O.TO.NA Gentei Kanbyou Karte II (A) – Seki Tomokazu

This is the actual first part of the Otona Kanbyou Karte II CD – tracks 01 to 05 played by Seki Tomokazu.

I wonder if it’s too confusing to split it in two…? I thought it would be better to postone part if I had it translated and also there’s a lot of text. I’ll try to translate more CDs and make the site easy to browse as much as I can.

Although maybe my translations seem a bit stiff and too word to word I’ll do my best t become better 🙂

* I underlined a sentence where I’m not sure if I wrote the correct translation or not. I think it’s something like that, though… And I didn’t write any subject/pronoun because I didn’t know who he might be referring to if I heard it correctly. He speaks kinda hard to understand in that part, I’m sorry

I think that everyone might have noticed/ thought that the red haired one is TSeki Tomokazu and the blonde one is Kamiya Hiroshi 🙂

O.TO.NA GENTEI KANBYOU CD KARTE II (A) – Toujou Takashi (Seki Tomokazu) side

1 腹痛 (一戸建ての2階) 関智一
Fukutsuu (Ikkodate no Nikai)
Stomachace (The second floor of the detached house) Seki Tomokazu
2 頭痛 (マンションの一室) 関智一
Zutsuu (Mansion no Isshitsu)
Headache (One room of the masion) Seki Tomokazu
3 車酔い (車中) 関智一
Kirumayoi (Shachuu)
Car sickness (In the car) Seki Tomokazu
4 気持ちが落ち込む (空港) 関智一
Kimochi ga Ochikomu (Kuukuu)
Feeling down (Airport) Seki Tomokazu
5 風邪 (図書館) 関智一
Kaze (Toshokan)
Cold (Library) Seki Tomokazu

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