Requests 2

Hi. This post is named “requests 2” because it’s the second one on this site. After I made the first one, I’d decided I can’t keep up with something like this and I should stop with it before too many people asked for translations that I’d never make.
It’s a freaking long post, just read superficially where there are some bolded words.

First of all, this is not a post where you ask for translations and I will do them for sure. I most probably won’t (I’m always like that), just so you know beforehand.
I wish I could translate everything you ask me to, but I think the most I could manage would be a drama cd/a month. And even that’s too much for the rhythm I’m posting at currently. Truthfully, I can’t do any freaking thing in my whole life the right way, and I don’t think I’m gonna start with that on the internet either. I’m a useless thing that consumes oxygen and you shouldn’t put your hopes in me.

So I’m posting this because it seems that my blog got popular and I got many requests all of a sudden. People post requests on any page they see (which is understandable though…) and the only comments I’ll have on the blog will be requests. I’d prefer not to have any comments at all then, because it becomes chaotic around here (nobody thinks to e-mail me, though that proved to be useless too when I failed to see someone’s request on my mail even though they actually took the time to write it, and notice my e-mail address on the sidebar. I replied to them in around 2 months. I’m sorry! But I’ll try not to do it again)

I don’t download things to translate them, so please stop posting links for download. If you intend to post links, just send me an e-mail or something. I deleted all your links and wrote “link deleted” from the comments you left around the site. I still keep them so if you want to find them again or anything, send me a message, I’ll reply.

If there is any translator who passes by this page and likes a request and thinks they want to do it, please don’t think that it’s on “my” page and you can’t translate it. I’d appreciate if you’d leave a message wherever on this site to tell me that you’ve started it, but of it’s too troublesome, just don’t. I’ll search for translations before starting anything.
I’m sure no one who’ll post here (if this post’ll have any comments) wants me specifically to translate what they request, so please, go ahead. I know that no translators will probably see this, but I needed to say it because I always hesitate to take someone’s requests (meaning that I don’t) if I see them. Because maybe that person actually fulfills requests or maybe even started the translation.
Though it’s not as if I think that two translations of the same thing are bad (actually it’s good to have comparisons and such, one translator may have mistake), it’s just that I’m thinking not many people translate things, so if someone else is doing it already, I should use the time for another work instead.

As a conclusion, this will be a post where what people want translated will be listed in the comments, but it doesn’t mean you’ll ever see the translations, I’m sorry. They may be too many, or impossible for me in terms of difficulty. And I’m lazy and stuff.
If you write a request, please don’t add links.
You don’t need to say “please” or “thanks” or add anything to make the request more appealing, haha. You can just write the name of what you want translated. If you can also add the Japanese/Kanji name, it’d be great, but not necessary. It’s just that some things are hard to find at all on English sites, even if it’s only information about them.
If you send me e-mails (, please write the word “REQUEST” at the beginning of the subject if you can. I’ll see them easier. I have a lot of notification e-mails from other blogs I’m following.

.I (think) I can’t move the comments containing requests from other posts here, but I’ve read them, don’t worry.

In the end, I’m just some random human who never took Japanese classes, so it’s kind of pretentious and stuck up for me to make this kinda page and complain, but yeah…I posted this.


3 thoughts on “Requests 2

  1. Hello!

    It would be great if you would continue translating the Toubousha series.

    But in all honesty, I’d be happy if you would just translate whatever you want, whenever you want. Just continue translating anything you feel like translating, really. I would always appreciate your works. I love your translations, and sometimes your translations made me look for the CDs, instead of the other way around.

    I hope whatever happens doesn’t discourage you in any way to continue doing what you’ve been doing.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! >:D< Your comment is so nice! *tear*
      You have a great day too! [:3]~~<

      I got to like the Toubousha series thanks to the requests, and I was planning already to translate more of it! (I already started vol 1 ahem though it'll take a while…)

      I'm never discouraged or something to translate (because I'm happy they're useful) but although I do want to do the translations requested, I know I'll only do around 5-10% because I'm 200% lazy and don't do anything at all.
      I don't mean this post to be one where I tell people how annoyed I am haha (because I'm not and I tried not to sound like that) but to keep track of the request comments.

      • I just wanted to echo the love of your Toubousha translations. It’s probably my absolute favourite CD series, and your translations make it 1000% more enjoyable. Of course, I hope you continue to translate this series, but no matter what, thank you so much for all you’ve already done. Really, thank you so much. ^_^

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