Requests 2

Hi. This post is named “requests 2” because it’s the second one on this site. After I made the first one, I’d decided I can’t keep up with something like this and I should stop with it before too many people asked for translations that I’d never make.
It’s a freaking long post, just read superficially where there are some bolded words.

First of all, this is not a post where you ask for translations and I will do them for sure. I most probably won’t (I’m always like that), just so you know beforehand.
I wish I could translate everything you ask me to, but I think the most I could manage would be a drama cd/a month. And even that’s too much for the rhythm I’m posting at currently. Truthfully, I can’t do any freaking thing in my whole life the right way, and I don’t think I’m gonna start with that on the internet either. I’m a useless thing that consumes oxygen and you shouldn’t put your hopes in me. Continue reading