Kyo Kara Maoh Mini Drama – D no Sekai

Kyo Kara Maoh Mini Drama – D no Sekai

Shibuya Yuuri – seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏
Wolfram von Bielefeld – seiyuu: Saiga Mitsuki  斎賀みつき
Conrad Weller – seiyuu: Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川 智之
Gwendal von Voltaire – seiyuu: Otsuka Akio 大塚明夫

01. D no Sekai/ D World Dの世界 (18:04)

Yuuri: “Takabayashi Tomo’s work, Maruma Series. Service from all the guardians. *Throb* All-men night trip”. What’s with this title? “Special Drama CD: D World”

Gwendal: – What a disaster. Why did this happen? Ah, Anissina!
Wolfram: – Brother Gwendal!
Gwendal: – Wolfram!
Wolfram: – Did you find the cause?
Gwendal: – Yeah. Where are His Majesty and Conrad?
Wolfram: – They are still wondering about the room. They’re still unconscious. Well, Yuuri is just staggering but not hurt, though…Conrad is…
Gwendal: – What is it?
Wolfram: – He wants to protect Yuuri and he attacks reflexively so Gurrier is holding him back.
Gwendal: – Is that so…
Wolfram: – Brother. What’s the cause for this strange situation?
Gwendal: – It’s Anissina.
Wolfram: – Uh, I thought so. By the way, where is the person herself? From what I see, she’s not here in the laboratory either.
Gwendal: – She’s out. From the note she left, she’s using a teleportation device to go to Carbel Nikov’s place. But she’s not important right now.
Wolfram: – How can that be? I don’t care if she used a magical device or poison, but the Demon Lord and his aide have lost their minds because of her!
Gwendal: – Calm down, Wolfram. The cause is this.
Wolfram: – A book? A red leather emblem…
Gwendal: – That’s right. Sir von Carbel Nikov’s memo was also carefully put inside.
Wolfram: – What’s that book? The title is…”Welcome to Poison Woman’s world”?
Gwendal:- So it’s the so called handwritten original. It’s not finished and the back is blank.
Wolfram: – Please let me see it! What horrible handwriting… Um…
Gwendal: – These are the instructions she wrote: “Hello, good kids! 1. Be sure there is light in the room when you’re reading. 2. The story contains the writer’s passion and magical power. The original copy is especially dangerous, so amateurs should by no means get close…”
Wolfram: – “Heavy footsteps that seemed to make the earth tremor resounded closer. In the crowd of people running away screaming Gw..edal stopped and..”.
Gwendal: – Wolfram! Wait! Don’t say it!
Wolfram: – “alone….beyond… a far away forest..”.*snore*
Gwendal: – Fool! What are you doing, getting dragged in the Poison Woman’s world?
Hey! Don’t cling to me! Ow! Eh! Don’t climb on me! Hey, Wolfram! Don’t pull my hair! It hurts! A!
Yuuri: *yawn* – Huh? Where am I? What’s this rock? A grave!?
Conrad: – Your Majesty! Look up!
Yuuri: – Eh? Ehh!! A monster!
Conrad: – Watch out!
Yuuri: – Damn! A big spider! A spider! Spider! Spider! It was an unbelievably enormous spider, Conrad!
Conrad: – Shh! Don’t provoke it. If we let it pass, it will be all right.
Yuuri: – Even if you say that, that thing’s as big as a cow! Its legs are like Yozak’s arms!
Conrad: – It’s all right now.
Yuuri: – *sigh* Hey…
Conrad: – Yes?
Yuuri: – What’s this? Deja-vu? More like, this has been happening a lot lately, don’t you think? I was supposed to be sleeping on the bed in Blood Pledge Castle, but when I wake up I’m always in a different place.
Conrad: – Well, it seems it’s night time now though.
Yuuki: – Plus, I’m wearing pajamas with a chick pattern matching with Greta.
Conrad: – It’s lovely.
Yuuri: – Hey, Conrad, do you think I may be sleepwalking?
Conrad: – I don’t think you have that problem, Yuuri. Your sleeping posture is not bad either.
Yuuri: – Right? Then this has to be a dream, right?
Conrad: – Hm…I don’t know that either.
Yuuri: – Eh!
Conrad: – Uh!
Yuuri: – Ah, sorry! I thought it was a dream so I kicked you with all my might! Ah…I’m sorry! I’ve always wanted to kick a popular guy so I did it without thinking! Ah! Sorry, really! If it’s not a dream, it must hurt a lot! Do you want me to pat your back?
Conrad: – I-I’m okay. I thought it’d go straight home so I didn’t protect the vital point.
Yuuri: – Gunter taught me not to touch people’s cheeks carelessly…
Conrad: – Heh, right. If you’d slap my left cheek carelessly, my Wolfram would probably faint in agony.
Yuuri: – Hahaha…I can’t laugh at that. Ah! But it shocked me! What was that giant creature! And where are we anyway?
Conrad: – Yuuri, did you see the pattern on its back?
Yuuri: – On the spider? No, I didn’t.
Conrad: – It said “poison”. It wasn’t some scribble, but the design on its back.
Yuuri: – “Poison”? Um…so then this is…
Wolfram: -We’re in the Poson Woman Anissina’s world!
Conrad: – Wolfram!
Yuuri: – Huh? How long have you been here?
Wolfram: – I just got here. Uh! What’s this white garbage?
Yuuri: – Uh! Aren’t those human bones?! Don’t kick them, you’ll get cursed!
Conrad: – No, this is probably from the skeleton clan.
Yuuri: – Kotchi? Ah, he’s raising his hands! Wow, how lethargic. Their eyes are all dull. Uh, they don’t have eyeballs.
Wolfram: – I see. I remember Poison Woman Anissina has a famous starting work.
Conrad: – “The graveyard was devastated by someone.”
Yuuri: – Ah, I know that one! It’s about the Kotchi who go in the soft soil of the graveyard the middle of the night and when they mindlessly stay half in half out you hear a sound from behind as the earth tremors and–
All: – Huh?
Wolfram: – It’s getting closer.
Yuuri: – A-an earthquake?
Conrad: – As you probably suspect, it may be a giant Posion Woman.
Yuuri: – It’s that, after all? Huh? It stopped.
Wolfram: – Brother was saying that the red leather handwritten manuscript is the cause for everything.
Conrad: – Red leather? Ah!
Yuuri: – Ah, I read that! Greta brought it from somewhere yesterday night. I thought maybe I’d read a bit before sleeping but I fell down after a few lines.
Conrad: – That book was lying by the bed so I picked it up and read a bit from it…
Wolfram: – And you ended up falling asleep too, huh, Conrad?
Conrad: – I’m sorry.
Yuuri: – Huh? So we’re in a dream, after all? Huh? But when I kicked Conrad’s *** earlier, his reaction was real.
Conrad: – It hurt a lot.
Wolfram: – This isn’t inside a dream! I told you we’re in the Poson Woman’s world!
Conrad: – Then it means that our souls have been trapped in the book’s world?
Wolfram: – Probably. We’re now characters in the Poison Woman’s World. And what we do here affects our real bodies. The Blood Pledge Castle is in an uproar right now! The two of you are loitering around the castle still unconscious!
Yuuri: – Then you should do something to stop that! You’re my fiance, aren’t you?
Wolfram: – Idiot! Can’t you understand what’s happening, seeing me here with you?
Yuuri: – Huh? Um…
Conrad: – He also read the red leather book.
Yuuri: – Huh? Then Wolfram’s loitering about too?
Conrad: – Probably yes.
Wolfram: – Cough, cough. I fainted in front of Brother, so you know! I shouldn’t have ended up in a disgraceful state like the two of you!
Yuuri: – Don’t say disgraceful!
Yuuri: – Whoa!
Conrad: – It’s close. It’ll probably come out from behind those rocks.
Wolfram: – I- I don’t like those kinds of things!
Conrad: – I know that. You were always drawing the Shinmakoku map on the bed the morning after a horror story night.
Yuuri: – The map?
Conrad: – Don’t children do that a lot? More precisely, he wet the be-
Wolfram: – Don’t tell him unnecessary things!!
Wolfram & Yuuri: – It’s here!
Man: – There were people still here? It’s dangerous, run away!
Conrad: – Huh?
Wolfram: – B-Brother?!
Man: – What did you say?
Conrad: – It’s not…
Yuuri: – …Gwendal, right? It’s too dark so I can’t see well, but he has a beard and looks a bit older too…No, if it’s his actual age, he can’t be older than Gwendal in the first place.
Wolfram: – Uhh!!
Man: – We’ll talk later. We have a refuge hut. Come after me!
Conrad: – Let’s go.
Yuuri: – Yeah.
*running steps*
Wolfram: – This is the so called refuge hut? It’s just a crude box! Plus, number one tennant! It’s meaningless!
Yuuri: – Well, well, Wolfram. He saved us, so don’t be so angry. Ah, there’s a lot of these in Japan too.
Conrad: – If you fold them, it’s easy to move them as well, right, Gwendal? Ah, that’s not it. Um..
Man: – It’s Gwedal.
Yuuri: – It’s strange…
Conrad: – Right. I know you well. You’re the Poison Woman Anissina’s permanent victim.
Yuuri: – I can’t believe we’re meeting a character from a novel. It’s just that that Destroyer Poison Woman was an unexpected appearance.
Gwedal: – It had a normal size before.The writer has decided to make it giant after a while. The poisonous animals have also become gigantic.
Conrad: – Oh, so that’s why that spider was so big. Anissina’s height is her complex after all.
Gwedal: – You said your brother looks like me, didn’t you?
Conrad: – He does. It’s probably that sir von Carbel Nikov modelled him after Bother
Gwendal: – That’s enough for a reason. Then that brother of yours will never come to this world.
Wolfram: – Why? Brother has also read the red leather book
Gwendal: – It’s because I’m here. Two same person can’t be in the same place.
Conrad: – I understand. So it’s made to avoid the overlapping of characters?
Gwedal: – That man must be well liked by the writer.
Wolfram: – What?
Gwedal: – The setting they made for me in this world has little connection to the main story. Those are probably all his. It’s proof he’s loved.
Yuuri: – Huh? So those two…
Wolfram: – Yuuri! Don’t believe such terrible stories!
Conrad: – Your Majesty. If you value your life, forget what you just heard.
Gwedal: – What? you’re not going to tell the writer?
Wolfram: – Of course not!
Yuuri: – By the way, Gwedal-san.
Yuuri: – By the way, Gwedal-san. What are you doing?
Gwedal: – What, you ask? I’m wearing a refuge tool in preparation for an emergency situation.
Conrad: – Refuge tool?
Yuuri: – That’s a cardboard box…right?
Gwedal: – Card…? Does this have that kind of title? This is a mobile tool that I invented for emergency refuge. Anissina can’t feel any smells because she’s been affected by a poison she made. Plus, her eyes are very tired after pulling all-nighters for a few days. That’s why if I hide in this box, it will be hard for her to find me even in close-combat.
Wolfram: – I understand the logic but why did you put that on now? The Poison Woman’s not around.
Gwedal: – Hm..I don’t know. But when I see this box, I always feel the need to put it on. I have this  feel that it’s my duty to put this on…how should I say…
Yuuri: – I-is that so?
Conrad: – Oh. A special fetish won’t be easily understood by other people, right?
Yuuri: – Huh? That’s how you’ll take it?
COnrad: – As far as I’m concerned, I’m not very good with boxes. When I think about it, my left arm starts stinging.
Wolfram: – I don’t really like them either. Brother probbaly hates them too.
Gwedal: – Is that so? So it means that everything’s great because people are different, isn’t that so?
Yuuri: – Uh, I’d say you missed the point a bit…
Conrad: – On short, it’s better to be the only one than to be number one, isn’t that so, your Majesty?
Yuuri: – “Isn’t that so”?  Even if you have that “I said something great just now” face…
Conrad: – Huh? Is it bad?
Yuuri: – More than bad…when you say something itchy like that with that face it kinda pisses me off.
Wolfram: – Eh! Stop the useless talk! I only want to know one thing! Gwedal, what should we do to return to Shin Makoku from this Poison Woman’s world?
Yuuri: – Right! That’s it! That was so close! I’d forgotten the most important thing.
Gwedal: – It’s easy.
Yuuri: – Huh?
Gwedal: – This story is incomplete. Someone needs to finish writing it.
Conrad: – What do you mean?
Gwedal: – If you leave blank pages in the middle of the story, the world will will be distorted and unneeded things are sucked into it like this time.
Yuuri: – So we’re unneeded things, huh?
Gwedal: – That’s why if someone writes the continuation, the distortion will be cancelled. If you incorporate the development that the writer goes back to her home town, you’ll be able to get back to where you were before.
Conrad: – Even if that’d help us fix the bug, how should we tell Anissina to write the continuation? We’re already characters in the book. We can’t talk to her from here.
Gwedal: – It’s okay. The sun started rising.
Yuuri: – Well, it’s almost morning.
Gwedal: – This world didn’t have a morning sun. Time was stopped in the middle of the night. The giant Poison Woman who came from the western forest, left through the eastern plains, and as time passes, the Poison Woman comes again from west. That kept repeating. But listen: You can hear her voice from the plains. The next Poison Woman is coming from east, along the sunrise.
Wolfram: – Is someone writing the continuation? Anissina was supposed to be away.
Gwedal: – Maybe she noticed what’s happening and came back.
Wolfram: – Where are you going?
Gwedal: – I’m going to my Anissina. I’m a permanent victim, after all.
Yuuri: – Ah, so you’re acknowleding that yourself.
Gwedal: – That’s how it’s written, and you actually rarely find a man who’s in as much danger as me.
Conrad: – He has a vitality and mentality our Brother doesn’t.
Wolfram: – Anissina, is this the kind of man you like?
Yuuri: – When you say it like that, he kind of looks cool now! Here, Gwedal-san. Your hide-and-seek cardboard.
Gwedal: – Thanks. Then, take care!
Conrad: – Your Majesty, we should also…
Yuuri: – Yeah.
Wolfram: – First, you should change somewhere, Yuuri. Those pajamas are excessively wimpy!
Yuuri: – I can’t help it, can I? Okay, then let’s get ready to go home…Ah, I remembered! Hey, Gwedal-san! Do you have anything to tell Anissina-san, the writer?
Gwedal: – From me to the author?
Yuuri: – Yeah! Like your complaints or discontent or what to fix! If you want to say something, I’ll tell her!
Gwedal: – I’m a character in her novel. I won’t wish for that much. I only want to ask you this:
Yuuri: – What is it?
Gwedal: – Please finish the story you’re begun writing!
Yuuri: – Ah! Hahaha! Okay, I got it! I’ll definitely tell her!

*I don’t know what D World might mean. I’m wondering if it’s: d=doku(poison).

This was requested to me by mail by TerryBoom. Thank you! I’m sorry it took so long to do it…


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