raise doubts for your boyfriend, too.
I’d beel bad to hear you argued with him because of me, wouldn’t you think?
What’s with that? You’re saying “what do you think?” Why do you answer my question with a question!
Ah…I wonder, now. If you had a boyfriend, you’d normally contact him, and not me, in this situation. You would also refuse to hold hands like this too. Plus, I think you wouldn’t ask “what do you think?” and try to be confusing. This includes my faint hopes too. One vote to you not having a lover! Was I right?
Ah, come on, don’t sulk! I wasn’t teasing you or anything! It’s just that I thought that if you don’t have a lover right now, I also have a chance at it. The fact that you don’t have a lover means it’s okay for me to aim for the spot beside you, right?
Oh! That surprised me! What’s wrong? I didn’t think you’d be so surprised just because I got closer to you! Huh? You tripped on that step? It’s just a small step…ah… you’re pretty drunk, are you okay? You didn’t sprain your ankle? Show me a bit. Here. Does it hurt? Ah, sorry. I want to give you first aid, but I don’t have anything with me right now. But going on walking while holding hands isn’t gonna work.
Come here. I’ll carry you on my back until home. I’ll be troubled if you hurt yourself again! I have a responsibility to protect you. Come on, hurry up. I think that in this situation it’s best to be honest and rely on me. Or maybe you want me to really do the princess lift on you?
Track 08. Unmei no itazura 運命のいたずら The tricks of destiny (05:10)

Does it hurt to ride on my back? “It’s a warm and big back”, you say…it makes me a bit embarrassed.
Hm? You ask if you’re heavy? You’re not heavy at all! On the contrary, you’re a bit on the light side. Heheh. No, I just remembered I also carried you home on my back in elementary school. I wonder why that happened. Oh, right. I remember you fell off a tree-heheh- you were pretty mischievous. But then in middle school, high school, university we were both busy with club activities and didn’t meet much. That’s why I remember I was always surprised when you’d change every time we’d meet. The length of your hair, the style of your clothes, your gestures… every time we met you grew more mature…heh, how nostalgic. I’ve never imagined I’d be carrying you home again here. Heh? I’m not making fun of you. I’m just happy. It’s not as if we told each other where we were going or we kept in contact. Even so, we both entered the working world and met again by chance at a train station.
Doesn’t it feel a bit like destiny? So you’re calling me a romanticist, huh. It’s true that it might be a bit like that. I believe in destiny and such pretty much. A capricious god gifted us with a capricious reunion, but he linked us through the thread of fate – that’s what I want to believe. That’s why I can be with you now. I think this sort of destiny can provide a start. You don’t believe in this sort of thing? I’m glad…I didn’t know what to do if you were to cut me off by clearly saying you don’t believe.
The truth is, just before I met you again I had a big problem and I was caught up between my superior and the client. The truth is, I was pretty depressed. I tried to do sport to get over it somehow but I couldn’t regain my spirits. Heh. I was supposed to be strong mentally, but I guess that means I still have to work on it.
And among this, I was reunited with you and I got a lot of energy remembering what I did and what I felt back then. Self interest, huh? Thinking that I would meet you every morning, I could do my best at the problem I hated.
Really? Heh. If you also got energy after meeting me, that’s the best thing. Ah…and then, what I wanted to say…Argh, the light’s gonna change. I’m gonna run, so hold tightly.
Pfew. I told you. I can carry you easily and run. If you want, I could also run all the way to your house…but I want to stay more with you, so I’ll just walk leisurely. Heh.
Yeah. That’s why you can rely on me more.
Are you sleepy? It’s okay to sleep. Ah, but tell me the location in detail first. Ah, in that apartment block? Okay, I got it. Good night. You have to wake up when we get there!
Here we go! Really, she changed, but some things are the same…what a troublesome girl. I bet she only thinks of me as the neighbouring older brother. I don’t mind, even so. But I still rather…

Track 09. Kimi no ie 君の家 Your house (04:06)

It’s here, right?
We’re here, wake up. Don’t just say “yeah”, come on. Where’s the key? In your bag? Huh, you’re telling me to open it? There’s no helping it… *door unlocking*
Come on, take off your shoes. I’ll come in your house, you know!
Uh, don’t say something like that so easily! Things like “if it’s you, I allow you to go inside”. Don’t start with the but and because, what’s not okay is not okay to do! Here, stand up! You can’t stand? Ah, geez, so troublesome! Can’t help it, I’ll go in your house. Don’t get angry later.
I’m coming in…
*stepping sounds*
I’ll leave your key on your desk. Come on, don’t sleep. You didn’t even tak off your make up yet. Wait a bit.
*stepping sounds*
Here, have some water. If you do’t drink enough liquids you’ll dehydrate. Take care of that.
So it’s here…huuh, the room is like this…
What? You called? Ahh, it’s not really troubling for me so it’s okay. I only did it because I wanted to. More like, I’m happy that you rely on me. That means that you think of me as reliable, after all. Well. but I’ve only carried my male colleagues on my back and took them home so the feeling of carrying a girl was pretty refreshing. Heh. I won’t tell anyone, so rest assured. I won’t tell them that you were drunk and fell down so I had to carry you home.
Heh. Ouch! I told you I won’t tell anyone! You can’t hit me!
I think you woke up a bit from your drunk state. I see, then that’s good. No, I was just thinking that it’s the first time I entered your room…it makes me a bit restless. You keep it pretty clean, I see. It represents you and it smells like you…it makes my heart beat fast.
It’s the fragrance of aroma candles? Ah, that might be it too, but it’s not only that…Hey, do you always let people enter your house so easily, even men? Normally you’d be a bit more on your guard, wouldn’t you?
Hmm? It’s because it’s me, huh? You say something like that again. Maybe I seem totally harmless to you? Or maybe you just don’t see me at all as a man? If that’s so, you’re a bit too dense. Even though I’m so aware of you…

Track 10. Futari no omoi 二人の想い Feelings of the two (05:32)

I’m a man, too. I also have muddy feelings, unlike you think of me. Does it look as if I’m joking? I’m serious. When I think that you showed that off guard side of you to other people, I’m shamefully jealous. I’m that serious.
Let only me be the one who sees you defensless.
“Sorry”, you say? You don’t know what you’re apologizing for, do you? I’m not angry and it’s not like I want you to apologize. I just want you to be aware of me, even if it’s just a little. I don’t see you like a childhood friend that’s like a younger sister, but as a woman. I told you I had someone in my heart. didn’t I? I was talking about you. It’s only been you, since long ago.
I’m not lying. Back then I was happy that you liked me and thought of me as your big brother. But when I realized I was happy about it because I was in love with you, I thought I couldn’t betray your trust and hid my feelings. I thought that was the right way back then, but as time passed, instead of forgetting about my love for you, the feelings kept growing and I really regretted not being able to tell you anything. That’s why I thought I should change, because I knew it’s the hardest when you regret not being able to say it. And then I met you again. I thought destiny was playing tricks on me. But that’s not it. Because I was able to meet you again, in a place so far from our home town, I really thought that god gave me a second chance.
No matter how many years pass, I love you. I’ve only been looking at you, always. It’s not good if it’s not you. My heart is always filled with you. That’s why…please let me hear what you feel. If you say you can only see me as a big brother, then I’ll…it won’t be possible to do it right away, but I’ll give up on you. I’ll stay as your big brother. But if you don’t hate it and feel the same even if just a bit…please become my lover.
Oh…really? huh? It’s not because you kinda feel you can’t refuse but… for real? Are you really willing to go out with me? What should I do…I’m really happy! I might not look like it, but now I feel so happy I could start dancing…How many years I’ve been thinking of you…
I’ve always wanted to do this with you. Really…always. If I’d been honest earlier…no…I think that I could tell you my feelings like this because we were reunited by chance on that day. If I weren’t pushed forward by fate, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. You might laugh at me and say I’m a romanticist, but it’s realy true.
I love you. I’ve always loved you, I’ll do from now on too, I’ll only love you forever. So much that no matter how much I say it it won’t be enough…That’s why…Please let me touch you, to make up for the time I couldn’t. Please let me know about all your expressions and sounds. I’ll only tell you about all my feelings I haven’t been able to convey until now.

When he said he’d eat anything, I told him I’d feed him rocks. Guess he heard that. lol

Why do thiese translations take so much effort? I wish I could only tell the keyboard what to write.
To the people who have watched this blog since before, thanks a lot for sticking with me! To new visitors, I hope I won’t disappoint and manage to reset myself on track. Hah. DOn’t think so!

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