Translations – some random words from meh

_______Um…yea…so. I talked all like some big shot, said that I probably won’t fulfill requests (though that really is because I’m a lazy bastard and don’t do anything so it’s my fault), then I didn’t post anything at all for like 1000 years and now I come back to talk some more and say again that you’ll probably wait forever for your requests to be translated (some other people on other sites -I can’t remember one now- take requests, so maybe it’d be better if you try asking one of them…though I know there aren’t many).
_______And well the thing is that this site I was using for listeing to the things I translated (xiami) blocked my country from viewing its content. I never download things but just listen to them online and translate like that. And I couldn’t find another similar site.
I usually start whatever I want (especially how I was able to listen to tracks one by one  there), and I do multiple translations at once (if I dont prioritize one) because I get tired of endlessly translating one CD.
_______So… I  have like zero space in my computer and I can at most download one cd once (lol) so I just wanted to say that my laziness and post frequency wil probably be even worse than before. I’ll have to take everything one by one and translate them if I can find them and I know I’ll slack off and I know how hard it is to wait as well.
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Requests 2


Hi. This post is named “requests 2” because it’s the second one on this site. After I made the first one, I’d decided I can’t keep up with something like this and I should stop with it before too many people asked for translations that I’d never make.

☆ I cannot guarantee I will fulfill your requests, but all my wishes are that I will.

☆ Please post requests in the comments here, or to my e-mail address (

☆ I am useless so I might not even see your request too quick.

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You can contact me by writing here or sending me an e-mail on
Don’t worry, if you write here I’ll definitely see your post. If you don’t mind, you can give me some feedback, complaints or you can correct any mistakes if you find any or think there are mistakes, you can just write anything. If you want to say something, just write anywhere. Any message will be welcome!

I Love Pet (Talk CD) CM

Hello everyone! Wait, I’m the only one here, huh…? No,no,no – I noticed o the flag counter that there have been a few visitors. Thank you all for taking your time to look at my blog!

Right now I’m translating a few Ibuki Yui songs, Zoku to ai Kyodai vol 1, Risou Kareshi vol 1 and Kiss Kiss series vol 9 (I kind of put this one on hold). I’m sorry for starting so many and not just doing one at a time so I can bring you translations sooner. I’ll try not to do that much on the future.
And that’s all for the status report!

I actually started this post (which is completely useless and has no translations) to tell you about the promotional video for the talk CD series “I love Pet” (the first 5 volumes). I had only seen a short one from the first CD so I didn’t know this, but if you are a seiyuu fan, you should totally listen to it! i just can’t believe how amazing seiyuus are and I am remembered of that every single time I hear them speaking with such emotion and their great acting. These CDs are most certainly CUTE. Literally. I just melted from how every one of them were speaking so cutely, in such a warm and gentle way. I don’t even think I’ve ever heard them like that!(meaning cutely to this extent) . I was doing something else when I played the video but my jaw dropped as soon as I heard the first one and just listened after that.

Well i know that this may be too much advertizing (maybe that’s why I kinda refrain from writing reviews and started a translation blog instead lol) and it may seem like an exaggeration but I’m always this way- going crazy for them bishiz and their voices. It was just so cute that I actually didn’t even care what they were talking about (and no one does not).

So if you feel like it you should try listening to this series. I actually didn’t listen to the whole CDs, but I’ll certainly do so. I hope…in the near future…lol
I wonder if someone translated them…? Just one Google and I found some translations already. Should I translate just the commercial (so everyone can form an opinion on the CDs)?



Hello! This is my first post.

The name of the blog is inspired from the song Miracles May (more precisely Watanabe Kazuhiro’s version which I like so much and have been listening to it a lot these days) from Nitro+CHiRAL’s BL game Sweet Pool. Well, although I didn’t and can’t play the game, I like it a lot and know much about it T.T The name doesn’t have much meaning – it just sounded very beautiful to me and it’s also the month May – therefore, I chose this title >3<

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